Tech companies thrown by data ruling

Post-Snowden backlash hits Facebook and Google

ECB sets out communication guidelines

Advice on talking to private sector follows spat over speech

Companies fear cost of losing ‘safe harbour’

Privacy groups celebrate but others fear for digital Europe

The student who sunk EU data-sharing deal

Four year campaign was inspired by Austrian’s spell in Silicon Valley

Ukraine rebels agree to scrap elections

Hopes rise for lasting peace in war-torn industrial heartland

Turkey warns Russia of fallout over Syria

Erdogan remarks follow incursions into Turkish airspace

French workers’ guide to battling business

Air France workers broke new ground for staff protests this week

Tsipras vows to return Greece to growth

Debt relief a priority for new Syriza-led government

‘Safe harbour’: why it is on the ropes

ECJ scuppers deal that allows data transfer between US and EU

Spain defends economic record ahead of polls

Madrid might need extra measures to keep deficit below 3%

Russia’s reckless Middle East adventure

Putin thinks he has taken leadership of the winning coalition

The demagogues destroying Europe’s ideals

After Soviet tanks crushed the Hungarian uprising no one caged us behind wire, writes Kati Marton

EU targets sweetheart tax deals

Move to increase transparency and curb aggressive levy competition in EU in wake of Luxleaks scandal

Fall in industrial orders hits Germany

Sharpest decline in work from outside eurozone amid EM slowdown

Back to school in Paris — no gold stars

After London, a child can find a French education rather harsh

EU issues difficult verdicts for Cameron

Rulings come down against prisoner voting bans and bulk data collection

TPP deal lifts hopes for US-EU trade pact

Negotiators set to accelerate TTIP talks after Pacific Rim success

Cameron urged to speed up EU referendum

Business says delay leaves ‘in’ campaign open to political attack

Nato censures Russia’s Turkey air breach

Ankara’s allies alarmed by rise in tensions with Moscow

Spain faces Brussels rebuke over budget

Commission to warn over deficit targets and call for more cuts

Sweden immigration: Don’t look back

Officials admit many refugees from Syria and Iraq struggle to fit in

Banks rail against tougher ECB rules

Extra capital charges seen as excessive and likely to choke off lending to businesses

What bankers can teach economists

Myopia contrasts with convincing action to repair financial sector, writes Ludger Schuknecht

Madrid moves to dump S&P and Fitch

Spanish city faces possibility of having no official credit rating next year

Takeaways from the Portuguese election

Centre-right coalition led by Passos Coelho faces minority rule

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