China to cap local government debt

Bold move to control financial risks from regional borrowing

China backs HK leader over tear gas

Beijing accuses protesters of creating ‘chaos’

Hong Kong crisis goes unnoticed in China

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Economic data fail to capture territory’s invaluable gateway role

Investors unfazed by Hong Kong unrest

Market more concerned with US rates than the city’s streets

"We want genuine universal suffrage" - on the road near Hong Kong government headquarters
©Demetri Sevastopulo

Hong Kong students vow to escalate protests

Threat to occupy buildings as Beijing condemns ‘illegal acts’

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Hong Kong’s status is being stress-tested

At issue is the result of collusion between local tycoons and their communist friends in Beijing

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Junta plans to use budget leftovers to create jobs

Hong Kong protests mark National Day

Crowds flock to vicinity of government headquarters

Hong Kong protests grow

Thousands gather to support the pro-democracy movement

Japan corporate confidence fades

Gloom worsens among all sizes of business

Xi embraces old guard as Hong Kong erupts

Chinese president unlikely to get directly involved

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Trips to Hong Kong largely unaffected by the pro-democracy protests

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Nauru – from bird droppings to bust

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