Russia and Iran join hands on Syria

Moscow and Tehran take advantage of American mis-steps in the Middle East, writes David Gardner

Russia raids on Syria halted from Iran

Islamic regime accuses Moscow of ‘showing off’ over agreement

US used Iran cash as prisoner ‘leverage’

Republicans allege $400m in cash was akin to ransom payment

Dual nationals caught in Iranian tussle

Efforts to attract investment frustrated by conservative backlash

Russian bombers use Iran air base

Alliance with Tehran strengthens Moscow’s position in the Middle East

Israel to pay $1bn in oil pipeline ruling

Islamic republic being pursued for billions of dollars in damages

Iran hangs nuclear scientist for treason

Execution follows killing of 20 Sunni Muslims over terrorism

Map: Key projects on the new Silk Road

Transport and energy projects connecting Central Asia

Iran talks investment with Siemens and Rolls-Royce

Country’s economy gradually opens up after lifting of sanctions

Iran accuses Saudi over opposition address

War of words follows Prince Turki talk to exiled opposition group

Iran rock fans turn deaf ear to hardliners

Headbanging and horn signs are banned at concerts

Iran nuclear buying goes on, say Germans

Intelligence agency tracks activity before and after accord

Iran bank chiefs quit in salary scandal

Media close to hardline members of regime publish payslips

Recapture of Fallujah is a pivotal moment

In absence of political process, victory could yet prove pyrrhic

Iran looks to Iraq and even Syria for trade

But not all its Arab neighbours are receptive to the non-Arab nation’s overtures

Iran names local partners for energy majors

Tehran steps closer to opening up oil and gasfields to international investment

Iran sends mixed messages on diplomacy

Signals highlight differences between moderate and hardline forces

Hope grows for a political solution for Syria

President Assad vaingloriously promises to recover every inch of Syria — but him and whose army?

FDI in Iran soars with sanctions relief

Economic rebound as country climbs regional FDI rankings

Iran’s aspirant youth a challenge to regime

Police action against teenagers reveals regime’s struggle to deal with modernising forces