Israeli shells hit Gaza power plant

Offensive against Hamas enters its fourth week


An Egyptian girl shouts slogans against the military in Cairo's Tahrir Square on December 23, 2011 as people gathered for a mass rally against the ruling military, which sparked outrage when its soldiers were taped beating women protesters. AFP PHOTO / FILIPPO MONTEFORTE (Photo credit should read FILIPPO MONTEFORTE/AFP/Getty Images) ©AFP
Three years after they captured global attention during protests in Tahrir Square that forced Hosni Mubarak out of office, many young Egyptians feel their revolution has been lost.
– Heba Saleh

Israeli military pushes deeper into Gaza

Strategy targets tunnels but will attract international condemnation

Doubts over rationale for Gaza invasion

Controversy over who ordered teenagers’ murder that sparked war

Emirates leads push to change conflict zone rules

ICAO set to discuss ways of reducing airline risk

Kerry ceasefire efforts anger Israelis

Secretary of state opens a rift between US and its ally

Libya battles blaze as militias clash

Government warns of humanitarian disaster if firefighters are blocked

Netanyahu defiant on Gaza despite pressure

Israel PM buoyed by strong support for campaign at home

Gaza fighting eases amid ceasefire calls

War-weary Gazans observe Eid holiday marking end of Ramadan

Saudi reforms invite access to oil growth

Overseas investors cheer first-half 2015 opening up of stock market

Gaza conflict resumes as truce hopes fade

Diplomatic efforts to agree cessation of hostilities continue

Isis uses humility as tactic for conquest

Islamists mix fear with soft power to oust other rebel groups

War in Gaza

Dozens of Palestinian bodies recovered from rubble in the Gaza Strip during ceasefire

US evacuates Libya embassy

Clashes in Tripoli force diplomats to seek safety in Tunisia

Israel extends Gaza ceasefire until midnight

Foreign ministers meeting in Paris call for end to fighting

Gaza: Salvaging essentials from the ruins

Palestinians who fled assault take advantage of 12-hour ceasefire

Temporary ceasefire takes effect in Gaza

Tensions high in West Bank after deadly clashes

US scrambles for Gaza ceasefire

Kerry pursues talks as Israel considers a 12-hour ‘pause’ in the conflict

Christians at the mercy of jihadis

Sunnis must reassert leadership and crush extremism

Saudi Arabia opens up stock market

First time overseas investors can gain direct access

Truth is fiercely contested in Gaza war

Accusations of US media bias reveal deep political divisions