Pakistan army chief summons Khan, Qadri

Crisis efforts underline renewed military influence

Pakistan PM rejects resignation call

Sharif’s defiance increases likelihood of military intervention

Khan’s party quits Pakistan’s parliament

Persistent demonstrations raise fears of military intervention

Deranged killers who pose as terrorists

The disturbed and the deluded swell the ranks of the black-clad army, writes Gautam Malkani

Protesters enter Islamabad’s ‘red zone’

Khan and Qadri reach Pakistan capital in search of PM’s resignation

Pakistan protests raise coup fears

Turmoil turns spotlight on to role of the army

Imran Khan convoy attack amid Pakistan unrest

Supporters of PM Sharif target procession led by former cricketer

Pakistan moves to avert mass protests

Police seal off Islamabad to prevent anti-Sharif marches

Nawaz Sharif under pressure in Pakistan

Handing control of Islamabad to the army raises questions

Pakistan Shia targeted by Sunni militants

Human Rights Watch criticises government’s failure to end attacks

Karachi: Under siege

Pakistan’s commercial capital is beset by kidnappings and drug smuggling

Airliner hit by gunfire landing in Pakistan

Pakistan attacks Sunni extremists

Sharif administration faces ‘grim situation’ as thousands flee

Pakistan’s Shia fear rise of Sunni attacks

Threat of Sunni extremism heightens anxiety for Shia

Pakistan launches new Taliban offensive

Campaign follows failed peace initiative

Pakistani air strikes kill militants

Military bombs suspected Taliban hide-outs near Afghan border

Pakistan military attack militants

Airstrikes kill ‘up to 100’ say intelligence officials

Attacks highlight power of Pakistan’s army

Karachi violence revives questions on civilian-military relations

Karachi airport security academy attacked

Flights suspended amid second siege in two days

Unleash Pakistan military on militants

A ground offensive by the army is desperately needed