Angela MerkelAngela Merkel was appointed Germany’s first female chancellor in 2005, having been leader of centre-right Christian Democratic Union since 2000.

She was formerly a research physicist and after the fall of the Berlin Wall in 1989 entered politics serving in East Germany's first – and last – freely elected government.

Merkel’s mettle could make Putin pause

Life in the subjugated east has given her invaluable insights, writes Karl-Theodor zu Guttenberg

Brussels to relax energy subsidy curbs

Changes will allow Berlin to pass crucial renewables law

Jonathan McHugh Illustration
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Cameron must do business with his rivals

Party leaders can change the bloc for the better and see off Ukip, writes Hugo Dixon

Merkel considers EU migrant restrictions

Proposal to limit the right of unemployed to remain in Germany

Merkel faces call to toughen Russia stance

German politicians step up pressure over Ukraine crisis

Merkel to be pressed over Ukraine crisis

Berlin struggles between firmness and traditional Moscow approach

Pensions move a timely reminder on risk

No evidence UK insurers saw changes coming

Latin lessons in dressing

‘Bachelet and Rousseff seem to have adopted the Angela Merkel approach to dressing: adopt a uniform’

EU adds new names to visa bans

Decision to take only incremental new measures to punish Russia

Angela Merkel at an European Union leaders summit in Brussels

EU leaders to discuss Ukraine moves

Peter Spiegel on issues up for discussion at EU summit

US relies on Merkel to maintain sanctions

White House encouraged by chancellor’s strong statement on crisis

Merkel: Russia uses ‘law of the jungle’

Moscow warned of sanctions if it does not change course on Crimea

UK’s broadband best in EU, Ofcom says

Superfast broadband and 4G deployment leads ‘EU5’ economies

Europe prepares sanctions against Russia

Lavrov blames Kerry for stalemate

PM backs research on ‘internet of things’

Cameron announces £45m to fund high tech innovation

The pretext behind Crimea’s occupation

West tries to put forward a workable response

Ukraine tests Berlin’s new foreign policy

Situation highlights Germany’s conflict of interest

Russia curbs hopes for swift resolution

Moscow sees Ukraine as part of western attempts to curb its power

West scrambles to counter Russia

Markets take a beating as Moscow tightens grip on Crimea

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Merkel will not bend EU rules for Britain

The union will always be a club that the UK does not lead

Merkel says strong UK voice in EU is vital

German leader hints at difficult balancing act on reform

Merkel and Cameron camps play down talk hopes

Merkel set to address both houses of parliament on visit

Cameron adds Brussels chief to lunch menu

PM set to discuss Barroso successor at meeting with Angela Merkel

Merkel comes to Little England

Britain’s eurosceptic obsession means it is losing clout

We misjudge Merkel’s vim for EU reform

The real error is to overrate her capacity to deliver change, even if she wanted it

Merkel urges Britain to remain in Europe

German chancellor to get ‘reddest of red’ carpet treatment

Cameron begins EU diplomatic offensive

British PM meets Dutch leader ahead of Merkel visit

Paris and Berlin push ‘Robin Hood’ tax deal

Two governments pledge to reach an accord by the end of May

Berlin must not erect a data wall

Merkel should temper anger at US and tread with care

Merkel backs EU net to deter US spying

German chancellor wants online data walled off from US

Germany gives up on no-spy deal with US

Little hope talks will lead to legally binding agreement

Merkel attacks US diplomat’s comments

Envoy raps EU’s efforts during tapped phone call

Merkel backs Juncker for EU Commission

German chancellor pledges support for presidency

Germany must use military more, says president

Gauck pulls few punches in call for response to new threats

An entente that is not very cordiale

Cameron must win Hollande’s support on EU reform

Merkel warns on benefit migration

German chancellor still defends free movement of people across EU

Obama proposals set up fierce NSA debate

Stalemate in Congress could end collection of US phone data

Obama signals no retreat in defence of spies

President will not give up world-beating surveillance capability

Pofalla job move puts pressure on Merkel

Possible move to business triggers demands for transition periods

Merkel told to rest after skiing accident

German chancellor remains at work