Japan’s falling exports defy yen decline

Shipments still sluggish amid insufficient demand

Japan’s Asahi newspaper sacks editor

Nationalist voices criticising centre-left paper have grown louder since Abe’s premiership

Chinese majority expect war with Japan

Poll finds 93% of Japanese have unfavourable view of neighbour

Japan is creating jobs but not prosperity

Casualisation of the workforce is stifling the reflationary experiment

Japan GDP fall revised down to 7.1%

Revision raises further doubts over viability of second sales tax rise

Japan aluminium scrap hits 6-year high

Weak yen and wider use of the metal in cars drives up prices

BoJ strikes bearish note

Japan’s central bank says demand dip caused by tax rise is not threatening recovery

Abe preserves conservatism in reshuffle

More women in Japan cabinet but traditionalists remain dominant

Japan prepares to tackle debt burden

Budget could be last blowout before fiscal discipline imposed

Modi chides China as he embraces Japan

Summit with Abe seen as part of effort to counterbalance Chinese influence in Asia

Japan capex data underscore GDP slide

Decline is concentrated in manufacturing sector

India and Japan send signal with bear hug

Modi-Abe friendship could reshape Asian geopolitics

Japanese economy flounders after VAT rise

Data suggest Abenomics is not working

Abe must keep project on track

Japan’s economic recovery hangs in the balance

Japan’s TSE acts on apparent media leaks

Age no longer key as Abe plans reshuffle

Japan PM faces challenge to keep old-timers satisfied

Japan trade deficit falls as exports rise

July shortfall of Y964bn slightly larger than expected

An indifferent time for Japan

Investors seem bored of inaction at the BoJ

Asahi U-turn reignites Japan war debate

Rightwing gloat after newspaper’s retraction over ‘comfort women’

Abe avoids visit to Yasukuni shrine

Japan’s PM stays away as he seeks a meeting with China’s Xi Jinping