The oil industry is being shaped by one of the most dramatic price movements of recent times that has changed the corporate landscape for oil companies, created a windfall of lower energy costs for oil consumers and has huge implications for the economies of oil exporters.

Fall in number of US oil rigs speeds up

Companies adjust to latest slump in price of crude

Week in Review

Week in Review, February 6

Oil majors, Swiss banks, Alphabet, ChemChina and BA in the news

Libya warns shipowners over oil deals

‘Unauthorised’ attempts by rival factions to export crude

Small but serious threat of US recession

Growth fears are overdone but the Federal Reserve must be vigilant

A new in-take of workers arrice on the Kittiwake platform, in the North Sea
©Robert Omerod

North Sea oil companies in debt spillage

Operations in world’s most expensive field are under threat

A helicopter takes off from North Sea's Kittiwake platform
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North Sea: after the fall

With oil plummeting to lowest price in years, Kiran Stacey reports from Kittiwake rig on industry in turmoil

Obama proposes $10 per barrel oil tax

Plan sparks backlash but may influence change in energy policy

Wall St pares gains as oil prices retreat

Dollar down sharply versus euro and yen

Oil: From boom to bailout

Cheaper crude means many developing countries will take longer to catch up with advanced economies

Shell boss predicts rebound in oil price

Not all executives share optimism, with ConocoPhillips cutting its dividend

ING earnings beat expectations

Higher margins and a bigger loan book drive lender’s profits

Default may be Venezuelans’ best hope

If imports are cut again, hardship could become a humanitarian crisis

Iran’s hardliners slam business deals

PM Hassan Rouhani’s agreements will harm Iran, conservatives warn

Conoco cuts dividend amid falling oil price

Company becomes first large US producer to reduce its payout

Oil majors must tailor strategy to reality

A supply that is plentiful demands some fresh ideas from the industry

Brent Oil field, North Sea, UK --- Image by Ocean/Corbis

Always look on the dark side of life

Oil is proving to be a dominant negative force in markets

Statoil chief maintains dividend pledge

Proposed equity offer preserves Norwegian oil group’s cash

Shell chief bullish despite profits plunge

Group looks to oil market rebalancing as it reiterates cost-cuts

Oil bulls’ misplaced optimism

Crude market could remain heavily oversupplied this year, making recovery in prices unlikely

Dollar hit by weak US service sector data

Wall Street recovers from early sell-off

Crude prices jump amid weakness in greenback

Brent crude gains more than 5 per cent

Catastrophe is close for Venezuela

A disorderly default on an Argentine scale is almost inevitable, writes Ricardo Hausmann

S&P cuts US oil groups’ ratings

Chevron hit and shale producers downgraded to junk

Oil and banks stocks lead the market down

Fed rate rise drifts as US equities tumble with oil price

ExxonMobil under pressure from oil slump

Like BP, US energy group needs to lay foundations for growth

Nigerian poor hit by monetary policy

Maintaining value of local currency seems to have lifted prices

BP shares fall after worst-ever loss

But Exxon reports better than expected fourth-quarter results

Oil renews slide as production cuts prove elusive

Venezuela seeks to drum up support for reductions to bolster prices

Exxon cuts capex by a quarter to $23.2bn

Collapse in oil price sees quarterly net income tumble 58%

Angola pledges tighter bank regulation

Central bank governor says country has sufficient foreign reserves

©Saudi Aramco

Saudi debt sale at mercy of oil price

Kingdom’s first overseas bond sale depends on external factors

Brent Oil field, North Sea, UK --- Image by Ocean/Corbis

North Sea fields face end of production

Halting output could hasten decline and decommissioning

Premier Oil. Natuna Field. Indonesia 2011

Premier Oil urges action on North Sea

Regulator should be given power to step in, chief says

Putin lines up sell-offs to plug budget

Kremlin debates drastic options to tackle fall in oil revenue

BP elevates two execs in succession move

Promotions of Lamar McKay and Bernard Looney come ahead of results

Nigeria asks World Bank to do IMF’s job

The fund is the agency that should lead the response to the crisis

Hedge funds split over outlook for oil

Prospect of Iran adding to glut vies with chances of cuts

Worries spur closer equities and oil ties

Both markets face volatility, contagion and unusual correlations

Oil producers retool for lower prices

Deep industry cutbacks have long-term implications

Hopes high for February market recovery

FT survey finds reasons to be cheerful amid gloom