Israel launches legal action against NGO

Hard-right government toughens its stance on campaign groups

Netanyahu offers defence ministry to rival

Move for Lieberman would shift Israel’s government further right

France aims to reboot Mideast peace talks

Move to fill diplomatic void left by collapse of US-led talks

The $24m Palestinian Museum will open on May 18
©Eyal Warshavsky

Palestinian Museum set to open

Exhibition schedule uncertain amid threat of violence in West Bank

Gaza violence escalates for third day

Netanyahu convenes security cabinet to discuss growing tensions

Samaritans form West Bank bridge of peace

Tiny, ancient community lives peacefully among warring sides

Israel says Hamas carried out bus bomb

Political stakes raised in a six-month wave of violence

Hopes fade as Jerusalem bomb injures 21

Blast signals wave of attacks that began in October is not over

Israeli soldier charged with manslaughter

Medic indicted over incident caught on camera

Palestinians struggle amid $285m tax loss

World Bank says economic process with Israel not being fulfilled

Israel will never give up Golan, says Netanyahu

PM digs in on occupied territory on Syria’s Independence Day

Netanyahu hails ‘strong’ security

Prime minister cautious as Arab-Israeli violence subsides

Israel split on killing of wounded Palestinian

Questions over response to upsurge in violence

Israel looks to Africa for new allies

Jewish state’s traditional ties with Europe are cooling

Netanyahu softens tone on soldier shooting

Israel PM under pressure for condemning killing of Palestinian

Israel decries UN companies ‘blacklist’

Planned database to list businesses working in occupied territory

Israel in security crackdown after attacks

Government resolves to plug gaps in barrier around Jerusalem

Poll finds growing Israeli fragmentation

Survey highlights ethnic, religious and political divisions

Google app led Israeli troops into clash

Waze steered soldiers into Palestinian camp, military claims

Palestinian Authority ‘close to collapse’

Israeli minister claims ageing Abbas is losing control