Fear Israeli law will stifle dissent

NGOs have to declare foreign government funding

Israel urged to halt settlement activity

Middle East Quartet calls for end to ‘construction and expansion’

Palestinian kills girl in West Bank

Surge in attacks leaves more than 30 Israelis dead since October

Israel: Walled in

The country is enclosing itself behind high-tech fences; other nations seek the same infrastructure

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Israel and Turkey to resume diplomacy

Agreement could pave the way for a proposed undersea pipeline

Israel freezes Palestinian travel permits

Clampdown follows shooting attack in Tel Aviv which killed four Israelis

Four killed in Tel Aviv market shooting

Two gunmen ‘neutralised’ after opening fire on civilians

Hollande tries to revive Palestine peace process

Israel reacts with hostility to the Paris conference

How Israel can marshal the ‘good news’

The country is basking in a newfound convergence of interests with Arab states

Netanyahu warms to 2002 Arab peace deal

Endorsement linked to criticism of Lieberman appointment

Fears of rightwing shift in Israel

Concern over policies after ultranationalist party enters coalition

Israel launches legal action against NGO

Hard-right government toughens its stance on campaign groups

Netanyahu offers defence ministry to rival

Move for Lieberman would shift Israel’s government further right

France aims to reboot Mideast peace talks

Move to fill diplomatic void left by collapse of US-led talks

Palestinian Museum set to open

Exhibition schedule uncertain amid threat of violence in West Bank

Gaza violence escalates for third day

Netanyahu convenes security cabinet to discuss growing tensions

Samaritans form West Bank bridge of peace

Tiny, ancient community lives peacefully among warring sides

Israel says Hamas carried out bus bomb

Political stakes raised in a six-month wave of violence

Hopes fade as Jerusalem bomb injures 21

Blast signals wave of attacks that began in October is not over

Israeli soldier charged with manslaughter

Medic indicted over incident caught on camera