Inside one of the domes of The Highlands camp in Tanzania

A ‘redefined’ safari experience in Tanzania

A pioneering camp suggests moving from traditional tents to domes

Kenya: where lions roam free

A pioneering safari camp is striving to protect both wild animals and the Maasai way of life

A fantasy island

A pirate’s hide-out in the Seychelles has been reborn as a $5,000-a-night retreat

Cheetah in the southern Serengeti
©Alex Edwards

Serengeti: the track less beaten

Millions of animals migrate across the region each year. Horatio Clare heads in the opposite direction

Hanli Prinsloo free-diving off the coast of Ecuador
©Peter Marshall/I Am Water Foundation

Free-diving in Mozambique

A new course offers underwater adventures without scuba gear

Banks look to sub-Saharan expansion

The nation’s three biggest lenders account for two-thirds of the home market and are growing abroad

©Matthew Cook

Postcard from . . . Morocco

Arnie Wilson visits Africa’s first heliski base

A saltwater hippo in Orango National Park
©Emma Thomson

Guinea-Bissau: where the wild things are

The tiny west African nation has high hopes for its nascent tourism industry — and rightly so

Illustration by Matthew Cook of an elephant
©Matthew Cook

Postcard from . . . Zambia

The Luangwa Valley gives the best wildlife experience in Africa — perhaps the world

A Bushman
©Jarrod Kyte

Among the Bushmen of Namibia

In Khaudum national park, two new lodges are set to bring luxury to an area so far off the tourist trail that humans are outnumbered by elephants

An ‘anti-safari’ in Tanzania

A new organisation focuses not on luxury and wildlife-spotting but on protecting remote areas and communities

The Turkana Basin in Kenya — the ‘birthplace of humanity’

Fossil hunting in Africa’s ‘birthplace of humanity’

A renowned paleontologist has opened her Turkana Basin research institute in Kenya to tourists

‘The 4,000-year-old rock and roll band’

A trip into the Rif mountains to hear the musicians of Jajouka rounds off a weekend in Tangiers

High adventure in Zambia

A pioneering itinerary takes travellers across Kafue national park by canoe, Land Rover, hot-air balloon and on foot

High adventure in Zambia

On holiday with hunter-gatherers

A chance to live alongside the nomadic Hadza tribe

Postcard from . . . Kenya

The Lewa marathon is one of the world’s toughest, thanks to heat, high altitude — and the risk of running into lions, leopards and cheetahs

Peace and prehistory in Somaliland

Warmth and intimacy set the country apart from its troubled neighbour Somalia — and make it an antidote to modern tourism. By Stanley Stewart

On location — ‘Mad Max: Fury Road’

The post-apocalyptic road movie was relocated to Namibia


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