Iraq oil production misses January high

Volume hurt by maintenance, weather, power cuts and budget crisis

MOSUL, IRAQ - MARCH 24: Forces under Joint Mosul Command begin first phase of Operation Conquest to retake Iraq's Mosul from the terrorist organization Daesh on March 24, 2016. (Photo by Hemn Baban/Anadolu Agency/Getty Images)
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The factions behind the fight against Isis

The coalition’s military success disguises a larger problem with regional politics

Iraqi forces fire on Baghdad protesters

Reports of deaths as supporters of al-Sadr storm Green Zone

IMF agrees $5.4bn bailout for Iraq

Economy hit hard by cost of conflict and fall in price of oil

Ottoman legacy dies hard in Middle East

Even devotees of centralised rule concede they may have to give ground to federalism

Iraq eaten up by political elite

Survival of nation as a unitary state in question

Dozens killed in Baghdad bomb blasts

Three suicide bombers hit Iraqi capital on deadliest day this year

Iraqis unite to mock politicians

Anger over economic crisis boils over in jokes on social media

Protesters storm Iraqi parliament

Protest follows failure to enact proposals to reform government

Obama ‘concerned’ over Iraqi premier

US president speaks of Baghdad crisis at end of Saudi visit

US to send further troops to Iraq

Deployment is latest escalation of military presence in country

Iraq parliament in turmoil over patronage

MPs vote to sack speaker in wake of push for technocratic cabinet

Iraqi Kurds plead for financial help

Deputy PM warns fight against Isis at risk without additional funds

US takes cyber warfare mainstream

No one will argue against American use of internet to attack Isis

Iraq: What happens next?

Isis is on the run but cities are in ruins, 3m people displaced and Baghdad cannot afford to rebuild

What Arab youth thinks of Isis

Lack of jobs and sectarian tensions work to militants’ advantage, regional survey finds

Iraqis grow nostalgic for authoritarianism

Bloodletting leads to shift from identity- to issue-led politics

Zaha Hadid, architect, dies aged 65

Few could match her for style, originality or charisma

Iraq’s Shia militias see opportunity

As paramilitary forces grow in popularity they may take on more political roles

US says it has killed senior Isis leader

Al Qaduli described as the group’s ‘finance minister’