George Osborne

George Osborne was elected MP for Tatton in 2001. Heir apparent to the Osborne baronetcy of Ballentaylor and Ballylemon, he was appointed to Michael Howard’s shadow cabinet in 2004.

In May 2010 he became chancellor of the exchequer in the Conservative-led coalition.

City Insider: To Russia with love

A peripatetic financier, banker popularity and George Osborne’s Christmas card

To Russia with love

A peripatetic financier, banker popularity and George Osborne’s Christmas card

Ministerial special advisers’ pay up 17%

Cameron and Clegg under fire over coalition pledge on ‘Spads’

Treasury eyes £3bn Lloyds stake sell-off

Holding could fall towards 20% in run-up to election

Classic FM boss to head Arts Council

Darren Henley will take over as chief executive in 2015

Cameron defends plans for cuts

Britain still vulnerable to being ‘tipped over the edge’

UK election will be all about the economy

The Autumn Statement has widened the ideological choice between Tories and Labour

Osborne sets out tough UK fiscal rules

Chancellor highlights what he sees as the profligacy of Labour

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Misplaced homage to Wigan Pier

We are miles away from the hardship of the prewar years, writes Giles Wilkes

The battle over the public finances will define Britain

The case for achieving an overall fiscal surplus in the next parliament is not overwhelming

Tables turned on FCA over briefing fiasco

Report scathing about watchdog’s botched leak to Telegraph

UK goes it alone on corporate tax avoidance

Although worth a try, the new levy may muddy the OECD initiative

John Cridland, head of the CBI at CBI head office, Cannon Street. 4/11/14

Business leaders attack UK ‘Google tax’

Charge on multinationals is ‘a real concern’, says CBI

Nemat (Minouche) Shafik, Deputy Governor of the Bank of England.
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City faces more than ‘a few bad apples’

Stricter rules are promised in a blistering attack on past conduct

Australia targets UK-style ‘Google tax’

Canberra ‘contemplating’ levy on diverted profits

Coalition stops ‘war’ to agree deficit plan

Parties cease hostilities to sign charter for budget responsibility

Abu Dhabi money kickstarts east Manchester

Football club’s inclusive training complex opens in deprived area

Why this equity investor is backing Japan

In contrast to the UK, Tokyo is at least trying to boost nominal growth

Pension annuities attacked by UK report

Regulator likely to recommend action against insurance companies

Reform of business-rate tax is far away

Despite the British government’s murmurs a review of the reviled levy is a long way off

Stamp duty now merely a ‘bad’ tax

Think-tank campaigns against any transaction tax

The new politics of hate

Think that multinationals can do as they like on tax? Think again

Stamp duty divides buyers and sellers

OBR estimates for every 1% fall in effective tax rate, house prices rise 1.4%

Next Budget will see the reinstitution of personal allowance

From John Fishley. Sir, George Osborne was eloquent in his Autumn Statement in expounding the benefits of reforming stamp duty on property values

IFS criticises Osborne’s tax changes

Think-tank says temporary rises being used to fund permanent cuts

Gulf opens between parties on spending

Osborne furious at ‘hyperbolic’ media coverage of cuts

Tax changes ‘clobber’ luxury homes

Estate agents caught out by shake-up rushed to finalise deals

UK’s foreign aid pledge to cost extra £1bn

ONS shifts forecast to be in line with Europe

Bentley creates 300 jobs with R&D centre

Booming Crewe carmaker seeks to build on record sales

Google tax needs a Google brain behind it

Analogue and unilateral thinking on UK’s foreign companies tax

Unwelcome return of political risk to UK

Volatility set to increase as uncertainty over May election rises

Osborne channels spirit of Victorian PM

Chancellor steals policies from opposition party

UK economic outlook remains gloomy

Office for Budget Responsibility peers into the future

Tobacco groups attack proposed levy

Chancellor says industry should contribute more

Osborne plays down spending cuts fears

Chancellor attacks ‘hyperbolic’ coverage of the BBC

Master of giveaways did not give much away

Osborne skilled in popular announcements that do not cost very much

Q&A: How strong is UK economy?

Chancellor’s numbers conceal worrying trends

Osborne’s £18bn question

Savings on debt interest aid the medium-term outlook

Stamp duty reform echoes Scottish system

Chancellor’s way will win greater favour from wealthy

An illustration of George Osborne as Robin Hood
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Cuts alone may not hit fiscal target

The accounts will only be balanced through an unprecedented squeeze on public spending