Kenya to stop hosting 600,000 refugees

Nairobi seeks to close camps over security concerns

Buhari signs Nigerian budget into law

Weeks of wrangling with lawmakers had delayed government spending plan

Zimbabwe to print ‘bond notes’

Scarcity of US dollars leads to ATMs running out of money

DRC police surround politician’s home

Deployment ordered after businessman declares challenge to Kabila

‘Tuna bond’ controversy deepens

Row over Mozambique paper highlights dangers of EM capital markets

‘Continental Shift’ by Bloom and Poplak

Sprawling insight and stories behind Africa and its state of flux

Niger asks EU for €1bn to stem migrant flow

State becomes staging post for thousands heading for Libya

Water scarcity imperils growth, study warns

World Bank fears shortages might lead to migration and violence

Volunteers embrace the Jungle way of life

Notebook: The French state has been slow to act in the migrant camp, writes Adam Thomson

DJIBOUTI, Djibouti: Chinese workers build the Doraleh Multipurpose Port, which will be the largest of eight ports in Djibouti and the site of China's first overseas military base. China is helping to bankroll a targeted $12.4bn for huge infrastructure projects including the Doraleh Multipurpose Port and a new railway in the tiny $1.5bn economy. Djibouti, a former French colony at the northeastern edge of Africa, is increasingly at the epicenter of global ambitions; quietly helping to shape a new world order while few outsiders have even heard of the country. Djibouti is key to the rise of China, the militarisation of global trade and security, and the emergence of a strategic chokehold that global rivals want the right to police. (Nichole Sobecki for The Financial Times Magazine)

IMF cuts Africa growth forecast to 3%

Fund warns governments that reforms are needed to stem downturn

Hidden loans prove costly for Mozambique

IMF suspends financial aid as worst crisis since civil war deepens

Kenya burns largest ever ivory stockpile

$150m worth burned in campaign to end trade in prized animal parts

Kenya bets on cattle to save elephants

Loisaba reserve helps livestock farmers in conservation battle

Court revives Zuma corruption charges

Decision in 2009 to drop 780 cases was irrational, judges rule

Ethiopia hands dissident 9-year jail term

Okello seized in exile and sentenced for plotting against the state

Nigeria and EU to discuss migrant return

Deal would likely allow deportations in exchange for aid

Kenyans start to roam Silicon Savannah

The country has had to rely on ingenuity to keep ticking over

Nigeria import curbs drain ports of life

Thousands laid off and customs revenue down as government seeks to preserve foreign reserves

South Sudan rebel leader returns to Juba

Failed economy and contest for spoils seen as threats to peace

Burundi faces ICC probe as violence grows

Inquiry is first step on road to prosecutions as crisis deepens