King of soya’s high-tech farming vision

Gustavo Grobocopatel Chairman, Grupo Los Grobo Buenos Aires, Argentina
©Javier Pierini

Gustavo Grobocopatel wants plants to be seen as factories

Chile hints at way out of region’s gloom

World’s top copper exporter set to escape downturn

Brazil’s Schahin hit by Petrobras scandal

Third contractor in as many weeks to seek bankruptcy protection

Boys look out from their shelter on November 1, 2013 in Pétion-ville, Haiti, at a camp for earthquake victims
©Louis-Joseph Olivier/AFP/Getty Images

Dispossessed in search for a home

Five years on from the devastating earthquake, there is still a shortage of housing

Vatican ends investigation into US nuns

Sisters accused of creating a ‘grave’ doctrinal crisis

A woman holds a placard reading 'Petrolao Brazilian Shame' in reference to the Petrobras money laundering and corruption scandals, during a protest against Brazilian President Dilma Rousseff in Sao Paulo, Brazil, 15 March 2015
©EPA/Sebastiao Moreira

Rousseff accused of ‘outsourcing’ politics

Crisis-hit Brazilian president weighs benefit of giving up control of key roles

Petrobras raises Brazil corruption stakes

Foreign companies may come to regret ‘jeitinho’ rule-flouting

Eduardo Galeano dies in Uruguay aged 74

Author of ‘Open Veins of Latin America’ had disavowed his best-known work

US and Cuba in highest level talks in 50 years

Kerry and Cuban foreign minister meet at Summit of the Americas

Mexico’s economic gloom hard to crack

Families lose patience with Peña Nieto's reforms

Americas summit marks region’s change

But more decisive than US-Cuba talks is the end of commodity boom

Political theatrics dividing Brazil

More than half of all Brazilians disapprove of Rousseff’s administration, writes Otavio Frias Filho

Brazil’s economy ekes out 0.3% growth

Economists predict the deepest recession in decades this year

Attacks on Mexican media surge

Reporters face assault, intimidation and murder, study shows

Terror fears fire up Canada election

Candidates debate security in a ‘mosaic society’

Blow to Rousseff as PT treasurer charged

Action over Petrobras scandal day after mass protests

Mexican journalist vows to fight sacking

Reporter broke story of alleged house gift to president’s family

Brazil’s poor turn their backs on Rousseff

Brazilian president loses support across all levels of society

Venezuela’s US spat echoes Cold War

Caracas launches military drill showcasing Russian-made weaponry

EU foreign policy chief to visit Cuba

Federica Mogherini is highest Brussels official to visit Cuba in years