Kuroda set to dash ‘helicopter money’ hopes

But good chance Bank of Japan governor will deliver more stimulus

Masayoshi Son: The unrepentant visionary

Someone who can think 30 years ahead, write Kana Inagaki, Leo Lewis and Arash Massoudi

Pokémon Go launches in Japan

Logjam on app stores as home market made to wait 10 days

SoftBank sales help Arm-and-a-leg deal

Masayoshi Son has broken with habit by selling assets to fund £24.3bn deal for UK chip designer

Strong yen tempers record Japan tourism

Visitor numbers leap 24% but spending per person drops

McDonald’s Japan: Pikachew

Pokémon upside option could complete a very happy meal

Bank of Japan: a distant whirring sound

Helicopter money is more effective, so it’s bad news for bond holders


Line takes long road to global success

Founder promises to take Japanese messaging app around the world after Asian achievements

Fast Retailing cuts profit guidance

Uniqlo owner feels squeeze from yen’s rise against the dollar

Abe constitution dream clashes with allies

Japan PM faces hurdles to change war-renouncing Article 9

Bank of Tokyo quits as JGB dealer

Decision seen as a protest against negative interest rate policy

Japan emperor ready to abdicate, says report

Move in ‘next few years’ would give Crown Prince Naruhito the throne

UN ruling raises risks for US and China

Obama administration looks to cool tempers in the South China Sea

Japan opens door to constitutional change

Abe is right to tread cautiously before amending pacifist clause

Yen retreats after Abe secures victory

Market faith bolstered in Tokyo’s embattled economic strategy

Abe plans stimulus before constitution push

Election victory galvanises leader’s aim to change pacifist charter

Yen surge dilemma over prized Japan wood

Postwar hinoki forests ready to fell but too expensive to export

Abe wins sweeping victory in Japan vote

PM closes in on supermajority needed to change constitution

Japan turns on the charm in Myanmar

Investment spree part of wider Japanese push to win markets

Abe within reach of crucial supermajority

Parliamentary poll could allow Japan PM to revise pacifist constitution

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