Saudis at war with Isis on Twitter

Opponents aim to dissuade would-be suicide bombers


The Israeli settlement of Har Homa (foreground), built in East Jerusalem, is seen in front of the West Bank city of Bethlehem (background) on September 1, 2014. Israel said it would expropriate 400 hectares (988 acres) of Palestinian land around Bethlehem, and allowed 45 days for any appeal. The Israeli army said the move stemmed from political decisions taken after the June killing of three Israeli teenagers snatched from a roadside in the same area, known to Israelis as the Gush Etzion settlement bloc. AFP PHOTO / AHMAD GHARABLI (Photo credit should read AHMAD GHARABLI/AFP/Getty Images) ©AFP
Israel’s plan to build thousands of settler homes in East Jerusalem is sparking international ire
– John Reed

Charity challenges MoJ on Saudi jails bid

Human rights group seeks review of attempt to provide services

Saudi citizen named as Kuwait attacker

Gulf state shows cross-confessional unity after attack on Shia

World Cup woes add to Qatar jitters

Companies in emirate hit by spending cuts as well as Fifa fallout

Scores killed in trail of terror

Bloody day of jihadi-linked violence across three continents

Suicide blast hits Kuwait Shia mosque

At least 25 killed in attack during Friday prayers

Abu Dhabi Louvre faces further delay

Completion put back amid regional turmoil and low oil price

Al-Qaeda number two killed in US strike

Wuhayshi most senior target killed since Bin Laden

Bahrain opposition leader jailed

Latest example of crackdown on dissent following 2011 protests


Saudi stock market opens to foreigners

Gradualist approach to financial reform continues

Saudi military shoots down Yemeni missile

Scud attack follows border clashes as crisis escalates

Saudi Arabia must act against extremists

Authorities have done little to deconstruct Isis’ ideology

Saudi Arabia boosts defence budget

Oil-rich kingdom on track to become the world’s fifth-largest military spender by 2020

Saudi Shia mobilise self-defence groups

Some call for arming of forces after jihadi bloodshed

Fifa turmoil draws in Russia and Qatar

Scale of corruption scandal rattles nerves in host countries

Saudi Arabia: outta gas

The kingdom has its own energy problem to fix

Over half world’s nations hatching jihadis

Al-Qaeda and Isis have more than 25,000 new members, UN says

Isis suicide bomb kills 20 in Saudi Arabia

Attack raises fears of growing jihadi threat in oil-rich kingdom

Iranian cargo ship mystery deepens

Shahed’s voyage highlights suspicious shipping activity

US sanctions Iraq airline over Iran case

Order imposes economic clamp on al-Naser