Harvesting near Khandu village in Sikkim, India

A new approach to Himalayan trekking

In Sikkim, a more comfortable take on Himalayan trekking

Destination inspiration

Rose Cottage at Dormy House
Hotels and holiday homes that are perfect for a short break from the city
The open road in southwest Iceland ©Luz Photo
Sail into deepest Myanmar or drive the route of Italy’s Mille Miglia road race: the world’s best road trips and river journeys
Joe Kidd takes his fatbike over some rocky outcrops on the Oregon coast ©Tim Neville
From a ‘fatbike’ tour of Oregon’s coast to heli-biking in New Zealand and a cycle trip through the Bhutanese Himalayas
©Matthew Cook

Postcard from . . . China

In search of China’s Northern Lights

A seafood Shangri-La in Hokkaido, Japan

A treat awaits foodies on this northern island, and a new bullet train route has made it easier to reach

©Matthew Cook

Postcard from . . . Cambodia

A new project aims to preserve the site of the Khmer Rouge’s final stand

Cloud swirls around the temple on the summit of Adam’s Peak
©Dominic Sansoni/Three Blind Men

Sri Lanka’s stairway to heaven

A night-time ascent of the country’s holiest mountain

Illustration by Matthew Cook
©Matthew Cook

Postcard from . . . Chiang Mai

A five-star hotel has put the artistic and eccentric Nimman district on the tourist map

Satoyama (left) throws Gagamaru
©The Asahi Shimbun/Getty

Sumo — how a dance critic got gripped

Louise Levene experiences an unexpected passion for Japan’s gravity-defying star athletes

Into the furnace in Iran

A journey to the hottest place on earth

©Jens Benninghofen/Alamy

On the bike to Mandalay

As tourists flock to Myanmar, a bicycle offers an off-the-beaten track escape from the crowds

A mural by the Australian artist Rone
©Arno Gasteiger

The resurrection of Christchurch

The FT’s architecture critic Edwin Heathcote on a city reimagining itself after earthquake damage

A taste of luxury in Sri Lanka

How a homegrown hotel group is hoping to rival international chains at the top of the market

Luxury lodge-hopping in New Zealand

Once known for backpacking and bungee jumping, the country is now attracting wealthier visitors

Hotel insider: Old Clare and Palisade, Sydney

Two restoration projects — an abandoned brewery and a 19th-century pub — have been catalysts for change in their neighbourhoods

Don’t look down: India’s Spiti Valley

Will Hide takes a self-drive tour along ‘the most treacherous road in the world’

Postcard from . . . South Korea

In just one generation, the country has gone ski-crazy. Today there are 19 resorts, with a total of 129 lifts

Golf takes off in Vietnam

Akhil Sharma tests new courses and finds some intriguing idiosyncrasies

Aman’s new floating hotel

The latest offering from the Aman group isn’t a hotel but a sleek sailing boat

Ice and isolation in Pakistan

With two friends — and 42 porters — Matthew Green treks over the remote Hispar Pass

Climbing: Is K2 the new Everest?

Commercial expeditions are coming to the world’s second-highest peak

Australia tests technology to deter sharks

Alarming rise in attacks threatens beach tourism industry


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