Japan’s sporting stars have major league form

Ichiro Suzuki

All told, 53 players have reached top-level US baseball

Abenomics fuels Japanese debate on widening inequality

Ahead of December poll focus turns to who has gained most

Illustration by Ingram Pinn
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India’s Modi joins great power game

PM has disappointed at home but been energetic and assertive internationally

Obuchi to defend seat in snap election

Japan’s former trade minister quit last month amid political scandal

Japan’s stimulus plan is foolhardy

It carries risks that could seriously affect the global economy, writes William White

BoJ governor quashes easing rebellion

Haruhiko Kuroda wins 8-1 backing to boost Japan’s monetary base

BoJ warns inflation could fall below 1%

Central bank governor’s comments mark reversal from July

Abe delays tax rise and calls election

Poll date gives Japan’s political parties 26 days to prepare

Abe must fight to keep project on track

Japan’s woes highlight the need for more of prime minister’s ambitious mix of economic policies

Japan GDP

Sales tax tips Japan back into recession

Snap election and deferral of second tax rise likely to follow

Abenomics route uncertain on GDP shock

Muted Japan data likely to alter LDP’s re-election campaign

Japan: tuneless

GDP figures may not be all bad news

Where does Japan go from here?

How the next six weeks could play out

Abe suffers setback in Okinawa elections

Defeat could provoke tensions between Japan and the US

Japan’s Abe must seek more than a mandate

It may take a stringent tax on accumulated earnings to force businesses to act

Asahi’s sex slave stories polarise Japan

Newspaper’s mistakes have ignited country’s rightwingers and played into regional diplomacy

Japanese markets unfazed by poll talk

Fiscal hawks warned sales tax rise delay would dent confidence

Abe on verge of calling Japan elections

Decision would be a gamble to defer second rise in sales tax

Japan: circle of wealth

Despite opposition to another tax rise, Abe must push his agenda

Park under pressure to talk to Abe

Some advisers fear South Korea could be sidelined if China-Japan relations start to thaw