Obama says islands covered by Japan pact

US president’s comments draw angry response from China

China says ship seizure is a commercial dispute

Complaint stems from alleged failure to pay compensation from war-time contract

US and Japan step up tariff deal talks

Negotiators warn they will struggle to reach agreement

Japan groups exposed to Chinese lawsuits

China willing to hear cases relating to second world war

Asian diplomacy: Pivotal moment

The US-Japan relationship has been the bedrock of Asian security but some see it as the remnant of a bygone era

Japanese ship held in wartime claims row

First case of Chinese court seizing assets for reparations

Japan posts record trade deficit

Data show gap widening under Abenomics

Obama aims to revive ‘pivot to Asia’

US president visits region anxious over China’s rise

Japan strengthens defensive front line

New military radar surveillance of East China Sea

Impact of Japan sales tax rise muted

Most companies saw no sales drop in first 14 days of higher tax

BoJ chief reassures Abe over inflation

Kuroda promises further easing should price rises stall

Japan goes part-time as economy revives

Vacancies outnumber applicants, but only for temporary roles

Lights dim for Japan’s pachinko parlours

Industry turns to casino gaming

Critics fight back on Pacific trade plan

Fears that companies will move jobs out of US

US-Japan trade talks hit another obstacle

Talks fail to bridge gap over import tariffs before Obama visit

Higher pay vital to Abenomics success

Japan’s recovery has not been visible in overall wage data

BoJ holds off on extra monetary easing

Japan orders strikes against N Korea missiles

Navy on alert after Pyongyang fires medium-range missile

Japan’s yakuza seeks reversal in fortunes

Falling membership is forcing gangs online

US warns China over maritime disputes

Move comes ahead of Obama visit to Asia