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    1. July 1, 2016

      Don’t let’s be beastly to the Brits, says Bundesbank

      Jens Weidmann, the president of Germany’s Bundesbank, has warned the EU against treating the UK too toughly, adding his...

    2. Fast FT

      July 1, 2016

      Weidmann: Brexit could hit German banks

      The British electorate’s rejection of the EU reflects a broader scepticism of the European project across member...

    1. June 10, 2016

      Bond yields hit new lows, equities slide in safe haven dash

      Global sovereign bonds set new milestones and equities fell sharply on Friday, as negative interest rate policies,...

    2. Fast FT

      June 10, 2016

      European stocks swooning; Bund hits record (again)

      Sea of red. It’s ugly out there. At pixel time: The Euro Stoxx 600 index is down by 1.7 per cent The FTSE 100 is off...

    3. Fast FT

      June 10, 2016

      Markets at risk of abrupt reversal - Bundesbank chief

      A small change in central bank interest rates risks triggering an abrupt reversal in global markets, in echoes of the...

    4. Fast FT

      May 17, 2016

      ECB criticism stems from blurred lines - Weidmann

      The European Central Bank’s extraordinary stimulus measures have drawn criticism because they risk overstepping the...

    5. Fast FT

      April 21, 2016

      ECB leaves rates on hold

      No alarms and no surprises. (Yet.) We’re not quite out of the woods yet – the press conference at 13:30 London time...

    6. Fast FT

      April 21, 2016

      Euro 'in a pressure cooker' with ECB ahead

      It’s rates day for the European Central Bank. ECB watchers don’t expect action, as such, (rates: 1245 London time) but...

    7. Fast FT

      April 12, 2016

      Interview: Bundesbank chief Weidmann defends ECB

      Bundesbank president Jens Weidmann has rebuked German politicians for attempting to pressure European Central Bank...

    8. April 12, 2016

      Bundesbank’s Weidmann rebukes Draghi critics in Berlin

      Bundesbank president Jens Weidmann has rebuked German politicians for attempting to pressure European Central Bank...

    9. Fast FT

      April 7, 2016

      ECB minutes expose divisions

      Accounts of the European Central Bank’s latest policy vote have laid bare divisions between the eurozone’s monetary...

    10. Fast FT

      March 10, 2016

      It's ECB day: What to expect

      Investors are expecting the European Central Bank to unveil further stimulus at today’s policy meeting, with the...

    11. February 25, 2016

      German ‘doom loop’ proposal would hit Italian, Spanish banks

      Italian and Spanish banks would suffer another blow to their profits if Brussels adopts a German plan to break the...

    12. February 24, 2016

      Bundesbank president warns against deflation fear

      The president of Germany’s Bundesbank has fired a warning shot against radical monetary loosening by the European...

    13. February 16, 2016

      Weidmann renews attack on ECB’s monetary stimulus

      Germany’s hawkish central bank chief on Tuesday renewed his attack on a key element in the European Central Bank’s...

    14. February 4, 2016

      ECB will not ‘surrender’ to low inflation, Draghi says

      The European Central Bank will not surrender to low inflation, Mario Draghi vowed, reinforcing his case for ECB action...

    15. December 13, 2015

      Watch the presses roll as Europe scrambles to fix its banks

      There is a story playing out in Italy that teaches us much about the practical and political limits of how you resolve...

    16. October 21, 2015

      Resilient euro casts doubt on ‘Super’ Mario’s policy aims

      When “Super” Mario Draghi launched his much-trailed bond-buying programme in January, the president of the European...

    17. June 11, 2015

      Creditors tell Greece it is time to decide over bailout

      Greece’s creditors on Thursday issued their starkest warnings to Athens since the start of a five-month stand-off over...

    18. March 23, 2015

      Mario Draghi hits back at QE hawks

      Mario Draghi has hit back at hawks at the European Central Bank, challenging accusations that the eurozone’s €1.1tn...

    19. February 11, 2015

      ECB breathes sigh of relief over quantitative easing

      On the eve of its historic decision to launch a quantitative easing programme last month, the European Central Bank...

    20. January 18, 2015

      The eurozone: A strained bond

      In his tumultuous time as president of the European Central Bank, Mario Draghi has always been able to rely on the...

    21. December 29, 2014

      A new deal for the euro must go far beyond QE

      A certain tribe of eurozone watchers has long maintained that the euro’s fortunes hang in the balance on January 22,...

    22. December 22, 2014

      Draghi must choose right type of QE

      The European Central Bank’s last meeting yet again focused minds on the debate over quantitative easing in the euro...

    23. December 16, 2014

      Bundesbank president Jens Weidmann steps up criticism of QE

      com">Jens Weidmann, the hawkish president of Germany’s Bundesbank, has stepped up his calls for the European Central...

    24. December 9, 2014

      Europe’s lonely and reluctant hegemon

      I n 2014, we have commemorated the 100th anniversary of the start of first world war and the 25th anniversary of the...

    25. November 28, 2014

      Draghi needs support on QE in the eurozone

      When Mario Draghi announced two years ago he would do “whatever it takes” to save the euro, he must have known that...

    26. Gavyn Davies

      November 26, 2014

      Fault lines within the ECB

      The simmering row between the European Central Bank president Mario Draghi and the German Bundesbank president Jens...

    27. November 11, 2014

      ECB impotency makes eurozone stagnation inevitable

      Yields in the eurozone sovereign debt markets have fallen to such low levels that they are, in effect, predicting...

    28. The World

      November 8, 2014

      The loneliness of a central banker

      The central bankers, past and present, who met in Paris on Friday have collectively pumped tens of trillions of dollars...

    29. October 17, 2014

      Bundesbank hits back at calls for stimulus

      Germany’s top central banker has rejected calls for the eurozone’s largest economy to raid its fiscal coffers to fund...

    30. Gavyn Davies

      October 10, 2014

      It's Draghi versus Weidmann on ECB QE

        © CARLO HERMANN/AFP/Getty Images Last week’s press conference by ECB President Mario Draghi left the markets...

    31. August 22, 2014

      Draghi softens tone on austerity

      Mario Draghi, the European Central Bank president, has signalled he is becoming increasingly concerned about high...

    32. August 13, 2014

      ECB would, for now, prefer to do nothing

      Spring was meant to be the season when the climate of the eurozone’s recovery became sunnier. Instead, as the days...

    33. July 23, 2014

      Bundesbank chief urges UK to stay in EU

      The head of Germany’s central bank has invoked the ghost of Winston Churchill to urge Britain to stay in the EU, before...

    34. July 21, 2014

      Bundesbank shifts stance and backs unions’ push for big pay rises

      The Bundesbank has backed the push by Germany’s trade unions for inflation-busting wage settlements, in a remarkable...

    35. FT Alphaville

      July 14, 2014

      Camp Buba

      Just 10 days after Camp Alphaville? Hmmm. We await a hat-tip from the Bundesbank. From the WSJ: Bundesbank President...

    36. July 4, 2014

      Matteo Renzi hits back at Bundesbank chief

      A simmering battle between Italy and Germany over Rome’s push to ease EU’s budget rules burst into public on Friday...

    37. The World

      July 4, 2014

      Rome and Berlin lock horns

      Today Germany and France will meet in their World Cup quarter final in Rio de Janeiro, the latest episode in one of...

    38. May 30, 2014

      ECB to tackle deflation threat with rate cut

      The European Central Bank is next week poised to cut interest rates and boost lending to credit-starved smaller...

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