Two Pakistan airline strikers feared dead

Workers clash with police in dispute over privatisation plans

Terror: The globalisation of extremism

A surge in Isis-claimed attacks suggests the ideology is extending its influence to Asia

Taliban attack on Pakistan university quelled

Security forces retake campus where at least 20 people were killed


Okra, Karachi

Smooth over security concerns at this upmarket restaurant

Isis must be challenged by a united front

An international consensus should include Saudi Arabia and Iran

Pakistan cracks down on Islamic militants

Detentions mark rare conciliatory gesture towards New Delhi

Bomber kills 14 at Pakistan polio clinic

Attack a fresh setback for troubled campaign to eradicate virus

Pakistan-China military ties irk west

Armaments key to Islamabad’s growing entente with Beijing

Islamist attack on Indian base kills 12

Assault on air force base seen as attempt to scupper peace talks

Gen Sharif’s power grows

Support for Pakistan crackdown is mixed with worries about democracy

Pakistan launches crackdown on Isis

Arrests part of effort to counter extremism in south Asia

Pakistanis debate ‘Saudi-isation’

Spotlight on hardline Islamic education leading to radicalisation

Taliban bomber attacks Nato troops in Kabul

Militant resurgence threatens fragile Ghani administration

Swat valley looks beyond Islamist threat

Residents of Pakistani region move on from Taliban extremism

China’s most powerful weapon is trade

Commercial tussles may be more significant than military ones

Earthquake hits Afghanistan and Pakistan

More than 200 feared dead, including 12 schoolgirls trampled in panic

Obama’s painful Afghan journey

President’s policies will be seen as confused but well-meant

MSF denies Taliban was at Kunduz hospital

Medical aid group disputes Afghan officials’ claims over bombing

China aided Pakistan drone, say experts

Armed aircraft owes ‘at least a heavy debt’ to Chinese systems

Pakistan said to be building 20 warheads a year

Nation could be No. 3 nuclear power in a decade, says report