Prat-Gay named Argentina finance minister

Alfonso Prat-Gay

Mauricio Macri chooses ex banker to help reinvigorate economy

Macri faces battle with central bank

Order for Argentine banks to sell dollar assets goes to heart of problem

Brazil bank chief held in Petrobras probe

‘Car wash’ corruption case widens with senator arrest

President Macri faces a tough task in Argentina

The new leader must try to reject the damaging Peronist legacy

Macri vows new economic order in Argentina

Centre-right leader inherits high inflation, low foreign reserves

Macri to urge Mercosur to bar Venezuela

Criticism of Caracas signals change of allegiance in Argentina

Who is Mauricio Macri?

New leader seen to pursue less protectionist economic policy

Macri’s choice: shock treatment or gradual change

Latin America’s pink tide ebbs further with victory of Buenos Aires mayor

Mauricio Macri triumphs in Argentina

Buenos Aires mayor wins Sunday’s presidential elections

Mauricio Macri wins Argentina election

Centre-right candidate inherits complex economic workload

Soap opera ban is real drama in Venezuela

Government sensitive about depictions of narcotics trade

Brazil inflation reaches 12-year high

Despite rising prices, economy set to contract

Fear campaign in Argentina falters

Political strategy fails to convince voters

Argentine bank raid sparks political row

Police deny opposition prompted search of monetary authority

Ecuador’s pragmatic president gets tough

As the economy falters, Correa starts showing his darker side

Brazil economic plan shows political rift

Vice-president’s liberal platform is break from leftist Rousseff

Brazil institutions react well to crisis

Economy in bad way but some things are better than expected

Fernández prepares to make a long goodbye

Star of the political scene is bowing out but will not be forgotten and might even return

Opinion: Lessons from Venezuela

The dangers of creating a winner-takes-all system. By Francisco Rodriguez

Hopes rise for end to battle with ‘holdouts’

Frontrunners in Argentina’s presidential election are keen to resolve dispute with US bondholders


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