Hedge Funds

Follow funds as they adjust their positions amid some of the biggest gains on equities markets since the peak of the financial crisis

British MEP worries about bank bailouts

Syed Kamall warns securitisation ‘comes with health warnings’

Hedgies get the drift at St Anton

No business like snow business for celebrating a payday bonanza

Bank of East Asia told to sell itself

Activist returns to attack ‘entrenched’ executive management

Research at Immunocore

The force behind UK’s biotech successes

George Robinson spent years building Adaptimmune and Immunocore

Activist hedge fund Orange Capital shuts

NY-based company blames more short-term investing in markets

Special reports

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Since 2009 the industry has underperformed the market. But in 2012 a few winners have been found

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Gramercy files $1.3bn claim against Peru

Hedge fund alleges nation refuses to repay long-defaulted bonds

Argentina to pay Italian ‘holdouts’

Deal is first in country’s stand-off with international creditors

France: The short seller vs the supermarket

A US investor has gone into battle with Casino, over its valuation. Are other European companies now targets?

Banks make $1bn from 4 companies’ deals

Boost to fees from Valeant, Altice, Platform and Nomad acquisitions

UBS hires ex-Brevan Howard partner

New position to advise wealthy clients in chief investment office

Bill Ackman apologises for poor 2015

Fund manager issues mea culpa after Pershing Square’s horrid year

Ackman falls out of top hedge fund list

Pershing Square loses billions of dollars in 2015

How human traders will beat the machines

Advancement of computer-driven trading systems may sow seeds of their eventual obsolescence

Hedge fund trade secrets at risk

New EU rules to allow employees to take knowledge to new job

Hedge funds told to improve cyber defence

US regulator highlights cyber security as a priority for 2016

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Stocks moving in tandem hit short sellers

High levels of share correlations are eroding hedge funds’ edge

Fintech: Search for a super-algo

Investment groups race to create a thinking, trading computer. But will AI machines become the Warren Buffetts of the future?

Computer-driven hedge funds gain in slide

Systemic-based models rack up early 2016 paper profits

Vanguard attracts record inflows

Low-cost manager piles pressure on more expensive fund houses

The week: January 18

Trump and Clinton threaten to scrap a Wall Street tax break

Perry Capital cuts jobs after redemptions

Hedge fund lays off traders as volatility frays investor nerves

Piraeus Bank chief quits

Departure comes as Greece toughens stance on foreign investment

Trump and Clinton tax plans scare Wall St

Both parties target private equity and hedge fund ‘loophole’

It can take a short-seller to catch thief

History is littered with lossmaking companies kept alive for years by accounting chicanery

El País owner faces activist pressure

Amber Capital builds 15% stake in Spanish media’s Grupo Prisa

Cohen comes out ahead in SEC battle

Insider trading probe has largely unravelled over the past year

Investors plan to cut hedge fund exposure

Concern over sector’s poor performance over past year

Rational markets expect crazy economies

The financial crisis showed limits of models. Fiscal and monetary policy are even less predictable

London City skyline
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‘Two and 20’ add up for Brevan Howard

Payout underlines that hedge fund staff can still earn large sums

Ex-Soros executive raises $4.5bn for fund

Scott Bessent backed with $2bn cheque from former employer

Hedge fund stock picks underperform

The industry has disappointed pension fund and individual clients

Brevan Howard flagship fund falls again

Further blemish to record of one of largest hedge funds in Europe

Seneca Capital latest hedge fund to shut

Market volatility puts industry under pressure

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Scrooge’s activist letter to Santa Claus

Jingle bells, rides in one-horse open sleighs, eggnog cocktails: Oh, what fun you have with my money

BlueCrest’s own money beats clients’ fund

Partners’ pot has been one of the best performers in the world

‘Ponzi’ case brings down whizz kidd

Young entrepreneur became social pariah after pushing up price of Aids drug

London City skyline
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Hedge funds cut fees to stem client exodus

Pressure mounts in crowded sector after another mediocre year

Sir Chris Hohn’s TCI returns market-beating 14%

Founder says operation is ‘antithesis of the classic hedge fund’

Keurig bid deals another blow to Einhorn

Greenlight hedge fund manager’s short-selling profit shrinks

Hedge funds lick wounds after tough year

Investors wrongfooted by central banks and asset price volatility