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      Government bond yields hit record lows across Europe

      Government borrowing rates across Europe dropped to historic lows as speculation grows that the European Central Bank is on...

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      Foreign funds still arrive in Turkey despite turbulence

      Should BBVA’s decision to pay $2bn for a bigger, controlling stake in Turkey’s Garanti Bank be viewed as a vote of...

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    1. FT year in finance 2011

      - There is little consensus on how to fix the banking system - Behind the scenes with...
    2. Foreign Exchange April 2012

      US dollar: The past four years have taken their toll and most strategists are wary of ...
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      Draghi steps up push for economic union

      Mario Draghi has stepped up his push for Brussels to set the rules on member states’ economic policies. The European Central...

    2. beyondbrics



      Indian consumer confidence in the Modi era

      Economists and investors have turned optimistic about the Indian economy since Prime Minister Narendra Modi took over in New...

    3. beyondbrics



      Ready or not: oil exporters facing low prices

      “The Ant and The Grasshopper”, one of Aesop’s darker fables, is a cautionary tale about forward planning. An industrious ant...

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      Spain falls further into deflation territory

      The Spanish economy is on track to record five straight months of negative inflation, with an official estimate released on...

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      The hidden dangers in the sluggish financial markets

      Last week Mark Carney revealed an extraordinary statistic. According to the governor of the Bank of England, it now takes...

    6. FT Alphaville



      Buiter on gold, Bitcoin and subjective value

      Someone once wisely said, “if you love something, let it go. If it returns, it’s yours; if it doesn’t, it never was.” But as...

    7. 4 hours ago

      London rail stocks head in different directions

      Shares in the UK’s biggest train operating companies headed in opposite directions on Thursday in response to the...

    8. 6 hours ago

      Australia joins crackdown on landlords

      Australia has become the latest country to crack down on landlords and overseas buyers of homes, proposing curbs on...

    9. 6 hours ago

      Reform hopes send Indonesian bond yields to year-low

      Indonesian bond yields have fallen to a one-year low as foreign investors bet that reforms will shield the country from...

    10. 8 hours ago

      Central banks not equals in investor affections

      Global financial markets’ love affair with central banks has blossomed since the US Federal Reserve started quantitative...

    11. beyondbrics

      18 hours ago

      Guest post: from ideology to policy in Brazil?

      By Monica Baumgarten de Bolle of the Woodrow Wilson Center for International Scholars President Dilma Rousseff’s soon to be...

    12. 19 hours ago

      Greek bond yields act as eurozone ‘fear gauge’

      Greek government bonds – which frequently flag trouble ahead in Europe – are twitching again. Yields on 10-year Greek debt,...

    13. 19 hours ago

      Ukraine fears heighten on fragile ceasefire

      Fears that Ukraine’s fragile ceasefire with Russian-backed separatists is nearing an end have reignited fears for the...

    14. 23 hours ago

      State Bank of India hits back at claims of ‘crony capitalism’

      The head of State Bank of India, India’s largest bank by assets, has strongly rejected accusations of “crony capitalism”...

    15. November 26, 2014

      Optimism abounds in Turkey despite conflicts

      Turkey has endured a grinding civil war on its border with no end in sight, a region increasingly aflame with jihadis, and a...

    16. November 26, 2014

      ECB set to decide on QE ‘early next year’

      The European Central Bank will wait until the start of next year before considering whether to embark on mass government...

    17. Gavyn Davies

      November 26, 2014

      Fault lines within the ECB

      The simmering row between the European Central Bank president Mario Draghi and the German Bundesbank president Jens Weidmann...

    18. FT Alphaville

      November 26, 2014

      ECB, QE and so long to that damn negativity

      On the potential death of that long awaited negative deposit rate, interesting thoughts from HSBC’s Steven Major below if...

    19. November 26, 2014

      Violence takes toll on Israel’s economy

      The souk of Jerusalem’s Old City, where vendors sell T-shirts extolling the Israel Defense Forces alongside those calling...

    20. November 26, 2014

      Dangers of the dollar-bull consensus

      Predictions of exchange rates are notoriously unreliable. So much so that when analysts at BNP Paribas compared consensus...

    21. November 26, 2014

      S&P 500 bull run defies doubts over valuations

      Very rarely has a US equity bull market been this hot, testing the mettle of investors who focus on valuation as a guide for...

    22. November 26, 2014

      Fed’s game of pretend must end soon

      The Duchess of Windsor whimsically remarked that you could never be too rich or too thin. Modern central bankers have...

    23. November 26, 2014

      Wall Street shrugs aside weak US data

      Wednesday 21:00 GMT. US stocks regained their upward momentum as Wall Street managed to shrug off a batch of...

    24. November 25, 2014

      How Juncker plans to unleash investment in Europe

      It has become the central question facing the EU since the acute phase of the eurozone crisis ended more than two years ago:...

    25. November 25, 2014

      EU cash investors navigate negative rates

      Investors who want to safeguard their capital using ultraconservative money market funds are having to choose racier assets...

    26. November 25, 2014

      ECB bond-buying: Last action hero

      He sounded less like an action hero than when he promised in 2012 “whatever it takes” to save the euro. But when Mario...

    27. November 25, 2014

      MPC’s new ‘hawkish dove’ causes a flutter

      Divergent views on the outlook for the global economy and the amount of slack remaining in the labour market are the key...

    28. November 25, 2014

      Nigeria devalues currency as oil prices drop

      Nigeria has devalued its currency by nearly 10 per cent and raised interest rates to record levels, in one of the clearest...

    29. November 25, 2014

      Bundesbank warns corporate debt becoming overpriced

      Germany’s central bank has warned that corporate debt is becoming overpriced and threatens the financial stability of...

    30. November 25, 2014

      De La Rue profits hobbled by stiff competition

      De La Rue, the world’s largest printer of banknotes, has blamed a first-half plunge in profits on stiff competition and the...

    31. beyondbrics

      November 25, 2014

      EM oil producers risk ratings downgrade on low crude price

      Bahrain, Angola, Ecuador and Venezuela rank as the emerging markets (EM) most vulnerable to a downgrade in their sovereign...

    32. FT Alphaville

      November 25, 2014

      Jim Rogers' contrarian view on Russia

      The rouble may be down more than 25 per cent versus the dollar this year, but the currency’s recent slide won’t be enough to...

    33. beyondbrics

      November 25, 2014

      South Korea's SMEs struggle to compete

      South Korea’s small and medium sized enterprises have been losing competitiveness over the past several years, mirroring the...

    34. FT Alphaville

      November 25, 2014

      Wriggle room, the CNY, and the PBoC

      More on that Friday PBoC rate cut — and just as China goes ahead and cuts its 14-day repo operation rate by another 20bp to...

    35. November 25, 2014

      No point betting against a strong dollar

      The ability to take a contrarian view is, according to market lore, the essence of successful investment. If that is right,...

    36. November 25, 2014

      Doubts remain after China stocks jump on rate cut

      China’s stock market galloped to a three-year high in the aftermath of the first interest rate cut in more than two years,...

    37. November 25, 2014

      Swiss referendums challenge nation’s business-friendly image

      Few nations have been more sympathetic to business than Switzerland. This is, after all, the country whose citizens in 2012...

    38. November 25, 2014

      Wall Street struggles to extend gains

      Tuesday 21:00 GMT. Wall Street struggled to extend its recent run of gains and the dollar retreated further from a four-year...

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