Trade credit insurance to the rescue

Humdrum mechanism could mitigate risk of securitising EU banks’ SME lending, says John Dizard

Italian prime minister Matteo Renzi

Italy budget request dismays Brussels

European Commission likely to reject Rome’s request for extra year

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Companies warn that Kremlin retaliation could cost them dear

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Super Tuesday for EU bank regulation

Biggest set of financial rules passed since single market

Six ways to mend Europe’s financial sector

A legislative ‘Super Tuesday’ passes seven files of regulation

Biofuels: Wasted energy

Muddled EU climate policies are threatening to push pioneering waste-to-fuel companies away from the continent

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Brussels in corporate transparency push

Plan to require reporting on environmental impact and diversity

EU begins clampdown on ‘flash boy’ traders

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Bundled debt will quicken recovery

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Central bank could buy broad range of assets

Russia’s Ukraine endgame unclear

Analysts question capability and desire to take military action

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Portugal open to radical action by ECB

Finance minister welcomes possible purchase of corporate debt