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Africa’s newest giant must do more for investors and its struggling millions, writes Tolu Ogunlesi

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Money transfer group Dahabshiil wins time to find replacement bank

Africans face $2bn ‘remittance supertax’

Costs are higher than global average, says think-tank

Beny Steinmetz
©Shaun Curry/FT

Steinmetz unit’s Guinea deal ‘corrupt’

Government expected to cancel Simandou rights after inquiry

Nigerian blast leaves more than 70 dead

Islamist group Boko Haram likely to be suspects

The developing world’s fragile middle class

Data show 2.8bn people in the developing world sit just above the poverty line, at risk of slipping back as economic growth in emerging markets slows

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Conservative society is a fertile recruiting ground

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Rising fertility rates and low productivity cause shortages

Twelve days in southern Africa

Twenty years after the end of white rule, South Africa and its neighbouring states Namibia and Angola face a second great struggle – for progress, prosperity and a better future for all. The region has come far but it must go further – and faster. By Lionel Barber

UN to deploy 12,000 troops in CAR

Security Council approves mission to deploy in September

Prospects for Mauritania improve but there is still a way to go

A period of stability has brought growth and greater openness, but social fractures may undermine the effort

Nouakchott sees value in courting foreign backers of all stripes

Diplomatic relations finally offer a way forward

Kenya to lift GDP by 20 per cent

David Jones / Woolworths

Banding together to repel northern invaders has logic

Woolworths in A$2.15bn David Jones deal