Sweden’s sub hunt raises Baltic tensions

Search for presumed Russian vessel evokes cold war era

The new wembley stadium this afternoon, the day before the cup final.

Too many international wet Wednesdays

The expansion of some fixtures is starting to discredit the beautiful game

Polish coal sector faces calls for reform

State-owned sector under pressure from losses and EU carbon rules

Poland sets out plan to split coal assets

Proposal to shut lossmaking pits in industry that employs 100,000

Eastern Europe attacks EU emissions plan

More nations join Poland in opposing greenhouse target

Tory plans risk EU exit, warns Clegg

Lib Dem leader accuses Conservatives of panicking on immigration

ECB starts buying covered bonds

Central bank’s purchases are latest attempt to rescue eurozone from stagnation

Britain ‘irrelevant’ without EU, says Barroso

Outgoing European president fires parting shot at Cameron

Ireland: one island, two economies

As republic leaves austerity behind, Belfast’s crisis becomes acute

Weak currency fails to benefit eurozone

Depreciation will only fuel inflation slowly, analysts warn

Russia widens crackdown on McDonald’s

Moscow launches 200 probes of fast-food chain

Barroso says migrant cap against EU law

Free movement regarded as key to internal market

Eurozone stagnation is a greater threat than debt

Monetary policy can boost markets in the shortrun, but this cannot be sustained indefinitely

Hollande’s tortuous road to reform

France’s president has accelerated change, but too slowly to avoid a clash with Brussels over deficit

Vatican synod fails to agree on gays

Backlash from conservative Catholic wing highlights challenge facing Francis

Turkish prosecutor drops corruption probe

Case puts president’s inner circle under the spotlight

Kremlin acts to silence human rights group

Moscow’s effort to silence human rights group spurs activist outcry

UK ‘lighting fire under EU’, says minister

Hammond says ‘putative superstate’ enjoys only fragile consent

Moscow and Kiev talks end in an impasse

Moody’s downgrades Russia over continuing situation in Ukraine

Clashes endanger Turkey-PKK peace process

Violence surges as Kurds attack wrong Islamist militants