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Across China like a bullet

Hitting 300km/h on the new Beijing-to-Guilin line, high-speed rail is transforming cross-country travel

Destination inspiration

Survival expert Bear Grylls during the shoot for the Dos Equis Most Interesting Academy webisodes which feature Grylls? top urban survival tips and will be available online at MostInterestingAcademy.com on June 18. Bear Grylls is a distinguished instructor for the Dos Equis Most Interesting Academy?s ?Survival in the Modern Era? course. (Casey Rodgers / AP Images for Dos Equis) **EXCLUSIVE****EXCLUSIVE**
Explore the world with noted adventurers and award-winning writers such as Bear Grylls, Jan Morris and Lionel Shriver
Dates and details of global events and spectacles, such as Sydney’s Crave Food Fair (above), to build an adventure, a holiday or a trip around
Table Mountain view
A look at what the country can offer to urbanites and adventurers alike
Meditation at Vana

Brand new ancients

A monastic spa retreat in the Himalayan foothills offers traditional healing procedures

The greatest food show on earth

As Tsukiji fish market is uprooted from its historic site, time is short to catch one of Tokyo’s biggest attractions

A man with his cows during the Sonepur fair
©Alex Edwards

All the fun of the fair: Sonepur, India

For more than two millennia, pilgrims and showmen, animal dealers and elephant handlers have gathered on the banks of the Ganges for the Sonepur cattle fair

A man with his cows during the Sonepur fair
©Alex Edwards

India’s ‘mesmerising’ Sonepur cattle fair

For more than two millennia, pilgrims and showmen, animal dealers and elephant handlers have gathered on the banks of the Ganges

Cinnamon Air seaplane

Postcard from . . . Sri Lanka

Seaplane services make it easier for tourists to visit the island’s beaches and tea plantations

A leopard on a granite outcrop

Leopard-spotting in India

The new camp that lets guests get up close to big cats on the plains of Rajasthan

Burmese temple
©Charlie Bibby

Postcard from ... Myanmar

Photographer Charlie Bibby takes the slow train to Mandalay

Passengers on a platform at Yangon station
©Charlie Bibby

Postcard from . . . Myanmar

The journey by rail takes 15 hours but, on board, the landscape rolls by like a timeless picture show

The infinity pool at the Vivanta by Taj hotel complex

India: where eagles stare

Coorg is earning a reputation as a perfect base for walking, relaxing and watching the abundant wildlife

Call to reinstate Hagia Sophia as mosque

Deputy PM seeks to have museum reconverted

How Flores began to bloom

The Indonesian island is emerging from Bali’s shadow – helped by the internet

Postcard from ... China’s Club Med

The new Guilin resort features abstract buildings and quirky sculptures, and comes complete with rice paddies and water buffalo

Street food central

With a mix of Malay, Chinese and Indian cuisines, is Kuala Lumpur the tastiest city in southeast Asia?

Wild shores

Colonisers have left their mark on the islands off Sri Lanka’s Jaffna Peninsula, but they remain a place apart

Slow train to Kagoshima

Forget speeding bullet trains – Japan’s new, £20m hotel on wheels is designed to go slowly but in style

Glamping at 12,000ft

James Crabtree on an unusual spiritual and commercial partnership at a monastery in the Himalayas

Heli-biking in New Zealand

Head to ‘Lord of the Rings’ territory for the latest offering for thrill seekers

Sail into deepest Myanmar

In the first of a series on great river trips, a new Orient-Express ship sails up the little-visited Chindwin

Island-hopping around Taiwan

Can the birdlife, pagodas and empty beaches of the outlying islands cope with a tourist invasion?


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