Buhari delays rattle Nigeria investors

Perception of a fiscal policy vacuum hits business confidence

Health experts hail Ebola breakthrough

Preliminary test results for vaccine show positive

Cecil puts game hunting in crosshairs

Up to 6,000 lions bred in southern Africa so they can be shot

Walter the dentist: new face of a hunter

The matinee idol notion of masculinity attracts less obviously virile figures to the pursuit

Palmer alone not to blame for lion’s death

Zimbabwe’s government has starved wildlife protection of funds, writes Marian Tupy

Obama warns on Africa’s ‘strongmen’

US president mixes harsh words and praise in African Union speech

Obama presses Ethiopia on human rights

US president lauds Addis Ababa’s efforts to fight militants

Downtown Addis Ababa
©Nichole Sobecki

Africa: more ready to make than consume

The problem is not a missing middle class but a missing class of organisation, writes Paul Collier

Obama attacks corruption in Kenya

US president says country needs tough laws to tackle issue

Mac Maharaj in Durban, June 2015
©Charlie Shoemaker

Full transcript: Mac Maharaj on Mandela

Veteran of the ANC, confidant of Mandela and Zuma

Obama pushes Kenya on corruption and rights

US president praises economic growth but pushes Kenyatta on gay rights

Kenyan expectations high for Obama visit

Emotional moment as US president sets foot in land of his father

First malaria vaccine gets a green light

But critics question whether Mosquirix is effective enough

US business set to follow Obama footsteps

Big private equity firms join companies showing more interest

South Africa raises interest rates

Growth outlook has worsened amid power crisis and labour unrest

US backs Nigeria in Boko Haram struggle

Buhari’s visit to Washington signals reset in relations

Obama makes a return to his Kenyan roots

The US must engage Africa’s rising economies on different terms

New Brics bank to challenge major lenders

Developing countries aim to create alternative to World Bank

EU falls short on asylum quota scheme

Setback for burden-sharing plan to help Greece and Italy

La Croisette, Abidjan

A must-visit business lunch destination