Dubai prepares for Iranian investment

Emirate ready to act as bridgehead if sanctions are lifted

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The $2.5bn Bahrain Bay development built on reclaimed land, is one of the projects fuelling controversy
Bahrain land deals highlight alchemy of making money from sand
– Cynthia O’Murchu and Simeon Kerr

EU urged to act as more migrants drown

Italian rescue services strained as 11,000 make crossing in a week

Matt Kenyon illustration
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Obama’s welcome Kissinger realism

The essence of diplomacy: when adversaries come to terms, neither gets everything they want

Iran fetes investors despite sanctions

US business was beating a path to Tehran even before nuclear deal

Saddam ex-deputy reported killed in Iraq

‘King of Clubs’ shot dead, according to army officer

Iran car lovers eye nuclear dividends

Fate of sector is a pressing concern for politicians

The shame of Europe over migrant boat people

The bloc needs to fund a proper rescue mission in the Mediterranean

Iraq fails to halt Isis advance in Anbar

Move to lower reliance on Shia militias leads to jihadist gains

Saudi buys stake in Canadian grain group

Kingdom in joint venture to help secure food imports

Beauty and strife collide at Bardo

A place of horrible death only weeks ago now seems full of life, writes John McDermott

Truckers navigate Isis-controlled roads

Journeys underscore the disruption war is dealing to region’s trade links and economies

Conflict sees Yemen LNG halt production

Site evacuated as Houthi rebels extend control over country

Russia unblocks Iran missile deliveries

Moscow defends move likely to irk other powers

World does not hear west’s deaf prophets

Europe and US have been convinced of their own truths for too long, writes Mark Mazower

Syrian rebels heartened by Sunni unity

Military gains on northern and southern frontiers point to co-ordinated pressure against Assad

French judge leads fight against jihadism

Marc Trévidic says France faces surge of people back from Syria

Corruption claims plague Libya’s rulers

Rival administrations said to be inept or practising nepotism

Obama foreign policy doctrine takes shape

US president banks on engagement with old foes Iran and Cuba

Pakistan rebuffs Riyadh over Yemen force

Parliament votes to stay neutral but vows backing if territory is violated

Jokes abound as Tehran enters new era

Iranians turn to social media to voice hopes for future