The real threat to EU lies in the Aegean

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan delivers a speech during an event entitled "Domestic and national will in Turkish political History" at ATO Congress Center in Ankara, on May 12, 2016. / AFP PHOTO / ADEM ALTANADEM ALTAN/AFP/Getty Images
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In its negotiations with Turkey over the refugee crisis Europe has lost the moral high ground

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The story that flags up the differences

A Leave vote would recognise the UK has always diverged from its neighbours, writes David Abulafia

Voters need alternative to populism

The rise of the far right and left reflects the establishment’s failures


A tweet reveals the merits of restraint

The European Commission chief-of-staff’s ‘horror scenario’ of populists, writes Gideon Rachman

How Cameron marshalled world leaders

PM hopes to highlight lack of high-level backing for Leave push

Regulator warns Brexit threatens UK funds

EU passporting rules at risk, with severe consequences for Ucits

Britain ready to intercept traffickers

Royal Navy poised to crack down on smuggling in Libyan waters

Greek debt deal reflects changing IMF

Fund steps back from confrontation with eurozone

Paris and Berlin ready Brexit ‘Plan B’

Closed-door talks on path for a Europe without UK

Brussels casts Johnson in ‘horror scenario’

Brexit backer urged to return to Brussels for fact-checking mission

Pro-Brexit fundraising beating Remainers

Eurosceptics given £4m to rivals’ £1.6m in latest data

Brexit and controlling migration

It is striking the similarity between Johnson and Farage

EU warns China of new steel tariffs

Bloc to ‘step up trade defence measures’ as Beijing battles for market economy status

A Brexit myth of Brussels (mis)rule

Good or bad, the important decisions have been taken at home

Schäuble manouevres way through Greek deal

Latest debt agreement should keep domestic opposition at bay

EU steps back in Polish court conflict

Warsaw given time to settle dispute that threatens sanctions

Facebook data transfers threatened by EU ruling

Court decision on model contract clauses risks data ‘Armageddon’

Greece reaches breakthrough debt deal

Outline agreement buys time to secure financial future

Greek debt deal leaves key points open

Face-off with creditors defused but measures only a temporary fix

Brown sets out ‘positive’ UK case for the EU

Ex-Labour PM urges Cameron to enthuse In vote with reform plans


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