Cuba: Showtime in Havana

Dance troupes excite audiences but reforms are urgent in the Caribbean island to boost the economy

Brazil and China reheat old news

While synergies between the two countries are self-evident, realising them has not been easy

Gangs challenge the ballot box in Chilapa

Violence is interwoven with politics in the strife-torn Mexican town

Spy revelations turn the tables on Berlin

German intelligence agency accused of helping NSA snoopers

Brazil politics broken, says former leader

Cardoso warns of ‘crisis of legitimacy’ amid corruption scandals

Venezuela’s foreign reserves take a hit

Figure down by nearly a third to under $18bn during Maduro tenure

Havana’s Cadillac Eldorados
©Karel Miragaya/Dreamstime

Dangers lie for business in Cuba

The welcome will be lavish but corporate culture is still foreign, writes Paul Webster Hare

Bachelet remakes government in Chile

President reshuffles cabinet amid scandals and faltering economy

Peru fails to dig its way out of deadlock

The copper producer’s once stellar growth crashes down to earth

A deadly new enemy in Mexico’s drugs war

More sophisticated narco-gangsters are replacing the old guard

Latin America braces for higher US rates

Liquidity and austerity are new buzzwords for region’s officials

Mexico forced to change tack on corruption

Strategy approved by congress focuses on stronger institutions

Prosecutors in Brazil investigate Lula

Probe comes as investigators target Rousseff campaign manager

Past still haunts Latin American leaders

No one answer for crime and corruption plaguing region

Brazil suffers from recession and scandal

President Rousseff’s new economic pragmatism faces a gruelling test

Extreme negotiation: Colombia and Farc

Sergio Jaramillo’s high-stakes work offers a lesson in dealing with a bitter opponent

Puerto Rico bonds slide as tax law fails

Financial warning over debts that have soared to more than $70bn

Political scandals put brake on reform agenda

Legislators’ attention also includes constitutional reform

US companies carry flag for gay rights

Businesses urge Supreme Court to strike down state bans on same-sex marriage

Chile hints at way out of region’s gloom

World’s top copper exporter set to escape downturn