George Osborne

George Osborne was elected MP for Tatton in 2001. Heir apparent to the Osborne baronetcy of Ballentaylor and Ballylemon, he was appointed to Michael Howard’s shadow cabinet in 2004.

In May 2010 he became chancellor of the exchequer in the Conservative-led coalition.

Business loans scheme wins 2-year reprieve

Smaller lenders to be given greater access


Employers dissect minimum wage gamble

The effects on prices, profits, jobs and skills are uncertain

CBI boss Carolyn Fairbairn on a visit to the North-east of England, 18/11 2015. Reece Group. Photo © Mark Pinder 07768 211174
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Employers brace for apprenticeship levy

Size and scope of levy branded a ‘sting in the tail’ by CBI head

Seven UK local pension funds pool assets

£6.5bn jointly invested with LGIM

Taxman kicks footballers in testimonials

Osborne swoops on cash earned from sport stars’ benefit events

Hands finds little relief for care homes

Terra Firma chief does not consider major restructuring necessary

Skills: The government’s target of 3m new apprenticeships can be achieved only by working with the private sector
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Since you asked: Heavy on the levy

Employers may complain but the skills shortage is a tricky nut to crack, writes Sarah O’Connor

‘Top up your pension before April’

Tax relief changes predicted following consultation

Autumn Statement: the key measures

Round-up of policies from buy-to-let, tax to pensions

Osborne shift sends signal to rivals

This week the chancellor reworked his plan to fix public finances and his chances of becoming PM

Buy-to-let: the party’s ending

Government’s message to would-be landlords: don’t bother

Merryn Somerset Webb, byline picture

Tax dabbling and the public finances mess

When will Help to Buy turn into Help to Sell?

British Chancellor of the Exchequer, George Osborne, leaves the treasury to deliver his autumn statement in the House of Commons.
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Whitehall faces annual rent bill of £1bn

Osborne to charge departments market rates

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Osborne shows an artistic side

National bodies relieved, but fate of local museums unclear

British Chancellor of the Exchequer, George Osborne, leaves the treasury to deliver his autumn statement in the House of Commons.
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Osborne takes a leaf from Balls’s book

Revised spending plans borrow ideas from Labour party

George Osborne
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Britain as ‘most prosperous economy’ is a fantasy

It is right to hope. But the productivity revival remains uncertain

OBR attacked for forecasts ‘free pass’

Revised tax-take predictions strike some economists as odd

Housebuilding incentives to be ‘sharpened’

Figures show payments boost development in face of objections

Plus ça change

Osborne’s talent for making more of the same feel less onerous

Osborne says austerity not over yet

Chancellor insists billions must still be cut from public spending

logo of Slater & Gordon lawyers

Slater & Gordon shares halve on rule change

Investors desert law firm amid plans to limit personal injury cases

Devolution distances Westminster from cuts

No big shrinkage in state but power shifts to cities

Exports setback as trade funding loses £42m

Agency faces cuts even as export growth staggers

Bronwyn Curtis

An economist’s view from Bronwyn Curtis

The OBR’s new model of tax revenues has bailed out George Osborne

Devolved administrations face modest cuts

Scotland and N Ireland settlement reflects UK funding changes

Osborne accused of taxation by stealth

‘Word-smithing’ chancellor brings in list of levies


Schools to be freed from local authorities

Education burdget protected and more loans extended to students

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Osborne swaps axe for tax to seize centre

Hit to tax credits scrapped and spending cuts reined in

Osborne’s Britain is no country for young men

The overall direction is to skew the state further towards older people, writes Matt Whittaker

Developers eye prime Holloway jail site

North London property sale could fetch about £200m

Artful chancellor eyes long-term target

Osborne used good fortune and dexterity to jettison unpopular cargo while remaining on course

Experts doubt infrastructure investment

Osborne told to focus ‘on delivery rather than big announcements’

UK housebuilding: boom, what boom?

House prices are in perma-boom. Even the banking crash barely disturbed their upward march

Advertising hoardings outside real estate housing development in London. Large group of Estate agents boards in United Kingdom.

Buy-to-let down damps landlord dreams

From next April, an extra 3% stamp duty will apply to purchases

Housebuilders dig in at top of FTSE 100

Plan to build 400,000 new homes lifts sector

Government cuts green schemes

Osborne prioritises affordability over cutting emissions

£1bn carbon capture storage funds scrapped

End of flagship programme to combat climate change stuns industry

More cash for Northern Powerhouse

Budget allocated to Transport For The North is extended

Arts world spared from cuts

Free entry protected for national museums and galleries

British Chancellor of the Exchequer, George Osborne, leaves the treasury to deliver his autumn statement in the House of Commons.
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‘Lucky’ Osborne sidesteps political threat

Chancellor again shows ability to be flexible