Hedge Funds

Follow funds as they adjust their positions amid some of the biggest gains on equities markets since the peak of the financial crisis

Big Four step up services to hedge funds

Accountancy firms exploit opportunity created by tangle of rules

Co-op Bank slashes first-half losses

Lender loses 38,000 current account customers after near collapse

US hedge funds seek European success

So-called activist investors look for overseas opportunities

BlackRock sounds alarm over IPO quality

Call for reform after European post-listing falls

Hedge funds go short on PE-backed floats

Stock pickers seek to profit from floats that fall in value

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Since 2009 the industry has underperformed the market. But in 2012 a few winners have been found

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Argentina crisis clouds Kirchner’s sunset

Default will hit the president’s legacy when she leaves officenext year

Emmanuel Roman, CEO of MAN Group
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Return to form at Man Group

Computer-driven trading strategies have made strong gains

YPF (Yacimientos Petroliferos Fiscales) gasoline tanks are seen in Rio Gallegos, Santa Cruz, some 2500 kms south west of Buenos Aires, on October 23 2011
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Hedge funds bet on Argentine recovery

Groups buy into country’s energy, banks and telecoms companies

Hedge fund tycoon versus the apocalypse

Singer’s warning on electromagnetic pulse he dreads

Winton low-cost equities fund tops $1bn

Inflows a sign of growing pressure on traditional stock managers

Wall Street’s master fishermen are betting on a storm

Few conflicts make a dent in the world’s GDP, writes Stephen Foley

Ackman ‘death blow’ enlivens Herbalife

Stock shoots up as investors brush off probe results

US Senate ire at $6bn tax ‘fiction’

Renaissance Technologies, Deutsche Bank and Barclays accused

Argentina nears cliff in risky debt game

Markets assume common sense will prevail in debt saga

Hedge funds braced for meagre returns

Roughly a quarter of all funds have posted negative returns year to date

Hedge funds split over AIFMD risk rules

Alternatives watch and wait as deadline for authorisation looms

London hedge funds launch US offensive

Stagnating pool of assets available in Europe spurs change

Big funds even bigger as market recovers

Correlation with equity markets is at pre-crisis highs

Hedge funds miss out on equity surge

Macro managers misread central bankers’ interventions

Event-driven hedge funds pull ahead

Activist investors return more than funds focused on macro trends

Short selling: Questions and answers

Turning the spotlight on hedge funds and others

Dov Charney
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Charney hands voting rights to fund

Ousted CEO allows Standard General to act over retailer’s future

US Supreme Court rebuffs Madoff trustee

Claims against HSBC, UniCredit and UBS rejected

Citic may give up US bank branches

Chinese group seeks to avoid being caught by Volcker rule

Sales up for non-performing loan bundles

Investors drawn by higher yields on offer

Distressed asset seekers spot quality amid the debris

Hedge funds move from short to longer-term view

Paul Singer - Person in the News

Paul Singer, the hedge fund holdout

The rightwing fund manager plays hardball on both distressed debt and gay marriage

Critics pan CLO borrow-to-buy strategy

Banks offer loans to entice hedge funds to buy safest debt

Man Group shares rise after Numeric deal

UK asset manager to pay $219m initially for US hedge fund

London's financial district, known as the Square Mile
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End of tower boom forecast for London

Developers shift focus to renovations of buildings

Fortress Centaurus looks to Europe

Hedge fund to tap rise in mergers and capital raisings

Hedge fund tycoon fights divorce claim

Legal battle could lead to UK’s biggest divorce payout

Banks unload risk into blind pools

Hedge funds collect fees for exposure to potential losses

Argentina’s nemesis is a tough tactician

Hedge fund chief Singer wants countries to honour their debts

Argentina will not submit to ‘extortion’

Country ‘cannot comply’ with US court orders to pay $1.5bn

Pine River joins trend to close funds

Low volatility and bank competition cited for decision

Goldman prop traders strike out

Success has proved hard to replicate for those setting up hedge funds

Getting rich: buy trying

Best way to build wealth is to choose the right friends

Hedge funds bet on euro decline

Aggressive action expected by ECB to weaken single currency

Personal coach wanted for investing shots

Tennis could well teach us something about investment performance