Case for action on Syria merits support

Britain cannot stay on the sidelines of the campaign against Isis

Abadi tested by reaction to Iraqi reforms

Support fades after MPs and officials feel the pinch

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Paris attacks must shake complacency

The idea that the west should shoulder blame rests on a corrosive moral relativism

Air strikes threaten Isis oil production

Militants have made huge profits despite drop in crude prices

How to disown ‘Islamist’ terrorism

We should hope that Isis will not be a permanent feature, writes HA Hellyer

Raqqa reaps wind of Isis occupation

Raids on group’s capital target jihadi morale and western opinion

Iraqi divisions undermine battling Isis

Tensions could prevent co-ordinated push on militant stronghold

Paris attacks: The treacherous path to defeating Isis

As assault on French capital shows Isis opening a bloody new front, impetus could build for Syria deal

Iraqi Kurds battle Isis in Sinjar

Peshmerga fight for control of former Yazidi stronghold

Chalabi used exile to forge US ties

Petra Bank founder called on Congress to overthrow Saddam

Iraq war proponent Chalabi dies at 71

Ardent enemy of Saddam Hussein pushed US to invade in 2003

‘The Unravelling’, by Emma Sky

A former adviser to US commanders has written a sober yet heart-rending account of the occupation of Iraq. Review by Christine Spolar

Pakistani broker fuels Kurdish oil exports

Businessman helps fledging state to become a leading exporter

PM disappointed at further Chilcot delay

Report on Iraq conflict to be published summer 2016

Iran eyes Iraq trade decades after war

Islamic republic hopes to position itself as gateway for region

Blair apologises for Iraq war ‘mistakes’

Ex-PM issues most comprehensive mea culpa since conflict

Trudeau to end Canada Iraq combat mission

Fulfilment of campaign pledge highlights lack of Nato consensus

Isis Inc: Syria’s ‘mafia-style’ gas deals

Need for energy drives Assad regime into a deadly game

Isis Inc: how oil fuels the terrorists

Jihadis’ oil operation forces even their enemies to trade with them

Outside powers at risk from Syria’s fire

Proxy wars can be very dangerous for the nations that are fuelling the conflict