Commodities fall saves China’s blushes

Q1 growth bolstered by drop in price of materials

A Chinese investor looks his mobile phone in front of a big screen showing stock market movements in a securities brokerage house in Beijing
©How Hwee Young/Epa

China injects liquidity to steady markets

Beijing launches emergency measures to halt equities slump

China gains after Beijing liquidity move

But initial rally subsides as investors take opportunity to sell off

China’s credit and stock market party

Debt growth has fallen but is still rising at twice the rate of nominal GDP, writes George Magnus

World Bank denies Chinese gag on report

Removed chapter did not meet ‘standards of discourse’

China fund boosts exposure to equities

CIC targets infrastructure investments in developed countries

World Bank redacts criticism of China

Report had warned of risks from debt and wasteful investment

Green shoots in China’s property market

Survey shows fastest monthly price growth in 18 months

China island-building projects race ahead

New satellite images show progress of South China Sea facilities

China’s equity bubble has echoes of Nasdaq

These tech booms, separated by 15 years, are strikingly similar

China’s equity bubble is big distraction

Share gyrations are seldom known to wreck a well-managed economy

China passes sweeping cyber law

Officials ignore objections from overseas business and human rights groups

China stock losses breed anger and regret

Many investors still expect state protection from risk

World Bank warns China on financial system

‘Fundamentally reconfigured role’ of state essential, report says

Will China join zero interest rate club?

Pro-growth policies could drive interest rates lower

Emission vows boost climate deal hopes

US, Brazil, China and South Korea promise to curb carbon output

China pushes for Europe investment treaty

Premier Li urges study into possible free trade area

AIIB launch signals China’s new ambition

Beijing’s 26% voting share gives it veto power but not control

Big Chinese SOEs falsified revenues

Groups named by state auditor include State Grid and Cosco

Wu Hai, founder, Crystal Orange hotel group

Entrepreneur became viral sensation with rant against corruption