Iran’s reformists cautiously optimistic

Tehran regime is suddenly allowing parties to promote reforms

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The $2.5bn Bahrain Bay development built on reclaimed land, is one of the projects fuelling controversy
Bahrain land deals highlight alchemy of making money from sand
– Cynthia O’Murchu and Simeon Kerr

Give Syria’s refugees cash and dignity

The question of cash versus in-kind donation is an old debate, writes Khaled Hosseini

Iran commander warns of Isis threat

General says US doing little to stop jihadis in Iraq

Carter blames Iraqi forces for Ramadi fall

US defence secretary questions Baghdad military’s ‘will to fight’

EU to share asylum seekers across bloc

Reforms have met stiff opposition in central and eastern Europe

Migrant journeys end in fetid Libyan camps

Hopes of finding a new life end under guard of security forces

Yemen offensive sparks Saudi jingoism

New Middle East order feeds sectarian fervour

Menacing Isis gains in Iraq and Syria

A Sunni alternative to the jihadis fell along with Ramadi

Isis suicide bomb kills 20 in Saudi Arabia

Attack raises fears of growing jihadi threat in oil-rich kingdom

Isis in position to advance on Damascus

Some locals cheer beheadings of informants and state officials

Iranian cargo ship mystery deepens

Shahed’s voyage highlights suspicious shipping activity

How to save historic monuments in peril

As the destruction by Isis rages on, is it time to rethink our ideas about preserving world heritage?

Isis rivals make bin Laden look soft

Light cast on fierce competition between jihadi groups

Will widening Taliban offensive target a major Afghan city?

US sanctions Iraq airline over Iran case

Order freezes al-Naser’s American import and export trade and imposes economic clamp

Saudi Arabia foresees fossil fuel phase-out

Oil minister says kingdom will switch to renewables this century

Isis militants control half of Syria

Pro-opposition locals say jihadis ‘more merciful’ than Assad

Isis blows hole in Obama’s Iraq strategy

Fall of Ramadi exposes deep flaws in US campaign

Iran’s tech sector to display potential in Berlin

Meeting highlights opportunities once sanctions are lifted

Ancient city of Palmyra falls to Isis

Pro-Syrian government forces pull back leaving heritage site in danger