China PMI shrinks, sending stocks lower

Further evidence of slowdown as Chinese factories stall

China’s rich seek overseas holdings

Among popular investments are residential property and insurance

China reporter admits ‘panicking’ market

Public shaming comes amid crackdown on media role in turmoil

US to hit Chinese hackers with sanctions

Obama sees growing threat to US economic and security interests

James Ferguson illustration

Militarism risky temptation for Beijing

If it goes wrong, it could destroy the international order that brought China great economic success


China’s caravan parks defy economic fears

As the west panics about growth, the Chinese are out enjoying themselves

Australia set to rack up world’s longest growth streak

Treasurer says nation on track to beat Netherlands’ 26-year run

Li Huiying, a KMT veteran, holds commemorative medals honouring his service
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China’s KMT veterans

Beijing is moving to recognise the service of Nationalist troops in the second world war

China’s Communists embrace old enemy

Beijing takes steps to recognise KMT veterans who fought Japan

Beijing scraps large-scale stock buying

Authorities to step up crackdown on those ‘destabilising’ market

China’s problem is the economy itself

A pinprick approach targeted at the financial sector is needed

China sceptics taste bittersweet victory

Funds that have suffered betting against China now hope to prosper

People’s Daily bosses detained for bribery

China anti-graft crackdown nets executives at Beijing mouthpiece

China rally fails to erase loss for week

Shanghai gains 4.8% on Friday but still down nearly 8% for week

Worry about China’s politics, not the economics

Stock market crash raises three big questions, writes Bill Emmott

Look at China’s politics not the economics

In all the noise and debate, the stock market crash raises three big questions

China detains 11 over Tianjin blast

Head of port is among those in custody as authorities seek to expose wrongdoing behind disaster

China’s policy failings challenge the Fed

Path to tighter policy now at odds with stable financial markets

Shenzhen Goldman is China’s latest fake

Finance company brands itself with US investment bank’s name

Dalian Wanda buys Ironman triathlon group

China’s richest man bets $650m on country’s emerging middle class