Japanese cabinet approves Y3.5tn stimulus

Spending targets regions and households left behind by recovery

US, S Korea and Japan in intelligence pact

Trilateral deal to share information on North Korean threat

Japan inflation slips to 14-month low

Fall in CPI threatens exit from ‘deflationary mindset’

Abe sworn in on renewed economic mandate

Japan PM to name new cabinet following easy election victory

Kuroda hails progress in deflation battle

Japan central bank maintains easing but says it will change tack if needed

Retail investors snub ‘Abenomics’ savings

Take-up of ‘Nisas’ slow but further incentives planned

Abe’s limited opportunity to fix Japan

The prime minister must not waste a valuable electoral mandate

Growth Abe’s priority under new mandate

Economic improvement needed before Japan’s PM can focus on defence

Japan corporate gloom worsens

Tankan survey shows companies expect deterioration in conditions

Abe wins mandate for business as usual

Japanese voters fear PM may not focus on economic reforms

Abe strengthens grip in Japanese election

Boost for policies aimed at reinvigorating economy

Prepare for the coming Japanese boom

Country sees substantial strengthening of solvency

Abenomics hinges on a tricky balance

To some, the goal is to dig Japan out of deflation, to others structural reforms are key

Resigned Japanese voters set to back Abe

Enthusiasm for ‘Abenomics’ is hard to find but many voters see no alternative to the LDP

Weak yen divisive for Abe ahead of poll

Japanese PM hails boon to exporters but wider impact unclear

Japan opposition party faces rout

Polls suggest voters in no mood to give DPJ another chance

Japan’s voters see no alternative to Abe

The PM’s gamble of calling a snap election looks set to pay off

Yen’s rebound enters second day

Won also gains as Japanese unit’s ascent eases pressure on Seoul

Japan recession worse than feared

GDP slide revised from 1.6% to 1.9% as business spending falls

Titans slim down and fight back

Some companies are finally trying to improve shareholder returns