We must understand Isis to defeat it

The jihadis offer a caliphate and death. Our message must be one of life, writes Ed Husain

Peshmerga fighters head to Syria

Western-backed foreign forces have joined the fight on the ground

Iraqi Kurd fighters enter Kobani

Western-backed foreign forces join the fight on ground in Syria for first time

Web draws western women to jihadi ranks

Networking helps foster ‘jihadi girl power subculture’

Isis shows political sophistication

Damaging the fragile cohesion of neighbouring states gives jihadis a reach beyond Syria and Iraq

US accuses allies of buying Isis oil

Islamist group earning as much as $1m a day, says Treasury official

A chance for Islam to unite against Isis

A lack of central authority opens the door to a charismatic leader, writes Hossein Mousavian

Battle revives Kurds’ nationalist ambitions

Defence of Kobani has become a rallying call for stateless Kurds

Turkey allows Kurds to relieve Kobani

Shift in policy as US drops weapons to city’s defenders

Iraq appoints new security chiefs

Sunni and Shia to hold sensitive interior and defence posts

Mind your metadata, Isis warns followers

Manual advises jihadis on cyber blackout to avoid attack

Obama pressed to expand war on Isis

Allies urge involvement of US troops in combat in Iraq

Britain redeploys drones to fight Isis

RAF’s Reaper fleet likely to operate from inside Iraq

Kurds declare advance on Kobani

Key positions retaken as Americans attack Islamist ground forces

Isis makes big ‘gains’, says general

Coalition chief Allen says militants advancing in Iraq and Syria

Crisis hits Iraq’s ability to pay for war

Baghdad’s financial disarray is largely legacy from former regime

Isis seizes key military base in Iraq

Victory means Islamist fighters can attack Ramadi from two sides

Iraqi Kurds send aid to Syrian counterparts

Weapons and equipment dispatched to fend off jihadis

Drone strikes on Isis loom large

Allies’ strategy against jihadi network likely to come into focus

Isis still on the front foot in Iraq

Jihadis winning in Anbar as world attention is focused on Kobani