Prat-Gay named Argentina finance minister

Alfonso Prat-Gay

Mauricio Macri chooses ex banker to help reinvigorate economy

Brazil bank chief held in Petrobras probe

‘Car wash’ corruption case widens with senator arrest

Macri faces battle with central bank

Order for Argentine banks to sell dollar assets goes to heart of problem

President Macri faces a tough task in Argentina

The new leader must try to reject the damaging Peronist legacy

Macri vows new economic order in Argentina

Centre-right leader inherits high inflation, low foreign reserves

Instability in China and low commodities prices have hit emerging markets; could these in turn weaken the US and developed world?
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Debt burdens weigh on the emerging markets

Policymakers must be prepared to face up to a substantial threat

Brazil economic plan shows political rift

Vice-president’s liberal platform is break from leftist Rousseff

Brazil institutions react well to crisis

Country’s economy looks bad but some things have turned out better than expected, writes Lee Alston

Chile hits copper bottom as it considers capital markets plans

Low growth and costly reforms make for a double blow

Vulnerability index highlights weaknesses

Internal and structural flaws are hitting regional currencies as well as global pressures

Brazil stares down budget black hole

The deterioration in public finances comes amid the worst recession since the 1930s

Mexico tries to ignite energy investment

Oil companies borrow model from US shale boom to monetise assets

Ecuador’s stability: far from assured

There is good reason for the country’s attractive bond yields

Distressed debt sales under way in Brazil

NPL rates remain low but signs are they will rise and vulture funds are positioning accordingly

Macri vows to end Argentina’s isolation

Presidential challenger is pushing pro-market reforms

Venezuela sues US currency website

Critics dismiss ‘cyber terrorism’ claims as scapegoating

Economy to test Argentina’s next leader

Election winner to inherit a ballooning fiscal deficit

Argentina: Handover fears

Fernández’s successor will have to cope with a slowing economy

Hedge fund tests Peru on landowner debt

Creditors say they were short-changed by repayment plan for expropriated estates

Hedge fund pressures Peru on old debt

‘Agrarian Reform Bonds’ back in focus as US firm seeks payment


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