Problems pile up for Pakistan PM Sharif

Pressure mounts amid Panama Papers backlash and Punjab woes

Mere platitudes cannot protect minorities

In many areas, Christians find themselves under attack, writes Justin Welby

The plight of Pakistan’s religious minorities

Western governments should speak up for the country’s Christians

Hundreds detained after Lahore bombing

Sharif cracks down on suspected Islamist militants in Punjab

Sharif under pressure after park bomb

Critics say PM’s enthusiasm for big projects distracts him

Bomb carnage in Pakistan children’s park

Lahore death toll rises to 70 people, with 200 injured

Lahore park bombing

At least 70 killed in bombing at children’s park

Sharif visits Saudi Arabia

Pakistan’s PM and army chief visit Saudi for military event

China arms exports continue to surge

Shipments nearly double in 5 years, mostly to India’s neighbours

Pakistan militants align with Isis

Homegrown attacks seen as effort to join world’s biggest terror brand

Booklovers seek peace in chaotic Karachi

Literature festival blooms in Pakistani city better known for violence

Two Pakistan airline strikers feared dead

Workers clash with police in dispute over privatisation plans

Terror: The globalisation of extremism

Surge in Isis-claimed attacks suggests the ideology is spreading

Taliban attack on Pakistan university quelled

Security forces retake campus in northern city of Charsadda

Okra, Karachi

Smooth over security concerns at this upmarket restaurant

Isis must be challenged by a united front

An international consensus should include Saudi Arabia and Iran

Pakistan cracks down on Islamic militants

Detentions mark rare conciliatory gesture towards New Delhi after air base attack

Bomber kills 14 at Pakistan polio clinic

Attack a fresh setback for troubled campaign to eradicate virus

Pakistan-China military ties irk west

Armaments key to Islamabad’s growing entente with Beijing

Islamist attack on Indian base kills 12

Assault on air force base seen as attempt to scupper peace talks