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    1. FT Alphaville

      August 12, 2016

      How global money transfers will work in the future

      Courtesy of WEF: How blockchain is going to become the beating heart of the global financial system, neatly summarised...

    2. June 15, 2016

      Obama meets Dalai Lama despite warning from Beijing

      President Barack Obama met the Dalai Lama at the White House on Wednesday despite a warning from Beijing not to host...

    1. April 15, 2016

      I never leave home without . . .

      What special items do expert travellers pack to ease their journeys? In the latest in our series, mountaineer Mostafa...

    2. FT Data

      April 14, 2016

      Lithium price on the rise

      Commodities prices are generally falling but lithium spot price tripled in the past year, driven by demand for...

    3. Fast FT

      April 6, 2016

      State funding from China land transfers fell 21.6% in 2015

      Official figures released by China’s finance ministry show that the country’s property slump dealt a serious blow to...

    4. FT Photo Diary

      November 25, 2015

      Trekking through China's monsoonal glaciers

      A Chinese tourist walks in the tongue of Glacier 1 at the base of the 7,556 m (24,790 ft) Mount Gongga, known in Tibet...

    5. FT Photo Diary

      November 20, 2015

      Prayers at Jokhang Temple

      Pilgrims pray outside the Jokhang Temple in central Lhasa, Tibet. Every day thousands of Tibetans visit and pray at...

    6. October 23, 2015

      UK police criticised for reaction to Xi protests

      UK police have been criticised for detaining overnight three pro-democracy protesters, one a veteran of the Tiananmen...

    7. October 20, 2015

      Awkward moments for Xi in ‘mother of parliaments’

      President Xi Jinping began his four-day state visit to London amid carefully choreographed attempts to minimise public...

    8. September 23, 2015

      Osborne’s focus on business opportunities in China wins backing

      George Osborne’s gung-ho approach to relations with China — focusing relentlessly on commercial opportunities — has...

    9. September 8, 2015

      Bon Jovi fans shot through the heart as China cancels concerts

      Ageing rock band Bon Jovi has had the plug pulled on its first concerts in China after officials learnt that a picture...

    10. September 6, 2015

      Tibet’s Panchen Lama ‘living normal life’, says China

      The Panchen Lama, who vanished 20 years ago at the age of six after being named by the Dalai Lama as the next-highest...

    11. August 21, 2015

      Chinese hackers target Indian institutions

      Chinese hackers are targeting organisations in India to glean strategic and commercially sensitive material, according...

    12. August 9, 2015

      ‘Prisoners of Geography’, by Tim Marshall

      To see how geography and ideology collide, consider the ominous plain that is the Turkish-Syrian border. On one side is...

    13. FT Photo Diary

      July 6, 2015

      Birthday queue

      Tibetan monks take part in a function organized to mark the 80th birthday celebrations of the Dalai Lama in Kathmandu...

    14. FT Data

      May 4, 2015

      Three things we learned from making a China migration choropleth

      By Robin Kwong and Steve Bernard The flow of labour from countryside to city in China has powered three decades of...

    15. FT Photo Diary

      March 10, 2015

      Tibetans mark uprising

      A man carries a portrait of the Dalai Lama, the exiled Tibetan spiritual leader, during a function at the Tibetan...

    16. FT Alphaville

      February 17, 2015

      Further reading

      Elsewhere on Tuesday, - A Dan Davies duo on Greece: “What to look out for on the downside would be if Syriza actually...

    17. January 30, 2015

      China provinces undershoot GDP targets

      Every Chinese province and region except Tibet missed its annual gross domestic product target last year as growth in...

    18. beyondbrics

      January 20, 2015

      Guest post: China's real GDP is slower than official figures show

      By Derek Scissors, American Enterprise Institute “In 2014, faced with the complicated and volatile international...

