George Osborne

George Osborne was elected MP for Tatton in 2001. Heir apparent to the Osborne baronetcy of Ballentaylor and Ballylemon, he was appointed to Michael Howard’s shadow cabinet in 2004.

In May 2010 he became chancellor of the exchequer in the Conservative-led coalition.

Brexit tremors see pound tumble further

● Benchmark 10-year gilt yields fall below 1% ● Cameron rules out second referendum ● RBS shares down 26%

Let Leavers govern as best they can

The economy, the union and the promises made during the referendum campaign are theirs to safeguard

Tory group breaks ranks on China policy

Human rights report targets ties seen as heralding ‘golden era’

Osborne lies low post-Brexit

Chancellor set to stay at Treasury till PM leaves in October

Johnson holds talks over leadership plan

Leave campaigner is clear frontrunner to succeed David Cameron

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Cameron and Osborne to blame

The prime minister thought he could win a vote aimed at settling a Tory feud, writes Nick Clegg

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After Brexit: purgatory, not hell

UK assets would only be for the most risk-addicted in an Out vote

Osborne plan hit by higher borrowing

April numbers revised upwards from £7.2bn to £8.2bn

A referendum that is naive and necessary

Why is Cameron ‘putting us through this’? Because the pressure was too much to contain an eruption

EU referendum: Fight for hearts and wallets

A poll to settle Tories’ Europe issue has unleashed fierce passions Cameron is struggling to control

Polls swing to Remain as camps regroup

Farage admits to loss of momentum for Leave campaign

Cameron warns Brexit is ‘irreversible’

‘People are not buying houses and not buying cars’ — Osborne

Why Britain is flirting with Brexit

A lack of trust is fuelling the anti-establishment Leave campaign, writes Sebastian Payne

Blue-chips threaten Leave camp over logos

Anger among In companies over use of names in leaflet

Remain side turns up volume on economy

Osborne will use annual speech to emphasise threat to prosperity

Osborne gambles with ‘Brexit budget’ threat

Chancellor accused of panic over warning of £30bn ‘black hole’

Osborne warns of Brexit tax rises

Chancellor says there will be £30bn black hole in public finances

Osborne hails Northern Powerhouse project

Warning that vote for Brexit would hit northern economy

Horseracing opens new front with bookies

Change to fixture list will hit the big high street operators

Editor of the FT, Lionel Barber, interviews Chancellor of the Exchequer, George Osborne, at the FT's flagship 125 event in the City tonight.
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Capital not fleeing UK over Brexit fears

No need to worry yet — the evidence for a rampant flight from UK banks is feeble, writes Chris Giles

Brexit Countdown: 17 days to go

Facebook’s worthy registration drive and revenge of the IFS ‘experts’

High Street Banks.

Banks train staff to answer Brexit queries

Chains prepare to reassure panicked customers over Leave vote

Bosses can learn from the Remain campaign

Say what you have to say over and over to the point when you think staff will run off screaming

Treasury: From Eurosceptic to Remain hero

Defenders say department has been evidence-led in its analysis

Tory infighting leaves UK voters cold

The referendum debate has made some MPs mutinous but the electorate simply does not care

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The Lisa loophole I’m happy to exploit

Osborne’s savings account was not intended for people like me — but nevertheless I’ll open one

Self-inflicted dangers of EU referendum

Cameron might soon be known as the man who left the UK in far-from-splendid isolation

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A View from Islington North, Arts Theatre, London — ‘Acid sideswipe’

Five short plays present an enjoyable satire on British politics

Cameron set to tap G7 for Remain backing

Speculation mounts as PM heads to  Japan for 2-day summit

Fact-checking the Treasury Brexit report

The conclusions are valid but be sceptical about the details

Brexit would create a ‘DIY recession’

Treasury analysis says wages, sterling and employment would fall

HM Treasury on Whitehall for UK News.
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Bean gives approval to Brexit analysis

Former BoE deputy’s involvement shows Treasury nerves

Life imitates satire in latest Brexit sparring

Latest referendum rhetoric is beyond a joke

Osborne warns of 18% Brexit house price hit

Leave campaigner brands chancellor’s rhetoric ‘extraordinary’

Unite to prevent a superbug apocalypse

Drug companies need market incentives to generate new antibiotics

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Smoke, mirrors and helicopter money

Proponents aim to persuade people to endorse a plan they would reject if it were explained simply

Former political foes unite against Brexit

Osborne, Balls and Cable warn of ‘one-way ticket’ to poorer Britain

Gallantry can reunite Tories after poll

The chances of a Brexiter being party leader grow if the UK stays in bloc, writes Jacob Rees-Mogg

Greater powers for councils to spur housing

Tories consider planning law granting authority to seize land

The Queen and Beijing

She should be applauded for her off-the-cuff comments about Chinese diplomats, says Philip Stephens