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  1. July 26, 2016

    Banks ready to charge for business deposits

    Britain’s largest high street banks will charge millions of businesses to deposit cash if interest rates fall,...

  2. July 26, 2016

    RBS and NatWest consider charging business clients to hold cash

    Millions of customers face paying charges to deposit cash with Royal Bank of Scotland and NatWest if the Bank of...

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  1. Global Brands

    More than half the brands that featured in the BrandZ top 100 global ranking a decade ...
  2. Understanding Risk

    Companies can face dangerous situations that are risks to their employees and to their...
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  1. July 22, 2016

    High Street banks target high rollers with premium services

    How do you fancy getting behind the wheel of a Formula One car? Or receiving VIP tickets to watch Beyoncé in concert?...

  2. Fast FT

    July 15, 2016

    Co-op Bank appoints new CFO

    The Co-operative Bank has appointed John Worth as chief financial officer, in the latest executive change at the...

  3. Fast FT

    July 11, 2016

    Gallo launches fund for 'negative rates world'

    As the great global bond rally drives on, sending returns soaring but hammering yields down to zero and below, ex-RBS...

  4. Fast FT

    July 11, 2016

    Banks and builders rebound after rough week

    Shares in banks and housebuilders are topping the FTSE 100, today, racking up some hefty gains as they rebound from a...

  5. July 10, 2016

    Italian banks: Essential repairs

    In October 2008, in the days after the UK government took over Royal Bank of Scotland, a group of senior managers at...

  6. Fast FT

    July 8, 2016

    Comeback kids: Property and bank stocks bounce

    It’s been a painful week for UK property and financial stocks, which suffered deep declines after a slew of fund...

  7. Fast FT

    July 8, 2016

    Consumer and financial stocks slide; indices choppy

    UK and European stocks look set for another choppy session, as the FTSE 250 drops 0.5 per cent at the open, dragged...

  8. July 7, 2016

    Relief for financial stocks after days of heavy selling

    Shares in banks and asset managers are enjoying some respite this morning, rebounding slightly after days of heavy...

  9. July 6, 2016

    Lloyds and RBS most exposed to falling commercial property prices

    Lloyds Banking Group and Royal Bank of Scotland are most at risk of being hit by plunging prices of commercial real...

  10. Fast FT

    July 6, 2016

    European stocks slide; Deutsche Bank plumbs new lows

    The fall in UK and European stocks is picking up pace, with banking shares leading the slide as Deutsche Bank plumbs...

  11. Fast FT

    July 6, 2016

    'Brexit position not so bad,' RBS chair Davies tells Osborne

    Sir Howard Davies, chairman of Royal Bank of Scotland, says he told George Osborne this week the bank was “not under...

  12. July 6, 2016

    UK and European banks drag equities lower

    Shares in UK banks, and European banks more broadly, are slipping again today, leading equities lower as Brexit...

  13. July 4, 2016

    RBS reprivatisation faces 2-year delay due to Brexit share price fall

    The chief executive of Royal Bank of Scotland has said the government’s planned sale of its controlling stake in the...

  14. Fast FT

    July 4, 2016

    FTSE 100 climbs; FTSE 250 and banks slip

    The FTSE 100 is climbing for the fifth consecutive day, although bank stocks and the FTSE 250 are struggling as the...

  15. July 2, 2016

    FTSE 100 rises to 10-month peak, best weekly gain since 2011

    The blue-chip FTSE 100 staged a robust recovery from Brexit losses and recorded its strongest weekly gain in five...

  16. June 30, 2016

    Royal Bank of Scotland misses out on FTSE 100 rally

    Expectations of a summer rate cut sent the FTSE 100 surging to its highest level since August. But Royal Bank of...

  17. June 30, 2016

    Equities, EM FX and riskier bonds gyrate as Brexit mood shifts

    Markets are largely bobbing up and down without clear direction in the aftermath of a testing few days, but UK bank...

