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Clinton shifts tactics in debate

Sanders holds his own on foreign policy as Clinton attempts attack


The four candidates currently leading the polls, clockwise from top left: Donald Trump, Bernie Sanders, Hillary Clinton and Ted Cruz ©Getty Images; AP; Reuters
In almost every race for 36 years, the eventual nominees have won either Iowa or New Hampshire
US Elections 2016
The 2016 US primaries: A calendar of all the races and results

Clinton can learn from Corbyn’s win

She should face down the Sandersnista by looking at the Labour campaign, writes Philip Stephens

Money buying little power in US campaign

Deep pockets are proving no guarantee of electoral success

Clinton boosted by Black Caucus support

Democratic candidate credited with ‘understanding racial divide’

Republicans seek bright side on Trump

The party is having to clutch at silver linings attached to the mogul’s possible nomination

Republicans seek mainstream rival to Trump

New Hampshire primary leaves crowded field of establishment conservative candidates

Sanders victory forces Clinton rethink

Democrat favourite fails to appeal to cross-section of voters

Trump moves into Republican mainstream

Broad appeal of tycoon leaves moderate GOP candidates scrambling

New Hampshire voters repudiate America’s elites

Scale of Sanders’ and Trump’s victories breathtaking

Anti-politics gives Bloomberg an opening

The former New York mayor could position himself against two extremes

Trump and Sanders win New Hampshire

Outsiders score decisive victories to set up long battles for both parties

New Hampshire 2016 primary vote reaction

Near-record turnout of voters in campaign’s first primary election

Bloomberg says he is considering 2016 run

Media billionaire’s entry would reshape campaign

Young women split over backing of Clinton

Some Sanders fans find it sexist to be expected to back a female

Cruz stays strong in New Hampshire

Texas senator still trails Trump in polls

Brash Trump tested: New Hampshire 2016

Battle for crown of Republican establishment standard bearer versus Washington outsiders

Trump, Sanders and American rage

Desire for leaders from fringes will have profound implications

Rubio attempts to show spontaneous side

Florida senator came under attack from Republican rivals for relying on over-prepared soundbites

Bush fights back as New Hampshire looms

US presidential candidate casts aside Trump’s ‘low-energy’ jibes

Chasing the dragon in New Hampshire

Narcotic abuse is changing how politicians view the state

Trump and Cruz alarm corporate America

Many Republican-leaning business people view the two candidates as intolerable

Rivals round on Rubio in Republican debate

Florida senator rattled by accusations of inexperience

Jeb Bush fights to stay relevant

Mr Bush will battle louder candidates in GOP debate tonight

Sanders support solid in New Hampshire

There is a sense the Clinton campaign accepts she is not going to win here, writes Sebastian Payne

Sanders brandishes his Wall Street weapon

Hillary Clinton repeatedly forced to answer questions over $200,000 speaking fees

Clinton needs some music in her message

The Democrat’s challenge is to create progressive anthem

Clinton and Sanders clash in fiery debate

Democratic presidential hopefuls drop the pleasant tone as race to the White House takes a combative turn

Clinton tries to win over young liberals

Candidate is failing to convince new generation of progressives

Republicans have a problem with poverty

Most Americans think party still favours the rich, survey shows

Rubio becomes the candidate to beat

Florida senator is now the Republican establishment’s new hope

Rand Paul quits US presidential race

Libertarian message of non-intervention failed to attract support

US polls keep us guessing after Iowa vote

The truth in Iowa was hiding behind the numbers

Trump aims to rebound from Iowa defeat

Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio big Republican winners in first contest of 2016 vote

Pollsters’ numbers don’t add up in Iowa

2016 campaign is proving to be among the most awkward to predict

Republicans look to Rubio after Iowa poll

Small signs of hope for the mainstream wing of the party

Bring our elites closer to the people

One cause of disquiet is the sense that those at the top are corrupt, complacent and incompetent

Political groupthink bad for universities

The well-educated are generally more socially liberal than the traditional working class

Cruz and Clinton score narrow Iowa wins

Democratic frontrunners almost tied as Texas senator deals blow to Trump

Cruz proves more dangerous than Trump

Senator from Texas brings a conservatism that is as disruptive

Trump rhetoric returns to haunt him

After lambasting ‘losers’, tycoon plays second fiddle in Iowa