Theft jeopardises casino model in Macau

Promoter’s loss adds to pressure from China downturn and graft purge

HK’s ex-leader ‘dragged into a whirlpool’

Prosecution seen by some as blow to cosy ties between politicians and tycoons

Former HK leader charged with misconduct

Donald Tsang faces up to 7 years in prison if found guilty

A picture taken on April 19, 2012 shows people working on the assembly line at Huajian shoe factory in Dukem, Ethiopia
©Jenny Vaughan/AFP/Getty Images

Ties with China are about more than just raw materials

Trade and investment have been just as important as exporting resources

Guizhou, China - April 10, 2010: Countryside southwestern China, teen girl 10 years old, herding cattle on the rice terraces in the highlands, April 10, 2010. Basha Village, Congjiang County.

Landmass of GB needed for Chinese meat

Additional 15-20m hectares of agricultural land needed

China: the tough go shopping

Chinese consumers are not so easily discouraged

Zeng Fanzhi and Jack Ma with Paradise

Jack Ma looks to philanthropic art buyers

Alibaba founder’s first painting with Zeng Fanzhi for sale in HK

Capital flight rocks emerging markets

First net outflow since 1980s fuels concerns ahead of IMF meeting

Sino-US tech: poor relations

The promise of shared ownership is that it will facilitate deeper commercial ties

Japan cries foul over Indonesia rail loss

Chinese plan involving no-strings finance beats Tokyo proposal

Fresh parcel bomb explodes in Guangxi

Police arrest suspect in series of blasts in Chinese province

China group buys into Western Digital

Move comes at a time of tense Sino-US relations amid cyber hacking

China manufacturing weakens again

Official PMI data raise prospect of fresh rate cut

China halves car sale tax to lift economy

Cut applies to vehicles with 1.6 litre engine size or smaller

China detains two alleged Japanese spies

Move may worsen already strained relations between two countries

HK tycoon Li brushes off China criticism

Asset sales seen by some as sign of fading confidence in mainland

Xi pledges 8,000-strong peacekeeper force

China to set up ‘police squad’ and boost UN funding

China data: Making the numbers add up

China's economic data tell a broadly accurate story

China takes global climate change lead

Beijing’s commitments on the environment should be praised

Shares to climb after fears have peaked

Stocks may be catching up with the worries already baked into the corporate bond markets

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