Ebola-hit countries still servicing debt

Repayments go through despite international pressure

Beny Steinmetz
©Shaun Curry/FT

Billionaire fails to gag mine deal critic

Steinmetz loses key UK privacy law case against Global Witness

Falling oil price hits South Sudan hard

Pipeline contract means war-torn nation gets under $25 a barrel

Workers at a Vedanta smelting plant in Kitwe in Zambia

Zambia will need more help, says IMF

Political uncertainties and falling copper prices weigh on economy

Raila Odinga, Kenyan Prime minister-Editor At the FT 9/8/2012
©Anna Gordon

Kenyan politicians clash on security bill

Opponents say legislation threatens to turn nation into police state

South Sudan playing cards in Juba camp

S Sudan braced for fresh violence

Peace plan fails with no sign of compromise

Buhari set to challenge Nigeria’s Jonathan

Ascetic ex-general sees himself as strongman in fight with Islamists

Johannesburg SE in Africa gateway play

New initiative to tempt London and NY-listed groups to dual list

South Sudan playing cards in Juba camp

South Sudan’s displaced people

Civil war in world’s newest nation is causing humanitarian catastrophe

IMF warns on South African economy

Fund says structural constraints have reduced potential growth

Mugabe appoints ‘The Crocodile’ as deputy

Mnangagwa becomes frontrunner to succeed Zimbabwe president

Pistorius prosecutors granted appeal

States prosecutors will now take their challenge to the Supreme Court of Appeal

Mugabe fires deputy and eight ministers

Cabinet purge follows Zanu-PF rift and elevation of president’s wife

South Africa faces electricity crisis

Outages compound nation’s economic woes

More Ebola cases in Sierra Leone than Liberia

Outbreak ‘flaming strongly’ in west African country, says WHO

Grace Mugabe takes senior Zanu-PF role

Rise of Zimbabwe leader’s wife confirmed at party congress

Pentagon joins fight against malaria

US moves to staunch latest strain of ‘quiet menace’ in SE Asia

ICC drops Kenyatta charges

Decision marks political victory for Kenya

Renzi pivots to Africa for gas

PM seeks to look outside Russia for Italy’s energy

Political rivalries blight Zambia

Rifts divide main parties as election looms