Mexico torn by ‘incredulity and distrust’

Enrique Peña Nieto, President of Mexico, is shown at the presidential compound of Los Pinos, during an interview with Jude Webber of the Financial Times.
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Peña Nieto speaks candidly after suspected murder of students

Judge removed from Eike Batista trial

Souza photographed driving former billionaire’s confiscated Porsche

Building groups sued in Petrobras probe

Taskforce seeks R$4.5bn for alleged involvement in corruption scandal

The $100m man’s guide to Brazilian graft

A former Petrobras executive alleges a sprawling corruption scheme

Developing economies: Taking a load off

Morocco shows way to cut subsidies on fuel and other products, as pressure grows on states to make savings

São Paulo drought compounds Brazil’s woes

Water scarcity in economic powerhouse sparks talk of rationing

Petrobras: Timeline of a scandal

Events that led to the resignation of the Brazilian oil group’s chief

Joe Cummings illustration - Maria das Graças Silva Foster
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Maria das Graças Foster

Brazil oil major head’s career looks likely to end with corruption scandal, writes Samantha Pearson

US trade chief says Pacific deal close

Froman steps up push for fast-track negotiating authority

Brazil raises taxes on fuel and loans

Petrol price rise of up to 8.5% plus 3% financial transaction tax

Premier Oil says Falklands field in doubt

Explorer says it cannot develop Sea Lion field with crude below $50

Contractors caught in Petrobras scandal

Fitch cuts ratings for builders facing financing constraints

South America seeks new economic model

End of commodities boom opens dangerous trade and financing gaps

Brazil tries to fix ‘sugar daddy’ problem

Rousseff seeks to reform nation’s overburdened pension system

Argentina’s banking talent stays away

Émigré financiers carve out a niche on Wall Street

Scandal is an Olympic hurdle for Brazil

Allegations of kickbacks cloud preparations for the 2016 games

Brazil metro graft case comes to a head

Contractors accused of running a cartel to win tenders

Nicaragua breaks ground with $50bn canal

Ortega seeks to allay fears over China’s role in inter-ocean project

Euphoria hits Cuba amid doubts on detente

Easing of US ties could spark a boom but large-scale emigration is a risk

The Big Read: Oil’s winners and losers

Inflation and strong dollar could curb global economic impact