Stand against the armies of ignorance

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Ideas need to be mobilised if the learning years are safeguarded, writes Simon Schama

Pakistan and Iran reach gas agreement

Islamabad convinces Tehran not to enforce ‘take or pay’ obligation

Pakistan PM calls for new anti-terror force

Sharif proposes bigger army role following Peshawar attack

Pakistan court halts militants’ executions

Lawyer says client was not provided details on death sentence

Pakistan mourns victims as militants hang

Sharif seeks to show he is getting tough on terror

Massacre shows Taliban cannot be tamed

Pakistan’s foreign and security policies are not the result of democratic process, says Shashank Joshi

Attack highlights Pakistan’s vulnerability

Taliban siege of school shows growing risk to soft targets

The motives behind Taliban attack

The tragedy in Pakistan is there is no common narrative in the leadership about how to combat extremism

Pakistan’s school horror

The deaths of so many children may reawaken the silent majority in favour of education and tolerance

Scores killed in Pakistan school siege

Taliban attack leaves at least 141 people, mostly children, dead

India’s Modi joins great power game

PM has been surprisingly assertive on the international stage

Can China bring peace to south Asia?

Region looks to see if Beijing will take up the slack as west withdraws from Afghanistan, says Ahmed Rashid

Pakistan delays $800m OGDCL stake sale

Blow to ambitious privatisation drive at centre of efforts to revive economy

Bomb kills 57 at Pakistan-India border

Blast is most severe terror attack for more than a year

Isis spectre looms over Pakistan

Anxiety grows over Islamists expanding their reach

Pakistani Taliban leaders turn to Isis

Announcement suggests rivalry between Islamist factions

Malala and Satyarthi win Nobel Prize

Pakistani schoolgirl and Indian children’s activist share award

India warns Pakistan over Kashmir clashes

Heaviest fighting since 2003 has seen 17 civilians killed

Pakistan seeks $2bn from privatisations

Return to global markets marks end of crisis, says Islamabad

Population, not politics, threatens Pakistan

Explosion in number of inhabitants could have dire consequences