Cable calls for statement on NHS and TTIP

Business secretary Vince Cable

Minister says trade talks will not lead to privatisation

EU threatens Russia with more sanctions

Call comes as violence in eastern Ukraine escalates

Preserve competition in UK mobile market

Brussels should not approve another flawed telecoms merger

Greeks rebuff EU call for more Russia sanctions

Fears grow Athens coalition seeking closer Moscow ties

Germany should recall its time in sick bay

Merkel’s challenge is to convince her people they have reliable partners, says Marcel Fratzscher

Nato accuses Russia over Ukraine

As crisis worsens Putin calls Kiev’s army a ‘foreign legion’

Banks warns capital rules will blunt QE

Groups propose a relaxation to securitisation regulations

Eurozone leaders reject Greek debt relief

Rescheduling seen as possible if Athens sticks to reforms

Ingram Pinn illustration

EU cannot agree to write off Greek debt

The prospect of defaults would frighten the markets and increase the risk of another crisis

Halve Greek debt to keep eurozone together

Any salvation new drachma might offer would be preceded by years of purgatory, writes Reza Moghadam

ECB faces bond liquidity challenge

Success of the scheme will depend on the way sellers behave

EU terror chief warns on returning jihadis

Official says jailing returnees an ‘invitation to radicalisation’

Key dates as Syriza seeks debt relief

Negotiations between Athens and creditors likely to be fraught

Europe reacts to Syriza victory

Greece’s debt is the foremost concern

Q&A: What now for Greece after Syriza win

The options for Athens in its wrangles over debt relief

Draghi’s pledge gives credible hope

Expect the global hunt for yield to continue until rates rise

Critics fear ECB action will fuel bubbles

Quantitative easing forecast to delay pressure for needed reforms

ECB unleashes larger than expected QE

Asset purchases to total €60bn a month until September 2016

After Charlie, an opening for Le Pen

The softening of its image scarcely conceals the essential character of the National Front

Draghi’s promise to do whatever it takes

Nobody knows whether ECB’s QE will work but it is a start at least