Mario Draghi illustration by Joe Cummings

Mario Draghi became president of the European Central Bank in November 2011, succeeding Jean-Claude Trichet.

Prior to this he worked at the Italian Treasury, the World Bank and Goldman Sachs, also serving as governor of the Bank of Italy.

Currency war heating up for yen and euro

China economy and weaker renminbi twin threats for Japan and EU

Europ antidemocracy
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Democracy at the heart of fight for Greece

Desire to keep the euro but with different policies is unacceptable to eurozone elite, writes Martin Sandbu

Draghi avows role as guardian of euro

ECB chief pleases neither German hawks nor Greek sympathisers

More than one way to skin a Greek loan

Creditors disagree over Greek debt relief

Draghi stands by Greece’s place in euro

Limit on emergency loans to Greek banks raised by €900m

Greece’s stopgap loans remain — for now

ECB’s €89bn emergency loans have kept lenders from collapse

Eurozone market calm clouds ‘Grexit’ risks

Beijing’s inability to stifle rout provides grim counsel for ECB

ECB ready with anti-contagion arsenal

Faith in bank policy at heart of mild reaction to Greek debt crisis

ECB tries to shun role of executioner

Central bank alters lifeline terms as banks run out of cash

Greece votes No — now what?

Next key date is July 20, when country owes €3.5bn

ECB holds the trigger in Greece stand-off

A timely deal means the bank can avoid blood on its hands

ECB tries to stay above Greek fray

Mario Draghi tries to preserve political neutrality

Merkel reignites ‘currency war’ worries

Strong euro hits Spain and Ireland reform, says German chancellor

The long game for the euro

Don't let Greek drama distract from the deeper debate

Draghi denies ECB market leaks

Central bank chief says bond information was already public

Animal spirits batter the currency market

FX trader psychology currently more akin to goldfish than tigers

President of the ECB, Mario Draghi, smiles during his news conference in Frankfurt/Main, Germany, 15 April 2015
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Whatever happened to Super Mario?

Central bankers are at the mercy of events that are difficult to predict, says David Oakley

Robust payrolls stoke volatile debt markets

German sovereign bonds are ‘intimidating’ global markets

Euro takes rollercoaster ride

Single currency rises 1.3% before falling by nearly same amount

Bund sell-off stalls after torrid week

Debt yields swing across core eurozone nations

Draghi says ‘get used to’ bond volatility

Bund yields at 8-month high on ECB head’s comments

ECB keeps interest rates at record lows

Focus turns to Draghi’s projections for inflation and growth

Euro vulnerable if Draghi stays QE course

Sell the single currency versus sterling, advises RBC

Greek bailout monitors hold crisis summit

IMF, EU and ECB meet to thrash out differences on Athens deal

Draghi’s impatience at the slow pace of reform

Structural improvements are for national politicians to implement

EU ombudsman rebukes ECB over market leaks

Comments made to hedge fund gathering trigger criticism

Draghi and Fischer defend reform calls

Top central bankers reject claim they are too politicised

ECB battles to keep euro under control

Central bank gets vocal to push single currency back down

European CFOs increasingly optimistic

Research finds most expect rise in revenues and profitability

Draghi perches on both sides of the fence

QE is so far working well in Europe, whatever its supposed side-effects

Central banks warned against ‘blind’ risk

Draghi alert to danger of financial instability and inequality

ECB adjusts to life amid the protests

Central bankers bring controversy with ever more political decisions

Greece told to bring reforms to ‘fruition’

Lagarde warns Syriza honeymoon period with creditors is closing

Draghi: Eurozone has tools to deal with Greece

IMF meeting overshadowed by renewed fears about the risk of debt default

Emerging markets confusion

Some look cheap compared to developed peers, but the rise of the dollar is a threat

Protester disrupts ECB press conference

Woman jumps on podium and flings confetti over Draghi

Mario Draghi’s press conference

ECB chief says focus on ‘full implementation’ of QE programme

ECB holds rates ahead of upbeat assessment

Draghi expected to pronounce on unexpected strengthening

Loonie tunes in to Chinese growth data

Canadian dollar and other commodity currencies sensitive to China

Buy Europe as Draghi gets it all wrong

QE in the eurozone is the wrong response to the wrong problem, but it’ll be good for equities