Abe picks Toyota adviser for BoJ board

Yukitoshi Funo is former head of carmaker’s US unit

Abe gears up for speech to US Congress

Japan PM’s words, notably on WW2, will influence US relations

ADB head plays down China-led AIIB

Japanese bank head says newcomer is years away from rivalling it

Japan: push for renewables stalls

A tough economic and political climate has made moves to integrate green power difficult

Japan court bars nuclear plant restart

Kansai Electric to appeal against decision on Takahama facility

China will react if US weaponises trade

Do not pitch TPP as the economic counterpart to a military strategy, writes Michael Levi

Japan in long battle over war apology

Ex-PM Tomiichi Murayama attacks Abe’s revisionist stance

Ingram Pinn illustration

Japan needs a working hours overhaul

The corporate culture the country is stuck with is unsuited to the challenges companies face

Japan Inc seeks to end long working hours

Tight labour market and waning company loyalty prompt a rethink

World watches Japan’s ageing citizens

Nation turns to digital medical records to improve wellbeing

Tokyo ward goes it alone with gay licence

Region breaks conservative taboo with documents for same-sex couples

Round two in US bid for Asian influence

The Trans-Pacific Partnership is just as likely to annoy America’s allies in region as reassure them

World’s oldest person dies at 117 in Japan

Number of Japanese aged 100-plus is set to rise more than threefold in the next 15 years

Japan Inc reins in spending plans

Tankan survey shows companies expect conditions to deteriorate

Man-made islands add to Asian sea spats

Mushrooming of man-made islands is latest flashpoint

Japan set to join Asian investment bank

Ambassador to Beijing sees Tokyo breaking ranks with US by June

Japan calls for Obama push on TPP deal

Trade minister seeks ‘direct efforts’ as nerves fray over deal

Olympic task to reinvent Tokyo’s heart

The games are a chance to make over the metropolis

World watches to see if Abenomics experiment will be a success

Premier’s challenge is to match massive monetary stimulus with structural reforms

Deregulation threatens to break up Japanese energy monopolies

Changes to the sector could create a Y10tn market