Angela MerkelAngela Merkel was appointed Germany’s first female chancellor in 2005, having been leader of centre-right Christian Democratic Union since 2000.

She was formerly a research physicist and after the fall of the Berlin Wall in 1989 entered politics serving in East Germany's first – and last – freely elected government.

Brexit means ‘deep break’ in EU history

German chancellor to meet 15 leaders across 5 countries

Merkel seeks consensus for post-Brexit EU

A fraught political climate discourages grand plans for integration

Convenience not culture binds Europe

The EU’s multiple crises will not yield to invocations of its glorious past, writes Josef Joffe

August 22, 2016 - Ventotene, Italy: German Chancellor Angela Merkel, Italian Prime Minister Matteo Renzi and French President Francois Hollande meet to discuss the post-Brexit EU. Europe's economic outlook, jihadist attacks, the refugee and migrant drama, the Syrian conflict, and relations with Russia and Turkey were all on the agenda for the talks later on, on the island of Ventotene, one of the cradles of the European dream. Credit: Guido Bergmann / BPA Polaris /

Eurozone looks beyond Brexit vote

Growth is solid but longer-term performance needs improvement

Merkel tells Turks in Germany to be loyal

Chancellor’s remarks reflect political concern about allegiances

EU leaders pledge Brexit will not hit bloc

France, Germany and Italy declare commitment to integration

Merkel’s refugee policy faces stern test

German chancellor under pressure ahead of regional polls

Political Diary

Leaders of Germany, France and Italy discuss post-Brexit EU

Vladimir Putin

Russia opts for low-key 25th birthday

Leadership absent from August coup commemoration

Merkel’s dilemma to keep Turkey onside

Germany’s relationship with Erdogan is one of its knottiest problems, writes Tony Barber

Merkel defends close ties with Turkey

Chancellor moves to limit damage done by leaked government report

Erdogan paper poses problem for Merkel

Berlin report accuses Turkish president of backing Islamist groups

Bundesbank tells Germans to work till 69

Central bank counters government claims that 67 will be enough

Merkel can coach May in realpolitik

Life in communist East Germany informed the chancellor’s firm line with China’s ruling party

German angst over Chinese M&A

Germany is a top target in China’s search for innovative engineering groups — but some see a threat

Merkel’s approval ratings plunge

Terror attacks in Germany reignite criticism of refugee policy

Germany faces living with terrorism

Beefing up the security apparatus is not straightforward for historical reasons, writes Mariam Lau

Germany: Welcome wears thin

A string of terror attacks has shaken country and renewed criticism of government’s refugee policy

Merkel vows to keep door open to refugees

Chancellor resists pressure to change policy and tightens security

German terror wave puts heat on Merkel

Isis attacks revive tensions amid fears on jihadi infiltration

Germany has stayed calm over attacks

The debate on the right domestic response is far removed from that in France, says Daniela Schwarzer

Populist blames Merkel for Munich attack

Local leader of AfD party criticises Germany’s refugee policy

The high price of Europe’s pragmatism

The sustainable solution consists of a more integrated eurozone and a less integrated EU

Gill Plimmer

Women do not win when women lead

Rise of female leaders not enough to deliver equality

Merkel offers May more time on Article 50

Conciliatory tone for PM on first stop of long haul towards Brexit

When Merkel meets May

The German chancellor will have to address three questions in her encounter wtih the UK’s prime minister

Stakes high for Merkel over migrant deal

Erdogan’s crackdown turns spotlight on visa liberalisation plan

May to visit Germany for talks with Merkel

Meeting with Hollande also planned in move to calm tensions

Doubt cast on Nice killer’s radicalisation

Bouhlel suffered from mental illness and had no interest in Islam

James Ferguson illustration of Theresa May
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May (and Merkel) should play Brexit long

Unravelling four decades of political and economic integration will be complex and costly

The march of the sisterhood

Notebook: The UK leader has a more promising record than her predecessors on appointing other women

May’s in-tray — Brexit and social reform

New PM will set up specific department for EU withdrawal

Brexit and Berlin: Crunch time for Merkel

The UK’s vote to leave the EU has dented the German chancellor’s position in Europe, giving rivals a chance to attack

Merkel upbeat on Italy bank talks

Shares rise on hopes rescue could still take place under EU rules

Europe looks forward to dealing with pragmatist

New UK leader has long history of EU negotiations

Brexit forces Ireland to make new friends fast

Dublin’s diplomatic and political clout in parts of the EU is not what it should be

Brexcuses: If Brexit goes bad

If the rudderless project to divorce Europe ends in disappointment, the possible causes will be many

Merkel says Russia damaging Europe’s security

German chancellor says Moscow has ‘profoundly disturbed’ Nato’s eastern members

A British model for a European future

A Brexit strategy must be based on consent, prosperity and security

Leaders to navigate the Brexit crisis

Leadership experts offer examples from politics and history of the figures best equipped to cope