Portugal’s ex-PM faces further questioning

José Sócrates caught up in tax fraud investigation

Shadow trading signals financial crisis in Ukraine

Calls for international bailout to avert economic meltdown

Europe-US trade talks delay upsets Italy

Envoy voices wider alarm over stalling of deal

Portugal’s ex PM Sócrates detained

Former leader is a suspect in tax fraud, money laundering probe

Banks press Brussels to drop reform plans

British and French lenders warn of damage to capital markets

Radical left is right about Europe’s debt

It is logically inconsistent for the eurozone to enter secular stagnation and not restructure

Lobbyist’s take on renewables causes it to lose friends

The Magritte Group’s hostility to green power subsidies has not proved popular

Call to close short selling loophole

European lawmakers urge rethink on hedge fund anonymous bets

Google break-up plan emerges from EU

MEPs suggest splitting off search to curb dominance

Biden balks at heavy weapons for Ukraine

Russian build-up in the east intensifies US calls for arms to Kiev

Dovish Draghi boosts hopes of ECB stimulus

Central bank president says bond-buying will provide respite

Slow pressure best way to change Fifa

A western boycott of World Cup would fail experts believe

Ukip given low marks by Cambridge students

Union debate rejects motion that the populist party has exerted a positive influence on British politics

Smiles and jokes mask danger in UK politics

Behind the grins of Nigel Farage and Boris Johnson lies a Berlusconi-style bluster

Surging Podemos rushes to get to the top

Spanish movement with cheerfully anarchic roots confident of political future

Olympics chief urges transparency

IOC president’s comments follow claims of secrecy at Fifa

Osborne drops challenge to bank bonus cap

ECJ advocate general rejects UK objection to curbs

Italy challenges Brussels on accounting

Economy minister calls for revamp of measure of fiscal soundness

Merkel ally doubts Hollande’s reforms

Oettinger says French budget does not deliver enough cuts

Nato holds largest cyber war games

Scenario addresses threats – such as Ukraine – confronting the alliance

India’s Modi joins great power game

PM has been surprisingly assertive on the international stage

Eurozone recovery slows to 16-month low

Purchasing managers’ index suggests activity will remain weak and puts focus on region’s core

Cracks appear in Nordic economic model

Region under pressure to sustain welfare and be competitive

Eurozone stagnation demands real solutions

Juncker’s EU investment plan is noble – but much more will be needed

Bankers lie for financial gain, says study

Experiments show ‘prevailing culture in the industry undermines honesty’