Saudi Arabia tests US ties with oil price

American shale companies are hurt but consumers benefit


Subhash Chandra
Billionaire media mogul launches new channel dubbing Indian soaps and lifestyle programmes into Arabic to feed the Middle East’s appetite for subcontinental content

Saudi investor warns on falling oil price

Alwaleed ‘astonishment’ over government playing down issue

Saudi Arabia absorbs lower oil prices

Saudi producers consider market share more important than pricing

Nasser bin Hamad al-Khalifa

Court overturns immunity for Bahrain prince

Decision clears way for investigation of son of king

Battle begins for Gulf hearts and minds

Fears that air strikes on Isis could provoke backlash

Cameron builds backing for Isis strikes

Ministers consider committing British missiles to attacks

Bahrain reforms receive lukewarm response

Opposition sceptical of crown prince’s proposals

For or against Isis, Iran must choose

Tehran will show its colours in its attitude to the caliphate it helped build, says Frederic Hof

Qatar urges west to back Syrian Sunni

Foreign minister dismisses claims that Qataris are funding Isis

Players in the regional drama

How Saudi Arabia, the UAE, Turkey, Jordan and the Arab League have reacted to the growing Islamist threat

Kuwait clamps down on terror financing

Gulf states under pressure to limit flows to militants

Dubai plans $32bn aviation mega-hub

Gulf state aims to create one of world’s largest airports

Obama prepares to set out Isis strategy

US ready for long-term effort to defeat militants

StanChart’s NY settlement draws UAE ire

Gulf state warns of possible litigation from customers

Deranged killers who pose as terrorists

The disturbed and the deluded swell the ranks of a black-clad army

Dubai and S Korea sign investments deal

UK report into Muslim Brotherhood delayed

Ministers and officials arguing over findings of investigation

Doubts over Qatar interest in VTB bond

Sanctions on Russia place question mark over level of investment

Iraq violence stirs Iranian war memories

Sunni insurgency against Tehran’s Shia allies raises fears

Djibouti pulls DP World terminal contract

Corruption allegations over concession