US could prove tough audience for Pope

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Brazil faces spectre of budget deficit

Doubts over targets as country edges toward recession

Colombia to ease raids on Farc rebels

Move to cool down long-running Latin American armed conflict

Brazil charges executives with corruption

Construction industry indictments are latest in Petrobras probe

Cut to Brazil budget target hits markets

Recession impact on tax revenues weighs on primary fiscal surplus

A woman holds a placard reading 'Petrolao Brazilian Shame' in reference to the Petrobras money laundering and corruption scandals, during a protest against Brazilian President Dilma Rousseff in Sao Paulo, Brazil, 15 March 2015
©EPA/Sebastiao Moreira

Recession and graft: Brazil’s rot grows

Even the president may face impeachment under the Petrobras probe

Lula da Silva faces criminal inquiry

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Only two of 14 blocks draw interest

Brazil police raid ex-president’s home

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Oil auction is a massive U-turn for government

El Chapo’s getaway and Mexico’s oil sell-off

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Mexico jailbreak puts president in a hole

Peña Nieto’s corruption strategy is derided after drugs lord flees prison

Mexican drug lord breaks out of jail again

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