EU energy plan targets Russian gas links

Brussels commission backs 30% efficiency goal for 2030

Bundesbank chief urges UK to stay in EU

Weidmann invokes Churchill in call for ‘European family’

Obama pressed to act against Russia

US president accused of weakness in Ukraine crisis

EU rifts scupper new Russia sanctions

Push for arms embargo on Moscow fails

Bank union seen as risk to voice at EU

Eurozone project to drain UK influence

Google pact with Brussels under threat

EU weighs whether to reopen draft antitrust settlement

Warship row dominates EU sanctions talks

Hollande shows signs of backing down on warship supply

UK urges tougher EU sanctions on Russia

Rebels hand over black boxes and allow bodies to leave

Osborne warns on hit from Russia sanctions

Chancellor says UK must be prepared for short-term hit to ensure security

Brussels hits legal limit on Google deal

German regulator says tighter rules difficult without law change

MH17: EU divided over severity of sanctions

Unclear if MH17 will be sanctions ‘wake-up call’ sought by Obama

Eurozone needs quantitative easing

The European Central Bank has to hit its inflation target

Hammond takes tough line on Europe

UK ranks in Brussels face sharp fall

Scarce younger cohort means less clout as older colleagues retire

ECB council set to end decade of silence

Central bank aims to improve communication of monetary policy

Putin’s credibility lies with MH17

While in the past a war was initiated by an artillery barrage, today it is by a disinformation campaign

Apple faces legal threat over ‘free’ apps

Crash galvanises EU opinion on sanctions

EU capitals push for quicker and broader penalties on Russia

Cameron opposes Tusk for senior EU job

UK and Polish premiers have clashed over migration reforms

Britain should stay inside the ECHR

Politics must not trump principle on human rights