Corruption and car fumes in Mexico

Notebook: Ninety minutes to drive 4km but still Mexicans use their cars, writes Jude Webber

Brazil’s Petrobras probe has silver-lining

The political weather is changeable but institutions are holding firm, writes John Paul Rathbone

SAN SALVADOR, EL SALVADOR - MARCH 29: Three hundred gangs members were transferred to the prison of Quezaltepeque, Libertad on March 29, 2016. (Photo by Fred Ramos/ For The Washington Post via Getty Images)

El Salvador declares bloody war on gangs

Police in murder capital accused of violence ‘without limits’

Joe Cummings illustration

Nicolás Maduro, Venezuelan lord of misrule

The isolated president sits tight as his country slides deeper into chaos, writes John Paul Rathbone

The ice begins to crack in Venezuela

The international community, including China, can play a useful role

Brazil taps Ilan Goldfajn as bank chief

Interim government is recruiting big names to restore confidence

Venezuela’s recall referendum

Process requires approval of government-dominated electoral council

Venezuela protesters fear Maduro will stay

Opposition seeks removal of president via recall referendum

Wanderson da Silva Araújo, 38, who rents out chairs on the beach, poses on the Copacabana beach in Rio de Janeiro in this April 12, 2016.
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Brazil: Tales of everyday agony

The decline from emerging market star to struggling nation is taking its toll on Rio’s citizens

Stakes high for Brazil’s money man

New finance tsar leads team trying to restore economic credibility

Brazil impeachment proceedings back on track

Vote on removal of president set for Wednesday

Brazil speaker annuls impeachment vote

Currency falls as expected removal of Rousseff hits obstacle

Rousseff tours Brazil to hold on to office

President has been distributing her largesse around country

Brazil court suspends key Dilma foe

Eduardo Cunha is architect of impeachment drive against Rousseff

Asians save, but Latin Americans spend

Welfare provision can influence saving habits

Argentina’s rise fuels rivalry with Brazil

South America’s two largest economies jealously eye each other’s handling of economic reform and corruption

Venezuelans add beer to list of privations

The socialist government has starved the private sector

Judge questions Brazil impeachment system

Some lawmakers announced votes against Rousseff before ballot

Mexico criticised in missing students case

Torture and evidence planting claims likely to damage government

Rousseff presses her case in Brazil drama

Impeachment fight said to have the feeling of a ‘telenovela’