Turkey issues arrest warrant for Gulen

US-based retired cleric accused of leading illegal organisation

Rouble crisis hits former Soviet states

Belarus imposes 30% levy and also doubles interest rates to 50%

Khodorkovsky’s ‘crisis manager’ offer

Former oligarch seeks real democracy for Russia

How the Pope helped melt US-Cuba freeze

Diplomatic triumph was achieved through a series of canny moves

EU leaders hold firm on Russia sanctions

Summit communiqué signals steady pressure over aggression in Ukraine

Luxembourg old town, shot from the hill

Luxembourg drops secret tax list fight

EU Commission widens probe and asks all member states to reveal deals

Putin blames west for Russia’s woes

President predicts rebound to take two years

Denmark’s grab for North Pole fans geopolitical rivalry

Russia and Canada expected to file competing claims soon

Rouble turmoil ripples across economy

Western manufacturers suspend sales to Russia

Downing St ‘disappointed’ at residence ruling

EU court rules permits issued by member states must be honoured

Italy’s president to step down midterm

Giorgio Napolitano praised for steadying hand over fractious politics

Swiss central bank uses negative rates

Action comes after upward pressure on franc

Wilders charged over remarks on Moroccans

Politician accused of discrimination and encouraging hatred

Foreign banks retreat from Russia

Syndicated loan volumes this year collapsed to 14% of 2013 total

Forces reshaping world in two words

Splintering of old order is most stark in the Middle East

Cameron backs ‘broad’ transatlantic deal

Sistema shares soar on Putin comments

Russian president says he hopes conglomerate recovers

ECB to publish account of meetings

Central bank will not reveal how individual members voted

Obesity can be disability, EU court rules

Ruling may change how employers in Europe treat overweight staff

Putin’s limited options to halt the crisis

Any recovery in Russia’s economy requires a lifting of sanctions

Swiss central bank moves to negative deposit rate

EU caps debit and credit card fees

Draft law seeks to end protracted battle with payment groups

EU toughens up research fee rules

Move to tackle conflicts of interest and a lack of transparency

PM in push to spur on US-EU trade talks

Cameron aims to put ‘rocket boosters’ under TTIP negotiations

Fifa World Cup investigator Garcia quits

Ethics head questions whether football body capable of change

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