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    1. 6 hours ago

      Russia and Iran find common cause in backing Syria’s Assad regime

      Ever since Russia sent its air force into Syria last September to salvage the regime of Bashar al-Assad, President...

    2. Fast FT

      August 22, 2016

      Fitch cuts US Virgin Islands deeper into junk

      The effects of emergency legislation for Puerto Rico have rippled roughly 40 miles east to St. Thomas in the US Virgin...

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    1. FT 300 Top Registered Investment Advisers

      The increased appetite for independent advice has been a boon for registered investmen...
    2. Ethnicity & Inclusion in the Workplace

      Racial bias remains a serious barrier to the success of many people from black and min...
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    1. August 21, 2016

      Donald Trump faces deep distrust among black voters

      Donald Trump might garner 0 per cent of the African-American vote in the crucial swing states of Pennsylvania and Ohio...

    2. August 20, 2016

      The venerable park service shows America at its best

      The Presidential Traverse is one of the great American hikes, running through the White Mountains of New Hampshire...

    3. August 19, 2016

      On vacation with the Obamas

      I was lucky enough to spend last weekend with friends on Martha’s Vineyard. This verdant island off the coast of...

    4. August 19, 2016

      US cash to Iran was held back as ‘leverage’ for prisoners’ release

      The Obama administration said on Thursday it had delayed paying $400m in cash it owed Iran until it was sure that three...

    5. August 17, 2016

      Aetna threatens to quit exchanges if Humana deal is blocked

      Aetna, the US health insurer, threatened to pull out of exchanges where Americans can buy affordable coverage if...

    6. August 16, 2016

      Clinton looks to tap into emerging optimism about US recovery

      While her opponent spreads dark warnings of economic decay, Hillary Clinton’s campaign rhetoric has recently carried...

    7. The World

      August 15, 2016

      White House Countdown - 'He would've loved Stalin'

      Donald Trump has made his affinity for both Russia and foreign dictators well known throughout the campaign, so perhaps...

    8. August 15, 2016

      Turkey needs reassurance of the west’s friendship

      Next week Joe Biden, US vice-president, visits Turkey, a Nato country whose relations with the west are in deep crisis...

    9. August 12, 2016

      Clinton and Trump at odds on US economy

      For all the focus on Donald Trump’s testing of the bounds of polite politics, this year’s US presidential election is...

    10. The World

      August 12, 2016

      White House Countdown - Founding Isis

      It’s possible to become inured to Donald Trump’s outlandish statements. Trump perhaps knows that the bar for attention...

    11. August 11, 2016

      Clinton targets Trump on Republican turf

      Hillary Clinton’s campaign is gearing up to mount a serious challenge to Donald Trump in traditionally Republican...

    12. August 11, 2016

      Clinton sees chance to build bridges on infrastructure

      Hillary Clinton is gambling on achieving the kind of political breakthrough early in the next Congress that has eluded...

    13. August 10, 2016

      Jim Yong Kim is lightning rod for World Bank angst

      Jim Yong Kim has spent the past few months quietly campaigning for a second term as president of the World Bank, and...

    14. August 9, 2016

      US foreclosures hit record low as borrowers’ performance picks up

      America’s turnround from the worst debt crisis in modern times is gathering strength as new foreclosures tumble to...

    15. August 9, 2016

      German angst over Chinese M&A

      At this year’s Hannover Messe, the world’s biggest industrial fair, it was one of the stars of the show: an elegant,...

    16. August 9, 2016

      Many Obama donors have yet to join Clinton

      Click to view top donors outside app Roughly one-third of the biggest donors to Barack Obama’s 2012 campaign...

    17. The World

      August 5, 2016

      White House Countdown - 'What does that mean?'

      Sign up for our daily US politics newsletter here. It is a question often raised by Donald Trump’s seemingly glib or...

    18. August 5, 2016

      Obama rebukes Trump’s claims of rigged election

      Barack Obama has branded as “ridiculous” Donald Trump’s assertion that this year’s US election could be rigged, in the...

    19. The World

      August 2, 2016

      White House Countdown - Unfit?

      Sign up for our daily US politics newsletter here. On Tuesday, President Barack Obama made explicit the argument he has...

    20. August 2, 2016

      Obama says Trump unfit to be president

      Barack Obama has taken the unprecedented step of labelling Donald Trump “unfit” to hold America’s highest office,...

    21. August 2, 2016

      Donald Trump is entitled to his opinion on stocks

      Donald Trump has made another dramatic intervention and taken on another new role. Now, he is a stock market seer. And...

    22. August 2, 2016

      America is more racially divided than it has been in decades

      The election of the first black president of the US was supposed to signal a moment of racial healing. But eight years...

    23. August 2, 2016

      Obama vows to make the case for Pacific trade deal

      President Barack Obama and a key Asian ally, Singapore’s Lee Hsien Loong, fought back on Tuesday against critics of a...

    24. FT Photo Diary

      August 2, 2016

      Being nosy

      US First Lady Michelle Obama touches the nose of US President Barack Obama before he welcomes Singapore Prime Minister...

    25. August 1, 2016

      US launches air strikes against Isis base in Libya

      The US launched air strikes against Isis in the Libyan city of Sirte in a bid to support forces allied to the...

    26. July 29, 2016

      Hillary Clinton warns US of dangers in electing Trump

      Hillary Clinton on Thursday warned Americans that Donald Trump did not have the temperament to serve as...

    27. The World

      July 29, 2016

      White House Countdown - Hillary's test

      Sign up for our daily US politics newsletter here. The dream script for Democrats in Philadelphia tonight would have...

    28. July 28, 2016

      The Obama-Clinton divide on foreign policy

      When Barack Obama leaves the White House, a distinctive American approach to the world will leave with him. If Obama’s...

    29. FT Photo Diary

      July 28, 2016

      Obama addresses the Democratic National Convention

      US President Barack Obama delivers remarks on the third day of the Democratic National Convention at the Wells Fargo...

    30. July 28, 2016

      Obama’s call to America’s better angels

      It was arguably the most fateful speech of Barack Obama’s life. On previous occasions he may have been seeking office,...

    31. July 28, 2016

      Obama urges America to choose optimism over Trump’s vision

      Barack Obama implored Americans to choose an optimistic future with Hillary Clinton as his successor, as the president...

    32. July 23, 2016

      Clinton dismisses Trump’s dark vision of US

      Hillary Clinton panned Donald Trump for presenting a “dark and divisive vision” of the future as sought to draw a stark...

    33. Fast FT

      July 22, 2016

      Week ahead: US GDP, politics and the Fed

      Attention shifts squarely to the US next week as investors watch for the latest monetary policy decision from the...

    34. July 21, 2016

      US justice department moves to block health insurance megamergers

      The US Department of Justice on Thursday moved to block two health insurance megamergers worth a combined $85bn,...

    35. Fast FT

      July 20, 2016

      Hedge funds sue Puerto Rico governor

      A number of hedge funds sued the governor and Treasury secretary of Puerto Rico on Wednesday, claiming that they had...

    36. Fast FT

      July 20, 2016

      Fast Europe Open: post-referendum unease continues

      The International Monetary Fund has slashed its forecasts for the UK economy next year following the vote to leave the...

    37. July 19, 2016

      Boris Johnson accused of lying and insulting Barack Obama

      Boris Johnson’s past as a colourful newspaper columnist caught up with him on Tuesday, as US journalists accused him at...

    38. Fast FT

      July 19, 2016

      Health insurers sink as DoJ said to prepare suits

      Shares in healthcare insurers were sinking fast on Tuesday after reports emerged that US anti-trust officials were...

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