Angela MerkelAngela Merkel was appointed Germany’s first female chancellor in 2005, having been leader of centre-right Christian Democratic Union since 2000.

She was formerly a research physicist and after the fall of the Berlin Wall in 1989 entered politics serving in East Germany's first – and last – freely elected government.

Tearing down the political temple

Britain will be poorer at home and diminished internationally. It marks a retreat from the world

Time to seize this golden chance

Britain’s exit presents an opportunity, with no objections from London, writes Daniela Schwarzer

Merkel faces SPD challenge over Russia

Social Democrats seek to ease tensions with Putin

Berlin frets about EU influence if UK goes

If the UK leaves Germany’s choice of heavyweight partners would shrink

Turkish immigration

Is Turkey on course to join the EU and significantly increase migration to Britain?

One export Germany should not be making

The country’s economists have a quasi-religious fixation on the ‘black zero’, writes Peter Bofinger

Merkel faces presidency succession headache

Speculation grows that Gauck will bow out despite popularity

Louvre art evacuated to escape rising Seine

Seven dead in Germany after Europe-wide floods

Turkey becoming less European, not more

Turkish democracy is in a downward spiral and the country is sliding backwards, writes Elif Shafak

German Chancellor Angela Merkel speaks during the annual conference of the council on sustainable development in Berlin, Germany 31 May 2016. EPA/MICHAEL KAPPELER

Referendum countdown: 20 days to the vote

Remain campaign resorts to Merkel, Clegg and Miliband for support

EU leaders warn UK of Brexit downsides

Germany, Spain, Ireland and Netherlands make possible costs plain

Berlin angers Turkey with genocide vote

Erdogan warning fails to prevent near unanimous backing for motion

Putin targets west in social media attack

Twitter users barred as Moscow steps up ‘misinformation’

Turkey warns Berlin on ‘genocide’ vote

Erdogan remarks pile pressure on fragile EU migration deal

Germany: Draghi v the banks

Savers are fearful and politicians warn about the rise of populism. Both blame the ECB. Are they correct?

German Chancellor Angela Merkel speaks during the annual conference of the council on sustainable development in Berlin, Germany 31 May 2016. EPA/MICHAEL KAPPELER

Support for main German parties below 50%

Rightwing Alternative for Germany gains ground on migrant concerns

Verdun centenary evokes spirit of unity

Merkel and Hollande say postwar peace born of Europe co-operation

Greece’s debt deal is not a game-changer

The country is mired in a depression, losing a quarter of GDP since 2007, writes Yannis Palaiologos

Poignant: Berlin’s Konzerthaus
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No German, no English — no job for refugees

Germany has a skills shortage but 1m asylum seekers face language barrier and tiresome red tape

The IMF, Greece and calling Berlin’s bluff

If Europe wants to continue to ‘extend and pretend’ so be it. But it should be with their own money

Erdogan’s march to absolute power

The president’s choice of Yildirim for prime minister will not check his aims, writes Marc Pierini

German polls add to pressure on SPD leader

Gabriel faces question on leadership

Hamburg court bans part of Erdogan poem

Comedian banned from repeating most of Turkey president verses

James Ferguson illustration

Smoke, mirrors and helicopter money

Proponents aim to persuade people to endorse a plan they would reject if it were explained simply

Comment: The TTIP has missed its moment

With a packed political calendar in the EU and US, it is likely talks will enter a deep freeze

Bundestag plans Armenian ‘genocide’ vote

More pressure on EU-Turkey deal on refugees

Brexit would be a challenge for Berlin

It would heighten resentment of the country’s power among many Europeans, writes Charles Grant

Merkel’s warm rhetoric belies colder welcome

The German chancellor has, almost unnoticed, adopted a harder policy on refugees

Berlin must be careful what it wishes for

There is no good alternative to helping the Greeks in the task before them, writes Mark Mazower

Germany’s commitment to European defence

Berlin’s increase in armed forces would have been unimaginable a few years ago, writes James Blitz

Berlin plans pensions boost to counter AfD

Merkel seeks to win back voters flocking to rightwing party

Neighbours round on Austria refugee fence

Vienna criticised for shutting southern border

Turkish power struggle threatens EU deal

PM’s departure a blow for Merkel and plan to stem refugee flow

Turkish PM quits after rift with Erdogan

President weary of Davutoglu’s attempts to assert independence

Brussels backs visa-free travel for Turks

Turkey praised for ‘impressive progress’ on fulfilling EU demands

Pegida founder ruled guilty of racism

Bachmann fined €9,600 over Facebook posts but avoids jail

Davutoglu stakes future on EU visa deal

PM’s initiative fuels talk of a rift with President Erdogan

Europe’s grand coalitions boost extremes

The German Social Democrats are paying a heavy price for joining Merkel’s government

Anti-Americanism fuels German TTIP fears

Support plunged after Snowden and on fears of web dominance

US to send 250 more troops to Syria

Special operations deployment heralds assault on Isis strongholds