Economic downturn bites in Dubai

Crude slump forces Gulf governments to cut spending

FT Investigation

Inside Isis Inc series
The Isis economy reaches deep into civilian life within its territories and beyond, forcing even its enemies to do business with it. The FT investigates how the jihadis raise money and spend it, from running a sprawling oil operation to taxing civilians and arms dealing.
– FT correspondents
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Global disorder: from Trump to China

The belligerence of domestic politics is spilling on to the world stage

Three French soldiers killed in Libya

First acknowledgment by Paris that special forces operate there

Turkey’s purge hurts fight against Isis

Focus on Gulenists weakens the country’s ability to confront the jihadis, writes David Gardner

Coups becoming rarer, but exact high price

Successful coups bad for growth in democracies; unsuccessful ones worst in autocracies

James Ferguson illustration of Turkish president Recep Tayyip Erdogan kicking a tank
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A failed coup casts a shadow over Turkey

A key regional power must remain secular and democratic, writes Peter Westmacott

Iran talks investment with Siemens and Rolls-Royce

Country’s economy gradually opens up after lifting of sanctions

New details emerge of Nice truck killer

French prime minister says driver was ‘radicalised very quickly’

Economist Paul Romer to get World Bank job

Appointment as chief economist would add provocative voice to research department

Erdogan turns to social media to foil coup

Flooding people’s feeds with assurances appears to have turned the tide

Turkey turmoil complicates US-Isis fight

Washington relies on Ankara but has been frustrated with Erdogan

Turkey slips into chaos of Middle East

The plot against Erdogan risks impairing the fight against Isis

Ataturk to Erdogan — a timeline of Turkey

The republic founded in 1923 is no stranger to military coups

US and Russia target Syria ceasefire

Kerry and Lavrov agree ‘concrete steps’ after marathon talks

US declassifies 9/11 report’s Saudi pages

Hijackers ‘had support from two alleged intelligence officers’

How Erdogan undermined his achievements

Turning point came with opposition to Turkey trying to join EU

Thousands of Sadr supporters defy army

Shia cleric’s spokesman issues demands including sacking the PM

Saudi non-oil sector slips into recession

Government spending cuts drive contraction

Isis says top military commander killed

Loss of Georgian ‘minister of war’ on US wanted list could hit jihadi force’s morale

Aleppo siege jeopardises Syria ceasefire

Offensive by Assad forces erodes US efforts to carve Russia deal