George Osborne

George Osborne was elected MP for Tatton in 2001. Heir apparent to the Osborne baronetcy of Ballentaylor and Ballylemon, he was appointed to Michael Howard’s shadow cabinet in 2004.

In May 2010 he became chancellor of the exchequer in the Conservative-led coalition.

HSBC threatens to move HQ from UK

Hong Kong regulator welcomes bank’s decision to launch review

The Chancellor of the Exchequer, George Osborne, leaves No.11 Downing street to deliver the last budget of the coalition.
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Osborne hits deficit target for 2014-15

Borrowing falls but debt continues to rise

Labour and Tories ramp up economic attacks

Miliband says rivals are planning ‘biggest cuts in developed world’

Tory grandees at odds over tactics on SNP

Major warns of ‘blackmail’ but Forsyth sees danger in boosting nationalists

UK backs further welfare cuts, says poll

Tory plan wins backing but the public tires of austerity

Osborne vows to boost UK bank competition

Chancellor also promises ‘financial fairness’ review

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The politicians pillaging your pension

The next government will trample retirement savings, no matter who wins

Lagarde and Schäuble praise UK economy

Osborne’s austerity measures backed by head of IMF

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Lies, damned lies and the British election

Promises mean little when the parties have only the vaguest idea of how things will turn out

Row of houses

Tories attacked over inheritance tax

Proposal criticised for focus on helping wealthy

John Major 1992 and Harold Wilson 1974.

The neck and neck race for Number 10

Conservatives hope for a repeat of 1992, while Labour looks to its 1974 victory

Why save for children?

Most Britons have insufficient pensions and savings. So why are they bothering with junior Isas?

A Cash ISA, or Cash Individual Savings Account is a financial product available to UK tax residents, in which the interest gained is free of ALL tax. So don’t let HM Revenue & Customs, HMRC, reduce the value of your savings by taking a percentage of every pound of value gained, as demonstrated by the cut pound coin. Keep every part of the pound for yourself in a Cash Isa. The Cash ISA savings plan is open for a full tax year, at the end of which that plan is closed to further investment, and a new plan can be opened. With instant access, and all proceeds free from interest gained, ISA’s are the most tax efficient savings schemes available to UK residents.

New guidelines on Isa inheritances

Banks and Isa providers devise protocol to make transfers simpler

Blair warns of Tory ‘risk’ to business

Former premier underlines dangers of British exit from Europe

More renters give up on home ownership

Research shows numbers saving a deposit has fallen

Parties trade ‘secret’ tax rise blows

Senior figures go on attack over living standards

UK’s top 5 banks slash bonuses by £1bn

Data also show lenders set aside £10bn for fines in 2014

Osborne refuses to rule out tax cut

Labour claims chancellor plans 40p top rate for ‘millionaires’

Labour eyes ISAs for £5bn housing fund

Budget’s first-time buyer scheme tapped to tackle supply shortage

UK Election 2015

The people who want to run Britain

What makes the country’s biggest political figures tick?

Cameron promises ‘truly seven-day’ NHS

Prime minister tells supporters election is on a knife edge

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The prince plots to steal Cameron’s crown

Those who think the Tories would not move against a sitting prime minister forget Thatcher’s fall


The sludge report

In the era of coalition, the political tie is becoming more and more muddy coloured, says Charlie Porter

Osborne overrode FCO on China-led bank

Decision on AIIB bypassed objections and drew fire from US

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Confounded by China’s rise

British opportunism met with US fumbling

Shell cuts more North Sea jobs

Unions fight plan for a three-weeks on, three-weeks off work rota

Venture capitalist Jon Moulton has invested in biotech company RedX Pharma

Moulton-backed RedX Pharma to list on Aim

UK life science industry shows sign of life beyond southeast

Highs and lows of UK coalition government

Political experiment proved durable but is set to hurt Lib Dems

David Cameron promises not to raise VAT

Prime minister delights his party and catches out opposition

Bank levy to remain part of tax system

Chancellor rejects suggestions payment should be scaled back

Labour MPs warn on pension reform advice

Government ‘incapable or unwilling’ to protect savers from scams

Cameron sets leadership deadline

May, Osborne and Johnson identified as potential heirs

Labour promises not to increase VAT

Balls attempts to suggest Osborne has secret agenda

Parties seek to woo small company bosses

Miliband, Osborne and Clegg hear demands from federation

Pension helpline down as reform looms

Treasury scrambles to make last-minute changes to service content

Osborne’s LTA plans are a mess

Pensions saving is going to turn into a guessing game

FT | News Reporter Jim Pickard encounters the seagull problem in the city of Bath. Commissioned by Annabel Cook 20th March 2015 © Gareth Iwan Jones photographer. © Gareth Iwan Jones photographer.
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Feathers fly over Bath’s ‘vermin on wings’

Gull wars in spa town reflect growing problem in UK as seabirds invade towns

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Osborne’s monstrously inept adversaries

Labour’s refusal to acknowledge past mistakes has been a decisive gift to the Tories

George Osborne
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UK deficit falls in boost to Tories

Osborne on target to meet annual reduction forecasts

smart meter displays

Get smart on government projects

There are better ways to invest £11bn than on meters