Powa technology used for retail venture

Keyboard Concept

Actovate aims to transform payments services

Swiss banks join tech hub push for Zurich

Credit Suisse and UBS invest in ‘accelerator’ to help start-ups

Madrid, Spain cityscape above traffic on Gran Via shopping street.

Madrid, Spain — Crisis spawns start-ups

The economic downturn has provided plentiful and cheap engineers

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How unwanted books became big business

The company that turned its counter-intuitive idea into a multimillion-pound venture

Retailers going overboard in Amazon panic

Physical store operators should have more faith in the resilience of bricks and mortar

Cambridge fund raises £75m ahead of IPO

Woodford, Winton Ventures and Oman Investment join investors

Russia’s traditions power its innovators

The livewires of Moscow and St Petersburg rely on age-old ploys to make a living

Audencia teaches the art of business

Nantes school helps creatives develop entrepreneurial skills

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How did humble slipper become so cool?

Mahabis has spent millions a year to convince hipsters to wear its shoes

Jonathan Faiman founder of Ocado and now of Neos. Photographed at the Lanesborough, London - BIZ LIFE
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Jonathan Faiman — from groceries to oil

Co-founder of Ocado hopes company can disrupt onshore exploration