DR Congo urged to honour mining code

Provincial governor warns rules rewrite risks threatening investment

Strong demand for Tunisia’s $1bn bond

First unassisted debt sale since Arab Spring sees $4bn of orders

Workers at a Vedanta smelting plant in Kitwe in Zambia

Zambia’s copper belt reels as price falls

Businesses sacrifice margins and fear job losses

Zambia elects populist Lungu as president

Ruling party candidate to continue pro-poor policies after victory

Nigeria heads for tight presidential race

Oil shock gives Muhammadu Buhari’s political quest a sense of déjà vu

GSK ships Ebola vaccine to west Africa

Drugmakers race to launch trials amid decline in new cases

Nigeria security chief urges poll delay

Dasuki says millions have yet to receive voting cards

‘A bit of luck’ halted Ebola, says Gates

Billionaire philanthropist says world must react faster next time

Congo: ‘Katumbi will decide election’

Support grows for popular governor of Katanga to enter presidential race against Kabila

Lungu in pledge on Zambia mining tax

Industry and opposition politicians warn of threat to jobs

Hichilema and Lungu vie for Zambian votes

Businessman and populist go head to head in presidential race

The ‘war on terror’ is going backwards

Fight against jihadis now resembles a more conventional battle

Niger protesters march against government

Authorities use riots against Charlie Hebdo cartoons as excuse to outlaw opposition protest

J&J receives €100m EU boost for Ebola

US healthcare group’s treatment boosted amid race to start trials

Images reveal scale of Boko Haram attacks

More than 3,700 structures damaged or destroyed

Nigeria faces closest election

Top of the list of issues is country’s dire security situation

Morocco looks south as Europe stagnates

Strategic location helps country to position itself as a gateway to Africa

How to share world with true believers

First, accept that we are playing the long game of containment

Nigeria decries muted response to outrages

Campaigners contrast limited international reaction to killings to situation in France

Extremist attacks not just in France

The west cannot ignore the victims of jihadism across the globe