Israel to open diplomatic mission in UAE

Sign of rapprochement with traditional Gulf Arab enemies

FT Investigation

The $2.5bn Bahrain Bay development built on reclaimed land, is one of the projects fuelling controversy
Bahrain land deals highlight alchemy of making money from sand
– Cynthia O’Murchu and Simeon Kerr

Case for action on Syria merits support

Britain cannot stay on the sidelines of the campaign against Isis

France signals softer stance on Assad

Foreign minister sees Syrian regime joining forces against Isis

Italy aims to utilise historic Iran ties

European companies eye opportunities as climate sours for US

Ingram Pinn illustration - Putin
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How not to deal with a humbled Putin

Sanctions are biting and Ukraine has turned into a mire: the west must be canny from now on

Q&A: why the PM wants to bomb Syria

Cameron says stopping Isis ‘means taking action in Syria

Prisoners’ mothers in Saudi Arabia appeal

Local reports say dozens of ‘terrorists’ will soon be executed

PM set to call vote on Isis air strikes

Corbyn says he cannot support RAF action in Syria

Cameron’s cunning plan for bombing Syria

The questions over extending air raids answered in 43 key points

Cameron sets sights on Isis in Syria

PM seeks to expand UK’s role in global coalition

US acts on ‘tragic’ Afghan hospital attack

Military personnel suspended over Kunduz strike on MSF facility

US accuses Syria of buying oil from Isis

Treasury also accuses chess federation head of aiding Assad

Russia continues Syria border strikes

Moscow deploys advanced air defence missiles to its Syrian base

Leviathan in $10bn Egypt export gas deal

Hopes likely to rise of further agreements with neighbours

Isis: Boots on the ground?

Policymakers look at options to augment air strikes

Proxy war in Syria imperils US-led strikes

Mounting tension between Russia and Turkey endangers push to clear Isis from border

Tunisia attack highlights security failings

Experts say more needs to be done to counter terror threat

Moscow seeks economic redress over jet

Open calls for military action remain conspicuously absent

The mirage of an anti-Isis grand coalition

For a united front to work everyone must agree on a common enemy

Even Isis jihadis love Telegram messaging

For those who prioritise audience reach, the site’s appeal is its simplicity and security