EU leaders soften stance on migrants

Brussels prepares plan to quadruple quota among member states

Draghi hands markets a gift

ECB stands ready to bolster €60bn per month QE programme

Hungary tries to send migrants to camps

Stand-off as hundreds of refugees refuse to leave trains

Eastern Europe softens on refugee quotas

Visegrad states set for summit as migrant crisis escalates

Q&A: How UK is handling migrant numbers

Britain has taken some Syrians amid calls to accept more

Downbeat Draghi ready to beef up QE

ECB downgrades eurozone growth and inflation projections

Ingram Pinn illustration

Merkel’s plan shames Cameron’s fear

German chancellor is getting it right while UK PM misreads the national mood

Refugee crisis is not only about Europe

Migrants are no strangers to developing countries, where impressive results have been delivered

Europe criticises Cameron’s No to migrants

UK’s refusal to take refugees complicates EU renegotiations

Cameron has misjudged EU’s refugee crisis

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A chance for Europe to rescue its integrity

The failure to tackle the refugee crisis has intensified this human disaster

Europe ready to counter China slowdown

EU’s economic chief says Brussels will use the tools at its disposal to prevent a broader crisis

New calls to end US-EU derivatives clash

Influential groups urge regulators to recognise each other’s rules

Cameron steers clear of initial Yes campaign

Pro-Europe group in hunt for leading cross-party players

Cameron wisely refrains from fighting old battles

Leave rows about the EU social chapter to nostalgic eurosceptics

Migrants barred from Budapest station

European leaders trade accusations as police prevent onward travel to Austria and Germany

EU’s Schengen buckles under migrant flows

Emergency regime for sharing refugees to be unveiled

GE set to secure approval for Alstom deal

European Commission expected to clear transaction after GE made concessions

Eurozone unemployment falls to 10.9%

Renzi boosted by drop in Italy’s jobless rate

Cameron walks tightrope ahead of EU talks

PM rejects opt-out call on social affairs but is upbeat on deal