Argentina’s rise fuels rivalry with Brazil

Buenos Aires embraces economic reform, but craves free judiciary

Venezuelans add beer to list of privations

The socialist government has starved the private sector

Judge questions Brazil impeachment system

Some lawmakers announced votes against Rousseff before ballot

Mexico criticised in missing students case

Torture and evidence planting claims likely to damage government

Rousseff presses her case in Brazil drama

Impeachment fight said to have the feeling of a ‘telenovela’

Argentina puts end to long holdouts saga

Judge lifts injunctions on country after it pays creditors $9.3bn

Ecuador despairs as quake costs mount

President Correa may have to swallow pride and seek IMF help

Ecuador says rich will fund quake recovery

Levy to be imposed on citizens whose wealth exceeds $1m

Cuba pops the bubble of high expectations

Communist party congress ends hopes of timely reform

Joe Cummings illustration

Argentina faces real work after bond sale

Will the country’s new bondholders repent at leisure after sale?

Ecuador quake death toll rises to 525

President says reconstruction costs could reach as high as $3bn

Mining taps deep reserves of rage in Peru

Next leader faces conflicts over use of country’s rich resources

Brazil crisis takes on carnival atmosphere

Fraught period ushered in as senate considers impeachment motion

World split in fight over drugs

As Asian nations take a hard line, differences between east and west will be aired at UN meeting

How to fix a broken Brazil after Rousseff

Hope must be that the country seizes the moment for catharsis

Brazil congress votes to impeach Rousseff

Decision in favour of political trial of president throws country into new era of turmoil

Brazil braces for political showdown

Legislators debate impeachment of President Rousseff

Brazil prepares for drama of impeachment

Rousseff’s likely ouster will not solve her country’s problems

Pessimism pervades ahead of Cuba congress

A month after Obama’s historic visit disenchantment over reforms is setting in

Rousseff impeachment challenge rejected

Blow to president as process looks set to go ahead