Iraq violence stirs Iranian war memories

Sunni insurgency against Tehran’s Shia allies raises fears


An Egyptian girl shouts slogans against the military in Cairo's Tahrir Square on December 23, 2011 as people gathered for a mass rally against the ruling military, which sparked outrage when its soldiers were taped beating women protesters. AFP PHOTO / FILIPPO MONTEFORTE (Photo credit should read FILIPPO MONTEFORTE/AFP/Getty Images) ©AFP
Three years after they captured global attention during protests in Tahrir Square that forced Hosni Mubarak out of office, many young Egyptians feel their revolution has been lost.
– Heba Saleh

US and EU lift bans on Tel Aviv flights

Restrictions eased after review of situation on the ground

Norway faces ‘concrete’ terrorist threat

Intelligence suggests link to fighters returning from Syria

Israel fears damage from flight ban

Federal Aviation Administration cautious over rocket attacks

UN warns of war crimes as hospital is hit

Warring sides swap claims over second Gaza medical site attacked

Nowhere to hide for Gaza residents

Palestinian civilians report ‘no safe route’ out of danger areas

Hamas finds Arab outrage diluted

Palestinian cause has receded as a priority in the wider region

Airlines halt Israel flights after attack

Cancellations come amid sensitivity after MH17 was shot down

Q&A: Why do airlines fly over war zones?

Carriers are able to make own decision on whether to reroute

Israel, Hamas and the rockets

The level of civilian deaths in Gaza is unacceptable

Former Alba chief Hall jailed over bribes

Saudi Arabia: get riyal

Tadawul reaches same level of market capitalisation as the Micex

Pointless Gazan war neither side wanted

This latest conflict suggests the threshold of bloodshed has risen

Erdogan slams Israel over Gaza

Gaza ceasefire talks make little progress

FAA orders US airlines to halt flights to Tel Aviv

Saudi stock market to open to foreigners

Global fund managers gain direct access to $530bn bourse

Obama peace call as Gaza death toll rises

Kerry in Cairo for talks as fatalities rise above 500

Israelis resolute under missile shield

Lack of pressure on political leaders to end deadly conflict

Kerry due in Cairo as Gaza death toll mounts

More than 60 killed in most intense fighting yet

Divisions over Hamas hamper peace efforts

Qatar hosts Abbas and Ban but Islamist issues stymie progress