Isis claims killing of US journalist

Beheading of Steven Sotloff follows that of James Foley

Saudi arrests 88 over ‘imminent attack’

Concerns in Riyadh rise over threat from Sunni jihadis

Cameron terror powers said to breach law

Proposals described as ill-defined and ‘sabre-rattling’

Germany to ship weapons to Iraqi Kurds

Berlin says materiel could equip a 4,000-strong brigade

UK weighs ban on return of local jihadis

Downing St set to announce further counterterror measures

Obama gaffe reflects divisions on Isis

President provides fodder for critics who see him as indecisive

Be less picky choosing allies than foes

Renaissance states made and broke alliances. Should the west do the same, asks Philip Bobbitt

Britain raises terror threat level to ‘severe’

Government says groups in Syria and Iraq are planning attacks

Iraq’s minorities squeezed from homeland

Sunni and Shia struggle could make exile permanent

Turkey hits back at western Isis criticism

Ankara calls on partners to stop foreign fighters

Iraqi Kurds fear infiltration by Isis

Gun market does brisk business as suspicions grow

Look to Syria to halt the march of Isis

The Assad government may be evil – but it is a lesser evil, writes Richard Haass

Isis militants seize Syrian military base

Isis gains hit business in Iraqi Kurdistan

Investors sit tight and hope for the best

Opaque structure adds to Isis challenge

Identifying leaders prioritised over counting fighters

Car bomb hits Iraqi regional capital

Kirkuk also hit by three explosions on Saturday, leaving at least 18 dead

UK should bomb jihadis in Iraq, says Fox

Former defence secretary challenges PM’s Middle East strategy

White House resists Pentagon’s Iraq advice

US holds off from extending reach of campaign to Syria

Sixty killed in Iraq mosque massacre

Government talks halted after gunmen kill 60 at Friday prayers

US signals escalation in Isis fight

Militant group ‘beyond anything we’ve seen’, says defence secretary