Germany’s Iraqi migrants beat path home

Outflow reflects growing disenchantment with life in the west

Germany to limit north African migrants

Algeria, Morocco and Tunisia to be added to safe country list

Iraqi Kurds and a cycle of destruction

Some Arabs sympathised with Isis but this does not justify condemning people to a life as refugees

US urges Arab nations to boost Isis fight

Gulf countries to face pressure at Brussels meeting next month

Three Americans reported missing in Baghdad

State department trying to locate any missing individuals

Isis must be challenged by a united front

An international consensus should include Saudi Arabia and Iran

Sunni and Shia: explaining the divide

Understanding the religious schism in Islam

Middle East schism threatens more ruin

Rather than a thaw in Iranian-Saudi relations, the year looks set for greater polarisation

A still from a video released by Islamic State militants, featuring a man speaking with a British accent.

Isis video claims killing of ‘UK spies’

British-accented extremist taunts Cameron

Iraq’s army challenged to build on victory

Victory in Ramadi will be hard for armed forces to repeat

Iraqi forces buoyed by PM visit to Ramadi

Government troops reclaim the city from Isis fighters

Iraqi forces claim victory in Ramadi

Battle shows how difficult challenge will be to win elsewhere

Year in a word: Isis

The group is funded by its control of oil wells

Iraqi forces take key Ramadi complex

Analysts say victory could lead to recapture of Sunni city

A hole at the heart of the Syrian crisis

The lack of mainstream Sunni leadership is a blight across the region

Isis vulnerable to its own ‘ghost armies’

Corruption by some caliphate commanders inflates fighter numbers

UN backs move to squeeze Isis finances

US-Russian plan adopted as search for political deal intensifies

Isis bid for statehood squeezes ‘citizens’

Budgets reveal fighters are well supplied while services suffer

Loot and levies underpin jihadi economy

Militants raise hundreds of millions from oil, extortion and tax

Syria accuses US-led coalition of attack

Damascus says American-led forces killed 3 soldiers