Silva shakes up Brazilian election

October’s presidential vote is now a three-way contest

Peña Nieto fails to dispel Mexican gloom

Reforms win overseas plaudits but not at home

Companies fear radical turn in Argentina

Default seen as part of a broader shift by Fernández

Brazil injects extra $4.5bn into economy

New measure aims to boost banking system

Fernández wanes as Argentines struggle

Fears grow that default will deepen recession

Brazil shaken by candidate’s death

Death of Eduardo Campos changes presidential election

Brazil crash kills presidential candidate

Death of Eduardo Campos in jet accident alters election dynamics

US political funding debate moves to judges

Development could undermine trust in legal system

Argentina crisis clouds Kirchner’s sunset

Default will hit the president’s legacy when she leaves officenext year

Obama denied funding for child migrants

Congress will not approve funds until at least September

Argentina default triggers swaps payout

‘Credit event’ enables CDS investors to seek payment

Hopes remain of deal on Argentine debt

Private banks have been discussing buying holdouts’ bonds

Judge Griesa weighs Argentina’s fate

Long career is marked by willingness to tackle powerful interests

Farc accused of brutality ‘with impunity’

Human Rights Watch says atrocities continuing in Colombia

Argentina braced for fresh debt default

Deepening recession, rising inflation and capital flight expected

Colombians demand justice, not just peace

Santos faces deep divisions over how to end the insurgency

Tycoon Slim suggests three-day work week

Toil less but retire later, says world’s second-richest man

Immigration: Life on the line

Hondurans have become pawns in a bitter political conflict in the US

Honduras welcomes back deportees from US

Reform drive puts strain on Chávez legacy

Venezuela’s pragmatists will urge change