Mario Draghi illustration by Joe Cummings

Mario Draghi became president of the European Central Bank in November 2011, succeeding Jean-Claude Trichet.

Prior to this he worked at the Italian Treasury, the World Bank and Goldman Sachs, also serving as governor of the Bank of Italy.

Voters need alternative to populism

The rise of the far right and left reflects the establishment’s failures

ECB steps up call for reform

Central bank wants looser fiscal policy and structural changes

James Ferguson illustration

Smoke, mirrors and helicopter money

Proponents aim to persuade people to endorse a plan they would reject if it were explained simply

Ferguson illustration

Germany is the eurozone’s biggest problem

The monetary union will fail if it is run for the benefit of creditors alone

High cost of Germany’s savings culture

This could tell us that Berlin, perhaps more so than Athens, is unprepared for monetary union

banknote designs
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How to change the face of Europe

‘Europe today faces a problem: it lacks a clear creation myth with unifying heroes’

Eurozone inflation forecasts downgraded

European Commission blames low oil prices and global economic weakness

Draghi returns fire over Berlin criticism

ECB chief points finger at high-saving Germans in rates row

Brexit fears leave the euro alone for now

Analysts worry about cascade of consequences for Europe

Insurance bonds lifted by ECB buying plan

Draghi says insurers eligible for purchases under new programme

Keep faith in Super Mario

ECB president has strong record of coming good

Draghi goes on offensive against Berlin

Germany must take responsibility for the woes of its savings sector

Draghi defends ECB’s ultra-low rates

Central bank chief fights back against German criticism

Live: ECB press conference

Markets watch for details of corporate bond purchases

Will the ECB fend off German criticism?

Central bank’s independence to be focus of Thursday’s meeting

Don’t let ‘inflation nutters’ get to you

If you are not rich, does it matter that rates are negative, asks David Oakley

Germany should keep its hands off the ECB

Schäuble’s campaign is wrong in principle and unwise in practice

Jens Weidmann, Deutsche Bundesbank:
©Andreas Varnhorn

Bundesbank’s Weidmann rebukes ECB critics

German central bank president defends Draghi

Negative rates may be nearing a limit

Opponents of unorthodox monetary easing must offer an alternative

Germany blames ECB for rise of AfD party

Politicians go on offensive against the central bank

FedEx delivers ‘reverse Yankee’ bond deal

Lower interest rates make raising cash in Europe look like a great deal

Japan lashes out against rise of yen

Currency at highest level since BoJ stimulus bazooka in 2014

Investors must beware Frankenshock 2.0

The currency may yet have horrors in store

European banks: New rules, old problems

The wiping of billions of Novo Banco debt may mark a new era in which bank bondholders are no longer king

Italian banks weighed down by directors

It is hard to find a lender with less than 15 board members

Be on your guard when Draghi drops hints

It is a risky game to take central bankers at their word, says David Oakley

Draghi’s uncontrolled experiment

Two policies in as many hours suggest words speak louder than action

Concern, not panic, over global economy

Policymakers need to provide more stimulus where it is needed

Draghi offers sweetener to banks

ECB seeks way around thorny issue of negative interest rates

Draghi delivers bold expansion of stimulus

The ECB president is right to focus on stepping up asset purchases

ECB flexes muscles to silence the doubters

Draghi hopes to quash scepticism over effect of policies on wider economy

Euro rises as ECB triggers wild swings

Single currency plumbs a 6-week low, then rises to a 4-week high

Draghi and the ECB take on the naysayers

The central bank gives a boost to eurozone growth and inflation, writes Martin Sandbu

ECB announcement: what to expect

Traders have been shorting the euro against the dollar

Draghi out to show he has right ammunition

ECB president must convince sceptics he can raise inflation

All eyes on Mario Draghi and ECB

Any central bank-induced rally could be shortlived as investors question the impact of negative rates

Draghi’s bazooka fails to turn eurozone tide

The ECB’s economic armoury is running low

Investors wary over hopes for ECB cuts

Markets show signs of monetary policy fatigue

Yield scramble set to favour Treasuries

US assets would also benefit from traders building dollar exposure