EU states warn Juncker over trade deal

Trade commissioner’s role in US deal to be shared out

Non-EU citizens face complex job constraints

From Jamie Fortescue. Sir, As a Brit working in Brussels I am one of many UK citizens who benefit from the EU Treaty provisions on the free movement of labour

ECB bond-buying plan risks falling short

Investors doubt policy makers can achieve aims

Marshall’s grand plan applies to Ukraine

The west will have to co-operate to stop Putin and should do so now, writes Anders Aslund

Paris defends budget amid EU irritation

PM dismisses speculation that Brussels will demand a review

Stakes high for Europe bank stress tests

Good news on key issue of assisting capital-raising

A photo taken on September 30, 2014 shows barbed wire set near an underground gas storage in the village of Opari, some 70 kms south-west from Lviv
©Yuriy Dyachyshyn/AFP

Russia slaps conditions on Ukraine gas

Fears energy stand-off could hit winter supplies to Europe

EU takes step toward rejecting budgets

France and Italy among five states to be asked for more details

James Ferguson illustration

Reform alone is no solution for eurozone

A policy that may work for Germany alone cannot work for an economy more than three times as big

Europe needs will to build energy union

A bitter row between France and Spain exposes the bloc’s inefficiency

Honeywell and DuPont hit by EU antitrust

Collaboration over coolant to meet emissions rules falls foul

EU leans on big banks for bailout fund

System favours Germany and Spain but not France

Franco-Spanish energy spat tests EU

Madrid accuses Paris of protecting its nuclear plants

ECB’s bond move whets appetite for QE

Markets want more than just purchase of covered bonds from lenders

EU member states act to curb migrants

London alone in trying to introduce limit on numbers

Eurosceptics seek immigration trap for PM

Cameron to outline policy before Christmas

A challenge to the old guard of finance

The IMF’s strength is its ability to assess countries’ macroeconomic and financial policies

Borders and budgets could lay Europe low

Unrest over sovereignty issues risks pushing EU to the point of no return

EU and China agree truce on trade spats

Brussels drops case against Huawei and ZTE

Britons have little cause for miserabilism

The country is now richer, freer, more roundly envied. Yet all talk is of decline