Japanese ship seized in wartime claims row

First case of Chinese court seizing assets for reparations

Obama aims to revive ‘pivot to Asia’

US president visits region anxious over China’s rise

Close watch of China manufacturing index

To give first guidance to growth prospects for the second quarter

China Resources head under investigation

Company chairman Song Lin faces money laundering allegations

China admits widespread soil pollution

At least 20% of agricultural land contaminated

Global carmakers seek China inroads

Beijing auto show highlights carmakers’ dependence on China

Qin Zhihui

China jails Weibo ‘rumour monger’

Some analysts seeing ‘censorship discount’ hitting Sina Weibo IPO

China’s Weibo raises $285m in US IPO

Company overcomes jitters after earlier cutting size of offering

Overheated property leaves China in a fix

Empty apartments critical to economy’s health

China GDP growth slows in first quarter

Expansion of 7.4% is slowest since third quarter of 2012

China expected to show sharp slowdown

Likely growth figures of 7.4% would be lowest since 1990

A game change in public service

Demand for once coveted civil servant jobs in China is declining

Ruling bolsters China labour crackdown

Cramped lives test China dream

One in five Chinese only a wage away from losing middle-class status

China ‘Potemkin defaults’ mask debt reality

Beijing wants market discipline without halting growth

The developing world’s fragile middle class

Data show 2.8bn people in the developing world sit just above the poverty line, at risk of slipping back as economic growth in emerging markets slows

Slowdown puts 1bn middle class at risk

Durability of past 30 years’ march out of poverty questioned

Contaminated water highlights China pipeline dangers

Cancer-causing chemical detected in water

China court rejects Xu appeal

Anti-corruption campaigner’s four-year sentence upheld

Cross-border China shares closer to parity

Trading surges on China-Shanghai bourse tie-up