Turkey moves mark foreign policy shift

Israel and Russia diplomacy suggests more conciliatory approach

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Inside Isis Inc series
The Isis economy reaches deep into civilian life within its territories and beyond, forcing even its enemies to do business with it. The FT investigates how the jihadis raise money and spend it, from running a sprawling oil operation to taxing civilians and arms dealing.
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Turkey seeks an escape from isolation

There is a welcome hint of pragmatism in efforts to mend fences

Turkey apologises to Putin for downing jet

Erdogan calls for restoration of relations between two nations

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Israel and Turkey to resume diplomacy

Agreement could pave the way for a proposed undersea pipeline

Iraq says battle for Fallujah is ‘over’

City is latest to be recaptured from Isis over past few months

Iran names local partners for energy majors

Tehran steps closer to opening up oil and gasfields to investors

Iran sends mixed messages on diplomacy

Role in Middle East crises highlights struggle between Islamic republic’s moderates and hardliners

Iraqi forces advance but old ways persist

Corruption and logistics failings slow pace of progress

I have changed my mind on Brexit

Britain will flourish by remaining at the heart of the global conversation, writes Pierre Lagrange

Hope grows for a political solution for Syria

President Assad vaingloriously promises to recover every inch of Syria — but him and whose army?

Bahrain crackdown fans the sectarian flames

Appeasement is no answer to the brutal suppression of civil liberties

Political fears hit foreign investment

Brexit and election uncertainty causing companies to delay capital plans, UN warns

Egyptian court halts transfer of islands

Rare victory for activists challenging president’s decisions

Bahrain revokes Shia cleric’s citizenship

Sheikh Isa Qassim accused of encouraging sectarianism and violence

Diplomats speak truth to power on Syria

The surprise is that opposition to policy has not surfaced earlier

FDI in Iran soars with sanctions relief

Economic rebound as country climbs regional FDI rankings

Egyptians bank on property as pound slides

Investors clamour for real estate in face of weak currency and struggling economy

Iraq troops move into centre of Fallujah

National flag raised over government buildings

US diplomats urge strikes on Syria regime

Call for military action to force Assad to seek settlement

Former defence chiefs hit at Netanyahu

Verbal attacks on Israeli PM mark shift in political landscape