EU asks Erdogan to agree to migrant plan

Sweeteners may be offered in return for agreement

Cameron must stop drift towards Brexit

Delay in making pro-EU case cedes ground to the ‘out’ campaign

Cameron focuses Tories on security

Party conference already overshadowed by splits over Europe

Volkswagen’s threat to the German model

Berlin’s over-reliance on cars is a silly strategy, much like Britain’s dependence on finance

Italy defends EU tariff use against China

Debate comes over whether to label China a ‘market economy’

Vladimir Putin and Silvio Berlusconi on holiday in Sardinia in 2003
©Livio Anticoli

Berlusconi and Putin: the odd couple

In exclusive interviews, the two share a worldview, with the ex-Italian premier endorsing the Kremlin’s actions in Syria and Ukraine

Spectre of Europe hangs over Tories again

Two court rulings set to heighten ‘Brexit’ tensions in party

Migrants reignite German foreign policy

The crisis is provoking an unfamiliar public discussion

Cameron faces brewing Tory storm on EU

Lawson says he expects prime minister to fail in renegotiation

EU ‘flawed concept’, says City fund manager

Morrissey feels perils of UK leaving bloc have been exaggerated

EU competition concerns on Rexam takeover

Asset sales likely for approving merger between drinks can makers

Regling plays down Greek debt expectations

Loan terms are the most concessionary ‘in world history’

Lawson to head Tory eurosceptic drive

Former chancellor steps up pressure on Cameron

Greek bank reviews Finansbank bids

Sale of Turkish unit offers lender way to meet eurozone demands

Do not blame Merkel for the refugees

Nationalist rhetoric cannot deliver national solutions

Brussels changes tone on finance rules

Lord Hill signals shift to growing capital markets and cutting red tape

Immelt warns against EU data curbs

GE chief executive predicts group will become a top-10 software provider

VW scandal exposes EU regulatory failures

National regulators did not inspect cars for defeat devices

Slovakia challenges EU on migrant quotas

Bratislava to go to European Court of Justice arguing proposals breach EU rules

US voices fears on tax probes by Brussels

Washington concerned it will end up bearing cost of extra bills

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