Rajoy opposes EU talks with Scotland

Spanish PM dashes Scottish hopes of retaining membership in bloc

US urges EU to ease austerity after Brexit

Obama administration to encourage UK to ‘raise its game’ in Nato

France warned over 2017 deficit target

National auditor says 2016 numbers leave no room for spending

Renzi rebuffed on bank bail-in sidestep

Merkel and ECB dismiss Italy PM’s bid to exploit Brexit turmoil

Eurozone can weather storm, says ECB

Vice-president maintains upbeat stance in face of lower growth

EU leaders hope Brexit lessons spread

UK’s economic pain since Leave vote could deter Eurosceptics

EU headquarters

English is about to lose its crown in Europe

A business lingua franca can be undermined by political regulation, writes Nicholas Ostler

M&A hit by Brexit and Trump uncertainty

Advisers say companies have pressed ‘pause’ button on deals

EU leaders stand firm against concessions

Cameron’s migration claim rebuffed at first summit without UK

Thousands gather at Trafalgar Square, London, England, UK on Tuesday 28 June 2016 to protest the Brexit result from the EU Referendum.

Young people feel betrayed by Brexit

Notebook: Many millennials failed to turn out to vote in the referendum

Why EU’s clearing threat may never happen

Move looks like another French effort to pull business back to Paris

EU will speak English in its own way

Misused words compendium points to the role of native speakers

The long goodbye, Istanbul attack and the post-Brexit diet

EU summit continues today without UK at the table, after David Cameron bids emotional farewell in Brussels

Cameron’s European highs and lows

The outgoing UK prime minister’s key moments

British expats scramble to secure life in EU

Rush for European passports and citizenship begins

Where does Merkel stand on Brexit?

If Article 50 is triggered, the best outcome is to keep UK close

Brexit blues at Cameron’s last supper

Candour and criticism as EU leaders bid farewell to UK prime minister

Hollande vetoes City’s euro clearing role

French president moves to strip London of crucial trading stage

FirstFT: the long goodbye; Istanbul airport attack; VW deal

VW emissions scandal far from over

New US settlement does not resolve several ongoing investigations


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