Battle over Brexit matters to the world

UK needs a voice in Europe and the bloc would benefit too

EU bloc faces plan to share gas in crises

Move to bolster energy security of nations dependent on Russia

Issue of €500 denomination is noteworthy

Shredding the high-value bill will stoke divisions within the eurozone

Aleppo’s agony will test EU resolve

Russia’s assault on the Syrian city is set to intensify the migrant crisis

Britain’s premature bet on future of EU

If the case for membership is the ability to influence laws that affect us, that case could shrivel

Global companies face EU tax crackdown

Plan calls for country-specific breakdown of profits and taxes

Palazzo Della Banca D'italia, Milan, Lombardia, Italy. (Photo by Marka/UIG via Getty Images)

Protesters turn up heat on Bank of Italy

Health of country’s financial institutions questioned

French banks urged to cut branch numbers

Lenders consider following lead of Société Générale

Merkel in ‘last-ditch’ refugee talks

Tens of thousands in fresh exodus after Russian bombings

Through the past, darkly

Today’s economic situation in Europe has parallels with the 1930s and Hitler’s speedy recovery

Call for EU to tackle China over steel

UK, Germany and others urge action in letter warning the industry faces ‘impending risk of collapse’

EU to put guards on Macedonia-Greece border

Troops could be deployed to stop migrants crossing the Balkans

Survey of FTSE finds Brexit complacency

Despite potential impact, few companies have contingencies for leaving EU

Top UK businesses unprepared for Brexit

FTSE blue-chips making few contingency plans

The flaw in the campaign for Brexit

Advocates of departure from the EU cannot agree what ‘Out’ means

Portuguese budget just avoids rejection

Lisbon offers €1.1bn in last-minute tax increases and spending cuts to appease EU reviewers

UK still has vital role to play in Europe

If Britain remains in EU it should return to a leadership role

Cameron wins Poland over to welfare curbs

PM sways critic with pledges of military support and treaty concessions

British MEP worries about bank bailouts

Syed Kamall warns securitisation ‘comes with health warnings’

Poll shows growing support for Brexit

PM heads for Europe as YouGov survey suggests 9-point lead for Out camp


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