The film that shows Eastwood’s soft side

Bradley Cooper in 'American Sniper'

‘American Sniper’ is not a call to arms or a sign of a resurgent right but more of a cry of pain

Oil drop ‘disastrous’ for anti-Isis fight

Hard-up Iraq is offered aid at UK talks to help fight jihadis

The never-ending wait for UK’s Iraq inquiry

After much delay, the report must emerge soon after the May election

Cameron impatient at Chilcot delay

Subjects of criticism in draft report given opportunity to respond

Ex-spy chief warns Europe of Mideast threat

Former MI6 head says terror attacks show heightened dangers

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How to share world with true believers

First, accept that we are playing the long game of containment

Cameron ‘frustrated’ at Iraq report delay

Chilcot conclusions could be criticial of Tony Blair

The Isis economy: Meet the new boss

Signs of discontent are evident across the ‘caliphate’ as people tire of its taxes, price caps and shoddy services

More than 100,000 killed in Middle East

Death toll makes 2014 one of bloodiest years in region’s history

US pullout leaves Pakistan fearing blowback

End of US combat missions in Afghanistan risks empowering jihadis

General’s death signals Iran role in Iraq

Senior Revolutionary Guard killed as Tehran seeks to counter Isis

A year in a word: Caliphate

A surreal cross-border ‘jihadistan’

Stand against the armies of ignorance

Ideas need to be mobilised if the learning years are safeguarded, writes Simon Schama

A federal cure for a shattered Middle East

The ultra-centralism of the Arab security state is a recruiting sergeant for Isis

Iran will not seek diplomatic ties with US

Negotiations with America on Tehran’s nuclear programme stand alone, says top security official

Transcript: Ali Shamkhani interview

Iran’s top security official Ali Shamkhani speaks to the FT

Isis morale falls as momentum slows

Frustration grows among jihadis as focus shifts to governing

US says strike killed senior Isis leaders

Officials see loss of commanders affecting group’s operations

Iraqi Kurds retake besieged Mt Sinjar

Hundreds freed from Isis mountaintop stronghold

Claims of murder by army found to be lies

Inquiry rejects Iraqi detainees’ allegations against UK soldiers