Mario Draghi illustration by Joe Cummings

Mario Draghi became president of the European Central Bank in November 2011, succeeding Jean-Claude Trichet.

Prior to this he worked at the Italian Treasury, the World Bank and Goldman Sachs, also serving as governor of the Bank of Italy.

Europe’s companies urge capitals to reform

Launch of TLTRO programme welcomed

Draghi defends ECB’s cheap lending scheme

Take-up of the first loan auction lower than anticipated

ECB urges Berlin to cut taxes and spend

Bank official Benoît Cœuré calls on Germany to tackle challenges

Negative interest rates far from absurd

Need for eurozone action forces out boundaries of economics

Europe junk bonds recover from sell-off

Geopolitical tensions have eased, allowing prices to rebound

Deflation takes shine off Italy’s shop sales

Businesses cut their prices as economy stagnates

Eurozone leaders warn on fiscal rules

Intervention could set up a conflict with France and Italy

Draghi hits back at critics of ABS plan

ECB chief aims to ease fears over risks

Dip in inflation expectations blow to ECB

Drop in closely watched gauge comes despite aggressive easing

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Europe has to do whatever it takes

The new European Commission needs to take a stand for common sense and growth

Question hangs over Draghi’s latest salvo

New measures no guarantee lending will be channelled into SMEs

Economists hail birth of ‘Draghinomics’

Policy mix signals important evolution of thinking

What Draghi must do next to fix Europe

Eurozone policy makers and their economic advisers are structuralists by inclination

ECB: frontrunner in evil Anglo-Saxon race

There is no clear path to recovery, but there is a way to inflate the bonus pool, says John Dizard

Eurozone borrowing costs turn negative

Yields on two-year bonds see further significant falls

Do we need central banks?

They intervene so much, they can never stop

Mario Draghi impresses but more is needed

ECB president’s action cheered investors, but it falls short of full QE

Draghi pins hopes on ‘orphan child’ plan

ECB set to revive dormant securitisation market

Draghi launches his counter attack

ECB turns its fire on perils of weak demand and deflation

Draghi’s intervention startles markets

ECB cuts rates and agrees to purchase asset backed securities

Draghi brings out ABS rocket boosters

ECB president opts for purchase plan to boost real economy instead of QE

Q&A: ECB – what to watch for

Announcement of quantitative easing seen as unlikely

Quantitative easing is the wrong route

The policy could push the eurozone in the wrong direction, writes Michael Heise

Berlin rejects calls for eurobonds

Commerzbank appeal earns immediate rebuke from Germany

ECB: Draghi’s eurozone deal

The central bank president’s call for a fiscal and monetary pact has won a mixed reaction

Factory go-slow increases pressure on ECB

Ammunition for those seeking radical action from Draghi

Eurozone inflation hits five-year low

Pressure mounts on European Central Bank to ease monetary policy

BlackRock to advise ECB on bond buying

Central bank weighs move to ease eurozone credit conditions

Compelling stimuli for bank debt issuance

Draghi’s starting gun yet to fire, but investors are racing ahead

Draghi steals the show at Jackson Hole

Unexpectedly novel speech broke important new ground for an ECB president

S&P 500 passes 2,000 for the first time

Index propelled by stimulus comments from Draghi

Draghi steals the show at Jackson Hole

Job concerns dominate Jackson Hole

Uncertainty over data on labour market stymies central bankers

Central banks at the crossroads

Divergent paths reflect differing degrees of progress

ECB alarm at eurozone inflation trend

Tumbling price rise expectations fuel hopes of bolder bank action

Draghi softens tone on austerity

Jackson Hole speech calls for flexibility on fiscal rules

Yellen sees Jackson Hole return to roots

Wall Street economists excluded from this year’s conference

Spectre of ‘lost decade’ haunting Europe

Pressure grows on ECB to start quantitative easing

Dramas to match scenery at Jackson Hole

Labour market dynamics to play central role for monetary policy

Draghi must start doing whatever it takes

You cannot conjure a recovery by summoning the confidence fairy, writes Richard Portes