Israel halts peace talks with Palestinians

Netanyahu blames Abbas deal with ‘terrorist’ Hamas


Australian journalist Peter Greste (3rd R) of Al-Jazeera and his colleagues stand inside the defendants cage during their trial for allegedly supporting the Muslim Brotherhood at Cairo's Tora prison on March 5, 2014. The high-profile case that sparked a global outcry over muzzling of the press is seen as a test of the military-installed government's tolerance of independent media, with activists fearing a return to autocracy three years after the Arab Spring uprising that toppled Hosni Mubarak. AFP PHOTO / KHALED DESOUKI (Photo credit should read KHALED DESOUKI/AFP/Getty Images) ©AFP
The disappearance of thousands of government opponents is raising fears of a new generation of jihadis
– Borzou Daragahi

British counterterror campaign attacked

Concerns raised that police are not trusted enough to deliver message

PLO and Hamas sign pact as talks stall

Israel says deal sabotages hopes of extending peace negotiations

Role for Assad in Syria peace, says Blair

President may have to be interim leader, says former UK premier

Yemen attacks prompt fears of reprisals

Assault on suspected al-Qaeda sites leaves many civilians dead

Sisi’s election won’t end discord in Egypt

Political Islam can be countered only with a pluralism that the former military leader will not countenance

Blair launches ‘moderate’ Islam push

Envoy urges west to act against religious radicals

Iranian women seek rights reform

Fate is caught up in a political tug of war

Saudi health minister removed

Fears that the spread of respiratory virus is accelerating

US probes Syrian chemical weapons claim

Move comes as Assad government announces poll to be held in June

Israel’s Ukraine silence at odds with US

Algeria puts stability ahead of economic reform

Assad makes rare public appearance

Syrian leader shows growing signs of confidence

Strike kills 13 suspected militants in Yemen

Tribal sources say drone attacked three cars

Bouteflika wins Algeria election

Ailing leader wins with 81% and rival Benflis calls vote fraudulent

Gulf states forge deal to end regional spat

Divisions grew over Qatar’s support for Muslim Brotherhood

Wait for Bouteflika as Algerians vote

President backed by military and business class

Algeria set to retain its ailing leader

State apparatus, business and public all support ailing president

Saudi intelligence chief replaced

Prince Bandar departs after Syrian failures and rift with US

An undue chill greets Iran’s nuclear spring

A Tehran with a stake in resolving regional tension could be transformative