Balancing act

Year in the Arab World special report

As 2014 draws to a close, hope appears in short supply in the Arab world

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A shepherd who fled Mosul when it was overrun by Isis forces, pictured in the Taq Taq oil field in Iraqi Kurdistan ©Sebastian Meyer
The Kurds of northern Iraq face terror from Isis and political pressure from Baghdad – jeopardising their long-held dream of independence
– Roula Khalaf

Fifa World Cup investigator Garcia quits

Ethics head questions whether football body capable of change

Claims of murder by army found to be lies

Inquiry rejects Iraqi detainees’ allegations against UK soldiers

Rouhani’s fate is not tied to nuclear talks

It is the continued state of limbo that poses the challenge to Iran’s president, writes Farideh Farhi

EU parliament recognises Palestinian state

Motion gives symbolic backing for an independent state along 1967 borders

Arab-Israeli tensions: Jerusalem tales

Violence in the holy city has stirred fears of a religious conflict

Turkey drops high-profile corruption case

Court rejects appeal to charge ex-ministers’ sons

Palestinians push UN deadline on Israel

US urged to back departure from occupied territory

Ingram Pinn illustration
©Ingram Pinn

Democracy is at issue in Israel’s election

The emerging clash between the Zionist ideal and democratic principles is increasingly evident

Assad army bases fall to al-Qaeda allies

Strategic setback gives Islamist forces chance to sever supply lines

Opec can ride out cheap oil, says head

Badri defends maintaining output at 30m barrels

Libya civil war threatens oil facilities

Militias from Misurata attempt to seize control of al-Sidr terminal

India arrests man over pro-Isis tweets

Mehdi had been identified by UK’s Channel Four

China offers to help Iraq defeat extremists

Any assistance from Beijing would be outside US-led coalition

Libya burns through its foreign reserves

Sliding oil price and civil war after tripling of state salaries erode holdings

Minister’s death stirs Palestinian anger

Leadership to discuss suspending security co-operation with Israel

Qatar brought in from the cold

High-level truce may fail to end ill will at community level

Syrian refugees fear never leaving Turkey

Growing alarm in Ankara at the economic and social costs of refugee burden

Bahrain land deals highlight alchemy of making money from sand

Undersea plots spark questions on public and royal ownership

Land deals boost Bahrain royals’ wealth

King’s companies developed projects on disputed plots