Where do your eureka moments come from?

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Creative thinkers from a variety of fields tell how they nurture inspiration


Mrs Moneypenny discusses pay with fellow FT columnist Stefan Stern and Natalie Jacquemin, a psychologist and partner at Mercer
Stefan Stern
Boards directors should be prepared for significant new governance guidelines
– Stefan Stern
Gill Plimmer

Women do not win when women lead

Rise of female leaders not enough to deliver equality

Dr Steve Peters, psychiatrist

Dr Steve Peters, psychiatrist

He helps Olympians and company chiefs manage their ‘inner chimp’

Mrs Moneypenny

It is not too late to recreate yourself

One thing that almost anyone who has ever changed career direction has done is to retrain

Career Counsel: how to keep staff

Brexit means it is open poaching season and UK workers are easy targets

New PM spells big change for boards

Boards directors should be prepared for significant new governance guidelines

LinkedIn offers to ‘clone’ workers

The company’s new doppelgänger tool is put to the test and it is disappointingly accurate

Mathias Helleu, 8 Securities, executive chairman

Mathias Helleu, 8 Securities, executive chairman

French supermarket lessons led to Asian roboadvice on money

Azeem Azhar

Say ‘Om’ to beat cynics and stress

Do not cower before cynics, meditation is proved to help at work

Mrs Moneypenny

People are better than money at motivating employees

Stable, extroverted, agreeable people tend to like their jobs, irrespective of their salaries

Board Briefing: Business leaders should spread post-Brexit optimism

Investors and employees must be reassured that the UK will stay a top global business centre

In a Blink

Shower, or risk breaking the biggest workplace taboo

Closing the political chasm in the office

Raw emotions in the workplace need deft handling

Yannis Pitsiladis, sports physiologist

The anti-doping expert courts controversy outside the laboratory

Crisis management is learnt the hard way

Justine Roberts on why the only way to improve is to go through harsh crises

Iceland football boss — part-time dentist

Adding a sporting dimension to your career can be therapeutic

Leaders who block bad news ask for trouble

Boards need to be open to criticism and opposing points of view to see blind spots

Nominations open for LGBT+ rankings

We are looking for champions of diversity for our three ranked lists of executives and future leaders

The office is dead! Long live the office!

Technology is banishing old, static ways of working in favour of agile innovations

Doug DeVos, Amway president

His controversial direct sales empire survives despite hard knocks