France opposes EU-Mercosur trade talks

Brussels accused of rushing to make offers on quotas and tariffs

Turkish power struggle threatens EU deal

PM’s departure a blow for Merkel and plan to stem refugee flow

ECB should change course before too late

Bank should consider reversing its policy of negative interest rates, writes David Folkerts-Landau

Kroes’ Uber role shows EU revolving door

The remit and payment should be fully disclosed and subject to scrutiny, writes Jonathan Ford

Virgin Media owner eyes Remain backing

US group plans one of the largest pledges from corporate sector

Europe’s limited options over the Turkey visa deal

The EU has to pay a high price if it is to settle the migrant crisis

ECB scraps €500 note

Bill represents 30% of the value of eurozone notes

UK wins exemption from EU asylum rules

Brussels unveils proposal to rewrite existing Dublin system

Cigarette packaging rules upheld by ECJ

Tobacco companies must cover two-thirds of box with health warnings

Niger asks EU for €1bn to stem migrant flow

State becomes staging post for thousands heading for Libya

Eurozone growth contradiction explained

Yawning output gap is one reason why inflation remains so weak

Human rights blow to Turkey’s visa hopes

Ankara falls short of EU standards by failing to change laws on terrorism and organised crime

Eurozone inflation forecasts downgraded

European Commission blames low oil prices and global economic weakness

EU states face charge for refusing refugees

Brussels proposal to make countries pay €250,000 per migrant

Davutoglu stakes future on EU visa deal

PM’s initiative fuels talk of a rift with President Erdogan

Germany seeks progress on European army

Paper advocates joint HQ and shared military assets

Brexit ‘could boost eurozone GDP’

Financial activity would relocate, says leading French economist

Sovereign risk system needs reforming

Dutch EU presidency proposes more realistic risk weights

Activist challenges ‘ad blocker blockers’

Alexander Hanff to lodge complaints with regulators against companies defeating anti-pop-up software

Ireland’s Remain backers tout benefits

Many British expats support staying in the EU


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