  18. Fast FT

    June 30, 2016

    'Whopping'... 'unsustainable': The UK's new current-account deficit total

    The UK’s current-account deficit stood at £32.6bn in the first quarter of this year, the Office for National Statistics...

  19. Fast FT

    June 29, 2016

    UK banks see post-Brexit rise in customer queries

    The bosses of the UK’s largest high street banks have seen a spike in customer queries about mortgages and currency...

  20. June 29, 2016

    UK stocks pick up for second day; banks lead gains

    UK stocks are rebounding for the second consecutive day, erasing a further portion of the hefty losses suffered in the...

  21. June 28, 2016

    Brexit: Moody’s lowers UK banks’ outlook to negative

    Moody’s has become the latest institution to give a thumbs down to the prospects for the UK’s banking system after the...

  22. June 28, 2016

    Fall in share value is just one problem for UK banks

    The chief executives of Royal Bank of Scotland and Lloyds Banking Group wrote to staff on Tuesday to reassure them...

  23. Fast FT

    June 28, 2016

    Sterling and stocks advance; Gilts slip

    Sterling and UK stocks are still creeping higher today, while Gilts are weakening and 10-year yields edge back up to 1...

  24. Fast FT

    June 28, 2016

    Opening Quote: Iceland; Brexit; Ocado

    They think it’s all over, but maybe not yet. Despite Brexit and England’s exit from Euro 2016, Redrow and Rolls-Royce...

  25. Fast FT

    June 28, 2016

    UK stocks clock first post-referendum rise

    UK stocks have risen for the first time since the country voted to leave the EU, edging up after two days of fierce...

  26. FT Alphaville

    June 28, 2016

    FT Opening Quote

    They think it’s all over, but maybe not yet. Despite Brexit and England’s exit from the Euros, Redrow and Rolls-Royce...

  27. June 27, 2016

    RBS and Lloyds share falls wipe £8bn off government’s stakes

    The UK government has suffered paper losses of almost £8bn on its stakes in Royal Bank of Scotland and Lloyds Banking...

  28. Fast FT

    June 27, 2016

    European banks bleed 22% after Brexit

    It’s clear where the market stresses lie in the aftermath of Brexit. European banking stocks have now lost 22 per cent...

  29. Fast FT

    June 27, 2016

    RBS shares drop to lowest level since January '09

    Shares in Royal Bank of Scotland have slumped to their lowest level since January 2009, just months after the...

  30. FT Alphaville

    June 27, 2016

    On the non-viability of an independent Scotland staying in the sterling zone

    As is being widely reported (exclusive to all newspapers), Scotland is considering vetoing Brexit, if not launching a...

  31. Fast FT

    June 27, 2016

    Shares briefly suspended on biggest FTSE fallers

    RBS and Barclays have seen their shares briefly suspended this morning as another nervy day of trading grips investors...

  32. Fast FT

    June 27, 2016

    UK bank stocks plunge further

    UK financial stocks are getting hammered again today, once again suffering some of their largest drops since the...

  33. Fast FT

    June 27, 2016

    Banks and financial stocks sliding again

    European bank stocks are sliding again today after suffering their worst day ever on Friday in the wake of the Brexit...

  34. June 25, 2016

    Government shelves plans to sell RBS and Lloyds shares

    The sale of billions of pounds of taxpayer-owned shares in bailed-out UK banks has been shelved as a result of stock...

  35. June 24, 2016

    Brexit vote batters UK stocks

    The FTSE 100 and FTSE 250 both came under heavy pressure early in the day as Britain’s decision to leave the EU rattled...

  36. June 24, 2016

    UK banks suspend euro sales amid demand surge

    High street banks have halted euro exchange services following a jump in demand from consumers after the UK’s vote to...

  37. June 24, 2016

    European bank stocks plunge 18%; worst day on record

    The Euro Stoxx Banks Index has plunged 18.7 per cent in the wake of the UK’s vote to leave the EU, its worst one-day...

  38. June 24, 2016

    UK banks: ouch

    This is not 2008. Major bank shares have fallen by the most since the global financial crash — but there is no...

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