Israel limits access to Old City

Palestinians banned after fatal stabbings in the historic Old City

The Dome of the Rock is seen over a haphazard city-scape typical of the Old City's Muslim Quarter. Photo by Eyal Warshavsky
©Eyal Warshavsky

Jerusalem: City of ruins

The Old City is overcrowded and its buildings suffering, victims of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict

Israel loses in Russia’s Syria build-up

Moscow has bolstered the flagging regime of Bashar al-Assad and his allies, Israel’s enemies

Obama gets it right and wrong about Iran

Chance to engage beyond nuclear deal will be lost if US reverts to strategy of coercive containment

Israel to crack down on stone-throwers

Netanyahu to ‘use all necessary measures’ after three days of violence

Syria refugees access legal advice by text

Start-up offers guidance on rights to work and education

Israel attacks settlement labelling plan

Netanyahu criticises Brussels’ push as unjust and says it will not advance peace

Netanyahu set for two-day UK visit

Israeli leader faces calls for his arrest for ‘war crimes’

Mother in West Bank firebomb attack dies

Media banned from reporting on arson investigation

Barenboim Iran visit piques Israel’s far-right

Culture minister protests over music tour

Israeli aircraft strike Golan targets

Netanyahu government blames Iran for cross-border bombardment and protests to world powers

Israel points at Iran over military duel

Positions in Syria are hit after rocket attacks in Galilee

Israelis keep watch on a policy wasteland

The 2005 Gaza withdrawal has exacted a high price on both sides

Jewish-Arab school targeted on Google app

Threatening comment on Israeli site increases concerns over rise of Jewish extremists

West Bank firebombing claims second life

Father of Palestinian child killed in extremist attack dies

We will be lucky not to see another Hiroshima

Potential for the use of nuclear arms has increased and is likely to rise further

Israel toughens line on Jewish terror

Security service subjects suspects to same detention orders used against Palestinians

Palestinian child killed by firebomb

Security forces on alert as Netanyahu condemns ‘act of terrorism’

Extreme remote working in Gaza

Sealed Palestinian territory is an unlikely offshoring option

EU close to labelling settlement products

Israel hits back at use of consumer policy as a political weapon