Shinzo Abe

Shinzo Abe became the 90th prime minister of Japan in December 2012.

The core elements of his economic strategy - known as Abenomics - are an aggressive monetary policy, a proactive fiscal policy and an economic growth strategy

Japan’s trade deficit hits record

Monthly shortfalls raise fresh doubts about Abenomics

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Commerce a casualty of Sino-Japanese spats

Ties increasingly fraught amid territorial and economic battles

JGB rally bodes ill for a resurgent Japan

Bond market activity suggests growth strategy falling short

Abe sought meeting with Xi Jinping

Japan’s PM made the overture during a committee meeting

Beware Japan’s nuclear safety myth

Debate on future energy needs must be wider

Japan slams China over mushroom cloud map

Foreign minister attacks newspaper article saying Tokyo wants war

Japan whaling plans spark NZ anger

Premier hits out at Tokyo’s hunting move

Japan to ease North Korean sanctions

Move follows breakthrough with Pyongyang over investigations

Japan inches towards being ‘normal’

To say Tokyo should be denied a right granted to others must imply it is unrepentant

Abe set to weaken Japan’s pacifist policy

‘Reinterpretation’ of constitution likely to add to China tensions

Japan Tankan survey falls after tax rise

Business confidence dips but investment forecasts increase

Protester sets himself on fire in Tokyo

Self-immolation act apparently a move against Abe’s defence proposal

A ‘third arrow’ will fell Japan’s demons

There will be no fiscal consolidation without economic recovery, writes Shinzo Abe

Japan and N Korea plan talks on abductees

First substantive discussions for more than a decade

Japan structural efforts appeal to investors

Long-term money begins to return as Abe fires ‘third arrow’

Japan tries a new strategy for growth

Shinzo Abe’s fresh package is wide-ranging but still timid

China accuses Vietnam of ‘hyping’ dispute

Islands spat continues as Hanoi told to ‘stop disrupting’ drilling

Abe updates ‘third arrow’ policies

Proposals on tax, investment and agricultural reform

Japan’s Abe sets corporate tax cut move

Prime minister looking to reduce tax to below 30%

Abe’s third arrow on economy quivers

Less splash expected as Japanese PM updates on economic strategy

Abe gets green light to cut corporate tax

First step in Japan PM’s plans for business tax overhaul

Japan is at its most miserable since 1981

Base salaries dip but change is expected in coming months

Japan resists looser immigration policy

Politicians fear voter reaction as labour shortage looms

Beijing hits out at US and Japan alliance

Tension rises over support for Asia nations

China and US spar over maritime claims

Defence secretary says US will not ignore coercion and intimidation

Japan pledges support in China disputes

Abe says country will play bigger role in ensuring peace

Japan retail sales fall as tax rise bites

Drop follows front-loading by consumers in March

Japan’s Mitsui launches $3.6bn share sale

Developer bets on higher Tokyo property prices and rents

Abe employs guile in battle over pacifism

Prime minister argues for shift in Japan’s military posture

Abe condemns Chinese jet manoeuvres

Beijing blames Tokyo over ‘dangerously’ close aircraft

Tough task for Tokyo on governance

Business lobby cool on reform efforts

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Asia’s nationalist power game

Modi completes a quartet of combative leaders in the most powerful nations of the region

TCI presses Tokyo to sell its Japan Tobacco stake

Hedge fund escalates campaign against government

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Japanese widow-maker charms activists

Corporate governance has shot up the agenda in Japan

Abe seeks support to alter military role

Plan would loosen rules on deploying Japanese forces

Modi should listen to his better angels

The man set to lead India needs to prioritise development over his Hindu nationalist roots

Abe backs shift in Japan’s military role

Move would stretch the limits of anti-war constitution

Visit by Abe spurs signing of nuclear deal

Talks on military co-operation break new ground

Abe steps up salesmanship abroad

Japan PM is pitching his vision of foreign and economic policy

Obama trade hopes stuck in the slow lane

Clock is ticking down for the president’s strategic ambitions