George Osborne

George Osborne was elected MP for Tatton in 2001. Heir apparent to the Osborne baronetcy of Ballentaylor and Ballylemon, he was appointed to Michael Howard’s shadow cabinet in 2004.

In May 2010 he became chancellor of the exchequer in the Conservative-led coalition.

Self-inflicted dangers of EU referendum

Cameron might soon be known as the man who left the UK in far-from-splendid isolation

Sarah Alexander in 'The Mother'. Photo: Robert Workman
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A View from Islington North, Arts Theatre, London — ‘Acid sideswipe’

Five short plays present an enjoyable satire on British politics

Cameron set to tap G7 for Remain backing

Speculation mounts as PM heads to  Japan for 2-day summit

Fact-checking the Treasury Brexit report

The conclusions are valid but be sceptical about the details

Brexit would create a ‘DIY recession’

Treasury analysis says wages, sterling and employment would fall

HM Treasury on Whitehall for UK News.
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Bean gives approval to Brexit analysis

Former BoE deputy’s involvement shows Treasury nerves

Life imitates satire in latest Brexit sparring

Latest referendum rhetoric is beyond a joke

Osborne warns of 18% Brexit house price hit

Leave campaigner brands chancellor’s rhetoric ‘extraordinary’

Unite to prevent a superbug apocalypse

Drug companies need market incentives to generate new antibiotics

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Smoke, mirrors and helicopter money

Proponents aim to persuade people to endorse a plan they would reject if it were explained simply

Former political foes unite against Brexit

Osborne, Balls and Cable warn of ‘one-way ticket’ to poorer Britain

Gallantry can reunite Tories after poll

The chances of a Brexiter being party leader grow if the UK stays in bloc, writes Jacob Rees-Mogg

Greater powers for councils to spur housing

Tories consider planning law granting authority to seize land

The Queen and Beijing

She should be applauded for her off-the-cuff comments about Chinese diplomats, says Philip Stephens

Editor of the FT, Lionel Barber, interviews Chancellor of the Exchequer, George Osborne, at the FT's flagship 125 event in the City tonight.
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Treasury makes Brexit contingency plans

Osborne says working with BoE to deal with post-vote volatility

Tory rebels urge Cameron to listen more

U-turns on tax and disability proved embarrassing and costly

Editor of the FT, Lionel Barber, interviews Chancellor of the Exchequer, George Osborne, at the FT's flagship 125 event in the City tonight.
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Brexit to cost ‘tens of thousands’ of City jobs

Treasury believes 285,000 financial posts are linked to EU

David Cameron & Boris Johsnon deliver speeches on EU referendum in London on Monday 9th May 2016
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Gloves off for main event in Brexit bout

Opening jabs say much about strategy for June 23 clincher

Care-home operators in closures warning

Providers in crisis meeting with health department over tax increase

Osborne says Brexit will hurt house prices

Gove argues Britain should leave single market

Tighter pension rules boost EIS inflows

£1.6bn investment in 2014-15 tax year

A Eurostar train near Rochester, Kent

Eurostar sale takes taxpayers for a ride

Deal was dictated by political expediency and made no financial common sense

Osborne plays for laughs at press dinner

Chancellor jokes about Brexit, Obama and the Budget

Mark Bailey at Royal Bank of Scotland
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Cleaning up at Britain’s £300bn bad bank

Bailie on the final huge disposal of assets

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OECD report damning on Brexit effect

Hit equivalent to losing a ‘month’s income within four years’

Big projects worthless if they don’t work

Britain’s plans have succumbed to the political imperative for soundbites and love of the grandiose

Nicky Morgan
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Schools policy shift signals dysfunction

Cameron has no time for any matters aside from the EU referendum, says Sebastian Payne

Obama to back UK staying in EU on London visit

President adds voice to growing international backing for Remain campaign

The Bank of England needs to speak up

Only by producing a leave and remain forecast will the bank show it is taking its mandate seriously

Tory Brexit infighting infects FCA debate

Whips lean on MPs to reject Eurosceptic-led motion on regulator

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Britain’s friends right to fear Brexit

Despite absurd attempts to deny this, nobody knows what would follow a vote to leave the EU

Gove ‘could be deputy PM’ after EU vote

Justice secretary viewed as unifying figure by divided Tory party

Osborne plays trump card to draw out rivals

Brexit campaigners paint themselves as David facing Goliath

Brexiteers must stop dodging the question

The Treasury analysis of what Out means demands a serious response

HM Treasury on Whitehall for UK News.

Brexit to cost households ‘£4,300 a year’

Treasury report to warn of ‘permanent damage’ of leaving EU

MPs push to protect FCA’s independence

Treasury panel wants veto of political role in financial watchdog

Schäuble warns of tough post-Brexit talks

Tough stance undermines optimism of the UK’s Leave campaign

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How to win the Europe referendum

Each of us is an opinion-former and we must argue for Remain, writes Alastair Campbell

G20 warns against reliance on low rates

Finance chiefs call for broader solution to balanced growth

G20 threatens tax havens over standards

Move steps up pressure on Panama over transparency after leaks