Slowdown puts 1bn middle class at risk

The Fragile Middle

FT analysis questions durability of march out of poverty in emerging markets

Pakistan market attack leaves 23 dead

Bomb blast threatens on-off peace talks with Taliban

Pakistan’s Musharraf charged with treason

Defence seeks deal to allow former ruler to go to UAE

Sharif urged to tackle Taliban

Pakistan should open second front, say analysts

Saudi Arabia grants aid to Pakistan

Riyadh $1.5bn package boosts Islamabad’s foreign reserves

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Islamabad’s move to back the rebels will have serious consequences, writes Ahmed Rashid

Pakistan attack casts doubt on ceasefire

Taliban denies responsibility for courtroom massacre

Pakistan cancels peace talks with Taliban

Militants claim to have executed 23 captive soldiers

Pakistan attacks cast doubt on Taliban talks

Eleven killed in third incident in three days

Pakistan peace talks with Taliban delayed

Move 9 months after PM vow to end ‘terrorism problem’

Sharif’s failed chance to get serious with the Taliban

Polio medical workers killed in Karachi

Convoy attack kills 20 Pakistani soldiers

Explosion hits lawless region on Afghan border

Musharraf may seek medical help abroad

Former Pakistan leader was due to face treason trial

China lends $6.5bn for Pakistan power

Largest Chinese financing deal for single project in the country

Musharraf fails to appear in court

Concerns trial of former military ruler could destabilise Pakistan

American held by al Qaeda urges Obama for help

Warren Weinstein pleads for his release

Low-profile general to lead Pakistan army

Gen Raheel Sharif appointed to remain a ‘military man’

US faces fresh roadblock to Afghan exit

Imran Khan-led protest to target main Afghan supply route

Pakistan uproar over Taliban drone death

Fallout from attack could complicate US’s Afghanistan withdrawal