Jerusalem on edge after shooting of rabbi

Israel to reopen access to al-Aqsa on Friday

Middle East: Walled in

Israel’s plan to build thousands of settler homes in East Jerusalem is sparking international ire

Yair Lapid: jumped to the prime minister’s defence
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Obama-Netanyahu relationship hits new low

Unnamed official quoted in context of fraying relations

Israeli settlements plan sparks tensions

Rioting in Jerusalem inflamed over push for 1,000 more units

Rail line sparks Jerusalem tensions

Service touted as breakthrough to navigate divided city attracts violence

Naftali Bennett, economy minister and head of the far-right Jewish Home party during an interview with FT in his office in Jerusalem, October 21, 2014. Photo by Quique Kierszenbaum
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Israeli minister rejects two-state approach

Call for ‘new models’ instead of independent Palestine

James Ferguson illustration

Israel is losing its friends in the world

Europeans view settlement expansion as a tactic to destroy hopes for a two-state agreement

Israel lifts Gaza building materials ban

UN chief Ban Ki-moon urges end to ‘build-destroy cycle’

Generic views of the Houses of Parliament. For Katie Carnie, Austerity.
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Palestinians welcome UK vote on statehood

PLO says Britain has decided to correct ‘historical error’

British MPs vote to recognise Palestine

Symbolic Commons motion is passed despite ministers abstaining

Donors pledge $5.4bn to help rebuild Gaza

Qatar promises $1bn to help in the reconstruction of the territory

MPs set to vote on Palestinian statehood

Labour member’s Commons motion has chance of success

Palestinians to seek $4bn Gaza funding

International donors asked to help reconstruction after Israel conflict

Palestinian unity cabinet meets in Gaza

First meeting of West Bank and Gaza Strip ministers since 2007

German Jews are ‘a miracle’ says Merkel

Old prejudices survive and new grievances smoulder

Business alone cannot bring peace

Some hoped Israeli and Palestinian tycoons would play a similar role to those who helped end apartheid

Israel kills Palestinian kidnap suspects

Erdogan’s criticism of Gaza war provokes storm in a coffee cup

Criticism of Israel’s Operation Protective Edge has not damaged business

Palestinian-Israeli business ties set back

Israel denounces protesting reservists

Group refuses to spy on Palestinians