Farage’s Brexit message woos Trump fans

‘I wouldn’t vote for Clinton if she paid me,’ Ukip man tells rally

US election explained

White House photographer Robert McNeely spent six years with the Clintons in the 1990s. He reveals the stories behind his pictures and what they say about the kind of leader Clinton might be
Stanley Chow illustration ©Stanley Chow
A provocateur with a colourful back-story, writes Demetri Sevastopulo
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For decades, the Sun Belt promised jobs but the problems of wage inequality are catching up

Trump tempers tone in pitch to minorities

Shift in rhetoric bears hallmark of new campaign manager

Clinton dogged by ties to charity’s donors

Foundation contributors sought access to then-secretary of state

Trump puts US Asian pivot in a spin

Asia braced for a redrawing of the geopolitical map that would see China usurp the US

Thousands of Clinton emails to be released

Almost 15,000 undisclosed messages to be revealed in coming months

Clintons’ charity needs better governance

Their foundation must eliminate conflict and tighten scrutiny

James Ferguson illustration
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The crisis in Anglo-American democracy

Trump of the Republicans and Corbyn of the Labour party are recycling some bad old ideas

US manufacturing’s ills misdiagnosed

Robots, not China, should be the focus of job creation policies

Clinton attacks ‘Kremlin puppet’ Trump

Democratic campaign seeks to counter focus on foreign donor ties

Trump as Nixon
©Matt Kenyon

Trump’s dark inner Nixon

This is not how you win elections, but it is a great way to leverage your brand

Trump faces deep black voter distrust

Republican candidate needs to do a lot of work to reach out to African-Americans

Manafort deputy’s ‘Russia spy links’

Military intelligence revelations take on new significance for Trump’s former campaign manager

Stephen Bannon, Trump’s campaign chief

A provocateur with a colourful back-story

Manafort resigns from Trump’s campaign

Upheaval in Republican candidate’s team follows rapid decline in poll numbers

Podcast review — ‘With Her’ and ‘Trumpcast’

Race for the White House has spawned two very different podcasts

Georgia no longer safe Republican state

Democratic party senses opportunity in opposition strongholds

Clinton Foundation to end foreign gifts

Donations policy to be revised if Hillary is elected

Trump challenges old truths in US media

Digital upstarts take the fight to conservative bastions like Fox

Clinton gains with educated white voters

Democrat has edge in traditional bedrock of Republican support

Steve Bannon lets Trump be Trump

New campaign guru has been an anti-establishment provocateur

New Trump team to keep outsider playbook

Republican sidelines adviser advocating more scripted style

The US view

Main concern is influence of exit vote on the dollar

Liz Cheney claims win in Wyoming primary

Unofficial results show former vice-president Dick Cheney’s daughter on course to win

Casino magnate Wynn refuses to back Trump

Friend of Republican laments lack of conversation over US economy

Trump and his Orwellian America

The US presidential candidate is appealing to fear

Clinton looks to tap into US optimism

Presidential candidate’s upbeat message is at odds with a supposedly despondent electorate

‘The Making of Donald Trump’ — review

David Cay Johnston makes a compelling case that Trump has the attributes of both ‘dictator’ and ‘deceiver’

US announces largest Guantánamo transfer

12 Yemeni and 3 Afghan detainees sent to UAE

Trump wants extreme vetting of immigrants

Republican calls for ideological screening test for US entry

Top Trump aide faces $12.7m Ukraine probe

Paul Manafort allegedly allocated cash by pro-Russia party

Republican Asia experts denounce Trump

Candidate’s ideas play into China’s arms, warn ex-Bush officials

Ballot box uncertainties cloud US election

Rules over who can vote remain unresolved in at least 10 states

US election: Trump’s Russian riddle

The Republican nominee was the face of the developer Bayrock

Trump loses his shine in Pennsylvania

Republican is falling behind in battleground states he needs to win

The return of American exceptionalism

Clinton’s worldview is strikingly different to Obama’s

Markets Diary

Minutes of the Federal Reserve’s July monetary policy meeting are released on Wednesday

Political Diary

Sarkozy likely to declare candidacy for presidency in coming days

Meet the new sheriff of Wall Street

Finance sector has not bought the Democratics, says John Dizard

Clinton and Trump at odds on US economy

Candidates clash over how to boost growth and help America’s middle class

Clinton shows tax return to needle Trump

Democrat paid 34% rate on income of $10m-plus with husband Bill