Obama faces battle on legality of strikes

Syria action could prompt awkward questions including from Russia

Syrian rebels dismayed by US air strikes

Concerns raised over targeting of non-Isis groups

Cameron builds backing for Isis strikes

Ministers consider committing British missiles to attacks

US needs precision politics against Isis

Regional consensus is needed to stop the jihadis

French tourist kidnapped by ‘Isis’ group

Captive threatened with death in Algeria after Iraq air strikes

Syrians flood into Turkey as Isis advances

About 130,000 Syrians enter Turkey in three days

Syrian Kurds flee to Turkey

Country opens border a day after Isis seizes 24 villages in the region

Kentucky town backs Obama’s return to Iraq

In and around Fort Campbell a readiness for battle pervades

France launches air strikes in Iraq

French fighter jets ‘completely destroy’ Isis depot

Isis fighters surround Syria Kurdish town

Militias plead for help from Turkish Kurds

For or against Isis, Iran must choose

Tehran will show its true colours in its actions on the caliphate

Iraq PM rules out foreign ground troops

Syrian Kurds eye greater role in Isis fight

YPG believed to be affiliated with blacklisted terrorist group

US hints at ground troops for Isis fight

General says US military could join Iraqi soldiers in battle

US jets strike Isis to help Iraqi military

First attacks in direct support of Baghdad’s troops

Think Lebanon not D-Day in Isis campaign

Insurgents can take comfort in the divisions plaguing its enemies

No 10 corrects Hammond gaffe on Syria

Foreign secretary ruled out any action despite US move

Doubts raised on US use of Somali strategy

Regional experts sceptical that policy can work in Iraq and Syria

Cautious Iraqi welcome for US intervention

Sunnis and Shias warn air strikes can only operate in certain areas

Obama’s ambition at odds with his caution

US president may lack means to achieve goal of ‘destroying’ Isis