India’s right denounces ‘love jihad’

Conservative Hindus see intermarriage as a Muslim plot

Cheap oil brings mixed blessings to Asia

Opec’s decision to maintain output has bred winners and losers

China deposit insurance set for launch

Insurance scheme could allow government to tolerate bank failures

Japan’s CPI falls to 0.9%

Further fall highlights challenges facing PM Abe as he heads to polls

China told $6.8tn in investment ‘wasted’

Ultra-loose monetary policy and lack of oversight blamed

British embassy vehicle bombed in Kabul

Five killed as Taliban claims responsibility for suicide attack

Indonesian bond yields at year-low

Reforms could shield country from capital outflows

Hong Kong student leaders arrested

Police detain total of 148 as they clear protest site

Wall Street shrugs aside weak US data

S&P 500 sets 47th record close of 2014

Hong Kong clears protest site in Mongkok

Territory accelerates efforts to wind down two-month-old movement

China says west blocking corruption probe

Beijing says prejudice behind refusal to return suspects

Hong Kong arrests 86 as protest site cleared

Territory ramps up efforts to wind down two-month old movement

China fears opposition on climate talks

Warning that resistance could hamper any deal

China, Russia and the Sinatra doctrine

Beijing and Moscow push for greater ‘spheres of influence’

‘Lung-washing’ tourism rises in China

Smog-escaping tours are a serious pursuit

China rates: Christmas cheer

Race to close bets against cyclicals begins

Suicide bomber targets Afghan volleyball game

Attack kills 45 spectators at tournament

Japan’s sporting stars have major league form

Country has supplied US with 53 top-level players

China rate cut puts pressure on lenders

Policy changes set to squeeze bank profit margins

Rethinking China’s state-owned enterprises

Domestic and foreign private interests must play a bigger role