Face of Irish crisis cleared of loan fraud

Jury finds banker not guilty on all 10 counts of making illegal loans

EU sanctions push on Russia falters

Companies warn that Kremlin retaliation could cost them dear

‘Little green men’ mask their identity

Are they Russian soldiers, or at least Russian-directed?

Hopes low for Ukraine as peace talks held

Protagonists set to meet in Geneva to seek diplomatic solution

Time is not on Renzi’s side for reforms

International investors give Italy three months to back up revamps

Russia threatens US with WTO action

Sanctions over Ukraine crisis rile Moscow

France set to freeze welfare payments

Part of plan to cut public spending by €50bn

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Pro-Russia militia intensify defiance

Nato strengthens presence on eastern border

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Pro-Russia forces on the move

Anti-Kiev militia refuse to back down

Spain welcomes return of tourist euros

Strong Easter bookings help boost jobs and wider economy

Taxi cartels will be ‘apped’ to death

E-hailing a car is the coming thing and cannot be stopped

Portuguese yields drop on ECB QE hopes

Juncker backs loosening of telecoms rules

Candidate for EC president urges opening of door for mergers

US riled by suggestions of cold war

Obama may be going too far in rejecting lessons from the past

Pressure on ECB as inflation falls

Kiev sends troops to dislodge separatists

Provincial airport ‘retaken’ in face of Russian concern

Farage brushes off EU expenses claims

Claims Ukip leader faces probe into how funds are spent

€10,000 fines threat for Uber taxis in Brussels

Court bars taxi-hailing service in latest blow to app

Hague warns of ‘creeping oligarchisation’

UK foreign secretary aims to stiffen EU resolve on Russia

Renzi overhaul signals Italian business shake-up

Companies had to improve governance to attract foreign capital