Italy arrests migrant smuggling suspects

Tunisian captain and Syrian crewman held in Sicily, say officials

Alexis Tsipras and, below, three of the hardliners in his government. From left: Nikos Voutsis, Aristides Baltas and Panayotis Lafazanis
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Faces behind Greece’s radical government

Syriza’s hard-left include powerful and controversial figures

Entrepreneur takes helm in Finland

Juha Sipilä vows to deploy business know-how as prime minister

Cameron pledges to do more on human trafficking

Government has opposed search and rescue in Mediterranean

Finland changes guard, not direction

The nation’s people simply want a government that gets things done

EU set to unveil charges against Gazprom

Energy company accused of abusing dominant position

Leader of the Irish Parliamentary Party John Redmond (1856 - 1918, left) with Irish nationalist politician John Dillon (1851 - 1927), circa 1910. (Photo by Hulton Archive/Getty Images)
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Rise of SNP echoes Irish nationalism

1910 election gave party the balance of power at Westminster

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Reality of Europe’s migrant crisis

An EU agreement on burden-sharing of refugees is not certain since the numbers are not known

EU urged to act on migrant deaths

Foreign ministers meet as strain grows on Italian rescue services

Q&A: Tragedy in the Mediterranean

What can be done to stop the mounting death toll among migrants?

Coalition talks start in Finland

Self-made millionaire set to be next prime minister

Centre takes most seats in Finland poll

Populists’ second place could herald hard line on Greek talks

Greece told to bring reforms to ‘fruition’

Lagarde warns Syriza honeymoon period with creditors is closing

Brussels plans to shake up telecoms market

Reforms will fuel accusations the EU favours European operators

France criticises Putin on Iranian stance

Foreign minister says weapons move strengthens opposition to deal

Greek default necessary but Grexit is not

Defaulting on the IMF and ECB is the only route to short-term relief

German wage rises lift recovery hopes

A string of pay deals could boost spending but some fear it will inhibit competitiveness

How to deal with a child like Greece

Europeans cannot agree on how to treat the Greeks

Draghi: Eurozone has tools to deal with Greece

IMF meeting overshadowed by renewed fears about the risk of debt default

Lew urges Greece to speed up reforms

US Treasury chief warns of global effect from full-blown crisis

Greece: Decision time

With creditors playing hardball and the leftwing of the ruling Syriza party determined not to compromise, Athens needs fresh help

Diplomatic test for Vatican on gay rights

Reputation of Pope Francis will be harmed if envoy is blocked

Security tightened after Kiev shootings

Ukraine accuses Russia of spreading ‘terror and hysteria’ after series of recent killings

Russia data blunt Putin optimism

Rouble and GDP fall despite president’s TV reassurances

Detention marks new low for ex-IMF chief

Rodrigo Rato’s latest scandal comes as local election looms