Qatar nervous amid threat to 2022 World Cup

Tournament was pinnacle of global strategy

FT Investigation

The $2.5bn Bahrain Bay development built on reclaimed land, is one of the projects fuelling controversy
Bahrain land deals highlight alchemy of making money from sand
– Cynthia O’Murchu and Simeon Kerr

Blair to step down as Middle East envoy

Former UK premier had poor relations with Palestinian Authority

Iraq’s Sunni tribes in rift over Isis

Disputes and jealousies divide militia groups

Saudi Arabia: outta gas

The kingdom has its own energy problem to fix

German scholars illuminate sacred book

The Corpus Coranicum project builds on tradition of Koranic study halted by the Third Reich

Over half world’s nations hatching jihadis

Al-Qaeda and Isis have 25,000 new members, UN says

Israel strikes Gaza in response to rocket

Grad missile launched from Palestinian territory

Iraq launches operation to retake Ramadi

Move aimed at countering jibe that troops lack ‘will to fight’

Not ‘right time’ to deliver Iran missiles

Moscow delays delivery despite lifting arms embargo on Tehran

Israel close to Leviathan gasfield deal

David Gilo resigns in protest over $6.5bn development project

Give Syria’s refugees cash and dignity

The question of cash versus in-kind donation is an old debate

Iran commander warns of Isis threat

General Soleimani accuses the US of doing little to stop jihadis’ advance in neighbouring Iraq

Iran’s reformists cautiously optimistic

Tehran regime is suddenly allowing parties to promote reforms

Carter blames Iraqi forces for Ramadi fall

US defence secretary questions Baghdad military’s ‘will to fight’

EU to share asylum seekers across bloc

Reforms have met stiff opposition in central and eastern Europe

Migrant journeys end in fetid Libyan camps

Hopes of finding a new life end under guard of security forces

Yemen offensive sparks Saudi jingoism

New Middle East order feeds sectarian fervour

Menacing Isis gains in Iraq and Syria

A Sunni alternative to the jihadis fell along with Ramadi

Isis suicide bomb kills 20 in Saudi Arabia

Attack raises fears of expanding jihadi threat in oil-rich kingdom

Isis in position to advance on Damascus

Some locals cheer beheadings of informants and state officials