Greek banks prepare plan to raid deposits

‘Haircut’ of 30% considered on customers’ funds above €8,000

Brash and enigmatic Tsipras faces showdown

Whatever voters say, his survival skills will be sorely tested

Trust evaporates after bewildering week

Anger, recrimination and some conciliation take Athens to brink

Greek court rejects referendum appeal

Vote on bailout to proceed on Sunday after legal move fails

KOS ISLAND, GREECE - MAY 07: "THE BLACK ROUTE". The Greek Islands are the gateway to Europe for many refugees. Scenes around Kos town on May 7th, 2015 in Kos Island, Greece. A young Syrian boy plays among the tents at the back of the Captain Elias hotel. The disused hotel has been set up as a holding camp by the Kos authorities. (Photos by Charles Ommanney / The Washington Post via Getty Images)

Kos: Greek island where dramas collide

Migrant wave finds safety, shelter, even cash, amid financial crisis

A look at what comes next for Greece

Three possible scenarios that could play out after the referendum

Italy fears Greek political contagion

A No vote in the referendum could embolden anti-euro parties

Antonov said to have fled UK

Ex-Portsmouth owner wanted in Lithuania over Snoras bank affair

An alley in downtown Tunis: illegal mosques have proliferated amid a lack of infrastructure in neglected areas of Tunisia

Terrorism: Radical shift

Security services alarmed by Tunisia’s young killer and his progression to gun-wielding jihadi

‘France in the Hollande Presidency’

Mr Normal and the decline of the Fifth Republic

Greece’s accidental referendum on euro

Voters will show if they want to remain within single currency

EU cheese ruling grates with Italians

Row erupts over demand to scrap domestic law banning use of powdered milk in cheesemaking

Uber suspends its POP service in France

Decision by ride-hailing group follows Paris protests

Riksbank reveals a strengthening resolve

Tackling deflationary headwinds demands certain loss of restraint

Concern over conduct of Greek referendum

Court challenge to plebiscite amid acrimony over legality

Greece should vote for the rule of law

There remains a conviction that the future belongs to the EU’s model of shared sovereignty

ECB adds state companies to QE buying

Speculation central bank moving closer to outright purchases of corporate bonds

Greece needs €60bn in new aid, says IMF

Analysis points to deterioration in public finances under Syriza

ECJ judge faces potential censure

Italian embroiled in dispute over doubling of judiciary

Managing the unmanageable Grexit contagion

Market analysts discuss the prognosis of its sick patient

German carmakers raise fears over Brexit

Manufacturers worry about the loss of one of their biggest export markets if UK leaves the EU

Capital controls squeeze Greek economy

Price exacted by state measures becomes increasingly apparent

Eurozone market calm on Grexit risk

Investors should ask whether mood reflects accurate assessment of any ‘No’ vote contagion

Greek crisis a political gift for Rajoy

Spanish economic turnround contrasts with turbulence in Athens

Varoufakis to resign if Greeks vote Yes

Finance minister insists creditor talks will resume on Monday