Invitation threatens US support for Israel

Netanyahu to address Congress on Iranian nuclear debate

Argentina: Strange death of Alberto Nisman

The mystery surrounding the fate of the country’s state prosecutor has rocked the government

Talks to reopen UK embassy in Iran stall

Dispute over visas complicates efforts to restore full links

Boehner asks Netanyahu to speak on Iran

Republicans snub Obama plea for caution over nuclear talks

Tehran threatens Israel with retaliation

Fears of escalation after strike kills senior Iranian commander

Iranian importers struggle to find forex

Businesses waiting up to a month for funds from central bank

Argentine state prosecutor found dead

Nisman was to explain accusations he made against Fernández

Obama and Cameron warn on Iran sanctions

Leaders caution Republicans against jeopardising nuclear talks

Mideast condemns Paris attack

Many blame western policy for the violence against Charlie Hebdo

The Jāmé Mosque in Isfahan, Iran.
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Iran’s matters of the heart

The success of negotiations depends on political will, but also numbers and technical concessions

Rouhani takes on Iran regime’s hardliners

President’s determination to secure nuclear deal should be welcomed

Rouhani threatens to hold referendum

President could opt for public vote on nuclear deal with west

Female drug addicts spark alarm in Iran

Women caught between increasing freedoms and conservative values

Fears grow over Iran’s disgruntled Sunni

Extremism worries rise amid unrest over religious discrimination

General’s death signals Iran role in Iraq

Senior Revolutionary Guard killed as Tehran seeks to counter Isis

Pakistan and Iran reach gas agreement

Islamabad convinces Tehran not to enforce ‘take or pay’ obligation

A federal cure for a shattered Middle East

The ultra-centralism of the Arab security state is a recruiting sergeant for Isis

Iran will not seek diplomatic ties with US

Negotiations with America on Tehran’s nuclear programme stand alone, says top security official

Transcript: Ali Shamkhani interview

Iran’s top security official Ali Shamkhani speaks to the FT

Iranian border town booms from Iraq trade

Illicit business has turned Kurdish Baneh into a multibillion-dollar shopping destination