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      ECB issues gloomy inflation outlook

      Inflation will not be returning towards target in the eurozone any time soon. That’s the verdict of the European...

    2. 17 hours ago

      Atlas strains to hold up the sky over Italy’s banking sector

      On a bright spring day, the view from the 31st floor of UniCredit Tower, the skyscraper headquarters in Milan of...

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    1. Morocco: Industry & Services

      Morocco is embracing global trade with its mix of traditional and high-tech products a...
    2. Boldness in Business

      The FT ArcelorMittal Boldness in Business Awards ceremony was held in London on March ...
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    1. Fast FT

      18 hours ago

      RBS: 'Heaviest' restructuring over by end of 2016

      Royal Bank of Scotland’s annual meeting is underway and ever since its government bailout in 2008, the gathering in...

    2. Fast FT

      18 hours ago

      Chart of the day: why euro debtors are still sinning

      Mounting debt burdens are the scourge of the eurozone, so we are often told. Rising levels of public debt crimp...

    3. Fast FT

      21 hours ago

      EU break-up may be 'when not if' - Moody's

      The European Union remains vulnerable to a cocktail of looming crises that threaten to reverse integration on the...

    4. FT Alphaville

      22 hours ago

      Markets Live: Wednesday, 4th May, 2016

      This Markets Live session ended at 12:03 on 4 May 2016. Participants in this session were: Paul Murphy and Bryce Elder...

    5. Fast FT

      May 4, 2016

      Stocks hold near lows; dollar inches up

      European and US equity gauges are holding near three-week lows as the dollar inches off a multi-month trough amid a...

    6. May 4, 2016

      Société Générale eyes deeper cost cuts

      Société Générale says it will deepen cost cuts at its investment bank after rocky trading conditions hit first-quarter...

    7. May 3, 2016

      UBS shares drop after sharp fall in first-quarter profits

      UBS was one of the worst hit by the sharp falls in European bank shares on Tuesday after reporting a...

    8. May 3, 2016

      Italian banks extend share price rout

      Italian bank shares suffered another punishing day of trading on Tuesday, as a poorly received capital raising prompted...

    9. May 3, 2016

      Buying the dollar has not gone to plan

      Selling the dollar has been lucrative this year, if you were lucky or clever enough to think of it. It was a punchy bet...

    10. May 3, 2016

      Volatile first quarter takes toll on European banks

      The first quarter is supposed to be a sweet spot for banks, but this year it turned into more of a black spot for UBS,...

    11. May 3, 2016

      UBS: cloudier cuckoo land

      In Graham Greene’s The Third Man, the anti-hero Harry Lime disparages placid Switzerland, by comparison with turbulent...

    12. May 3, 2016

      ISS backs proposal for audit at Deutsche Bank

      Shareholder adviser ISS has backed a proposal for a special audit on whether Deutsche Bank’s supervisory or management...

    13. Fast FT

      May 3, 2016

      Bunds and Treasuries surge amid market malaise

      German Bunds and US Treasuries are in demand today as a wave of disappointing data and market moves set a deeply...

    14. May 3, 2016

      A nightmarish reprise of the financial crisis for European banks

      If anyone had expected Europe’s banks to buck a downbeat set of quarterly results from their US rivals, they have been...

    15. May 3, 2016

      Robust growth, falling prices: a eurozone contradiction explained

      The eurozone’s economy started the year in unexpectedly strong fashion, growing by a pacy 0.6 per cent in the first...

    16. Fast FT

      May 3, 2016

      Gold soars to highest since January 2015

      The shiny stuff is on sparkling form, with gold breaching $1,300 per ounce – a 15-month high. Gold has been on a...

    17. Fast FT

      May 3, 2016

      Banks drag European stocks to 3-week lows

      European equities are extending their losses, dragged down to three-week lows by some heavy falls for bank stocks...

    18. Fast FT

      May 3, 2016

      Euro bond issuers scramble to market

      European credit markets have returned from the long weekend with plenty of new offers for investors as the market for...

