Hedge Funds

Follow funds as they adjust their positions amid some of the biggest gains on equities markets since the peak of the financial crisis

Groupthink hobbles hedge fund managers

Hedge funds are struggling to think differently about markets

‘Bunny’ market bounces shift in behaviour

Often coming at end of bull market or onset of bear market, it means indiscriminate falls and rises

hedge funds

Hedge funds: Overpriced, underperforming

The industry has ballooned thanks to pension funds. Now institutional investors are taking a look at costs and returns

Lending Club boosted by Chinese investor

Shanda takes leading stake in online lender hit by loan scandal

Oil supply: drill pickle

US shale regions might have one last burst of life left

Special reports

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Since 2009 the industry has underperformed the market. But in 2012 a few winners have been found

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Hedge fund activism takes root in Europe

Engaging with companies, not writing angry letters, pays off

The headquarters of the Serious Fraud Office in Westminster.
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Cyber crime prosecutions rise by a third

Cases include high-profile Serious Fraud Office successes

Liquid alt funds disappoint investors

Strategy falls short as assets in US stagnate and many lose money

A change of heart from Warren Buffett

Our commentary round-up includes the Sage of Omaha’s newfound eye for Amazon

The week: May 23

Goldman and Deutsche suffered shareholder rebellions over pay

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Listed UK hedge funds ‘decimated’

Investor outflows and fund closures drain two-thirds of assets

Deutsche Bank probes €4m trade by staff

German group reviews transaction for “conflicts of interest”

Week in Review

Week in Review, May 21

Buffett bet on Apple; VW, oil merger and Rolls-Royce also in the news

Money managers seek AI’s ‘deep learning’

As artificial intelligence techniques advance, the investment industry pays more attention

Nasdaq raises the heat in IEX feud

Warning that SEC could face lawsuits over exchange application

Och-Ziff bribery probe: what is at stake?

Hedge fund expects penalties of at least $200m

Hedge fund bought private jet during probe

Och-Ziff borrowed $120m more to prepare for corruption settlement

Buffett’s protégés flex investment muscle

Combs and Weschler run greater share of Berkshire’s pension money

Weinstein wins round in pension test case

PSP sues $1.75bn Saba fund over investor withdrawal rights

Pension savers pay price for hedge funds

Schemes face charges up to 36 times higher than passive alternatives

Mark Spitznagel beats tail risk drum

Libertarian hedge fund manager seeks to profit from extreme risks

Hedge funds wrestle with surging redemptions

Managers eye permanent capital and longer lock-in periods

Anthony Scaramucci, managing partner of SkyBridge Capital LLC and Donald Trump

Hedge funds bank on more pragmatic Trump

Target of candidate’s jibes think populism would give way in office

Lending Club drifts from founding vision

A very Wall Street fuss is rattling an industry that was meant to be the antithesis of Wall Street

DAHK7B Eight old women sit in front of a senior residence with their rollators / wheeled walkers / walking aid in front of them.

Negative rates ‘poison’ German pensions

Regulator piles pressure on European Central Bank

Investment management bankrolls Brexit

Industry gave £4m to groups in favour of Britain leaving the EU

News flash on hedge fund pay for Asness

Miles Johnson wonders why AQR’s co-founder can’t fathom the furore over earnings

evolution...DN01TD evolution
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Fund managers dodge Darwinian capitalism

John Plender warns investors to ignore the siren call of hedge funds

Hedge funds fill universities funding gap

Austerity cuts spark new links in search to make sense of data

GAAP has never been holy writ

Adjusted numbers can provide greater clarity on stock options

Big shot activists stalk small-cap quarry

Wealthy businessman take up hedge fund cudgels to battle for better performance

Gloomy US equities prediction has the edge

Unusual imbalance found in the costs of insuring against extreme moves by the S&P 500

Macro funds miss out on trade of lifetime

In Moby-Dick, Capt Ahab obsessed over a whale. For fund managers that whale is quantitative easing

Brexit groups out-fundraise Remainers

Donations to both sides from 1 February to 22 April hit £15.6m

Oil jumps as US stockpiles drop

Oil price bounce extends rally for crude

2016 is exposing investors of every type

Treacherous markets bite as short-sellers and growth investors hit

Citadel moves on Automated Trading Desk

Purchase would expand hedge fund’s market-making operations

Hedge fund geeks top activists on pay

Renaissance’s Simons bags joint top spot with Citadel’s Griffin

Call for active management constraint

AllianceBernstein chief outlines threat from cheaper passive funds

Online lenders reel at Laplanche departure

Peers stunned by fate of industry’s spiritual leader