Mario Draghi illustration by Joe Cummings

Mario Draghi became president of the European Central Bank in November 2011, succeeding Jean-Claude Trichet.

Prior to this he worked at the Italian Treasury, the World Bank and Goldman Sachs, also serving as governor of the Bank of Italy.

Drought looms for EU bank bond investors

Lenders more concerned with paying back ECB loans

Divisions weaken the ECB’s hand on QE

Split risks undermining size and scope of what central bank buys

Eurozone prospects look better tomorrow

It is worth considering what quantitative easing would accomplish, says Stephen Macklow-Smith

ECB loan auction set to disappoint

Analysts expect banks to take €170bn of a possible €317bn

Upbeat jobs growth data bolster dollar

Japanese yen is biggest casualty of the majors

ECB division on wording fails to impress

Markets expect much from next ECB meeting. If Mr Draghi does not deliver, fall-out will be painful

Draghi looks to QE despite council split

ECB slashes inflation and growth forecasts

Mario Draghi’s press conference

ECB slashes growth forecast for next year from 1.6% t0 1%

ECB poised to dash bond-buying hopes

Divisions in governing council delay action on quantitative easing

Draghi needs support on QE in the eurozone

The effect of trying whatever it takes may raise expectations of inflation and growth by itself

Draghi steps up push for economic union

ECB calls for eurozone states to hand more powers to Brussels

Central banks not equals in investor love

QE by ECB and BoJ may not win heart of financial markets

ECB bond-buying: Last action hero

Mario Draghi’s pledge to raise inflation may oblige investors to head into riskier euro assets

ECB in quandary on asset purchase schemes

Buying gold might be ECB’s most politically acceptable form of large-scale quantitative easing

Dovish Draghi boosts hopes of ECB stimulus

Central bank president says bond-buying will provide respite

Transcript: top ECB economist interviewed

Peter Praet speaks in London to the Financial Times

Mario Draghi and the leaked Geithner files

How the ECB chief came to declare he would do ‘whatever it takes’ to save the eurozone

Eurozone stagnation is inevitable

QE to have limited potency and there is little in monetary locker

The euro is in greater peril than ever

The eurozone has no mechanism to defend itself against a drawn-out depression

A world still reeling from fiscal errors

Economies across the globe are suffering from bad budget decisions

ECB ready to inject €1tn extra liquidity

Support for unconventional measures unanimous, says Draghi

Draghi ‘autocratic’ style stays off menu

ECB president says forecast dinner showdown failed to materialise

Deflation fears recede as corporate investment rises

Demand for consumer loans and mortgages has been rising

Stress tests will not cure the eurozone

A dysfunctional banking system should no longer be fatal for growth

Do Europe’s banks need surgery?

The answer hinges on the ‘stress test’ results for 130 European banks

Investors pour billions into cash funds

Market turmoil points to shift out of riskier assets into havens

Deflation threat to Draghi’s credibility

Markets expect inflation to undershoot central bank targets

Timeline: Events leading to ECB case

Draghi’s pledge to save the euro kicks off a legal process

Yields on European covered bonds hit lows

ECB’s plan to buy the assets boosts demand and raises prices

Dark clouds gather over Europe

Economic stagnation and the Russia-Ukraine conflict are worrying

It’s Draghi versus Weidmann on ECB QE

But it is unclear how they are going to bridge their differences

A guest looks towards the Teton Mountains from the Jackson Lake Lodge in Teton National Park near Jackson Hole, Wyoming, U.S
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Shifting dynamics at Jackson Hole underline a new divergence

Central banks are revising their positions on interest rates

An extraordinary state of ‘managed depression’

In the eurozone, more action is needed if a widely shared and successful recovery is to be achieved

Draghi vows to fight eurozone deflation

ECB president warns on dangers of relying on monetary policy

Ingram Pinn illustration

Trapped in a cycle of credit booms

The eurozone seems to be waiting for the Godot of global demand to float it off into debt sustainability

Eurozone inflation gauge hits record low

Fall in ‘5 year-5 year’ measure deals blow to ECB

Dwindling US inflation casts shadow

Dollar’s strength is helping to tighten financial conditions

Inflation outlook brings ECB QE into view

Mario Draghi’s April plan has so far been followed exactly, but further action may be needed

ECB’s lack of detail on plan disappoints

Stimulus seen as wide in scope but vague on scale

Criticism of Draghi’s deeds is misguided

The ECB president deserves support for his asset-buying plan