George Osborne

George Osborne was elected MP for Tatton in 2001. Heir apparent to the Osborne baronetcy of Ballentaylor and Ballylemon, he was appointed to Michael Howard’s shadow cabinet in 2004.

In May 2010 he became chancellor of the exchequer in the Conservative-led coalition.

May bid to steady relations in China visit

Hinkley Point decision to be made close to G20 summit in Hangzhou

May defies opposition to apprentices plan

Ambitious programme to launch next year despite business concern

May traces a new blueprint for her party

Some change is necessary, but the UK premier should not go too far

Cameron rewards Osborne in honours list

More than 50 of former PM’s allies included in awards

Striking effects of Britain’s pay rise

Raising the minimum wage risks margins in the government’s own supply chains

O’Neill eyes exit over UK’s China stance

Ex-Goldman star seeks clarity on role after Hinkley Point delay

Tax deadline extended on EBT schemes

Relief can be claimed until March

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Industry welcomes May’s strategy pledge

Prime minister sees greater collaboration and bigger state role

Hammond, the shape-shifting survivor

There may be more to the chancellor than the ‘accountant’ disparaged by mandarins

Industrial strategy as a slick slogan, and as reality

UK government help to the economy needs to be carefully judged

Five tips for the incoming UK chancellor

He must resist Treasury fundamentalism with tough but intelligent action on finances

UK wants prime-time ban on junk food ads

Draft white paper also calls for junk food sales promotions to end

cummings - theresa May

Theresa May, playing the long game

The British prime minister has a mission to tackle division and exit from the EU, writes Kate Allen

Jonathan McHugh illustration on Brexit
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Redesigning Conservatism is no easy task

Brexit will consume most of the government’s energies

Tory agenda mimics Labour’s manifesto

Miliband lost last year’s UK election but he has won the economic argument, writes Asher Dresner

New PM May culls Cameron’s cabinet

George Osborne and Michael Gove among those dispatched

Hammond will be a subservient chancellor

His appointment represents a shift in the Whitehall balance of power, writes Iain Martin

After Brexit storm, a semblance of order

Theresa May’s cabinet reflects shrewdness and a dash of grit

May completes cull of Cameron allies

Gove sacked along with Osborne, Letwin and Morgan

Boris Johnson is in May’s radical cabinet

A radical reshaping of UK government for the Brexit era

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May’s censure proved unlucky for Osborne

Chancellor leaves Treasury with the UK economy intact

May poised to announce Cabinet line-up

Veterans and newcomers in contention for top jobs

May set to boost ranks of women in cabinet

Rudd and Greening in running for top jobs

Carney to release notes on Osborne talks

Bank of England governor rebuts allegations over Brexit stance

BoE rejects Brexit ‘scare story’ charges

Carney says he did not discuss a ‘line’ with Osborne

Osborne ‘intervened’ in US HSBC probe

UK chancellor was worried about criminal charges, report says

Osborne seeks to reassure Wall St on Brexit

Chancellor says UK will not retreat into ‘Little Britain’ mindset

Brexcuses: If Brexit goes bad

If the rudderless project to divorce Europe ends in disappointment, the possible causes will be many

'I don’t sit here feeling sorry for myself, feeling somehow that it is all going to unravel. Quite the reverse'

Osborne pledges City Brexit safeguards

Vow to use ‘every possible measure’ to protect industry

Why leaving will make most people unhappy

If access to the single market is retained, the UK would be subject to all relevant EU regulations

Osborne’s task is to avert recession

This is not the time for the chancellor to set long-term tax policy

Ferguson illustration

Brexit and memories of the Somme

The relationship between the EU and the UK could easily slide into dangerous antagonism

Gen X politics embraces yoga and Brexit

Notebook: I blame leaders from the slacker generation for this chaos, writes Ludovic Hunter-Tilney

'I don’t sit here feeling sorry for myself, feeling somehow that it is all going to unravel. Quite the reverse'

Osborne back on his feet after Brexit vote

‘We should accept their verdict instead of moping around’

Osborne vows to slash corporate tax rate

Chancellor wants to woo business deterred from investing in post-Brexit UK

Door opens for May if Gove bows out

PM’s allies believe other candidates could stand aside

Brexit tears hole in UK economy plans

Osborne ditches 2020 surplus target and yields head lower  

Michael Gove illustration

Michael Gove, Tory leadership contender

A polite neocon is unexpectedly angling for the top job in British politics, writes Henry Mance

Johnson exit is pyrrhic victory for Remain

When the former mayor retreated so did the best chance of salvaging an open, liberal Britain

Osborne’s U-turn: good news and bad

The chancellor’s budget surplus target was designed to be broken, writes Chris Giles