Mexico torn by ‘incredulity and distrust’

Enrique Peña Nieto, President of Mexico, is shown at the presidential compound of Los Pinos, during an interview with Jude Webber of the Financial Times.
©Keith Dannemiller

Peña Nieto speaks candidly after suspected murder of students

Mexico captures gang lord ‘La Tuta’

Arrest of drugs kingpin is rare good news for embattled president

Judge removed from Eike Batista trial

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Judge rejects charges against Fernández

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Venezuela cracks down on critics

Arrests raise fears the government is trying to crush dissent

Building groups sued in Petrobras probe

Taskforce seeks R$4.5bn for alleged involvement in corruption scandal

Human rights fears rise in Venezuela

Besieged government is trying to stamp out dissent

Mexico urged to rebuild public’s trust

Finance minister in housing outcry seeks greater transparency

Civilian sacrifice likelier than a coup

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Money for celebrations being diverted to building water storage

Stage set for lengthy Argentine probe

Prosecutor pursues claims of cover-up by president over terrorist attack

Developing economies: Taking a load off

Morocco shows way to cut fuel and other subsidies

São Paulo drought compounds Brazil’s woes

Water scarcity in country’s economic powerhouse sparks talk of impending rationing

Drought in Brazil

Water rationing feared

Death revives Argentina’s dirty past

The Nisman case raises tough questions about state institutions

Venezuelans use Cuban tactics to steer US politics

Growing community similar rhetoric to influence the way US deals with their home country

A democracy dented by a murder mystery

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