The Brando in French Polynesia

Short cuts: Updates from New York, Myanmar, South Pacific, UK

Revamp of a New York landmark hotel, e-visas, Marlon Brando’s former retreat and celebrating a new Agatha Christie book

Destination inspiration

Survival expert Bear Grylls during the shoot for the Dos Equis Most Interesting Academy webisodes which feature Grylls? top urban survival tips and will be available online at on June 18. Bear Grylls is a distinguished instructor for the Dos Equis Most Interesting Academy?s ?Survival in the Modern Era? course. (Casey Rodgers / AP Images for Dos Equis) **EXCLUSIVE****EXCLUSIVE**
Explore the world with noted adventurers and award-winning writers such as Bear Grylls, Jan Morris and Lionel Shriver
Dates and details of global events and spectacles, such as Sydney’s Crave Food Fair (above), to build an adventure, a holiday or a trip around
Table Mountain view
A look at what the country can offer to urbanites and adventurers alike
The State Cultural Centre of Turkmenistan in Ashgabat
©Robert Harding

Turkmenistan: of deserts and despots

Horatio Clare ventures into the central Asian nation, where a Silk Road past meets a post-Soviet future

Rock formations at Yangykala

Turkmenistan: land of deserts and despots

A ‘recce tour’ of the post-Soviet Central Asian nation, where palaces and cities – some new, others crumbling into the sand – provide a lesson in time

India’s ancient cave monasteries

William Dalrymple explores the rock-cut complexes north of Pune that are as startling as Petra but completely overlooked by tourists

On a boat made for two

A single-cabin vessel in Indonesia is one of a growing number of luxury boats for a honeymoon at sea

La Ode Muhammad Jafar a week after his inauguration as the 39th Sultan of Buton
©Elizabeth Pisani

Teatime with a sultan in Indonesia

On the island of Buton, Elizabeth Pisani discovers a coral fort and Indonesia’s revival of tiny sultanates

Stone steps on the old trade route through the Buri Gandaki river gorge
©Stephen Venables

The trek around Manaslu, Nepal

Nepal’s best-known treks have become increasingly crowded, but one can find peace among the waterfalls and wildflowers on a journey around the world’s eighth highest peak

Club Meditation: China’s spiritual tourism boom

Western and local tourists are heading to the countryside in search of enlightenment

Cycling on Hainan
©Lonely Planet

Hainan: China’s new kingdom of bicycles

Over the past two decades the island has been reborn as a destination both for mainstream tourists and cyclists

Great Walks: Into the hills of Myanmar

In the first of our new series on great walks, Andrew Eames leaves behind the growing tourist crowds for a trek into the pristine Chin Hills

The lure of Tasmania

New tours are making it easier for anglers to explore the Australian island’s lakes and rivers – reputed to offer some of the world’s best fly-fishing

Everest: a Sherpa’s view

In the wake of the avalanche that killed 16 on Mount Everest last month, Jemima Diki Sherpa considers the grim toll paid by her community each spring

Climbers give up on Everest for year

Chasm divides Sherpas from montain’s wealthy dreamers

Biking in Bhutan

A new cycling trip through the remote Himalayan kingdom provides the ideal way for visitors to immerse themselves in its traditions and culture

Across China like a bullet

Hitting 300km/h on the new Beijing-to-Guilin line, high-speed rail is transforming cross-country travel

Brand new ancients

A monastic spa retreat in the Himalayan foothills offers traditional healing procedures

The greatest food show on earth

As Tsukiji fish market is uprooted from its historic site, time is short to catch one of Tokyo’s biggest attractions

All the fun of the fair: Sonepur, India

For more than two millennia, pilgrims and showmen, animal dealers and elephant handlers have gathered on the banks of the Ganges for the Sonepur cattle fair

India’s ‘mesmerising’ Sonepur cattle fair

For more than two millennia, pilgrims and showmen, animal dealers and elephant handlers have gathered on the banks of the Ganges

Postcard from . . . Sri Lanka

Seaplane services make it easier for tourists to visit the island’s beaches and tea plantations


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