Arab-Israel peace talks ‘dead’, says Carter

Former US president says no prospect of new talks under Netanyahu

Gaza militants prepare for next war

Further conflict appears inevitable, aid agencies warn

Israel threatened with court over tax cash

Palestinian Authority accuses Tel Aviv of withholding revenues

Isis edges closer to Syrian capital

Palestinian district of Yarmouk under attack from jihadis

Palestinians join international court

Officials could face future war crimes prosecutions

Israel releases taxes to Palestinians

Money had been withheld as punishment for joining ICC

Palestinians see Netanyahu win as boost

Israeli prime minister’s divisive remarks in election campaign are propaganda windfall, say activists

Israel fears effect of Bibi’s recklessness

With no timetable, the prime minister will gamble he can outwait Obama’s last two years as president

Obama faces invidious choice over Israel

US forced to confront Netanyahu or the Palestinians

Espresso Mersand on Ben Yehuda street.

Poll result widens divisions in Israel

‘Us or them’ rhetoric has exposed social and ethnic rifts

US reconsiders supporting Israel at UN

Netanyahu rows back on rejection of Palestinian state

A victory to add to Israel’s loneliness

A divisive leader’s win comes at a heavy price

Bibi’s triumph and the challenge for Obama

Netanyahu cannot be allowed to reject a Palestinian state outright

Kahlon holds key to Netanyahu coalition

Leader of Israel’s new centrist party is most natural ally

Netanyahu’s crisis mode pays off at poll

Likud leader vindicates reputation as cunning political operator

The impasse behind Netanyahu’s victory

Israeli PM has unmasked himself as a peace rejectionist

Main parties tied in Israeli election

Long coalition talks expected after bitter campaign

Israelis vote in knife-edge election

Poll seen as referendum on Netanyahu’s leadership

Netanyahu rejects Palestinian state

Israeli PM vows to build housing units in settlements

Blair poised to step back as peace envoy

Former prime minister to give up role in Middle East Quartet