Iran looks to Iraq and even Syria for trade

But not all its Arab neighbours are receptive to the non-Arab nation’s overtures

Iran names local partners for energy majors

Tehran steps closer to opening up oil and gasfields to investors

Iran sends mixed messages on diplomacy

Role in Middle East crises highlights struggle between Islamic republic’s moderates and hardliners

Hope grows for a political solution for Syria

President Assad vaingloriously promises to recover every inch of Syria — but him and whose army?

FDI in Iran soars with sanctions relief

Economic rebound as country climbs regional FDI rankings

Iran’s aspirant youth a challenge to regime

Police action reveals struggle to deal with modernising forces

Iran awaits post-sanctions dividend

Iran wants western banks to back business deals in Islamic Republic

America infuriates both Sunni and Shia

Saudi Arabia and Iran are convinced the US has tilted against them in the wake of nuclear deal

Unit International in $4.2bn Iran power deal

Turkish company claims biggest investment in Iran since sanctions

A flare stack burning off excess gas
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Hemla Vantage closes in on Iran gas deal

Contract with KPC comes after sanctions linked to arms lifted

America’s ties could win friends for Isis

The US has privileged a tactical victory over a strategic one

Iran boycotts Hajj in row with Saudis

Annual pilgrimage falls victim to regional rivalries

US sanctions risk misfiring in Lebanon

Risks of limiting Hizbollah’s access to finance

Iran’s hardliners hit back at reformists

Senior conservative Ahmad Jannati appointed to lead Experts’ Assembly

India to bypass Pakistan on Asia trade link

Delhi, Kabul and Tehran seek new route with port and rail project

Iran cracks down on Kardashian craze

Hardliners campaign against anti-Islamic modelling conspiracy

Ottoman legacy dies hard in Middle East

Even devotees of centralised rule may consider federalism

IMF calls on Tehran to reform economy

Rouhani government frustrated at lack of foreign investment after nuclear agreement

Freight trains from China arrive in Tehran

Land route takes just 14 days compared with 45 by sea

13 Iranians killed in Syria fighting