Iran to hold assets in foreign banks

Mohammad Bagher Nobakht who is Iran'svice president and head of Managment and planning Organisation,Tehran,Iran.PHOTO BY FARZANEH KHADEMIAN Story by: Najmeh Bozorgmehr
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Move to fend off inflationary pressure from sudden cash inflow

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Khomeini to appeal against rejection

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Opportunities eschewed by Riyadh will be taken up by neighbours

Rouhani accorded generous welcome in Rome

First visit of an Iranian leader to Europe in over a decade kicks off scramble for favourable deals

Iran seeks investment in capital markets

New fund aims to attract €100m this year to Tehran bourses after lifting of sanctions

Iran plans to buy 114 Airbus jets

Deal would represent first commercial fruit of nuclear deal

Political diary

President Hassan Rouhani is visiting Rome and the Vatican

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Watchdog estimates 300,000 b/d in export flows by March