Shinzo Abe

Shinzo Abe became the 90th prime minister of Japan in December 2012.

The core elements of his economic strategy - known as Abenomics - are an aggressive monetary policy, a proactive fiscal policy and an economic growth strategy

Japan’s premier warns on Brexit threat

Abe says Britain would no longer be ‘gateway’ to Europe

The BoJ risks a reputation for caprice

Rather than sit on its hands, it should press ahead with looser policy

France wins A$50bn Australia subs contract

Blow to Japan’s ambitions to develop arms export industry

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Fate of a salaryman’s mini-holiday

Changing Japanese weekend break shows economy in microcosm

Abenomics faces Hokkaido by-election test

Vote could reshape Japanese politics as opposition unites

Japan warned over threats to press freedom

UN special rapporteur slates Abe government for media interference

Abenomics needs more than viral lolly ad

Akagi Nyugyo’s pantomime defines the problem investors have rebuilding belief in Abe’s doctrine

Abenomics backer warns on negative rates

Japan’s chief financial regulator says policy hurting banks

Nomura: heading home

Japanese group has achieved little by taking on foreign rivals

Japan: sentiment Tankaning

Economic data tell a spotty story; the markets, a worrying one

Yen’s surge piles pressure on Tokyo

Japanese currency appreciates nearly 10 per cent this year

Japan state intervention rules still weak

Too soon to celebrate complete end of government bailouts after Sharp sale to Foxconn

Japanese stocks track Tankan lower

Manufacturers survey shows worst reading since 2013

Takeshi Kunibe, President and Chief Executive Officer of Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation, at its company headquarters, for Michiyo Nakamoto's story. 05/24/2011

JBA head predicts spike in overseas buys

Kunibe says negative rate policy will also prompt bank consolidation

©Makoto Okada/Nikkei

Abe’s chance to scrap a self-defeating tax rise

It is crucial to avoid choking demand until Japan’s economy improves

©Makoto Okada/Nikkei

Japan’s Abe firm on consumption tax rise

Tokyo’s latest economic stimulus package takes shape

Japan and Canada show fiscal good sense

Tax and spending stimulus is needed to help the global economy

Abe’s talks signal delay to sales tax rise

Japan’s leader expected to announce move at G7 in May

Japan’s GPIF appoints new president

Norihiro Takahashi to head world’s biggest pension fund

North Korea fires ballistic missile

Latest provocation draws condemnation from Washington and Tokyo

Weak Japan wage demands deal blow to Abe

Slowing of pay growth sets back hopes for 2% inflation

Japan Inc: Heavy meddling

The architects of Abenomics revive the interventionist spirit to try and compete more with China

Notebook: The Japanese salaryman’s legacy

Changes to the old structure for labour have led to social inequalities that will be hard to unpick

Negative rates buoy department stores

Customers avoid banks in favour of generous loyalty card bonuses

BoJ board pick shows Abe set on stimulus

Obscure economist Sakurai gives Kuroda rock-solid majority

Abe’s monetary firepower misses the mark

The Japan Post Bank saga shows that governments are being tipped into an Alice in Wonderland world

Japan probes military potential of robots

Academics consider exploiting technology to build weapons

Japan’s GPIF reports $42bn quarterly gain

World’s biggest pension fund buoyed by domestic equities

US and Japan urged to beef up alliance

Report calls for better co-ordination and interoperability

Japan Post Bank faces negative rates hit

With Y8tn parked at BoJ, JPB is among worst affected by policy

Taste for Japan drives food exports

Economic opportunity and TPP pact pivot food onto Abe’s menu

Central banks alone cannot conjure growth

Monetary stimulus will not be enough to revive global demand

Japan needs new stimulus to save Abenomics

Without a fiscal boost, BoJ will have to dive deeper into negative rate territory

Japan GDP drops 1.4% in fourth quarter

Latest blow to Abenomics shows consumers still reluctant to spend

Japan funds seek negative rates exemption

Request hints at rising panic within asset management industry

BoJ deputy calls for bolder growth policy

Third arrow of Abenomics must fly faster, Hiroshi Nakaso says

Abe still hunting for 2% inflation

Global economic shock threatens Japan’s Abenomics

Japan Inc must get by without waning yen

Companies need to learn to operate as currency benefits wear off

Toyota quarterly profit falls

World’s biggest automaker lifts spending on artificial intelligence

Japanese tech groups lose pace in AI race

Fears rise at tech industry’s failure to capitalise on robot boom