Shinzo Abe

Shinzo Abe became the 90th prime minister of Japan in December 2012.

The core elements of his economic strategy - known as Abenomics - are an aggressive monetary policy, a proactive fiscal policy and an economic growth strategy

Abenomics breeds generation of gold bugs

Notebook: The precious metal has emerged as a kind of shiny financial aspirin, writes Leo Lewis

Japan defence minister swerves Yasukuni visit

Hawkish Inada faces early test of diplomatic skills

Markets Diary

Tone of minutes from Federal Reserve’s July meeting watched by investors

Japan’s dilemma stirs political rivalries

Tokyo’s version of ‘get our country back’ is to undo the Americans’ postwar order, writes Ian Buruma

‘The Bank of Japan has disappointed again’

Japanese prime minister’s economic reform plan is losing support

Abe appoints hawkish defence minister

Appointment expected to test relations with China

Japan investors vote for better returns

New governance code is encouraging activists to lead protests

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Abe’s stimulus lesson for the world

Eurozone nations should use expansionary fiscal policy for structural reform, writes Adam Posen

Japan’s stimulus package: will it work?

Abe’s fiscal boost is less than it seems but should still lift demand

Japan launches $45bn stimulus package

PM Shinzo Abe seeks to boost country’s struggling economy

An exterior view of the Bank of Japan in central Tokyo, Tuesday, 16 March 2004.

BoJ plays for time with weak stimulus

Yen soars as central bank leaves policy largely unchanged

Fed and BoJ return to familiar questions

The Japanese economy needs both monetary and fiscal stimulus

Fearful Japanese thwart Abe on equities

Quest to persuade public to invest in stocks is falling on fearful ears

Abe constitution dream clashes with allies

Japan PM faces hurdles to change war-renouncing Article 9

Tinkering will not fix Japan’s democracy

The constitution gives the people agency. It must not be abandoned easily, writes Sheila Smith

Japan opens door to constitutional change

Abe is right to tread cautiously before amending the pacifist clause

Abenomics still has a long way to go

Proportion of Tokyo First Section companies trading below book value has just climbed back to 55%

Abe plans stimulus before constitution push

Election victory galvanises leader’s aim to change pacifist charter

Abe wins sweeping victory in Japan vote

PM closes in on supermajority needed to change constitution

Abe within reach of crucial supermajority

Parliamentary poll could allow Japan PM to revise pacifist constitution

Japan should not depreciate currency

Intervention should be limited to smoothing turbulent markets

IMF urges Japan to ‘reload’ Abenomics

Tokyo told to ramp up stimulus or cede defeat on inflation timing

Japan: The dash to stash

Negative rates should be spurring country’s consumers to spend, but hottest-selling item is the safe

Japan tax delay raises questions on economy

Abe’s decision suggests fiscal policy is not working as envisaged, writes Hisao Tonedachi

Abe admits deflation fears with tax delay

Japanese prime minister boosts huge economic stimulus package

Abe rolls dice on delay to sales tax rise

PM’s gamble will create winners and losers in politics and economy

Scandals put Japanese investors on edge

Takata, Mitsubishi and Toa revelations raise fears

G7 warns of Brexit threat to global growth

Leaders pledge action to boost world economy amid divisions on stimulus

Abe’s grim warning highlights G7 divisions

Japanese PM says global conditions echo post-Lehman crisis

Abe seeks stimulus for world economy

World leaders will also be preoccupied with Brexit and geopolitical tensions

Obama nuclear legacy hangs over Hiroshima

The world looks less safe despite the president’s pledge of a world free of atomic weapons

Disdain for Abe narrative near and far

Even harsher appraisal may be building in the bond market

Week Ahead Political Diary

Officials gather with world economy weak, productivity growth slow, Greek wobbles and Brexit fears

Obama cements legacy with Hiroshima trip

The president’s visit to city hit by the first US A-bomb helps build bridges, writes Jacob Weisberg

Obama to make historic trip to Hiroshima

First sitting US president to visit city devastated by atom bomb

Tokyo braced for stormy week of earnings

Focus on surging yen as top carmakers and banks report results

Japan pins hopes on Russia summit

Russo-Japanese ties have languished but observers say both would benefit from counterbalancing China

Japan’s premier warns on Brexit threat

Abe says Britain would no longer be ‘gateway’ to Europe

The BoJ risks a reputation for caprice

Rather than sit on its hands, it should press ahead with looser policy

France wins A$50bn Australia subs contract

Blow to Japan’s ambitions to develop arms export industry