Brazil poll rivals clash on central bank

Rousseff campaign suggests independence will lead to famine

US court holds Argentina in contempt

Judge says Buenos Aires sidestepped his orders on debt case

Rousseff claws back lead in Brazil poll

President wipes out Silva’s previous 9-percentage-point advantage

Foreign investors need to step up to a newly demanding, emerging region

Anti-corruption, antitrust and environmental policies in Latin America are increasingly coming under the microscope

Marina Silva, left, and Dilma Rousseff, right, on the campaign trail in Brasilia this month
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Race for Brazil’s driving seat

Dilma Rousseff was set for a second term, but then Marina Silva emerged as a serious rival

South America faces political hangover

End of the boom set to drive change in Brasília, Buenos Aires and Caracas

Argentina appeals to a higher authority

Fernández hopes to get UN support in fight with creditors

Samba socialism

How Marina Silva has set Brazil’s election on fire, writes Misha Glenny

Brazil election is a battle of styles

Marina Silva is forcing her rivals to adapt to her rapid rise

Fraga offers Brazil an orthodox path

Ex-central bank president promises market solutions

Colombia seeks dividend from wealthy 1%

Tax on the rich aims to reduce inequality and pay for security

Lozoya drags Mexico’s Pemex from its solitude

Mexico’s oil monopoly must behave like a private company, says turnround champion

Silva quenches Brazil’s thirst for change

Candidate’s promise of reform is winning over voters

Spectre of default looms over Venezuela

Caracas struggles to meet international bond payments

Moody’s adds to pressure on Rousseff

Outlook on Brazil’s debt marked down ahead of polls

Circus laughter that makes Brazilians cry

Electoral hour is the 60 minutes of free television airtime

Outsider in Brazil rallies to the fore

Silva and her party’s rise reflects a deep desire for change

Fernández battles to save ‘fatherland’

‘Marina effect’ lifts Brazilian assets

Equity markets have rallied, but real’s rise has been more muted

Venezuela reshuffle dashes hopes

Maduro hands economy role to Chávez comrade