    19. November 9, 2014

      China foresees outbound investment of $1.25tn in a decade

      Chinese offshore investment will reach $1.25tn over the next decade, President Xi Jinping predicted on Sunday as he...

    20. November 7, 2014

      ‘Meltdown in Tibet’; ‘The Bullet and the Ballot Box’

      Yaks have many uses. Their dung fuelled the fires of the nomads who once roamed the largely treeless Tibetan plateau....

    21. The A-List

      October 8, 2014

      China should watch its periphery

      Chinese police on an anti-terrorism exercise in Xinjiang in July China’s periphery is in revolt, from Hong Kong in the...

    22. September 18, 2014

      China-India border stand-off overshadows Xi Jinping’s deals

      A confrontation between Indian and Chinese troops in the Himalayas and Tibetan street protests in New Delhi cast a...

    23. The World

      September 14, 2014

      Why China fears a Scottish Yes

      It is one of Beijing’s worst nightmares: subjects in a resource-rich semi-autonomous province hold a vote on...

    24. June 22, 2014

      China broadcasts confession by Xinjiang attacker

      A man who participated in a violent attack in northwestern China this month said he had been recruited to participate...

    25. Nick Butler

      June 15, 2014

      China and the UK - the case for thinking big

      Premier Li Keqiang of China is due in the UK this week. Despite all the challenges and potential disagreements there is...

    26. June 15, 2014

      Tibetans struggle to escape from China’s yoke

      The newly arrived refugee in his late twenties with the maroon robes, shaven head and pink cheeks of a high-altitude...

    27. June 5, 2014

      Anti-Beijing protests may not remain non-violent, warn Tibetans

      Tibet’s leaders in exile have warned Beijing not to assume that Tibetan protests against brutal Chinese rule will...

    28. April 4, 2014

      Shortcuts: Walking holidays in Nepal, Australia’s Hayman Island, Shangri-La news app

      Australia In 1947, when the Australian aviation entrepreneur Reg Ansett bought Hayman Island, subsequently the setting...

    29. March 31, 2014

      Phuntsog Wangyal, Tibetan Communist, 1922-2014

      The Tibetan who was one of the Chinese Communist party’s most important ethnic allies but who later came to regret his...

    30. March 21, 2014

      Centuries-old detoxifying treatments in India

      There is something monastic about Vana, a new spa retreat in the Himalayan foothills, 150 miles north of Delhi. The...

    31. FT Photo Diary

      March 10, 2014

      Tibetan uprising day

      Niranjan Shrestha/AP Nepalese policemen detain exiled Tibetans as they shout slogans during a protest outside the...

    32. March 9, 2014

      Only three Chinese cities meet air quality standards

      An archipelago known for its Buddhist temples, the Tibetan capital and a seaside city known for corrupt real estate...

    33. FT Photo Diary

      March 5, 2014

      Resting outside Jokhang monastery

      Jacky Chen/Reuters A boy rests with his family outside the Jokhang monastery in Lhasa, Tibet     ...

    34. February 21, 2014

      US ignores China’s warning on Dalai Lama

      President Barack Obama met the Dalai Lama in the White House on Friday despite a warning from Beijing that giving an...

    35. February 21, 2014

      China urges Barack Obama to scrap Dalai Lama meeting

      China called on US President Barack Obama to immediately cancel a planned meeting with the Dalai Lama, the spiritual...

    36. FT Photo Diary

      February 10, 2014

      Remembering Tibet

      Sanjay Baid/EPA A supporter of Tibetans living in exile and of the Tibetan Youth Congress workers shouts pro-Tibetan...

    37. January 19, 2014

      The grim history of the real-life Shangri-La

      ‘Tibet: An Unfinished Story’, by Lezlee Brown Halper and Stefan Halper, Hurst, RRP£20/$29.95 In a world where modern...

    38. January 15, 2014

      Online shopping grows in China's poorer provinces

      China’s mountainous Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region has little of the wealth and fast development of the places in...

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