Syria plan could be an echo of Ukraine

Diplomats fear that Moscow aims to cement the division of Syria

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The $2.5bn Bahrain Bay development built on reclaimed land, is one of the projects fuelling controversy
Bahrain land deals highlight alchemy of making money from sand
– Cynthia O’Murchu and Simeon Kerr

Iran gas: pars for the course

The talk may be of oil but the country needs investment in its natural gas industry

Syria ceasefire: What does it mean?

How the cessation of hostilities could play out

Cautious welcome for Syria ceasefire deal

Opposition warns US and allies that they must enforce agreement

Syria rebels consider joining jihadis

Opposition fighters feel abandoned by US-led coalition

Syria is one piece in the Russian jigsaw

Moscow has shown it will not let the west do away with any dictator they dislike, writes Tony Barber

World powers agree swift Syria ceasefire

Munich talks spark US-Russia led move for nationwide truce

Bunge seeks to resolve Egypt wheat issue

CEO argues 63,000-tonne delivery is compliant with tender terms

Kingdom tower, Riyadh ID 48377664 © Swisshippo |

Gulf set to tap private sector funding

Aim to press ahead with capital projects amid fall in oil price requires funding gap to be filled

Kerry faces Munich moment over Syrian war

The costs of sitting back from the conflict are growing, not least for the EU

Pressure builds on Egypt to devalue pound

Foreign currency shortage hits businesses that rely on imports

Hardliners quash hopes of Khomeini grandson

Moderate deemed unqualified to stand for Assembly of Experts

Saudis heed call to share economic pain

Oil price rout and security worries amplify message of austerity

Saudis discuss sending troops into Syria

Riyadh weighs setting up safe zone with Turkey and other allies

Syria’s future in its neighbours’ hands

It is the regional players that are at the forefront

Advantages of living in a decent time zone

What matters for flight, unlike finance, is that hardly anyone lives south of the equator

Tensions run high amid Saudi crackdown

Home town of executed cleric Nimr al-Nimr is at frontline of Sunni-Shia confrontation in the kingdom

Murder threatens Egypt-Italy relations

Suspicion Giulio Regeni was killed in Cairo by security services

Aleppo’s agony will test EU resolve

Russia’s assault on the city will intensify the migrant crisis

Find refugees work to boost integration

Minimum wages may be good for native workers but are less so for migrants, writes Scott McDonald