Algeria puts stability ahead of economic reform

Analysts warn of cash crisis to come


Saudi royal guards stand on duty in front of portraits of King Abdullah bin Abdulaziz (R), Crown Prince Salman bin Abdulaziz (C) and second deputy Prime Minister Mugren bin Abdulaziz ©AFP
Alarmed by the rise of political Islam, the House of Saud is increasingly hardline at home and aggressive abroad
– Roula Khalaf

Assad makes rare public appearance

Syrian leader shows growing signs of confidence

Strike kills 13 suspected militants in Yemen

Tribal sources say drone attacked three cars

Bouteflika wins Algeria election

Ailing leader wins with 81% and rival Benflis calls vote fraudulent

Gulf states forge deal to end regional spat

Divisions grew over Qatar’s support for Muslim Brotherhood

Wait for Bouteflika as Algerians vote

President backed by military and business class

Algeria set to retain its ailing leader

State apparatus, business and public all support ailing president

Saudi intelligence chief replaced

Prince Bandar departs after Syrian failures and rift with US

An undue chill greets Iran’s nuclear spring

A Tehran with a stake in settling the Middle East’s lethal problems could be transformative

Corruption claims overshadow Iraq polls

Vast sums of money flow into parties’ campaigns

Syria gas attack points up chemical threat

Reports say up to 200 people have suffered choking or seizures

Syrian refugees in Lebanon

The UN’s World Food Programme (WFP) has turned to “cash aid” to help Syrian refugees along the Lebanese border, but the impact on the Lebanese economy has been decidedly mixed

Mixed fortunes for Lebanon’s refugees

Business is driven by Syrians and the aid they bring

Iranian diplomat row revives old battles

Hostage crisis of 1979 resurfaces amid nuclear talks

IEA says Iran exports more than allowed

Watchdog says Iran exported 1.65m b/d crude in February and March

Miliband visits Israel on three-day trip

Conservatives say Labour leader lacks foreign experience

Mass death penalty scars Egypt

Harsh rulings stun detainees’ families and deepen fear of regime

US set to bar Iran’s new UN ambassador

Nominee Aboutalebi was involved in 1979 hostage crisis

Israel blocks shipment to Gaza Strip

Pressure grows on fragile peace process

Oil price falls after Libya blockade deal

Terminals to reopen after eight months in rebel hands