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    1. 14 hours ago

      Brazil raises rates to three-year high

      Brazil’s central bank raised interest rates on Wednesday to their highest level in three years, in its first monetary policy...

    2. beyondbrics

      October 29, 2014

      Farewell QE3, but what's next?

      In the years since the financial crisis, emerging markets have been awash with free-flowing global liquidity. Easy money...

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    1. Brazil: Infrastructure 2013

      Plans to break logistical bottlenecks are under way before the country hosts big sport...
    2. Modern Brazil

      As the country prepares to host the World Cup, the possibility of a resurgence of last...
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    1. beyondbrics

      October 28, 2014

      Spectre of Lula returns again to haunt Dilma

      Brazil’s president Dilma Rousseff of the Worker’s Party or PT barely had time to digest her victory in the closest election...

    2. October 28, 2014

      Rousseff’s re-election triggers Brazil market turmoil

      Just 10 minutes after Brazil’s last state finished voting on Sunday night, more than 95 per cent of the country’s near-150m...

    3. October 27, 2014

      Brazil’s election results in a divided country

      It was a wild ride. But in the end Dilma Rousseff was re-elected as Brazil’s president on Sunday. It was the fourth...

    4. October 27, 2014

      Brazil: stuck in the valleys

      Brazil only discovered its tallest mountain, Pico de Neblina, in 1950 due to it being permanently shrouded in cloud. That...

    5. beyondbrics

      October 27, 2014

      Guest post: 5 steps to kick-start Brazil

      By Samuel George and Cornelius Fleischhaker On October 26, 108m Brazilians voted in the second and final round of the...

    6. October 27, 2014

      Real falls sharply on Brazil election result

      Dilma Rousseff wins Brazil poll Brazil’s real hit a nine-year low on Monday and stocks plunged as investors reacted with...

    7. October 27, 2014

      Uruguay presidential poll goes to run-off

      Tabaré Vázquez, Uruguay’s ruling leftwing coalition candidate, failed to secure enough votes to win the presidential...

    8. October 27, 2014

      Divided Brazil awaits Rousseff after poll win

      Dilma Rousseff wins Brazil poll In her victory speech, President Dilma Rousseff said she did not believe the nation’s...

    9. October 26, 2014

      Rousseff scores narrow victory in Brazil

      Slideshow: Dilma Rousseff wins Brazil poll Brazil’s incumbent president Dilma Rousseff has triumphed in the country’s...

    10. October 26, 2014

      Polls show Neves recovery as Brazil votes

      Brazilians were voting on Sunday to choose between two starkly different visions of the economy, with major polls showing a...

    11. beyondbrics

      October 25, 2014

      Accusations fly as Brazil poll nears

      Little more than a day before the second and final vote in Brazil’s presidential election on Sunday, incumbent president...

    12. October 24, 2014

      Middle class hold key to poll victory in divided Brazil

      After one of the hardest, bare-knuckle election campaigns in a generation, Brazilians will vote on Sunday to elect a...

    13. beyondbrics

      October 23, 2014

      Brazil's election: fighting it out on social media

      With the end of Brazil’s elections approaching on October 26, the country’s smartphones are humming. Almost every group on...

    14. beyondbrics

      October 22, 2014

      Brazil's Lula aims Nazi, playboy taunts at opposition's Neves

      For a few days, it appeared that former president Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva had disappeared from the campaign for...

    15. October 22, 2014

      Brazil election heats up as Silva accuses Rousseff’s party of smear campaign

      Three days before voters go to the polls in the closest and most unpredictable Brazilian presidential election for a...

    16. beyondbrics

      October 21, 2014

      Brazil opinion poll shows unexpected Dilma bounce

      Like the country’s soap operas, Brazil’s presidential elections have been full of drama, improbable story lines and...

    17. October 21, 2014

      Dilma Rousseff faces fresh pressure over Petrobras refinery costs

      In an election that has been marred by allegations of corruption in state oil company Petrobras, even worse news is around...

    18. October 20, 2014

      India/Brazil: A tale of two subsidies

      “The value of Petrobras . . . is a growing value. Everyone who has invested in Petrobras will make lots of money.” President...