    19. Fast FT

      May 3, 2016

      Eurozone producer prices clock first rise in a year

      Producer prices in the eurozone clocked their first month-on-month rise in 12 months months in March, racing ahead of...

    20. Fast FT

      May 3, 2016

      Italian banking stocks still under pressure

      There is little relief for Italian banking stocks on Tuesday. Several banks are among the biggest laggers on Italy’s...

    21. Fast FT

      May 3, 2016

      EC cuts growth and inflation forecasts

      Despite months of some of the most aggressive monetary policies in the eurozone’s history to boost inflation, the...

    22. Fast FT

      May 3, 2016

      Sliding dollar wipes out sterling's EU vote woes

      The pound is on a tear, and it’s not because sterling traders are Leicester City fans. The currency has now pretty much...

    23. Fast FT

      May 3, 2016

      ECB will not cut rates to 'absurd' levels - Cœuré

      The European Central Bank will not cut interest rates to “absurdly” low levels, one of its most dovish senior officials...

    24. FT Alphaville

      May 3, 2016

      FT Opening Quote

      HSBC is the latest bank to see a bite taken out of its profits, Aberdeen’s assets under management are down by £38bn,...

    25. May 2, 2016

      ECB report says investors may be profiting from leaked US data

      US investors may be profiting from leaked economic data releases that allow them to front-run market-moving news,...

    26. May 2, 2016

      Barclays’ risk officer in France alleges laundering and mis-selling failures

      A senior executive at Barclays has alleged money laundering and mis-selling failures at the bank’s French operations,...

    27. May 2, 2016

      Brexit ‘could boost eurozone GDP’

      Eurozone economies would gain at the expense of Britain if the UK voted to leave the EU, a leading French economist has...

    28. May 2, 2016

      Sovereign risk system needs reforming

      When European finance ministers gathered 10 days ago in Amsterdam, they did their best to focus attention on the...

    29. Fast FT

      May 2, 2016

      HSH Nordbank wins EU approval for sale

      The EU has approved a plan to boost the guarantees granted to HSH Nordbank by the two German states that own it from...

    30. Fast FT

      May 2, 2016

      Italian bank stocks falter as Atlante makes first rescue

      Italian banks have had a difficult start to the day as the country’s €4.25bn bank bailout fund undertook its first...

    31. Brussels Blog

      May 2, 2016

      Brussels briefing: Migration medley

      Welcome to Monday’s edition of our daily Brussels Briefing. To receive it every morning in your email in-box, sign up...

    32. Fast FT

      May 2, 2016

      French manufacturing downturn deepens

      Zut alors. A final reading of April’s French manufacturing PMI shows the well-regarded indicator of performance at a...

    33. Fast FT

      May 2, 2016

      European equities start the week on more optimistic note

      European markets have started the week on a slightly better note after a bearish session on Friday, while Asian...

    34. Fast FT

      May 2, 2016

      Fast Europe Open: PMI Monday

      Unless PMIs and the yen are your thing, then it’s shaping up to be a quiet Monday. Four days after the Bank of Japan’s...

    35. May 1, 2016

      Italian fund undertakes first rescue at Popolare Vicenza

      Italy’s government-orchestrated €4.25bn bank bailout fund Atlante has undertaken its first rescue mission after the...

    36. May 1, 2016

      Deutsche Bank continues to be plagued by legal uncertainty

      Try as it might, Deutsche Bank is struggling to outrun its past. It is a year since Germany’s biggest lender paid out...

    37. May 1, 2016

      FCA warns Deutsche on ‘serious’ financial crime control issues

      Deutsche Bank has “serious” and “systemic” failings in its controls against money laundering, terrorist financing and...

    38. May 1, 2016

      Taboos within business about mental illness need challenging

      Last week, a UK coroner ruled that businessman Angad Paul killed himself while the balance of his mind was disturbed....

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