Mario Draghi illustration by Joe Cummings

Mario Draghi became president of the European Central Bank in November 2011, succeeding Jean-Claude Trichet.

Prior to this he worked at the Italian Treasury, the World Bank and Goldman Sachs, also serving as governor of the Bank of Italy.

Europe v emerging markets

Europe is cheap, but emerging markets look cheaper still

Pressure on ECB as inflation falls

Sharp drop in March stokes eurozone deflation fears

Draghi intervention has limited euro effect

Verbal signals fail to stop investor appetite for bonds

Bundled debt will quicken recovery

Draghi and Carney make case for asset-backed securities

ECB policy makers plot QE road map

Central bank could buy broad range of assets

Tensions mar global economic policy talks

IMF and World Bank harmony at odds with national agendas

Draghi steers ECB towards negative rates

Policy makers look to make it less attractive to hold euros

ECB signals unconventional monetary policy plans

Draghi blames euro’s strength for disinflationary trend

ECB and BoE push for high-risk loan return

Call to ease ABS rules to boost high-quality debt market

Greece’s long road to recovery

Debt market return must not derail bailout agreements

ECB’s bond-buying not yet a done deal

Officials grapple with challenge of how QE plan would work

ECB and BoE seek to revive ‘toxic’ assets

Central banks back revival in market for asset-backed securities

Ingram Pinn illustration

‘Whatever it takes’ may not be enough

The eurozone faces problems that are beyond the control of the president of the ECB

Bank policy contrast makes yield gap yawn

German Bunds yield 116bp less than US Treasuries

Eurozone warned not to rely solely on ECB

European companies demand structural reforms to sustain recovery

Taking aim at the dragon of deflation

ECB must follow through on unconventional policies

Draghi has to back QE words with action

Deflation crunch point is approaching in the eurozone

Draghi needs to move from words to action

The European Central Bank president has been cornered

ECB says it is prepared to embrace QE

Draghi says policy makers united on possible radical action

ECB eases its way towards radical action

‘Ogre of deflation’ raises Frankfurt’s rhetoric

As it happened – Mario Draghi’s press conference

ECB holds main refinancing rate at record low of 0.25%

Weidmann alters tactics on ECB policy

Bundesbank chief’s shift from being arch hawk can benefit euro

Eurozone risks losing its good looks

Shift into current account surplus not all good news

EU to ease rules on ‘toxic sludge’

Brussels seeks to revive moribund ABS market

Europe’s periphery in fundraising rush

Spain, Ireland and Portugal take advantage of benign conditions

Euro’s relentless rise confounds traders

Latest gains result of ECB appearing to rule out fresh action

Draghi counters euro upswing

Rates guidance seen as likely to weigh on single currency

Draghi calls eurozone ‘island of stability’

ECB keeps rates at record low and raises growth outlook

As it happened: Mario Draghi at the ECB

Central bank keeps rates on hold despite falling inflation

ECB left to ponder onset of stealth tightening

The broad measure of money supply is barely growing

Draghi seeks to revive reviled securities

ECB president backs ‘plain vanilla’ asset-backed securities

Eurozone inflation sticks at 0.8%

Higher-than-expected rise in Italian unemployment shocks Renzi

Britain’s recovery is rooted overseas

The sale of multimillion-pound London flats to foreign billionaires ranks as an export success

Euro bulls should proceed with caution

Deflation fears could force ECB to weaken currency

Inflation rise eases pressure on ECB

Eurozone deflation fears cool as survey also beats expectations

G20 aims to add $2tn to global economy

Five-year growth target marks shift in emphasis

The euro after the Karlsruhe ruling

Draghi’s OMT is safe – for now

Draghi smacks of hubris over ECB ‘success’

This is not the success eurozone needs to boost growth

Euro jumps as ECB resists rates cut

Mario Draghi says bank is ‘alert’ to the risks of deflation

ECB urged to act amid deflation fears

Eurozone CPI slips further below 2% target