Vladimir Putin illustration by Ingram Pinn

Vladimir Putin commenced his second term as president of Russia in May 2012, having already served in the role between 2000 and 2008.

A former KGB agent in East Germany from 1985 to 1990, he began his political career in Moscow in 1996, eventually including two stints as prime minister - 1999 to 2000 and 2008 to 2012.

Russian bikers denied entry to Poland

Bikers wanted to mark capture of Nazi Berlin

Ingram Pinn illustration
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Republicans want a bumper sticker world

It is easier to say that Obama never gets it right than to come up with an alternative strategy

Gunvor appoints dealmaking head

Investments in Europe, North America and South America eyed

EU risks Russian ire with Gazprom case

Move represents diplomatic gamble by competition commissioner

EU approves Hungary’s revised reactor plan

Brussels lifts objection after change to Russian fuel contracts

Russia data blunt Putin optimism

Rouble and GDP fall despite president’s TV reassurances

Offices of Khodorkovsky foundation raided

Masked gunmen search premises amid crackdown on dissent

Worst is over, Putin tells Russians

President uses phone-in to predict full recovery in two years

Gunvor cuts Russia ties with Siberia sale

Oil trader aims to derisk business and make acquisitions elsewhere

Business alarmed at Chinese data curbs

Rules costly for foreign and domestic companies, say US executives

Russia unblocks Iran missile deliveries

Moscow defends move likely to irk other powers

Russians protest as public mood swings

Recent increase in unrest illustrates underlying volatility

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Europe faces more than a Greek tragedy

Debt crises have distracted from the structural flaws and political challenges that imperil the euro

Russia and Greece vow to revive relations

Meeting aimed at boosting leaders’ positions with EU

Russia faces ‘hostile forces’, says Putin

President’s first big speech for weeks rails against west

An oligarch brought to heel

Kiev acts on fears that Igor Kolomoisky amassed too much power as a regional governor

Putin’s diplomatic acrobatics

The Russian president’s goal is not to deceive his counterparts. So why lie, asks Samuel Charap

China military parade poses dilemma for west

Invite to second world war ceremony raises diplomatic concern

An activist of the Anti-Nazi party holds a placard during a rally against the "International Russian Conservative Forum" in St. Petersburg, Russia, 22 March 2015.
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Europe’s far-right to Russia with love

A forum in St Petersburg united European and Russian nationalists

Ukraine warns Putin trying to split EU

Yatseniuk foresees ‘disaster for free world’

The political perils of personal taste

Photos of politicians at home are dissected, identified and pored over, says Edwin Heathcote

Putin dismisses ‘gossip’ over absence

Russian president makes brief address but questions linger

Poland’s Zmiana party urges Putin embrace

Russia-leaning group causes a stir in Warsaw

Putin reveals nuclear plan over Crimea

‘Worst possible scenario’ comments in TV documentary on anniversary of annexation

Gazprom: Keeping the taps open

The EU’s antitrust case threatens to sour relations between Moscow and the west further

Russia in a spin as Putin goes missing

Rumours fly about leader’s health, political future and love life

Blacklist Putin loyalists, says Navalny

Russian opposition leader frustrated at lack of effect of western action

Litvinenko polonium came from Russia, court told

Inquiry hears material could only come from ‘secret’ facility

Merkel to boycott Russian war ceremony

Chancellor to mark end of second world war in separate visit

Chechen strongman muddies waters over Nemtsov

Kadyrov intervention could indicate regime infighting

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Greece, Russia and humiliation politics

Solving international conflicts may involve thinking as much about emotions as interests

Australia warns Indonesia over executions

Foreign minister plays down talk of dethroning Abbott

Renzi urges Putin to help stabilise Libya

Envoys say request could hurt EU sanctions against Russia

Ukraine ‘hero’ battles on in Moscow cell

Imprisoned female pilot weak from hunger strike but still defiant

Obama tests power of sanctions to limits

Economic penalties punish, but there is little evidence they change behaviour, writes Ian Bremmer

Nemtsov, Putin and a climate of fear

The oil deal caught in sanctions crossfire

UK’s move could set worrying precedent for Mikhail Fridman

Anti-Maidan movement creates fear in Moscow

Putin critics become targets for groups allied to Kremlin

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Putin’s survival plan is lies and violence

Russian president stirs nationalist paranoia that makes Nemtsov’s killing permissible

Nemtsov was casualty of a wider war

The EU must develop a strategy of integrating the former USSR, writes Grigory Yavlinsky