Vladimir Putin illustration by Ingram Pinn

Vladimir Putin commenced his second term as president of Russia in May 2012, having already served in the role between 2000 and 2008.

A former KGB agent in East Germany from 1985 to 1990, he began his political career in Moscow in 1996, eventually including two stints as prime minister - 1999 to 2000 and 2008 to 2012.

Assad praises Russia’s new role in Syria

President dismisses efforts of US-led anti-Isis coalition

Moscow scuppers Syria no-fly zone plan

Ramping up of coalition efforts may have precipitated Russian intervention

Vladimir Putin and Silvio Berlusconi on holiday in Sardinia in 2003
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Berlusconi and Putin: the odd couple

In exclusive interviews, the two share a worldview, with the ex-Italian premier endorsing the Kremlin’s actions in Syria and Ukraine

Ukraine talks in Paris end on upbeat note

Summit overshadowed by military push in Syria

Carson steals Trump show with true tale

Retired neurosurgeon is quietly winning over Republican voters

Putin risks Syria quagmire over US duel

Russian president goes out of his way to subtly undermine his US counterpart

Syria clouds Russia-Ukraine accord

European leaders wary of playing into Putin’s hands

Ukraine fight ebbs as Syria claims focus

Rebel leader says Russia air strikes may mean end to E Ukraine war

Russia’s Syria strikes test US resolve

Obama critics pounce after Putin seizes initiative again

US rebukes Russia over Syria air strikes

Washington rejects Moscow claims that attacks aimed at Isis

Russia exposes EU divisions on Syria

Intervention greeted with contrasting responses from EU states

Diplomacy behind Russia’s Syrian bombs

Obama and Putin’s hopes of rescuing the country from disintegration look overblown already

Putin attempts to come in from the cold

The US should treat Russia’s Syria initiative with extreme caution

Pope, Trump and Putin eclipse Xi in US

Chinese leader could not compete with three bigger media stars

Putin pushes to expand Syria alliance

Russia says US rejected invitation to join co-ordination centre

Pacific trade deal poised on Atlanta talks

Goal is to get an agreement before Canada’s October 19 election

Barack Obama and Vladimir Putin at UN luncheon

Putin and Obama look to end Syria war

Two leaders hold 90-minute ‘frank’ and ‘productive’ meeting at UN

Barack Obama and Vladimir Putin at UN luncheon

US and Russia seek to avoid proxy war

Washington hopes to test Putin’s commitment to his Syrian client

Putin exploits a vacuum left by the west

We should not rule out possibility of working with Russia and Iran against Isis, writes Richard Haass

Putin blames US and allies over Mideast

The FT probes speech that suggests little scope for co-operation

Iraq and Russia collaborate in Isis fight

Intelligence sharing deal also includes Syria and Iran

US-Russia: The battle for Syria

Renewed support for Assad triggers alarm over Putin’s intentions, while Washington is under pressure to end the war

Illustration by Matt Kenyon

Deal with Russia is Obama’s least worst option

US president risks being pilloried at home for hobnobbing with Putin

Diplomats struggle to build bridges on Syria

Earlier talks stalled over Russian efforts to involve Iran

Obama agrees to Syria talks with Putin

Meeting ends White House effort to isolate the Russian leader

Putin goes from pariah to powerbroker

Military build-up suggests a diplomatic move by Russian president

It’s not a cold war but the situation is dire

An already unpredictable global landscape could worsen, writes Robert Service

US changes tone on Russian arms in Syria

Kerry says jets and missiles are for ‘force protection’

‘Kremlin’s banker’ sues Moscow for $12bn

Case complicates efforts to rebuild Russia’s investment image

Daniel Pudles illustration
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We must compromise with evil in Syria

Overriding goal must be to end the war and persuade outside forces to back a peace settlement

Russia to build air base in Belarus

Moscow determined to assert influence beyond its borders

US queries Russian missiles sent to Syria

US ready to negotiate timing, conditions for Assad to step down

Netanyahu to meet Putin over Syria

Israeli PM seeks to understand Moscow’s intentions in region

Obama gets it right and wrong about Iran

Chance to engage beyond nuclear deal will be lost if US reverts to strategy of coercive containment

Putin’s aims in Syria a mystery, US says

Russia’s rising military role in the country unsettles the West

‘The Red Web’, by Andrei Soldatov and Irina Borogan

The Soviets’ enduring grip on social media

Moscow and Kiev seek way out in Ukraine

Diplomats believe Russia has abandoned thoughts of grabbing more territory

Russia urges US military link-up on Syria

West suspicious over bolstered Moscow presence

Putin’s version of democracy faces test

Sunday’s regional vote seen as trial for Duma poll next year

Gazprom’s North Sea deal faces scrutiny

UK urged to send ‘clear message’ to Putin over Ukraine