EU parliament recognises Palestinian state

Motion gives symbolic backing for an independent state along 1967 borders

Arab-Israeli tensions: Jerusalem tales

Violence in the holy city has stirred fears of a religious conflict

Palestinians push UN deadline on Israel

US urged to back departure from occupied territory

Minister’s death stirs Palestinian anger

Leadership to discuss suspending security co-operation with Israel

Palestinian minister dies after protest

Officials say Abu Ein died after a clash with Israeli soldiers

Israeli parties bid to oust Netanyahu

Labour offers centrist Hatnua party joint ticket for March vote

Struggle ahead for Israel’s soul and future

Election risks being bidding war over religion and identity

Israel’s governing coalition collapses

Move paves way for 2015 elections

Halt Jerusalem’s descent into Dark Ages

The city has seen worse, but today’s problems could spark global conflict, says Ghanem Nuseibeh

Israel Arabs fear political shift to right

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Violence takes toll on Israel’s economy

Attacks catch security forces off-guard and cast doubts on recovery

Israel presses on with Jewish state law

Government move draws criticism from moderates and Palestinians

Jerusalem is no place to play with fire

The slow strangulation of aspiration fans the flames of extremism

Israeli use of skunk water fuels anger

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Country recalls its ambassador from Israel

Jerusalem violence ‘not an intifada’

Minister denies unrest amounts to an uprising

Five killed in Jerusalem synagogue attack

Netanyahu pledges that Israel will respond with a ‘heavy hand’

Netanyahu is losing Europe’s goodwill

Israel slow to realise a change in sentiment over Palestine

Jordan accuses Israel over Jerusalem clashes

Stun grenades used to disperse the Palestinian protesters from al-Aqsa site

Jerusalem’s mayor defends crackdown

Nir Barkat insists four-month unrest in city’s east is over