Brexit — how will pensions be affected?

An elderly woman takes a photograph on Brighton beach

Market volatility could shrink value of retirement funds

Brexit vote and your money

EU rules underpin our financial lives, from buying flights to funds to a place in the sun
How to position your portfolio for an ‘in’ or ‘out’ vote

The golden generation leaves a tarnished legacy on Brexit

Serious Money: Over-65s swayed the EU vote — now we’ll all live with the consequences

Brazil failure shows up bad debt dynamics

A Petrobras recapitalisation is one of the solutions that is available

Tata pension plan changes criticised

Shadow minister concerned it could set precedent for other troubled industries

Prudential exits open annuities market

Income drawdown becoming the default option for savers

Plans to cut UK steel pensions attacked

Proposals seen as critical to finding a buyer for Tata plants

Fund chiefs pressed over pension fees

Call for template to reveal up to 100 different charges

BT pension hole widens by nearly £3bn

FTSE 100 group may have to boost contributions to plug shortfall

Investors living in negative territory

Negative bond yields and interest rates make growth hard to find


How can I get a cheaper pension?

I think my wealth manager is overcharging me

‘Shop around for drawdown cash’

Campaigners appeal to government for new comparison tool

Royal Mint opens vault to pension investors

Some gold bars will be available for tax-efficient retirement pots

Carry on working or take the money?

If I quit, I’ll need to retrain but I don’t know what in

Got a final salary pension? Steel yourself

Negotiations over the British Steel pension fund should worry those with a defined benefit pension

Germany: Draghi v the banks

Savers are fearful and politicians warn about the rise of populism. Both blame the ECB. Are they correct?

BHS used loophole to cut pensions levy

Failed retailer employed a ‘pretty worthless’ guarantee to save money

Inquiry into final-salary pension crisis

MPs to look at ‘radical’ solutions to tackle pressures facing schemes

Lifetime Isas ‘will benefit the wealthy’

Savings scheme is unrealistic for most people in their twenties

Axa’s plan to quit tobacco is not so pure

Kicking the habit of investing in cigarette makers is hard

Flak for pension managers over hidden fees

Savers exposed to more than 100 charges, study reveals


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