Co-pilot suffered suicidal tendencies

Lubitz had psychotherapy several years ago, say prosecutors

Irish celebrate end to EU milk quotas

Nation’s aim is to emulate New Zealand’s dairy success

Ethical Sweden runs into Saudi sands

Margot Wallström discovers the drawbacks of having too frank a tongue

Local elections deal blow to Hollande

France’s centre-right UMP party and allies make large gains

Bumpy start for Labour business launch

Executives complain about being dragged into political domain

A continent enfeebled by economic crisis

The EU’s 2003 document was a classic ‘soft power’ statement, writes Tony Barber

Miliband woos bosses with EU exit alert

Tories ‘playing fast and loose’ on membership, says Labour leader

Miliband keen to soothe business bruises

Labour to portray departure as key threat to investment and jobs

Alarm over record migration challenged

Number of lower-skilled EU arrivals has declined, study shows

Migration alarm clouds brighter picture

Jobs are key draw for smaller number of better-qualified workers

Greece battles to unlock bailout cash

Labour and pension reforms missing from Athens’ proposals

Eurozone’s real problems are hidden

The most important adjustment that needs to take place is a convergence of prices and labour costs

Eurozone deflation set to have continued

Possibly a result of improved confidence due to the launch of the ECB’s QE programme

EU’s southern flank is exposed, Italy warns

Libyan civil war at top of agenda for Paolo Gentiloni

Greek exit fears climb eurozone agenda

Quantitative easing ‘artificially’ masks pain, says economist

French business still awaiting recovery

Economists say country is emerging from years of stagnation

Italy court clears Knox and Sollecito

Verdict ends eight-year ordeal over death of British student

Germanwings co-pilot concealed illness

UN warned three years ago about mental health screening

Insurers face €300m payout for air crash

Compensation claims unlikely to be challenged, say lawyers

Fears raised over pilot test reliability

Potential weaknesses highlighted in airlines’ fitness checks

What business wants from the UK election

FTSE 100 chiefs give views on parties and policies

Lubitz: mystery at centre of Alps tragedy

Prosecutors believe co-pilot kept illness a secret

Ireland embraces Polish immigrants

Swelling community starts to make its presence felt

Greek morals and German maths

When an economy is at risk, facts and figures are hard to sell

Amsterdam halts flights after power cut

All flights into Europe’s fourth largest airport being diverted