Cameron angry over €2.1bn EU surcharge

UK officials played role in endorsing budget calculations

Brussels cash: Who knew what and when?

ONS and Treasury knew; PM found out in car on way to summit

EU energy deal to hurt Putin, says Davey

European bloc agrees 40% cut in carbon emissions by 2030

Cameron overreacts to a modest EU matter

PM’s dispute with Brussels over a £1.7bn surcharge is unwarranted

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Close the door on an accidental migration

If you can loosen the rules, you can also tighten them, writes David Goodhart

Why is Brussels demanding back-payment?

Technical issues have caused political mess over €2.1bn charge

EU tells Britain to pay extra €2.1bn

Better-performing UK economy leads to bigger slice for Brussels

EU agrees target to cut gas emissions

Leaders overcome resistance from eastern member states

It’s Renzi vs Barroso over EU’s budget letter

Do Europe’s banks need surgery?

The answer hinges on the ‘stress test’ results for 130 European banks

Cameron puts on brave face in Europe

PM tries to look confident at summit with troubles at home

Europe gas demand to stay weak, says IEA

Watchdog’s economist casts doubt over energy supplies

Row between Rome and Brussels heats up

Italy leaks confidential letter from European Commission

Jingle that sounds the road to recovery

It sometimes pays to wipe the debt slate clean

All eyes on the ECB as stress tests loom

Sunday will reveal results from health checks on 130 eurozone banks

Cameron’s pro-EU comments redacted online

Pledge to campaign “with all my heart” to stay in EU not included

Q&A: EU’s challenging energy targets

Talks begin in Brussels to agree landmark deal for 2030

Forces set to overturn Britain’s order

Panic has driven Cameron into a bidding war about the EU and immigrants

Non-EU citizens face complex job constraints

From Jamie Fortescue, Brussels, Belgium

ECB bond-buying plan risks falling short

Investors doubt policy makers can achieve aims