UK puts 3,000 extremists on terror watch

Rise of Isis boosts ranks of potentially violent militants

Isis brutality reawakens Sunni resistance

Jihadi group alienates mainstream community with multiple killings

Isis kidnaps Christians in eastern Syria

Isis operation resembles the attack on Yezidi minority in Iraq

Iraq’s cash crisis forces salary squeeze

Lower oil prices and higher expenses lead to austerity measures

Pentagon reveals plans to retake Mosul

US gives advanced warning of the battle, to take place in spring

Obama’s muddled stance in war against Isis

Defeat in Congress would hand propaganda victory to America’s foes

Isis is not about Islam, says Obama

Republicans criticise president for denying religious dimension

Isis raid on base hosting US forces fails

Eight jihadis die in Iraq raid on training camp in Sunni heartland

UK drifts to foreign policy sidelines

As global security challenges mount, the UK is increasingly absent

MPs attack ‘modest’ role in Isis fight

Lack of ‘clear military strategy’ under fire in lawmakers’ report

Isis video shocks the Arab world

Reaction to Jordanian pilot’s immolation is swift and unequivocal

Isis risks path to self-destruction

Jihadis may have misjudged the mood of the tribes

Dangerous cracks at Europe’s centre

Comparisons are being made with the economic depression and unstable politics of the 1930s

The film that shows Eastwood’s soft side

‘American Sniper’ is not a call to arms or a sign of a resurgent right but more of a cry of pain

Oil drop ‘disastrous’ for anti-Isis fight

West offers military aid at UK talks to help Iraq combat jihadis and budget crisis

The never-ending wait for UK’s Iraq inquiry

After much delay, the report must emerge soon after the May election

Cameron impatient at Chilcot delay

Release held up after subjects of criticism in draft report are given opportunity to respond

Ex-spy chief warns Europe of Mideast threat

Former MI6 head says terror attacks show heightened dangers

How to share world with true believers

First, accept that we are playing the long game of containment

Cameron ‘frustrated’ at Iraq report delay

PM says he wants ‘largely finished’ report published but decision rests with Sir John Chilcot