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      Silk Road: pricey goods

      Chinese policy makers have a taste for the grandiose. Their most eye-catching plan of late has been the “one belt one road”...

    2. April 23, 2015

      Thai generals seek to entrench ‘father-knows-best’ government

      Politicians’ stock is pretty low in many parts of the world, but spare a thought for prospective members of Thailand’s...

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      From the rising scourge of diabetes to the Ebola epidemic, responses around the world ...
    2. Special Report: FT View

      The capital of the United Kingdom has welcomed migrants since Roman times and now this...
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    1. April 20, 2015

      Thailand’s credit binge: now for the hangover

      A Thai saying cautions against “borrowing from grandmother to buy her sweets”. But so heavily have the country’s households...

    2. FT Photo Diary

      April 17, 2015

      Bangkok body beautiful

      A competitor is applied with fake tan before competing in the Mr Thailand 2015 bodybuilding competition in Bangkok, Thailand...

    3. April 16, 2015

      Rising household debt casts doubt over Thailand’s economic revival

      Thai households are piling on debt — and there is no easy way out for the former Southeast Asian economic powerhouse that...

    4. April 15, 2015

      Malaysia is drifting dangerously

      Is Malaysia falling apart? The very idea seems absurd. After all, is it not one of southeast Asia’s wealthiest and most...

    5. April 12, 2015

      Pharma combats diversion of cheap drugs

      Under fire over the high price of its Hepatitis C treatment Sovaldi, Gilead decided last year to make the drug available in...

    6. FT Photo Diary

      April 10, 2015

      Soaking it up at the Songkran water festival

      Elephants spray tourists with water in celebration of the Songkran water festival in Ayutthaya province, Thailand ...

    7. beyondbrics

      April 3, 2015

      Will Indonesia's beer ban be bad for tourism?

      Holidaying in Bali is often synonymous with bottled Bintang Beer, Indonesia’s biggest selling brew, popularly enjoyed by the...

    8. April 2, 2015

      Tesco must play long game in race to bottom

      Britain’s big grocers would never wage a full out price war because, as Justin King pointed out, Mutually Assured...

    9. FT Photo Diary

      April 1, 2015

      The Poy Sang Long Festival

      Tai Yai boys wait for a ceremony to start during the Poy Sang Long Festival in Mae Hong Son, Thailand   ...

    10. April 1, 2015

      Thai junta’s powers grow despite end of martial law

      Thailand’s military rulers have finally lifted martial law — but have run into a blizzard of attacks over even more sweeping...

    11. March 25, 2015

      Mekong authoritarianism a growing test for western partners

      States in Southeast Asia’s Mekong region seem to have learnt at least one lesson from the late Lee Kuan Yew: how to...

    12. March 15, 2015

      Thai political battle turns ever more colourful

      Somchai “Kai” Kaewthong once did roaring trade in patriotic clothes for Thailand’s “yellow-shirt” street protest movement...

    13. FT Alphaville

      March 12, 2015

      FirstFT (the new 6am Cut)

      You can sign up to receive the email here. The euro continued its slide towards parity with the dollar ahead of next week’s...

    14. March 12, 2015

      Asian central banks in rate cut rush

      Asian central bank watchers are having a tough time deciding where to look. On Thursday, South Korea became the latest to...

    15. March 6, 2015

      Thai temple’s lift-off triggers clash over monks and money

      Thailand’s Dhammakaya temple: the Makha Bucha ceremony An army of miniature golden Buddhas on the Dhammakaya temple’s domed...

    16. beyondbrics

      March 3, 2015

      China and Japan vie for influence with Thai rail projects

      The strategic rivalry between Japan and China in Asia is finding expression not only in territorial disputes in the east...

    17. February 27, 2015

      GM faces reality check in Southeast Asia

      When Stefan Jacoby took over 18 months ago as head of General Motors operations from the Middle East to Australia, the...

