Iraqi forces wrest oil refinery from Isis

Baiji victory seen as milestone in war against Islamist group

Nechirvan Barzani
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Baghdad and Kurds reach budget deal

First sign of breakthrough in a fraught relationship

Isis declares its own currency

Leader releases audio message after death claims

Unvanquished US neocons surge back

Conservatives feel vindicated as Obama’s foreign policy comes under fire, says Jacob Heilbrunn

Kobani fighters crave blood and batteries

Smugglers offer lifeline to Kurdish fighters

Battle for Iraq: the Iranian connection

US decision to delay its attack on Isis opened door to Tehran in Iraq

Battle for Iraq: the Iranian connection

Iraqi and Iranian insiders say the Obama administration’s decision to wait and insist on the removal of Nouri al-Maliki before taking action strengthened Iran’s position in Iraq

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Russia is a bigger challenge than Isis

A nuclear-armed Moscow, intent on challenging US, poses risks we are only starting to understand

Egypt militants back Isis

Ansar Beit al-Maqdis group posts 10-minute recording on internet

US doubles Iraq troops to combat Isis

White House signals escalation in campaign against jihadis

Iranian general is new hero in Isis battle

Speculation officer’s rise is move to distract from intelligence failings

We must understand Isis to defeat it

They offer a caliphate and death. Our message must be one of life

Peshmerga fighters head to Syria

Western-backed foreign forces have joined the fight on the ground

Iraqi Kurd fighters enter Kobani

Western-backed foreign forces join the fight on ground in Syria for first time

Web draws western women to jihadi ranks

Networking helps foster ‘jihadi girl power subculture’

Isis shows political sophistication

Damaging cohesion of other states gives reach beyond caliphate

US accuses allies of buying Isis oil

Official says the Islamist group is earning as much as $1m a day

A chance for Islam to unite against Isis

A lack of central authority leaves the Sunnis vulnerable

Battle revives Kurds’ nationalist ambitions

Defence of Kobani has become a rallying call for stateless Kurds

Turkey allows Kurds to relieve Kobani

Shift in policy as US drops weapons to city’s defenders