Myanmar hits back over migrant crisis

Ex-dictatorship critical of ‘finger-pointing’ over Rohingya minority

India heat deaths blamed on climate change

Scientists warn that a hotter future will take toll

China to ease outbound investment rules

Loosening of capital controls could unleash Rmb41tn in wealth

Used bags hold secrets of Japan’s economy

Fortunes of luxury thrift store point to shifts in consumer behaviour and a brightening mood

Japanese unemployment rate falls to 3.3%

Workers fail to extract pay rises needed to boost consumption

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Now China starts to make the rules

Xi’s project is about expanding and securing maritime routes to the Middle East and Europe

Richest Australian loses in family trust fight

Eldest daughter of Gina Rinehart wins control of A$4bn vehicle

China’s Dongguan sex trade trial begins

‘Hotel king’ first of 46 in court after Xi’s ‘Sin City’ clampdown

Asian nations surpass UN poverty goals 

Report shows impact of growth but lays bare region’s shortcomings

Philippine graft probe unnerves investors

Focus on vice-president raises fears over Aquino succession

JPMorgan ordered to provide China details

SEC demands correspondence with Wang Qishan and other officials

A development bank made in China

AIIB may even exceed standards of existing development lenders

BoJ accounts reveal anxiety over QE exit

Japan’s central bank piles up capital to guard against future losses

China eyes airspace over disputed waters

Prospect of air defence zone in South China Sea

HK retailers set for plunge in rent costs

China slowdown and graft crackdown hit spending

Renminbi ‘no longer undervalued’, says IMF

Shift comes after a decade of criticising Beijing

Risks of giving staff in China the chop

Sackings are never simple in China and can often go haywire

India tops China in Asian growth league

Philippines and Vietnam also gain as Indonesia and Thailand slip back

China hospitals face drug price dilemma

Beijing ban on mark-ups may necessitate budgetary life-support

China rebukes US for stoking sea tensions

Beijing releases robust defence white paper