Angela MerkelAngela Merkel was appointed Germany’s first female chancellor in 2005, having been leader of centre-right Christian Democratic Union since 2000.

She was formerly a research physicist and after the fall of the Berlin Wall in 1989 entered politics serving in East Germany's first – and last – freely elected government.

How Europe’s power couple split over QE

Draghi-Merkel relationship under strain over monetary policy

Critics fear ECB action will fuel bubbles

Quantitative easing forecast to delay pressure for needed reforms

ECB unleashes larger than expected QE

Asset purchases to total €60bn a month until September 2016

Merkel says QE no substitute for reform

Chancellor warns on looser monetary policy

Lutz Bachmann

German party leader quits over Hitler row

Criminal investigation opened over Facebook pose

Nixon’s madman theory enjoys a revival

Putin’s show of derangement is maybe a front to intimidate the west, writes Peter Pomeranzev

The eurozone: A strained bond

The ECB’s debate with Germany threatens to lessen the impact of the expected asset-buying plan

German party battles to shed extreme image

Pegida’s Lutz Bachmann rejects ‘rightwing madmen’ claims

Ingram Pinn illustration
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White House truths for David Cameron

Fear of more defence cuts and possible Brexit weaken the UK’s privileged access to Oval Office

Crises test Merkel’s steady approach

Dogged management by the German chancellor has not brought growth needed in the eurozone

James Ferguson illustration
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Extremists are united in an unholy alliance

In the clash of identity politics, neither side has time for ideas, for debate or diversity

Merkel offers Cameron limited support

Refusal to endorse EU treaty change on UK visit

British Museum tribute draws Merkel’s eye

Chancellor’s visit coincides with talk of McGregor move to Berlin

Merkel to join Cameron in EU reform plea

German leader to use UK visit to reject calls for treaty change

Cameron’s chance for a fresh start with Merkel

But there are limits to what Germany can offer Britain on EU reform

Merkel visit to lay out extent of help on EU

Cameron to confer with German chancellor over renegotiation hopes

Berlin denies preparing for ‘Grexit’

Report had claimed Merkel ready to see Athens quit common currency

Germany’s CSU seeks asylum crackdown

Long-term ally of chancellor calls for tougher asylum laws

Merkel attacks rightwing populism

Hollande and Napolitano warn of ‘dangerous’ populist stances

From Putin’s parallel universe the crisis looks bright

The president will see an opportunity to tighten his grip on business, writes Eugene Rumer

EU leaders hold firm on Russia sanctions

Summit communiqué signals steady pressure over aggression in Ukraine

US-Europe trade deal stuck on launch pad

Officials resigned to lack of agreement before 2016

Britain looks for EU treaty shortcuts

Cameron warned of political impossibility of referendum strategy

Cameron aims for ‘sweet spot’ in EU deal timing

PM sees his chance in gap between French and German polls

Merkel eyes relief for German taxpayers

Chancellor pledges to create ‘financial room to manoeuvre’

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Europe’s lonely and reluctant hegemon

Berlin must broaden its outlook and applaud domestic demand

Merkel accuses Putin of ‘creating problems’

German concern over Russian actions beyond Ukraine

The German club of Putin understanders

Those seen as apologists for the Russian president are finding life is complicated

Merkel faces Russia sanctions challenge

German chancellor has hard task to maintain hard-won consensus

Cameron faces hard grind over immigration

UK prime minister must convince the public, Tory party and EU

Germany acts on Russia’s Balkan designs

Putin’s visit to Serbia viewed as mission to extend influence

Nuclear is exception to Germany’s rule

The intricate system for preventing political accidents has been bypassed, writes Eva Ladipo

Merkel offers Russia trade olive branch

German chancellor aims to ease tensions with more talks

UK and Germany reach deal over patent box

Row had overshadowed efforts to crack down on tax avoidance

Berlin marks 25 years since fall of Wall

German reunification showed ‘dreams can come true’ says Merkel

Hard stare: political graffiti in Bristol pays homage to Paddington, the fictional bear from darkest Peru
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EU migrants contribute £20bn to Britain

Taxes paid heavily outweigh state benefits received

Merkel considers British exit from EU

Chancellor says UK is approaching ‘point of no return’

Cameron’s EU opt outs to keep Britain in

UK PM’s growing aggression is likely to make for tricky talks with incoming commission president

Forecasts sap hopes for German economy

Sixth consecutive monthly fall in Ifo index

Towns ‘swamped’ by migrants, says Fallon

Merkel deals blow to Tory hopes of limiting movement in EU