Exit will hit UK more than EU, says study

EU and Great Britain flag next to each other.

Britain warned economy could shrink by 3% after leaving Brussels

The political storm over the Googleplex

Concern about government snooping is mixed with anxiety about commercial use of data

Part-employed in Greece underline crisis

Labour force survey sheds light on Europe’s troubled work force

LSE expands mentoring scheme across Europe

Programme aims to help companies attract backers and ease funding

Brussels treads fine line in Gazprom case

Crucial to the action will be the definition of a fair price

Ebay backs Google over Brussels inquiry

Auction site’s CEO says search group is rival in online shopping

Eurozone in push to spur Greek talks

Finance minister isolated as eurogroup chairman calls premier

The real threat to Europe lies in Ukraine

A failed state or further annexation by Russia would dwarf fears over Grexit

Europe must impose tough border controls

Without addressing this key strategic issue, all other tactics are pointless, writes Jim Molan

Germany urges Ukraine to fulfil ceasefire

EU leaders highlight fears of renewed Russian aggression

Tight UK election worries EU allies

Weak government would hit efforts to tackle Russia and economy

‘Eurocrats’ command the world’s respect

Why, when the EU is so bad at so much, does its competition policy work, writes Mario Monti

National interests frustrate migrant aims

The urgency of the calamity at sea has foundered on a tangle of rules on dry land

Cameron slams Miliband on migrant remarks

PM says words raise doubts over Miliband’s suitability for office

EU ire at Greece boils over

Finance ministers accuse Athens of backtracking on commitments

Parties blame HSBC move on tax, EU fears

Tory and Labour politicians in war of words over bank HQ review

The macabre market in migration

Most arriving migrants in 2014 were from Syria, Eritrea and Mali

EU and US aim for May in derivatives deal

Regulators negotiating two-year dispute over clearing house rules hope to settle in coming weeks

The IMF's big stick

The fund has whip hand over Europeans in Athens stand-off

European groups have no forex excuse

Scant evidence that the cheap euro will see a jump in profits

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