Shinzo Abe

Shinzo Abe became the 90th prime minister of Japan in December 2012.

The core elements of his economic strategy - known as Abenomics - are an aggressive monetary policy, a proactive fiscal policy and an economic growth strategy

Impact of Japan sales tax rise muted

Most companies saw no sales drop in first 14 days of higher tax

Japan’s elderly curb effort to buoy stocks

Popular funds reflect steady income focus favoured by the over 60s

BoJ chief reassures Abe over inflation

Kuroda promises further easing should price rises stall

The market tends to kill its darlings

Investors are by nature fickle and easily disappointed, writes Ruchir Sharma

US-Japan trade talks hit another obstacle

Talks fail to bridge gap over import tariffs before Obama visit

Japan Exchange targets foreign listings

JPX says it would have welcomed Alibaba IPO

US dismisses Japan-Australia trade deal

Tokyo claims agreement gives hope for TPP pact

Abe can take credit for currency-hedged equity ETF craze

Investors can take advantage of broad economic recovery and avoid forex risks

Japan shakes up pension fund strategy

Shift to more active management at pension giant

Japan’s welfare data hit record high

Rise serves as counterpoint to Abenomics revival story

Japanese groups counter tax rise fallout

Advertisers publicise new and improved products

Future of Japan’s whale hunts in question

International court says country’s whaling not ‘scientific’

Tokyo and Seoul must stop sniping

Obama has rightly tried to knock heads together

Cherry blossoms and a spring-loaded tax

Abenomics prepares to test consumer demand with 3% rise

Tax rise threatens to derail Abenomics

Fears that spending fall could be deep and prolonged

Abenomics hinges on wages and taxes

The policy has been judged a qualified success but there are concerns the effort will peter out

US draws together S Korea and Japan

Unusual diplomatic intervention to unite key allies

Japanese debt: Still climbing

Despite ‘Abenomics’, government bonds have stayed calm – but critics say Tokyo cannot ignore its debt mountain forever

Japan’s tax rise risks consuming Abe

Consumption tax rise comes at delicate stage in recovery

Abe adviser warns on impact of tax rise

Call for BoJ to act quickly if tax rise hits consumers

South Korean conservative activists shout slogans during a protest to lodge a complaint against Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe visiting the Yasukuni war shrine to mark the first anniversary of his taking office, in Seoul on December 27 2013
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S Korea and Japan to hold summit

US seeks easing of tensions between key Asian allies

Japanese property offers deflation exit

Rising land prices will offer a psychological boost

Japan to end ban on weapons exports

Abe seeks to bolster its domestic defence industry

Toyota sets tone for ‘wages Wednesday’

Pay rises seen as crucial to Japan’s Abenomics

Behind Japan Inc’s bumper profits

Weak yen flatters more than it boosts

Chinese Premier Li Keqiang at the opening of parliament

China ramps up rhetoric battle with Japan

Beijing warns it will ‘safeguard the victory of World War II’

Japan wages show first rise in two years

January data on workers’ pay offer fresh boost to Abe experiment

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Japan needs much more of the same

The effort is showing signs of success but requires renewed vigour, writes Adam Posen

Japan in U-turn over nuclear policy

Government to restore atomic power to energy mix

Brazil unemployment edges up

US initial jobless claims drop by 3,000 to 336,000

‘J-curve’ recovery eludes Japan’s Abe

Highest trade deficit hints at structural change

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Washington rues the Abe it wished for

The US fears that Japan’s departure from postwar pacifism will provoke Beijing

Breathing new life into Abenomics

Japan’s recovery hinges on higher wages and reforms

Soft yen fails to boost Japan’s growth

Quarterly GDP rise reaches just third of the level forecast

Japan pension fund warns on Abe pressure

GPIF head says it is not the fund’s role to boost stock prices

Abe keen to cut corporate tax rate

Chief cabinet secretary says Japan on track to escape deflation

Kerry walks fine line as he pivots to Asia

Allies look for meat on the bones of US rebalancing

Abe’s ‘womenomics’ needs revolution

Japan’s glass ceiling is concrete, its women-friendly ‘architecture’ as flimsy as origami

Machinery orders data dent Abe optimism

Sharp drop hits hopes of revival in domestic business investment