Israel blocks shipment to Gaza Strip

Pressure grows on fragile peace process

Kerry clocks up the miles in bid for peace

Shuttle diplomacy largely a reflection of disintegrating Mideast talks

US plays crooked lawyer in Mideast drama

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Kerry battles to save Middle East talks

Israel and Palestine blame each other for possible collapse

Palestinian-Israel talks face impasse

US efforts bring no agreement on major issues dividing two sides

Israel attacks Syrian military targets

Swift retaliation after roadside bomb injures Israeli soldiers

Gaza militants agree to ceasefire

Truce ends two-day-long escalation in violence

Cameron opposes boycotts in Knesset speech

Prime minister addresses special session of Israel parliament

Militants fire rockets into south Israel

Israel blames Islamic Jihad for attack from Gaza

Israeli Knesset passes ‘governability’ law

Bill could hurt groups representing minority Arabs in parliament

Cameron to visit Israel

UK prime minister seeks to ease concerns over Iran

Israel tells west not to be fooled by Iran

Netanyahu inspects arms cache seized in Red Sea

Netanyahu denounces Israeli boycott group

They should be ‘treated as any anti-Semite’, says prime minister

Hamas patrols Gaza to maintain truce

Reining in rocket attacks on Israel helps to avoid full-scale war

Obama must get real with Netanyahu

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Both sides foresee failure even before details are released

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Protests in Jerusalem and Jordan Valley