Search resumes for S Korea ferry victims

Almost 300 people still missing after ferry sinks

Malaysians feel pinch of subsidy changes

Middle class left with unaffordable lifestyles as reforms bite

Asian bourses struggle to remain upbeat

HK stocks buck trend as Beijing eases lending rules for rural banks

Corporate knights less likely to cut jobs

Fear of drawing the ire of politicians and the public a factor

Xi dreams of shaking a slumbering China

The Ukraine stand-off offers Beijing a broader role, writes Jonathan Fenby

Kerowa Gram Panchayat, Purulia, West Bengal. The tailor Yudhishthir Mahto and Bheem Chandra Mahto, his brother
©Swastik Pal

Uncertain future for India’s middle class

Aspiring vulnerable to economic and political change

Mukhtar Ablyazov
©Bruno Vincent

Former Kazakh banker to lose UK asylum

Move follows lobbying from the central Asian state

China expected to show sharp slowdown

Likely growth figures of 7.4% would be lowest since 1990

Jokowi fever highlights Indonesia’s vacuum

Jakarta governor’s rise hides lack of strong presidential candidates

Job seekers line up at a job fair at Tianjin University

A game change in public service

Demand for once coveted civil servant jobs in China is declining

China’s forex reserves near record $4tn

BoJ chief reassures Abe over inflation

Kuroda promises further easing should price rises stall

Cramped lives test China dream

One in five Chinese only a wage away from losing middle-class status

Samsung whistleblower returns to court

Former chief lawyer to give evidence in defamation case

China ‘Potemkin defaults’ mask debt reality

Beijing wants market discipline without halting growth

Vote count in Afghan poll signals run-off

Australia to launch sub in hunt for MH370

Fears that black box signals may have been lost

The developing world’s fragile middle class

Slowdown puts 1bn middle class at risk

Durability of past 30 years’ march out of poverty questioned

Football league auction draws India’s elite

Sun Group and Videocon among the winners