US says Russia fired artillery at Ukraine

State department cites ‘new evidence’ linking Moscow to conflict

Berlin to boost counter-intelligence against US

Reaction to revelations of extensive American surveillance

Bulgaria set for October general election

Oresharski steps down after a turbulent 14 months

Orthodox oligarch linked to Russia and rebels

Kiev claims billionaire is ‘sponsor of terrorists’

Court rules Poland allowed torture

Two prisoners win case over US renditions

Greece cuts state wage bill as talks loom

General government wage bill fell below €16bn last year

Ukraine’s prime minister quits

Yatseniuk resignation will lead to early elections

China to put €2bn into Italian power grid

Deal reflects shift in attitude towards such investments

Hollande’s mood frays over economy

Lack of growth and job creation is a worry

ECB hacked in attempt to extort cash

No market sensitive information was stolen

Spain’s labour market turns the corner

Madrid sees biggest unemployment fall since 2006

Norway faces ‘concrete’ terrorist threat

Intelligence suggests link to fighters returning from Syria

Ukraine separatist says rebels held Buk missiles

Russian defence ministry denies Kiev claims it shot down fighter jets

EU to weigh extensive sanctions on Russia

Proposal includes ban on buying new debt or stock of Russian banks

Dinosaurs had feathers, say scientists

Plumage not for flight but may have been for warmth

Service industry gives eurozone a boost

Periphery PMI grows at fastest pace for seven years

Europe needs a lesson in deterrence

Europeans have been slow to recognise the world as it is

High 2014 air crash toll raises questions

Spaniards still waiting to feel recovery in their pockets

Falling wages have helped exporters but not workers

Ukraine gas deadlock poses threat to EU

Supply threatened as stalemate over price continues