Brazil’s economy shrinks by record 4.5%

Recession in Latin America’s largest country is worst since 1930s

Andre Esteves, Chairman & CEO of BTG Pactual talks during an interview with journalists of the Financial Times, in Sao Paulo July 22, 2014.
©Manu Correia

BTG Pactual replaces Esteves as chief

Brazilian investment bank distances itself from billionaire

Alfonso Prat-Gay

Prat-Gay named Argentina finance minister

Mauricio Macri chooses ex banker to help reinvigorate economy

Brazil’s shoppers turn to discounters

Hybrid wholesale/retailers gain appeal as recession bites

Brazil bank chief held in Petrobras probe

‘Car wash’ corruption case widens with senator arrest

Macri vows new economic order in Argentina

Centre-right leader inherits high inflation, low foreign reserves

Teresa in Queen of the South La Reina del Sur

Soap opera ban is real drama in Venezuela

Government sensitive about depictions of narcotics trade

Brazil economic plan shows political rift

Vice-president’s liberal platform is break from leftist Rousseff

Brazil institutions react well to crisis

Country’s economy looks bad but some things have turned out better than expected, writes Lee Alston

Martín Meléndez

Mexican start-ups at end of queue for backers

Energy and infrastructure projects take priority over smaller companies, a games developer found

Petrobras prosecutor warns foreign groups

Dallagnol urges companies to come forward and co-operate with corruption investigation

Brazil stares down budget black hole

Deteriorating public finances come amid worsening recession

Mexico tries to ignite energy investment

Oil companies borrow model from US shale boom to monetise assets

US investors trail rivals as Cuba opens up

Europe, Asia and Latin America move quickly to exploit thaw

When winning requires a marathon not a sprint

That the big contracts have gone to others provides a useful guide to the future

Distressed debt sales under way in Brazil

NPL rates remain low but signs are they will rise and vulture funds are positioning accordingly

Macri vows to end Argentina’s isolation

Presidential challenger is pushing pro-market reforms

Investors bet on change in Argentina

Close election raises hopes of more market-friendly government

Oil and gas: Power to the people

Bolivia wants to be South America’s energy heart but has a record of exploration failures

Venezuela sues US currency website

Critics dismiss ‘cyber terrorism’ claims as scapegoating for falling bolívar


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