Brazil injects extra $4.5bn into economy

New measure aims to boost banking system ahead of election

Argentine bonds fall on debt swap plan

Proposal makes early resolution of ‘holdouts’ saga less likely

Fernández wanes as Argentines struggle

Fears grow that default will deepen recession

Brazil crash kills presidential candidate

Death of Eduardo Campos in jet accident alters election dynamics

Argentina: Unresolved debts

Default creates uncertainty over the nation’s economic prospects and future sovereign debt cases

Argentina v holdouts: plus ça change

Resolution to debt stand-off still far off

Argentina crisis clouds Kirchner’s sunset

Default will hit the president’s legacy when she leaves officenext year

Argentina default triggers swaps payout

‘Credit event’ enables CDS investors to seek payment

Hopes remain of deal on Argentine debt

Private banks have been discussing buying holdouts’ bonds

Argentina furious over second default

Government denies it is in breach of obligations, markets are sanguine

Post-Argentine default calm will fade

Argentina ‘will imminently be in default’

Argentina braced for fresh debt default

Deepening recession, rising inflation and capital flight expected

Brazil injects $20bn into banking sector

Stimulus designed to boost credit in flagging economy

Xi’s Latin trip puts trade before ideology

Washington fears over Chinese president’s visit are overblown

Stopping a repeat of Argentine debt war

Market insiders in moves to curtail power of holdouts

Argentina lashes out at US over debt

Buenos Aires teeters on brink of technical default

Latin America chases goals off the pitch

Away from World Cup, the challenge is avoiding economic slowdown

Argentina on the brink of technical default

Most investors believe the country will find a way to settle

Argentina deposits $832m to pay bonds

Move puts country at odds with New York court ruling

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