Japan jobless rate falls to 20-year low

But inflation slips, adding to uneasy pattern of sluggish demand

China’s most powerful weapon is trade

Commercial tussles are less dramatic than scraps in the South China Sea but may be more important

Japan’s Abe calls for minimum wage rises

PM targets annual 3% increase in bid to boost consumer spending

Japan watchdog raids Murakami’s home

Securities regulator probes activist shareholder

Blast at Japan’s Yasukuni war shrine

No injuries as explosive goes off during harvest festival

Japan and China woo Asean projects

Japan pledges to halve time taken to approve loans

A couple walk past a Love Hotel in Tokyo's Shibuya district Monday 28 February 2005

Japan dumps ‘love hotels’ for hostels

Foreign tourism surge lights new fire

Abe bolstered by Japan opposition disunity

Senior DPJ members call for party’s dissolution

BoJ holds course despite recession

Central bank keeps faith in Japan recovery

Instability in China and low commodities prices have hit emerging markets; could these in turn weaken the US and developed world?
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Debt burdens weigh on the emerging markets

Policymakers must be prepared to face up to a substantial threat

Female entrepreneurs get support in Japan

Despite Shinzo Abe’s push for women to be employed, few start-up or lead businesses

Japan falls out of love with petrol

Oil refining industry pushed into pair of uneasy defensive mergers

Japan Inc rejects female executives scheme

PM Abe’s ‘womenomics’ subsidy plan increases benefits

Japan falls back into recession

Third-quarter GDP shrinks 0.8% in latest blow to Abenomics

Definition of recession needs a rethink

It is an idea that no longer means a significant fall in activity

Japan told to compensate South Koreans

Court order the latest setback for businesses fighting politically contentious claims

Deep roots in need of a tonic

Shinzo Abe wants more companies to die and give way to start-ups

Japan Post IPO euphoria wears off

After two days of spectacular ascent, shares end week on quieter note

Ageing Japan bets on Vegas-style daycare

Fake money proves a boon for operators and Abenomics alike

Japan G7 host drops mascot deemed sexist

Teenage Meg loses formal recognition after protests by pearl divers