Al-Qaeda groups offer support to Isis

North African and Yemeni branches defy official leadership


June 2014 - Iraq: Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL), release images purported to show scores of captured Iraqi soldiers being killed. The images show masked fighters loading the captives on trucks before forcing them to lie face-down in a shallow ditch with their arms tied behind their backs. The final pictures show bodies soaked in blood after being shot. (POLARIS) / eyevine For further information please contact eyevine tel: +44 (0) 20 8709 8709 e-mail: ©Eyevine
Although US air strikes have stalled the jihadi group, there is no consensus on how to beat it
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Iraq PM rules out foreign ground troops

US insists its forces will not have new combat mission

Syrian Kurds eye greater role in Isis fight

YPG believed to be affiliated with blacklisted terrorist group

Oil battle fuels Africa’s lengthy conflict

Drilling revives 40-year-old fight over Western Sahara’s future

US hints at ground troops for Isis fight

General says US military could join Iraqi soldiers in battle

Turkey considers Isis buffer zone

Southern border seen as exposed to terrorist-held areas

Ground crew for U.S. Marine F18's goes through the final process of arming the aircraft prior to their missions over Iraq March 22, 2003. The United States and Britain unleashed their first daylight air strikes on Baghdad on Saturday after pounding it with a fearsome night blitz. - RTXLUSQ

US jets strike Isis to help Iraqi military

First attacks in direct support of Baghdad’s troops

US must win over Arab regimes on Isis

Superpower must explain past failures and demonstrate commitment, writes Ahmed Rashid

500 feared dead in migrant boat sinking

Survivors say traffickers deliberately sank boat in Mediterranean

Think Lebanon not D-Day in Isis campaign

Insurgents can take comfort in the divisions plaguing its enemies

Israel denounces protesting reservists

Group refuses to spy on Palestinians

Asian entrepreneurs race to US and Europe

Wealthy individuals seek stability, survey finds

Isis killing will fortify UK resolve, says PM

Britain will take ‘whatever steps necessary’ after beheading

Qatar urges west to back Syrian Sunni

Foreign minister dismisses claims that Qataris are funding Isis

Banks lend more abroad as trust returns

Cross-border loans increase for the first time in three years

Isis militants say UK aid worker beheaded

Video of David Haines’ killing includes threat to kill another Briton

No 10 corrects Hammond gaffe on Syria

Foreign secretary ruled out any action despite US move

Doubts raised on US use of Somali strategy

Regional experts sceptical that policy can work in Iraq and Syria

US builds support for new Isis strategy

Ten Arab states pledge to join coalition in Iraq and Syria

Isis in Syria braces for western attack

Islamist extremists shifting their forces, say Syrian activists