The cash-strapped NHS is facing concerns that it can ill-afford the structural upheaval generated by enactment of the coalition government’s controversial health and social care bill

Minister races to boost medicines

Aim is to accelerate innovation while lowering costs for industry


Time for a serious debate about co-payment and the NHS
Reforms must reward compassion, and punish its absence
DHDFN2 London, UK. 7th November 2013. a 3D printed implant by Andrew Darwood on display at the 3D Printshow at the Business Design Centre in London. Eric Moger had a large part of his face removed after developing a tumour. © Piero Cruciatti/Alamy Live News

Surgeons embrace 3D printed implants

Advances mean technology has bigger role to play in healthcare

Push to inject urgency in drug innovation

Industry and ministers look to boost access to new medication

Obesity: $2tn strain on economy

Costs are similar to those of war or smoking – and are growing

NHS spending per patient poised to fall

Political pledges will produce real terms drop of £5.5bn by 2020

DYMTKB Catford Stadium being prepared for redevelopment
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Government sitting on land for 2m homes

Pressure builds for faster pace of sales to ease housing crisis

NHS could save £1bn a year, says research

Study finds over-runs in estates and facilities operating costs

Cameron rejects trade deal threat to NHS

UK prime minister puts ‘rocket boosters’ under the talks

UK’s failure to manage diabetes leads to complications

Britain’s failure to manage diabetes leads to complications

NHS looks at offering medical records via an app

Hopes radical digitalisation could cut costs

DNA project reaches out to doctors

Sequencing programme invites researchers to access database

Britain and the cuts: Business wish list

Part 3 of FT series finds bosses wanting deeper welfare cuts and end of NHS ringfence

NHS hospitals in deficit more than doubles

Spending watchdog warns on mounting financial crisis

Biotech innovators play catch up with Flanders

Pioneering therapies are emerging from a hub of research supported by regional government

Chimp app aims to help beat addictions

Patients could be prescribed a computer game to help them fight long-term addictions

Welsh Labour in danger of being outflanked

John Murray Brown finds cracks in the party’s support

Dandruff can teach us about the NHS

We have to make people think twice before they make wasteful demands on the health service

The deficit will kill the property bubble

Politicians need more tax revenue – and there’s nowhere else to get it

Osborne says Tories may raise NHS budget

Hint that party could spend extra £8bn yearly by 2020

Hard facts about England’s health service

The NHS boss has put politicians on the spot about future funding

NHS chief seeks inflation-plus spending

Report marks subtle shift to keep pace with the needs of an ageing population

GPs oppose reward for diagnosing dementia

Doctors fear ‘inappropriate action’ could be taken

Mob justice is a dangerous business

Politicians resemble an armed gang extorting money

UK backs unlicensed medicines bill

Lord Saatchi says giving terminally ill patients newest drugs would advance scientific knowledge

Regulator hits at ‘lottery’ of hospital safety

Standards in 4 out of 5 inspected inadequate or needing improvement

Minister seeks winter funding for NHS

Danny Alexander wants to avoid pre-election crisis

NHS workers strike over pay

Action over decision not to give all staff 1% rise

Political poverty of ambition

All parties proposed making tax more complex

At work with . . . Henry Marsh, neurosurgeon

Disappointment with the NHS inspired a bestseller

Creative thinkers

Creative thinking amid rapid transformation in function

Watchdog rejects multiple sclerosis drug

Obesity draws attention to breakfast habit

Popularity of muffin and coffee in morning fuels health problems

Ukip’s by-election hope hits back at NHS claims

Douglas Carswell says he has been misquoted by critics

Britain’s health service needs treatment

No party dares discuss a looming black hole in the NHS budget

NHS looks to US for medicine ideas

NHS faces chase for billions to meet strain

Service could need 20 new hospitals because of demand

Hospital takes the pulse of video nursing

Airedale General Hospital supports patients remotely

Should we cultivate resilience?

If you find yourself drawing on your resilience a lot, then you ought to ask yourself why you keep hitting the floor

Scepticism mounts over tax and spending vows

Experts warn that UK public finances are still in a mess

GP warning casts doubt on Tory promise

Lack of doctors fuelling ‘crisis’ in care services