George Osborne

George Osborne was elected MP for Tatton in 2001. Heir apparent to the Osborne baronetcy of Ballentaylor and Ballylemon, he was appointed to Michael Howard’s shadow cabinet in 2004.

In May 2010 he became chancellor of the exchequer in the Conservative-led coalition.

Chancellor George Osborne

Osborne seeks cost-neutral Budget schemes

Chancellor asks Treasury for eye-catching ideas, but no ‘giveaways’

George Osborne at No 11 Downing St
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The reinvention of George Osborne

The chancellor has been out and about, talking up his long-term plan for the nation. But what of his own?

No interest in raising rates

The ‘dismal science’ got it so wrong for so long

Osborne seeks early RBS sale after poll

UK chancellor regrets not revamping state-controlled bank

Home secretary Theresa May
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Incoming Tories see May as next likely leader

Home secretary ahead of Johnson in poll of candidates

An RBS logo sits on a sign above the entrance to Royal Bank of Scotland branch

Miliband’s potential post-poll RBS poser

Polls suggest the task of selling off the bank could fall to Labour

UK living standards set to bounce back

Osborne claims ‘major milestone’ in recovery

LONDON, ENGLAND - NOVEMBER 13: Eurostar's brand new e320 fleet is unveiled today complete with a live reveal of the train and special guests including Raymond Blanc and a catwalk show with 20 Eurostar staff at St Pancras Station on November 13, 2014 in London, England. (Photo by Tristan Fewings/Getty Images for Eurostar)

Eurostar sale raises £757m for Treasury

Cross-Channel train operator stake sold for almost twice expected sum

UK bank bosses more bullish on bonuses

Only RBS chief Ross McEwan has declined award for 2014

Alexander calls for extra £1bn bank levy

Lib Dem wants Budget move to help cut deficit in ‘fair’ manner

MPs dismiss Osborne’s Brussels bill claim

Statement that surcharge had been halved ‘not supported by facts’

English devolution

Government blocks local decisions on EU funds

Only London will be allowed to decide how it spends share of €6.2bn budget

George Osborne
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Osborne can pay voters an unexpected bounty

Choices open up for UK chancellor as public borrowing, inflation and oil prices fall

Manchester to control £5bn health budget

Osborne’s ambition for English devolution progresses

Osborne eyes North Sea oil groups tax cut

Chancellor gives strong sign of support for industry

UK to run after banks that aid tax evasion

Chancellor plans crackdown on those that collude with dodgers

Cameron and Osborne all yin and no yang

Intimacy of the prime minister and chancellor, with their hive mind, is a historical aberration

The cost of Cameron’s pensioner promises

PM preserves benefits accounting for 55% of social security spend

Public finance pre-poll boost for Osborne

Surplus at seven-year high with rising tax receipts

Tories sketch out vision for London

Osborne and Johnson pledge investment in transport and housing

Bland politics can expect little applause

MPs’ inability to apologise for errors turns off voters, writes Jonathan Powell

Corporate tax reform limited, says study

Osborne failing in competitiveness ambition, analysis shows

Browne urges end to extra North Sea tax

Former BP chief says levy adds to burden on ageing oil field

NS&A website. national savings
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Osborne extends pensioner bond scheme

NS & I will issue about £15bn, against the original plan for £10bn

Slowing UK cuts ‘would boost economy’

Research finds unemployment could be reduced more quickly

Lack of interest in mayors hits devolution

Chancellor gives few powers to authorities that refuse figurehead

British Chancellor of the Exchequer, George Osborne, poses with his budget box in Downing street this morning ahead of the budget today.
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IFS warns over need for higher tax rises

Think-tank says next government will need to tackle welfare budget

Coalition tax reforms underperform Labour’s

Research shows how administrations focused on different targets

Osborne warns on risk of Greek stand-off

Finance minister holds talks with UK peer and will meet bankers

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Whitehall comfort-class travel costs £100m

UK officials defy spending clampdown over past four years

Osborne claims high ground as GDP rises

Blairites demand Miliband defend Labour’s record

Labour must defend its economic record

The last government was one of the most prudent of modern era, say John Hutton and Alan Milburn

Tories would cap benefits at £23,000

Conservatives say curb would save £135m a year

Regulator plans new pension safeguards

Providers will be required to do more checks

Tories seize on Syriza win to defend cuts

Cameron and Osborne urge voters to adopt safety-first approach

Osborne warns against post-poll spending

Failure to back austerity would ruin recovery, says chancellor

Rohan Silva
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Rohan Silva: man in the middle

Formerly Downing Street’s wildest thinker, this start-up champion and networker extraordinaire has opened Second Home, a 25,000 sq ft shared workspace for today’s innovators

Chinese tycoon calls urbanisation top

‘Woman who built Beijing’ says most cities have been built

Johnson pays price for national ambition

London mayor clears US tax hurdle as he eyes Commons return

View of Victorian tenement housing in the West End of Edinburgh, Morningside.

Stamp duty changes hit wealthy Scots

Tax due on homes costing more than £945,000 to rise