Isis uses humility as tactic for conquest

Islamists mix fear with soft power to oust other rebel groups

Christians at the mercy of jihadis

Sunnis must reassert leadership and crush extremism

Iraq violence stirs Iranian war memories

Sunni insurgency against Tehran’s Shia allies raises fears

Kurds pump oil in defiance of Baghdad

KRG move raises stakes of worsening conflict

Biggest bank heist that ‘never happened’

Iraq bankers deny Isis $400m Mosul robbery

Rise of Isis shakes Arab world

Surge of al-Qaeda’s offshoot leaves society questioning itself

Iraq’s Salim al-Jibouri appointed speaker

Breakthrough comes after struggle to agree on three positions

Iraqi Kurdish independence still a dream

Erbil looking to Turkey for support with oil trade

Iraq’s parliament abandons key session

US and UN calling for quick formation of a government

Kurdish forces seize oilfields near Kirkuk

Peshmerga forces say Baghdad was preparing to sabotage pipelines

Kurds seize oil refineries near Kirkuk

Facility abandoned when government troops withdrew from region

Iraq trains volunteer force to fight Isis

Many young Shia men are being militarised, analysts say

Kurds threaten to sue oil companies

War of words between Baghdad and Erbil intensifies

Iraq PM accuses Kurds of supporting Isis

TV broadcast likely to inflame tensions

Iraq signals push to retake Mosul

Military claims progress in quashing Isis

Fears grow over long-term hit to Iraq oil

Crude falls back, but there are doubts about industry’s future

Iraq about-turn over parliament meeting

Western and regional pressure to form new administration

Iraq: A divided future

As sectarian violence spreads, more people feel that break-up is the only solution

Mideast sectarianism masks a power lust

Forces at play have the power to resurrect the zombies of Osama bin Laden and the Ba’ath

Western banks start to pull out of Iraq