Japanese youth turns its back on fish


Fisheries ministry gets creative in attempt to boost demand

Japan experts defend ‘go for growth’ plan

Hopes rise escaping deflation will deliver a jolt to growth

IMF urges Japan to expand monetary easing

Fund’s intervention comes as BoJ keeps policy on hold

Japan struggles for growth momentum

GDP recovery continues but pace will disappoint Abe and BoJ

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The wary retreat of the bond bulls

Long fall and recent collapses in nominal and real yields on safe securities should be at an end

Japan sees recovery in graduate jobs

Rebound suggests Abenomics is giving companies confidence to hire

Key questions in big week for Japan data

First-quarter growth figures to be followed by BoJ policy meeting

Osaka rejects plan to become metropolis

City has declined as Tokyo has grown in dominance

Osaka set to vote on metropolis status

City seeks to compete with Tokyo

Weaker yen rekindles equity fund inflows

BoJ points to positive impact of currency fall on companies

Sharp: die another day

Japanese technology group redefines the worst once again

Senate compromise gives ‘fair’ trade deal

Timetable for ‘fast-track’ TPP authority slips but glimmer of hope remains

Japan army shift poses risks to Abenomics

Unpopular move from pacifism could squander political capital

Abenomics only a risk if allowed to fail

Japan’s prime minister and central bank governor must pull together

Japan’s tax plan to bet on better growth

Relying on high forecasts would limit tax increases or spending cuts but has risks if growth falls short

Abe rebuked over ‘comfort women’ stance

Global academics call on PM to address ‘wartime aggression’

Unforeseen effects of Chinese medicine

China’s new diplomacy is starting to look like soft power

Tokyo has potential to grab centre stage

AGM season could spark flurry of dealmaking and rising returns

Republicans push Obama on TPP vote

Trans-Pacific Partnership would be biggest world trade deal in two decades

Japan edges back from brink of deflation

Core inflation rises above zero as unemployment falls