Vladimir Putin illustration by Ingram Pinn

Vladimir Putin commenced his second term as president of Russia in May 2012, having already served in the role between 2000 and 2008.

A former KGB agent in East Germany from 1985 to 1990, he began his political career in Moscow in 1996, eventually including two stints as prime minister - 1999 to 2000 and 2008 to 2012.

US experts fear Russia sanctions blowback

US and EU measures seen as counter-productive and potentially dangerous

Sikorski at centre of storm over Ukraine

Former Polish minister’s comments trigger political controversy

Russia's President Vladimir Putin signs on the first segment of pipeline during a ceremony marking the start of construction of 'Power of Siberia' pipeline at the village of Us Khatyn, September 1, 2014
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Pipeline politics flow both ways

President Putin faces a dilemma: his country would be badly hurt by turning off supplies to Europe

Marshall’s grand plan applies to Ukraine

The west will have to co-operate to stop Putin and should do so now, writes Anders Aslund

Baltic security: Tensions on the frontier

Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania remain wary that Russia will try to make the region the next conflict hotspot

(clockwise from top) Li Ka-shing, Napoleon, Jack Ma, Margaret Thatcher, Bill Gates, Carlos Slim and Winston Churchill

Sir Andrew Likierman on good leaders

There is a lot in literature about how to be a good leader but very little about measuring success

Controlling the past and future in Russia

Putin puts the heat on Memorial, a brave human rights group

Moscow and Kiev talks end in an impasse

Moody’s downgrades Russia over continuing situation in Ukraine

Putin’s nightcap overshadows summit

Russian leader drops in on Berlusconi before talks with Poroshenko

Russia takes EU to court over sanctions

Rosneft and Arkady Rotenberg launch legal challenges

Serbia rolls out red carpet for Putin

Belgrade’s grand welcome likely to jar with the west

Ukraine fears winter energy crisis

Conflict in the east now also endangering coal supplies

Australian PM vows to ‘shirtfront’ Putin

Abbott to confront Russian leader at G20 summit over MH17

Drones plan to monitor Ukraine ceasefire

Berlin and Paris offer to send unarmed aircraft to conflict zone

Sanctions enable us to hurt each another

Great powers are practised at unexpected changes in policy, writes Risto Penttila

Putin is taking an isolationist path

Moscow’s actions in Ukraine represent a significant shift in the Kremlin’s view of the world

Google renders textbook tinkering futile

Just because it does not appear on the written record does not mean that it did not happen

James Ferguson illustration
©James Ferguson

Russia through the nuclear looking glass

In Moscow the biggest danger is said to be that Ukraine decides to give war a chance

Red Cross worker killed in Donetsk shelling

Merkel urges Putin to calm rebels as fighting re-escalates

Putin attempts to calm investor jitters

President rules out capital controls for Russia

Russia to beef up internet security

Latest in a series of measures to regulate internet

EU rebuffs Putin revision of Ukraine deal

Barroso says Russia cannot interfere in bilateral accord

A feeble Brics challenge to the dollar

If the club is to improve on Bretton Woods it will have to do better than this, writes Benn Steil

Exxon finds itself in Arctic quandary

Rosneft’s discovery raises questions about impact of sanctions

Putin has fought his way into a corner

Russia’s president is hostage to his own belligerent posture, writes Lilia Shevtsova

Investors opt to watch Russia and wait

Ongoing uncertainty sees fund houses seek other emerging markets

exploratory oil-drilling expedition into the Kara Sea

Rosneft and Exxon strike oil in Arctic

Oil project progresses despite western sanctions

Gunvor nearly doubles cash reserves

Oil trader benefits from move into new metal markets

Putin demands EU-Ukraine pact rewrite

Moscow is determined to stop Kiev moving closer to European organisations

Fri., Apr. 1, 2011, Russia, Moscow region. Chairman of the Board of Directors of Sistema company Vladimir Yevtushenkov during a meeting of the Governmental Commission on High Technologies and Innovations. The meeting took place in Novo-Ogaryovo. Kommersant Photo/Dmitry Azarov #RU 01.04.2011, Россия, Московская обл., Ново-Огарево. Председатель совета директоров АФК "Система" Владимир Евтушенков во время заседания правительственной Комиссии по высоким технологиям и инновациям. Заседание прошло в Ново-Огарево. Фото: Дмитрий Азаров/Коммерсантъ

Russia: Putin’s power politics

The arrest of Yevtushenkov has rattled oligarchs who thought close ties to the Kremlin would keep them safe

Italy seizes assets from Putin ally

Properties include luxury hotel in Rome and two villas in Sardinia

The strange revival of nationalism

Separatist movements have a pull for voters even in a world of bits and bytes

Scotland and Europe need grand coalitions

The right response is for the centrists to join forces, hard though it is to bury their ancestral rivalries, writes Niall Ferguson

G20 nations want Putin at next summit

Members back keeping the ‘door open’ with leader in spite of Ukraine tensions

Russia releases Yevtushenkov

Charges have sparked outcry in Moscow’s business community

Poroshenko urges US to arm Ukraine

Ukraine president warns non-lethal aid not enough to turn tide

Sanctions see Russia’s hardmen rise

Sistema arrest case leaves business leaders afraid

Arrests signal new order in Russia

Moscow rattled by tensions over Ukraine and sanctions

Sistema: Yukos, part deux

What happens when the state shows a sudden interest in an oligarch’s company?

‘War’ and ‘peace’ factions split Ukraine

Poroshenko and Yatseniuk divided as election looms