    18. FT Photo Diary

      February 26, 2015

      Art mimicking life

      Chinese tourists pose for pictures at Art in Paradise, an illusion art museum popular amongst tourists, on Thursday in...

    19. February 26, 2015

      Thai graft regulator expands its influence

      Thailand’s powerful anti-graft body is a creature of the country’s last military junta — and critics say it is no surprise...

    20. February 23, 2015

      Thailand’s Central Group earmarks $1bn for expansion

      Central Group, the Thai retailer and economic bellwether, will invest more than $1bn in an effort to fend off political...

    21. February 23, 2015

      Thailand jails students for royal insults

      Thailand has jailed two student dramatists for insulting the monarchy, in the latest legal crackdown on opponents of the...

    22. February 20, 2015

      Cause for optimism about global health

      Given the clouds of pessimism sweeping across the world, it is a good time to ask a simple question: is global health...

    23. February 19, 2015

      Concerns persist over Asean economic bloc

      When Google recently tried to move some engineers urgently from Malaysia to Thailand, the search engine titan hit a...

    24. February 17, 2015

      InterContinental Hotels plumps its dividend

      InterContinental Hotels Group has promised shareholders an 11 per cent boost to its final dividend, despite warning of...

    25. FT Photo Diary

      February 12, 2015

      Tiger temple

      A Buddhist monk plays with a tiger at the Wat Pa Luang Ta Bua, known as Tiger Temple, in Kanchanaburi province, Thailand....

    26. February 11, 2015

      Lord Browne laments obstacles to Whitehall reform

      Francis Maude, the Cabinet Office minister, has “broken some bones in the civil service” in his drive to overhaul Whitehall,...

    27. beyondbrics

      February 9, 2015

      Guest post: how the China carry trade could unwind

      By Achilles Risvas, Dromeus Capital Management Could changing tides in “carry trade” capital flows suddenly drain value from...

    28. February 8, 2015

      Thailand’s generals should stand aside

      In a year when there are elections in Myanmar, once the epitome of a tinpot dictatorship, it is ironic that neighbouring...

    29. beyondbrics

      January 23, 2015

      Surging debt seen as the key threat to emerging Asia

      Emerging Asia is set to be the world’s fastest-growing region again in 2015, skirting the contagion from Russia’s crisis and...

    30. January 23, 2015

      Yingluck Shinawatra impeached over Thailand rice subsidy scheme

      Thailand’s former prime minister faces a 10-year jail term on a charge of criminal negligence that threatens to widen...

    31. January 21, 2015

      Malaysia: wolves return

      “We are like wolves on the ridge line looking down on a herd of elk.” So said a hedge fund manager two decades ago. Back...

    32. January 19, 2015

      Yingluck loyalists take to YouTube in Thailand

      Anti-corruption protesters around the world have wielded YouTube as a weapon to oust governments — but in Thailand, it is...

    33. beyondbrics

      January 15, 2015

      Oil price slump cleaves divisions between EM winners and losers

      The skidding prices of oil and other commodities are starting to cleave sharp divisions between those emerging market (EM)...

    34. January 15, 2015

      Asia’s central bankers lean towards looser policy

      For the past few years Asian central bankers have faced a quandary — keep rates at record lows and stoke a potentially...

    35. January 9, 2015

      At the border of hope and despair

      “Uncle George” has been in exile for more than 37 years and his abundant charm can’t hide his desire to go home....

    36. January 7, 2015

      Southeast Asia derivatives trading hit record high

      Derivatives volumes on the three biggest exchanges in Southeast Asia hit record highs in 2014 in a sign that the region's...

    37. January 4, 2015

      Pope Francis chooses 20 cardinals from across the globe

      Pope Francis has appointed 20 new cardinals from 18 countries in a clear move by the pontiff to diversify the College of...

    38. beyondbrics

      December 30, 2014

      EM portfolio flows suffer sharpest slump since "taper tantrum"

      Portfolio flows into emerging markets (EM) suffered their sharpest slump in December since the 2013 “taper tantrum” as the...

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