Iranian border town booms from Iraq trade

Kurdish Baneh is a hub for illicit cut-price shopping

Rouhani’s fate is not tied to nuclear talks

It is the continued state of limbo that poses the challenge to Iran’s president, writes Farideh Farhi

Isis extends its reach among militants

The group has not yet displaced existing threats from the Muslim world, writes Ahmed Rashid

Shifts and shocks on the soft power scale

The US tops the list for the Monocle Magazine survey, bumping Germany into second

Iran’s president confronts hardliners

Entrenched power of Revolutionary Guards in focus

Iran says budget not hit by fall in oil price

President will seek to cut spending and increase taxes

Iran’s Kurds seek coexistence with Shia

Minority drops campaign for statehood after decade of bloodshed

Iranian jets attack Isis in eastern Iraq

US declines to confirm it co-ordinated with Tehran

Iran accused of Gulf state hack attacks

Islamic republic alleged to have penetrated energy groups

Ingram Pinn illustration

The halfhearted threat to the US superpower

Obama shows no inclination to rethink his foreign policy

Republicans push for new Iran sanctions

The extension of nuclear talks sets up Congressional clash in US

Khamenei defiant on nuclear deal failure

Negotiations to be extended by seven more months

Iran talks extended for seven months

World powers and Islamic republic fail to reach agreement

Washington’s two foreign policies

The question is whether Iran will have enough trust in Obama’s ability to co-opt Congress

Nuclear talks deadlocked as deadline looms

Discussions shift to international observation and inspection as Monday night deadline looms

Diplomats eye interim Iran agreement

Attempt to inject urgency before the deadline of midnight on Monday

Timeline: Iran’s nuclear negotiations

Diplomatic struggles over Tehran’s intentions since 2002

West cannot afford Iran to turn to Russia

It is vital a comprehensive deal on Iran’s nuclear programme is reached

US and Iran prepare for the blame game

Tehran hopes to break out of sanctions even if last-ditch talks on its nuclear programme fail

Iran hardliners ordered to support talks

In the run up to deadline for a deal, conservatives are told not to undermine negotiations