China’s international lending has limits

Crisis holds mirror to Beijing’s state-to-state financing model

Brazil raises taxes on fuel and loans

Petrol price rise of up to 8.5% plus 3% financial transaction tax

South America seeks new economic model

End of commodities boom opens dangerous trade and financing gaps

Argentina’s banking talent stays away

Émigré financiers carve out a niche on Wall Street

Scandal is an Olympic hurdle for Brazil

Allegations of kickbacks cloud preparations for the 2016 games

Euphoria hits Cuba amid doubts on detente

Easing of US ties could spark a boom but large-scale emigration is a risk

Argentina pressed to strike creditor deal

Cool reaction to latest offer on debt worsens precarious economic state

Mexico minister defends house purchase

Videgaray says he is willing to submit to an independent investigation

Early Argentina ‘holdouts’ deal in doubt

Debt sale and swap offer to bond investors could give flexibility

Chile rethinks its free market experiment

Critics warn reforms threaten the country’s economic ‘miracle’

Brazilians brace for ‘Scissorhands’ cuts

New finance minister targets tax breaks and unemployment benefits

Brazil lifts benchmark rate to 11.75%

Government strives to regain investor trust

Struggling with the transition

The end of the commodity supercycle is bringing challenges

Vázquez to extend reforms in Uruguay

Outgoing leader ‘Pepe’ Mujica will remain a powerful force

Brazil’s leader and the market-friendly Levy

A bullish sign but the finance minister faces a tough task

Brazil economy crawls out of recession

Growth of 0.1% illustrates challenge for new economics team

Argentina says HSBC aided tax evasion

Buenos Aires says bank put clients’ money in secret Swiss accounts

Demand for debt is strong, despite talk of a slowdown

Widening deficits and slow growth do not spell doom and gloom for the region

The ‘new Mexico’ goes up in flames

Scandals threaten to derail Peña Nieto’s reforms

Brazil’s economy faces grim Christmas

Low demand and weak currency will hit imports, says Maersk