Putin calls for sanctions against Turkey

Decree comes just after Erdogan voices regret over plane incident

Leading Kurdish lawyer shot dead

Tahir Elci shot in the head as police and gunmen exchanged fire

Europeans should party like it is 1788

Quantitative easing is leading to the insolvency of insurers and pension plans, says John Dizard

Dollar and euro diverge from Draghi effect

Transatlantic economic split may be approaching its limit

Zabaikalsky region, russia, may 6, 2008, at the section of the federal highway a-166 chita-zabaykalsk near the bridge across the ingoda river. (Photo by: Sovfoto/UIG via Getty Images)

Truckers vent their anger at Putin ally

Demonstration against road tolls is rare in a society apathetic about corruption

French put energy into climate summit

World leaders urged not to repeat lack of decision in Copenhagen

Corbyn battles to hold Labour together

National security and Isis expose deep rifts in the opposition

France signals softer stance on Assad

Foreign minister sees Syrian regime joining forces against Isis

Cameron abandons hope of quick EU deal

PM accepts December summit to focus on terrorism and refugees

Brexit would leave City begging, says Hill

Beware ‘misleading’ arguments, warns EU financial services chief

Hollande praises youth at attacks memorial

Amid heavy security president reiterates need to destroy Isis

Paris talks aim to avoid carbon disaster

Time is running out to agree a deal to curb the risks of rising global temperatures

French unemployment reaches record level

Extra 42,000 join ranks of unemployed in October, bringing total to 3.59m

Tensions over migration: Barbed rhetoric

Nationalism in central and eastern Europe is threatening EU unity

Four scenarios threatening Schengen zone

Migrant crisis and Paris attacks prompt nations to bring back border controls

Sarkozy swipes at multiculturalism

Ex-president veers to right with plan to bring back ‘eternal France’

Refugee flow threatens EU, says Dutch PM

Europe must control borders or face Roman empire fate, says Rutte

Brussels lowers terror alert level

Risk drops from ‘serious and imminent’ to ‘possible and likely’

Irish must beware return to boom and bust

Country’s high growth rate means its latest tax cuts are unwise

Putin and Erdogan test each other’s resolve

Both presidents are popular nationalist leaders who thrive on international confrontations

Russia hits Turkey with range of sanctions

Retaliation follows downing of military jet on Syrian border

Survey gloomy on refugee jobs in Germany

Employers say chances of hiring migrants are low

Cameron’s Dutch ally warns on Brexit talks

Rutte says insistence on guarantees could scupper EU deal

French atomic power industry under fire

Promise to reduce nuclear output creates headache for Hollande

Ireland warned over spending boost

Regulator says Dublin risks repeating financial crisis mistakes