Japan inflation dips lower

Better news as job market tightens and price of ketchup rises

Japan plays ketchup on inflation

Japanese inflation may be weak but there is comfort in ketchup

China slowdown threatens Abenomics

Spillover effects will hurt Japan’s exports and war on deflation

Japan protests over Russia PM island trip

Posturing on disputed Kurils threatens improved Moscow-Tokyo ties

Japan’s beer drinkers’ taxing taste test

Economic and social developments are changing Japanese drinking culture

Japan: A pacifist’s plan to arm the world

PM hopes defence exports will boost the country’s industrial base and counter China’s rise

Japan economy contracts in second quarter

Blow to Abe as GDP shrinks at annualised rate of 1.6%

Japan's economy shrinks after better start to year

GDP falls annualised 1.6% in second quarter

Asia should focus more on the future

Seventy years after the war, it is time to draw a line under history

Akihito expresses remorse for wartime actions

Japanese Emperor marks 70th anniversary of defeat

Abe shifts context of Japan’s war apology

Prime minister says country does not intend to say sorry for ever

Japanese plot nearly prevented end of war

Rebel officers tried to seize surrender recording 70 years ago

Abe to reflect former apologies over war

Prime minister to avoid inflaming debates on wartime history

History lessons feed rival Asia nationalisms

Amid signs of rising regional tension, China, Japan and South Korea are haunted by a bitter shared past

Sendai nuclear plant restarts amid outcry

Pivotal move for Japan’s stricken industry but critics call it a ‘huge mistake’

China’s delusions of regional hegemony

Asian states want to squash Beijing’s leadership ambitions

Japan poised for nuclear restart

Two-year hiatus has heightened reliance on imported energy and sent electricity prices soaring

Japanese men embrace inner cheapskate

Shifting gender balance as new Y100 stores target male shoppers

Japan’s pacifist stance under threat

Abe’s recasting of country’s military posture draws critics

We will be lucky not to see another Hiroshima

Potential for the use of nuclear arms has increased and is likely to rise further