Draghi’s pledge gives credible hope

Expect the global hunt for yield to continue until rates rise

Critics fear ECB action will fuel bubbles

Quantitative easing forecast to delay pressure for needed reforms

ECB unleashes larger than expected QE

Asset purchases to total €60bn a month until September 2016

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After Charlie, an opening for Le Pen

The softening of its image scarcely conceals the essential character of the National Front

Draghi’s promise to do whatever it takes

Nobody knows whether ECB’s QE will work but it is a start at least

Draghi does enough for now

Getting inflation expectations higher is not going to be easy, writes Stephanie Flanders

Amazon turns to Poland for hirings

Online retailer opens three fulfilment centres in Poland

Political divisions hit EU carbon price

European Parliament committee fails to agree on reform start date

Merkel says QE no substitute for reform

Chancellor warns on looser monetary policy

Draghi opens Europe’s monetary spigot

Eliminating eurozone deflation will require sustained treatment

Super Mario strikes again

The ECB again breaks free of the constraints of eurozone politics, writes Martin Sandbu

ECB holds rates ahead of QE announcement

Bank is set to reveal the details of its large-scale sovereign bond-buying programme

European cities move against diesel cars

Politicians concerned about diesel contribution to air pollution

Tensions build ahead of ECB launch

French finance minister expresses frustration at Germany

Operators welcome net neutrality proposals

Brussels eyes rules guaranteeing unrestrained internet access

Italian bank reform to drive takeover

Monte Paschi under pressure from ECB to raise further €2.5bn

Weber queries euro’s future without reforms

Former Bundesbank head says countries need plans to boost growth

Trade the ECB decision cautiously

It may be prudent to pare long stock, short euro bets

The ECB needs to keep it simple on QE

Raise inflation and avoid the technical issues, analysts warn

Tensions simmer over eurozone QE

Concerns mount over concessions to Germany