Angela MerkelAngela Merkel was appointed Germany’s first female chancellor in 2005, having been leader of centre-right Christian Democratic Union since 2000.

She was formerly a research physicist and after the fall of the Berlin Wall in 1989 entered politics serving in East Germany's first – and last – freely elected government.

Europe has a duty to help the migrants

Governments must work together to tame the chaos and show compassion, writes Peter Sutherland

East-west tensions break out over sharing migrants

Merkel warns passport-free zone being put at risk

Migrant tragedies pile pressure on EU

Four children among 71 dead in truck while hundreds drown at sea

Grim find shakes migrant crisis talks

Up to 50 found dead in truck as German leader begins meeting

Merkel cautiously steers race debate

Chancellor’s interventions challenge far right

Merkel and Hollande press EU on refugees

French and German leaders condemn Heidenau anti-migrant clashes

Germany: Young people wanted

The country’s ageing population is threatening its position as Europe’s largest economy

Merkel and Hollande to discuss migrants

Italian navy rescues 3,000 in Mediterranean over weekend

A torn Greek national flag flies from the roof of a building in Athens

Need for honesty in crisis over Greece

Tsipras and Merkel have failed to admit hard truths to their voters

German parliament backs Greek bailout

Result opens door for immediate release of emergency funds

Eurozone: The case against ‘cash for reform’

EU bailouts were based on the belief that a wave of sovereign defaults could doom the single currency. But was it correct?

Russia prepares to force pace in Ukraine

Putin aims to keep up the pressure but dodge tougher sanctions

Merkel under pressure over Greece vote

German chancellor faces growing rebellion over €86bn rescue

Merkel fights to contain Greece rebellion

Bundestag sceptics threaten blow to chancellor’s authority

Europ antidemocracy
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Democracy at the heart of fight for Greece

Desire to keep the euro but with different policies is unacceptable to eurozone elite, writes Martin Sandbu

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European federalism is not dead yet

If it is to happen at all, further integration will be down to necessity, writes John Thornhill

PM to meet EU leaders in quest for deal

Osborne upbeat as Cameron seeks to convey sense of progress

Georg Zeppenfeld (left) and Stephen Gould in 'Tristan und Isolde' at Bayreuth Festival. Credit: Enrico Nawrath
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Tristan und Isolde, Festspielhaus, Bayreuth

Katharina Wagner’s production is unsentimental and finely cast

Paris eyes push for ‘eurozone government’

French leader seeks to unite pro-Europeans two years out from presidential election

Tough tactics cement Schäuble’s influence

A bogeyman abroad, finance minister lauded at home over Greece stance

Europe’s confusion on German leadership

Eurozone is happy to back Berlin when it is wrong and resist it when it is right

Merkel signals terms for Greek debt talks

German chancellor says writedown not possible within eurozone

Greek clash sparks fears at German power

Merkel backs Schäuble over Grexit ultimatum to Athens


When an artist runs a country

Edi Rama, artist, former basketball player and now prime minister of Albania, talks to Peter Aspden

German parliament backs Greek bailout

Vote passes despite embarrassing revolt by Merkel’s own MPs

Tusk fears political contagion over Greece

EU summit chief sees danger of radicals’ tactical alliance

Schäuble puts Grexit back on the agenda

Finance minister’s comments raise tensions in Germany and EU

Merkel’s tough tactics prompt criticism

German leader under attack for intimidating Greece

One final fling for France and Germany

The faultlines on Greece are set to deepen and widen, writes François Heisbourg

Syriza set to rebel over ‘humiliation’

Greek PM likely to rely on opposition to pass sweeping reforms

German brinkmanship tests eurozone cohesion

‘We avoided the worst, but not the bad,’ says Romano Prodi

Eurozone leaders reach deal on Greece

Athens caves in to ultimatum and agrees to rush through reforms

Dawn drama sealed Greece talks

Tusk’s ultimatum as Tsipras and Merkel reached a ‘dead end’

Faultlines on display at Greece showdown

Differing visions had to be reconciled during negotiations

French comeback exposes eurozone rift

Unresolved tensions remain between France and Germany, writes Daniela Schwarzer

Offer by the Greeks should not be refused

Tsipras has capitulated. His antagonists must show magnanimity

Merkel faces ‘lose-lose’ choice on Greece

Road ahead will be unpredictable regardless of decision

Tsipras’s proposal sows division

Do not take this deal for granted — if Greece’s creditors want it to fail, they will find a way

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Europe will pay the price for Greece

The rest of the EU should take no pleasure in Tsipras’s discomfort

The final countdown: Greece has less than a week to reach an agreement over a new bailout
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Countdown to Grexit deadline day

The steps Athens must take to avoid crashing out of the euro