Call for Brussels to clarify trade rules

Claims of delay over markets definition hurting competitiveness

Tories’ uneasy peace on Europe at risk

Memories still fresh of the 1990s infighting that tore party apart

Putin will not cut off Europe’s gas

The EU could weather the winter without importing Russian energy, says Matthew Bryza

UK eyes diplomatic dividends of Tusk

Tusk vows to tackle British concerns, such as benefit abuse by migrants

Citi pays allowances to avoid bonus cap

US bank joins peers in boosting fixed pay

Germany: In a spin

With growth slowing, the problems facing the economy – from the Ukraine crisis to rising energy costs – will have an impact beyond its borders

Frontline states’ fears on Russia realised

Baltic nations and Poland wanted less diplomatic approach

More integration is still right for Europe

Each tier of government must be given greater powers, say Karl Lamers and Wolfgang Schäuble

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Draghi approaches his Abenomics moment

The question is whether large-scale QE will do more good than harm, writes Stephanie Flanders

US bonds are tracking ECB policy

European monetary easing could aid Fed exit strategy

UK companies back EU reform

Survey supports more powers for Westminster

Mogherini must overcome Russia criticism

EU foreign policy chief has angered Baltic states

Tusk takes Poland to the ‘big table’

European Council president has habit of scoring goals

EU to expand Russia sanctions in a week

Time running out to prevent full-scale war, says Poroshenko

Tusk named as president of European Council

Poland’s prime minister wins unanimous support

Putin raises the stakes in Ukraine

Russian incursion demands a tough western response

Cameron denies euroscepticism aids Yes vote

Merkel to push for further Russia penalties

Spectre raised of deeper trade war with Moscow

Rouble tumbles as Ukraine tension grows

Currency hits record low against dollar

France: Rock bottom

Hollande’s travails highlight the extent of the economic crisis