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    1. Fast FT

      July 19, 2016

      Torrential rain hits production at Petropavlovsk

      When it rains it pours. Petropavlovsk, the gold miner active in the Amur region in the far east of Russia, has warned...

    2. Fast FT

      July 14, 2016

      Government bonds sell-off amid risk-on rally

      Government bond yields in the US and elsewhere rose on Thursday as expectations that central banks will unleash fresh...

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      Regulators are using powerful algorithms to spot market manipulation. Meanwhile, we lo...
    2. Investing in Tanzania

      Tanzania has long been seen as a country of unfulfilled promise. But its new president...
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    1. July 14, 2016

      Gold miners: that 70’s show

      A debased currency, a slowing economy and football hooliganism abroad. Britain feels a lot like it did in the 1970s....

    2. July 10, 2016

      Investors pin hopes on Hummingbird striking gold

      “Civilised people don’t buy gold. They invest in productive businesses,” Charlie Munger, Warren Buffett’s partner, said...

    3. July 8, 2016

      Gold set to top two-year winning streak

      Gold was set to record its longest winning streak in two years as analysts forecast further demand from investors...

    4. Fast FT

      July 8, 2016

      Gold 'heading to $1,500' - BAML

      BofA Merrill Lynch has given a big upgrade to gold and silver price forecasts, as it predicts populism, migration and...

    5. Fast FT

      July 7, 2016

      US stocks retreat after oil report

      Wall Street struggled to hold on to its early gains on Thursday, with stocks falling back into the red after a report...

    6. July 6, 2016

      Gold miners rise on investor search for haven assets

      The gold price on Wednesday touched its highest level in more than two years as investors continued to flock to haven...

    7. Fast FT

      July 6, 2016

      S&P 500 rises as healthcare stocks rally

      US stocks finished the day on the front foot aided by better than expected economic data and a rally in healthcare...

    8. July 6, 2016

      Silver sets the pace as precious metals surge after Brexit

      In folklore silver is revered for its ability to ward off evil spirits. In financial markets the Devil’s metal is...

    9. Fast FT

      July 6, 2016

      'New bull run': UBS bumps up gold forecasts

      My precious. Well, when the going gets tough, and all that. Gold, that classic haven in times of stress, has been...

    10. July 6, 2016

      Sterling hits 31-year low amid resurgent Brexit jitters

      The pound plumbed new depths against the dollar and investors rushed for the perceived havens of gold and government...

    11. July 4, 2016

      Silver streaks to highest level in two years

      Silver has climbed above $21 an ounce for the first time in two years boosted by investors searching for safe places to...

    12. July 1, 2016

      The US is driving a golden bangles-to-bullion revolution

      A remarkable reversal in world gold flows that started in March of this year has been gaining momentum. After mid-2009,...

    13. Fast FT

      June 29, 2016

      Wall St moves closer to erasing post-Brexit losses

      US stocks rose for a second straight day on Wednesday as the sense of panic that had seized investors in the wake of...

    14. June 28, 2016

      Gold faces own headwinds after Brexit shock

      As the UK voted to leave the EU, the only people celebrating more than Brexit politicians were a clutch of small...

    15. Fast FT

      June 27, 2016

      US stocks skid 1% as Brexit worries linger

      US stocks extended a sharp sell-off on Monday as investors fretted over the implications of the UK’s vote to leave the...

    16. Fast FT

      June 27, 2016

      Gold still the star among commodities after Brexit

      As far as commodities go at the moment, there’s gold, and then there’s pretty much everything else. The yellow metal,...

    17. June 24, 2016

      Gold soars to two-year high as investors run for cover

      Gold soared to a two-year high and oil fell more than 6 per cent after the UK shocked markets by voting to leave the EU...

    18. Fast FT

      June 24, 2016

      US stocks sink as Brexit vote roils global markets

      US equities tumbled by more than 2 per cent as Wall Street joined a global flight to safety sparked by a surprise vote...

    19. Fast FT

      June 24, 2016

      Gold hits highest since '14 in dash to safety

      Gold prices rallied to the highest level since July 2014 as investors ditched risky assets and raced into the shelter...

    20. Fast FT

      June 24, 2016

      S&P 500 futures dive more than 3%

      Just hours after the S&P 500 closed within striking distance of its all-time high, futures indicate the benchmark...

    21. Fast FT

      June 24, 2016

      US 10-year Treasury yield falls to 1-week low

      The yield on the US 10-year Treasury note skidded to its lowest level in a week as traders bid-up the safe haven asset....

    22. Fast FT

      June 24, 2016

      Yen, bonds and gold: Havens rally as doubts over Brexit outcome grow

      The Japanese yen, Treasury bonds and gold, used by investors as shelters during times of tumult, were all rallying as...

    23. June 24, 2016

      Oil stages ‘relief rally’ on early UK poll

      A relief rally lifted oil prices in the wake of a YouGov poll showing a lead for a Remain vote in the UK referendum,...

    24. Fast FT

      June 23, 2016

      Gold holding just below $1,260 per ounce

      The gold market is eerily calm as traders wait for results of the UK’s EU membership referendum. Gold is holding just...

    25. June 23, 2016

      EU referendum: a trader’s checklist

      Financial markets, led by currencies, are poised for action in the early hours of Friday morning as votes in Britain’s...

    26. Fast FT

      June 23, 2016

      Wall Street seen higher on UK's EU vote day

      US stocks are set to join their European counterparts higher on Thursday as fears that the UK would leave the European...

    27. June 21, 2016

      Royal Mint reports surge in gold trading before EU vote

      The UK’s Royal Mint online trading platform has seen a one-third rise in transactions this month compared with May, as...

    28. Fast FT

      June 20, 2016

      Gold prices slide in risk-on trade

      Gold began the week on the backfoot after opinion polls on Britain’s EU referendum showed rising support for the Remain...

    29. June 17, 2016

      Market worries are deeper than the spectre of Brexit

      Causation is maddeningly difficult to ascertain in markets. The products of a multitude of decisions by different...

    30. June 16, 2016

      Gold miners emerge through looking glass as havens from Brexit

      It is a cockeyed world when Petropavlovsk is deemed a haven from Brexit. It extracts gold from a part of Russia...

    31. June 16, 2016

      Gold sparkles at two-year high as Fed stays cautious

      Gold prices scaled the highest level in two years on Thursday, topping $1,300 an ounce, after the US Federal Reserve...

    32. Fast FT

      June 16, 2016

      Gold miners shine on rising gold prices

      With gold prices topping $1300 per ounce, shares of miners of the yellow metal are rising in Thursday’s trading,...

    33. June 15, 2016

      Gold is no safe port in this storm

      Gold has been billed as a ‘wonder investment’ in portfolios: apparently it can help protect against inflation or...

    34. Fast FT

      June 13, 2016

      S&P 500 in longest losing streak in a month

      The S&P 500 logged its third consecutive day of declines on Monday — its longest losing streak in a month — as...

    35. June 13, 2016

      Bullish gold and agricultural bets rise as oil wavers

      Investors’ appetite for gold and agricultural commodities helped lift overall bets on rising commodity prices by 20 per...

    36. Fast FT

      June 13, 2016

      US stocks down for third straight day

      The S&P 500 was lower for a third consecutive day as investors await the Federal Reserve’s monetary policy meeting this...

    37. June 13, 2016

      Golden rally to $1,300

      Within the next 10 days the market must contend with monetary policy announcements from the US, UK and Japanese central...

    38. June 8, 2016

      Royal Mint opens gold vault to pension investors

      The Royal Mint is to open up its gold vaults to UK pension investors for the first time. From Wednesday, Royal Mint...

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