Mario Draghi illustration by Joe Cummings

Mario Draghi became president of the European Central Bank in November 2011, succeeding Jean-Claude Trichet.

Prior to this he worked at the Italian Treasury, the World Bank and Goldman Sachs, also serving as governor of the Bank of Italy.

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Mario Draghi’s press conference

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Banking system adequately capitalised, says finance ministry

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Investors must work out whether the Greeks or Germans might sacrifice position

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Poor Treasury bill sale comes as finance minister meets Draghi

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Ingram Pinn illustration

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Banks warns capital rules will blunt QE

Groups propose a relaxation to securitisation regulations

No one shops on the basis of a price index

From GR Steele. Sir, If, as reported, Mario Draghi argued ‘that plunging oil prices had raised the threat of a destructive period of falling prices’, then his comment is breathtaking

QE and equities: easy come, easy go

Buying European equities may make sense, but they are hardly good value