Greece: Decision time

With creditors playing hardball and the leftwing of the ruling Syriza party determined not to compromise, Athens needs fresh help

Google’s search for a European answer

Internet giant may pay the price for failing to do enough to tip the EU into moving to close a deal

Taking on Google is the Madisonian way

If there is one thing the leaders of our revolution feared, it was the concentration of power

Brussels faces ‘delicate’ Google case

Most challenging part seen to be proving US group harmed consumers

Lagarde dashes Greek loan respite hopes

Varoufakis says Athens will not ‘extend and pretend’ on its debts

Polish candidate wants ties with Russia

Magdalena Ogórek of centre-left SLD doing poorly in polls

IMF knocks Greek debt rescheduling hopes

Country’s officials make informal approach to delay repayments

Words of wisdom

Those who learn from mistakes have the best advice for the future

European car sales continue to accelerate

Cheap oil and falling unemployment fuel near 11% rise

Referendum would spur complex negotiations

New EU treaty has almost hallowed status for eurosceptic Tory MPs

Google faces life under regulators’ gaze

Supervision could have profound impact on culture and processes

Protester disrupts ECB press conference

Woman jumps on podium and flings confetti over Draghi

EU set for crackdown after Google charges

Officials say case could be extended and Gazprom faces action

The shame of Europe over migrant boat people

The bloc needs to fund a proper rescue mission in the Mediterranean

Schäuble dashes Greek bailout deal hopes

German finance minister says ‘nobody expects solution’ at meeting next week

Brussels finally takes on Google in an open fight

Commission is right to bring antitrust charges to settle search case

EU commissioner maps out where law lies

Former Danish deputy prime minister blends a sharp intellect with a more folksy charm

Big pay award agreed for MEP assistants

Push by German EPP representatives for higher payments blocked

Protester disrupts ECB press conference

Woman jumps on podium and flings confetti over Draghi

EU accuses Google of market abuse

Search engine said to be promoting own shopping service