Shinzo Abe

Shinzo Abe became the 90th prime minister of Japan in December 2012.

The core elements of his economic strategy - known as Abenomics - are an aggressive monetary policy, a proactive fiscal policy and an economic growth strategy

SMFG defends culture of cross-shareholdings

Companies buying each other’s shares ‘good for investors’, it says

Abe sworn in on renewed economic mandate

Japan PM to name new cabinet following easy election victory

Retail investors snub ‘Abenomics’ savings

Take-up of ‘Nisas’ slow but further incentives planned

Truth behind Abe’s election ‘landslide’

As with many things in Japan, probe a little deeper and not everything is as it seems

Growth Abe’s priority under new mandate

Economic improvement needed before Japan’s PM can focus on defence

Abe wins mandate for business as usual

Japanese voters fear PM may not focus on economic reforms

Abe strengthens grip in Japanese election

Boost for policies aimed at reinvigorating economy

Prepare for the coming Japanese boom

Country sees strengthening of solvency thanks to stock of net overseas assets, writes Peter Tasker

Okinawa sends message to Abe

Candidates opposed to marine base relocation on course to win

Abenomics hinges on a tricky balance

To some, the goal is to dig Japan out of deflation, to others structural reforms are key

Resigned Japanese voters set to back Abe

Little enthusiasm for ‘Abenomics’ but public sees no alternative

Weak yen divisive for Abe ahead of poll

Japanese PM hails boon to exporters but wider impact unclear

Japan opposition party faces rout

Polls suggest voters in no mood to give DPJ another chance

Yen’s decline seen as long-term trend

Few investors are counting on a sustained reversal of devaluation

Mitsui invests $1bn in Mozambique coal

Japanese commodities group takes stake in Brazilian-operated mine

Japan’s voters see no alternative to Abe

Lack of enthusiasm for Abenomics aside, there is even less appetite to abandon it halfway through

Yen’s rebound enters second day

Won also gains as Japanese unit’s ascent eases pressure on Seoul

Why this equity investor is backing Japan

In contrast to the UK, Tokyo is at least trying to boost nominal growth

Japan recession worse than feared

GDP slide revised from 1.6% to 1.9% as business spending falls

A long way to go: where are all the salarywomen?
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Abe’s ‘womenomics’ aims to alter Japan labour dynamic

The targets for female participation are worthy but ambitious

An attendant, right, shows a Panasonic Corp. Viera 4K television to a visitor at the Cutting-Edge IT & Electronics Comprehensive Exhibition (CEATEC) in Chiba, Japan, on Tuesday, Oct. 7, 2014
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Titans slim down and fight back

Some companies are finally trying to improve shareholder returns

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The year of the political strongman

They are busy retelling history as a way of rekindling past glories and reviving old grievances

Japan: A ballot on Abenomics

Abe took a gamble in calling a snap election, but he hopes to win enough support to continue his economic policies

Xi tones down foreign policy rhetoric

Chinese president emphasises ‘win-win co-operation’

Japan’s CPI falls to 0.9%

Further fall highlights challenges facing PM Abe as he heads to polls

BoJ warned on cost of more easing

Minutes explain split moments before Bank of Japan delivered shock

Japan setback will not be the end of Abenomics

PM must not let election distract from inflation push

Abenomics fuels Japanese debate on widening inequality

Ahead of December poll focus turns to who has gained most

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India’s Modi joins great power game

PM has disappointed at home but been energetic and assertive internationally

Obuchi to defend seat in snap election

Japan’s former trade minister quit last month amid political scandal

Japan’s stimulus plan is foolhardy

It carries risks that could seriously affect the global economy, writes William White

Japan bond bets: high risk but low cost

If Abenomics works and inflation accelerates, yields should pick up

Big macro trade is way to profit in Japan

Stock-picking opportunities that are usual in these circumstances are hard to identify

Japan: Mirai, Mirai on the wall

As Abe gears up for a snap election, the test is for buyers to get growth for their money

BoJ governor quashes easing rebellion

Haruhiko Kuroda wins 8-1 backing to boost Japan’s monetary base

BoJ warns inflation could fall below 1%

Central bank governor’s comments mark reversal from July

Abe delays tax rise and calls election

Poll date gives Japan’s political parties 26 days to prepare

Japan readies for election, but why?

Shinzo Abe seeks to cement hold on power but voters are puzzled

Abe must fight to keep project on track

Japan’s woes highlight the need for more of prime minister’s ambitious mix of economic policies

Japan GDP

Sales tax tips Japan back into recession

Snap election and deferral of second tax rise likely to follow