China bans ‘western values’ at universities

Teachers in Beijing say they have been told to toe the party line

China provinces miss GDP targets

Country’s growth fell to slowest pace in quarter of a century

China: Overborrowed and overbuilt

Its economy has become the world’s largest but a credit-fuelled construction binge threatens growth

China tallies Communist party suicides

Official survey into ‘unnatural deaths’ among members

Capital outflows behind renminbi fall

Financial flows, not trade, now drive China’s exchange rate

China moves to limit coal glut

No new mines to be built in eastern regions

Apple in China: big country, big company

The key concept when assessing prospects is recurring revenue, rather than growth

New building developements, Wenzhou.
©Algirdas Bakas

Scams flourish in China’s P2P market

Online platforms draw from murky world of less-regulated lending

Backlash in China over WeChat adverts

Users not targeted with BMW ads complain of discrimination

Delivering on Obama and Modi ‘bromance’

Time for US and India to move beyond symbolism to real action

Churlish China irked by US-India ties

Obama’s trip to New Delhi was really about forging an alliance in the Asia-Pacific region

China seeks end to gold medal fixation

‘Blind pursuit’ of success condemned as sports administrator scraps rewards for victory

Record fall in China industry profits

Data add to pressure on government to boost stimulus

China tycoon sues local governments

Action over contracts highlights risks to financial system

Shanghai abandons GDP target

City is first big Chinese region to shift focus away from growth

China to forge new markets for its output

Infrastructure investment in poorer countries to create markets

China forecast to buy more iPhones than US

Shifting power balance in smartphone market

China autos: traffic report

Car sales and prices are slowing in the country

China eyes legalising foreign stakes

New law would legitimise loophole used by Alibaba, Baidu and Tencent

Chinese tycoon calls urbanisation top

‘Woman who built Beijing’ says most cities have been built