    19. beyondbrics

      October 20, 2014

      Rhetoric heats up in Brazil's election with candidates neck and neck

      Brazil’s presidential election is heading for its second-round run-off on Sunday looking like the closest in a generation....

    20. October 20, 2014

      Brazil’s markets track election polls

      When Frederico Perin looks at the Brazilian stock market these days, he is not studying company fundamentals or even the...

    21. October 19, 2014

      Rousseff admits to Petrobras wrongdoing

      Brazil’s President Dilma Rousseff has admitted wrongdoing at Petrobras in a bid to put a corruption scandal at the...

    22. October 17, 2014

      Rousseff and Neves revert to personal attacks in debate

      The contenders in Brazil’s presidential election reverted to personal attacks on Thursday night’s debate in a bid to break a...

    23. October 15, 2014

      Latin America is a region plagued by incumbents

      Six weeks after falling for Marina Silva, pro-market souls (and the markets themselves) have bounced back, developing a new...

    24. October 15, 2014

      Petrobras scandal adds fuel to Brazil’s fiery election campaign

      Common wisdom has it that Brazilians have become so desensitised to political scandals – so frequent are they on all sides...

    25. October 15, 2014

      Rousseff and Neves lock horns over Petrobras corruption in Brazil debate

      Brazil’s presidential candidates locked horns over corruption in the country’s state oil company Petrobras and faltering...

    26. beyondbrics

      October 14, 2014

      Scandal in Brazil: who cares?

      Do Brazilian voters care whether their politicians are corrupt? More particularly, do they care about political scandal at...

    27. beyondbrics

      October 14, 2014

      Brazil’s Workers’ party looks to Lula

      With Brazil’s 2014 election well under way, the ruling Workers’ Party is already unveiling its heavy artillery piece for the...

    28. October 12, 2014

      Aécio Neves has momentum in Brazil election

      “We won’t make personal attacks on the candidate of our adversary,” Brazil’s incumbent president Dilma Rousseff says, before...

    29. beyondbrics

      October 10, 2014

      Dilma Rousseff: I'm a little bit black

      Campaigning for Brazil’s election run-off has begun again and so has the madness, it seems. While there are fewer clowns and...

    30. beyondbrics

      October 8, 2014

      Brazil's election: why Dilma and Aécio both lost at home

      What went wrong? With the close of the first round of voting in Brazil’s presidential election on Sunday, the two candidates...

    31. beyondbrics

      October 8, 2014

      Brazil's election: the ghost of Lula

      With just over two weeks to go until Brazil’s election run-off, the country is bracing for one of the most acrimonious...

    32. October 6, 2014

      CareFusion and BD jump after M&A deal

      CareFusion, a global medical technology company, and Becton, Dickinson & Co led the S&P 500 after they jointly announced...

    33. beyondbrics

      October 6, 2014

      Brazil's second round: Dilma's to lose

      What will happen in the second round of Brazil’s presidential election? The race has been thrown wide open by the...

    34. October 6, 2014

      Brazil poll prompts fresh thinking about a second Dilma term

      Brazil’s presidential election has already proved to be its most unpredictable in decades. There has been unusually vicious...

    35. beyondbrics

      October 6, 2014

      New York morning espresso

      ** FT News ** * Silva blames ‘old politics’ for defeat | Support fell for environmentalist outsider after PT unleashed slick...

    36. beyondbrics

      October 6, 2014

      EM investors: love Modi, hate Dilma

      Enthusiasm over Narendra Modi’s election in India and fears that Dilma Rousseff may be re-elected in Brazil have prompted a...

    37. October 6, 2014

      Marina Silva blames Brazil’s ‘old politics’ for election defeat

      Conceding defeat in Brazil’s election on Sunday night, Marina Silva, the formerly illiterate rubber tapper turned...

    38. beyondbrics

      October 5, 2014

      Brazil's election: wide open

      Extraordinary early results in Brazil’s presidential election. With 83 per cent of the votes counted, Dilma Rousseff has 40...

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