Joko Widodo elected Indonesia president

Reformist Jakarta governor beats Prabowo Subianto

Indonesia’s election thrown into uncertainty

Subianto, predicted to have lost the poll, said he would reject the results

StanChart UK domicile seen as burden

Bank’s headquarters thousands of miles from most of its workforce

Casualties of China’s one-child policy

Birth quotas prompted as many as 100,000 international adoptions, writes Patti Waldmeir

Sea troubles reveal China’s foreign policy

No longer simply responding, but acting on its own initiative, writes Kurt Campbell

Live like a Red Army guerrilla for a day

China’s newly affluent flock to sites that deify Mao

Red tourism: Let a million Chinese bloom

China’s newly affluent visit sites that deify Mao

Rescue is underway for passengers on Sewol, a 6,825-ton passenger ship owned by Chonghaejin Marine Co, 20 kilometers off Byeongpoong island, northwest of Jeju, South Korea, on Wednesday, April 16, 2014. The ship, carrying 476 passengers, usually travels between Incheon and the South Korean island of Jeju. Source: Yonhap News via Bloomberg EDITOR'S NOTE: NO SALES. EDITORIAL USE ONLY.

S Korea police identify ferry owner’s body

Discovery ends hunt sparked by April’s Sewol tragedy

Obama warns Russia of isolation

President says Moscow must compel separatists to co-operate

China debt tops 250% of national income

Beijing task is to create growth without turmoil

Seoul city officials allowed to sleep on job

Workers take a nap in an attempt to raise productivity

Evidence mounts on how MH17 was downed

Ukraine and US say analysis points to pro-Russia separatists

Commerce a casualty of Sino-Japanese spats

Ties increasingly fraught amid territorial and economic battles

Thai opposition regroup abroad

Australia threatens Putin with G20 summit ban

Summit ban unless Russia facilitates crash investigation

Rolls-Royces and rags mix in Phnom Penh

Carmaker opens in country where annual income barely tops $1,000

Indonesian techies crowdsource poll result

Tech experts say they have calculated an accurate result in 6 days

Aids experts among those on Malaysian jet

Up to 100 delegates of Aids conference may have been on the flight

China’s banking threat is overstated

The exposure of the traditional sector to risky activities is far more modest than many imply it is

Xi’s Latin trip puts trade before ideology

Washington fears over Chinese president’s visit are overblown