The cash-strapped NHS is facing concerns that it can ill-afford the structural upheaval generated by enactment of the coalition government’s controversial health and social care bill

Promises will not resolve NHS funding crux

Rapidly rising cost of free universal care undermines short-term fixes


Time for a serious debate about co-payment and the NHS
Reforms must reward compassion, and punish its absence

Miliband considers health tax for manifesto

Focus on eyecatching promise taps voter concern over NHS

Spire benefits from NHS sales

British hospital chain posts 10% rise in revenue

New cancer drugs are tested in a laboratory

NHS to shake up appraisal of cancer drugs

Pressure on pharma companies to cut prices

Three big questions for Scotland

The FT evaluates the position of both camps on currency, the NHS and oil

Salmond falls far short on certainty

His campaign remains clouded by confusion and doubt

Genetics pave way for dearer drugs

Pharmaceutical companies seek return on investment

Drug cost watchdog chief urges honesty

NHS never able to afford every drug, says Dillon

Whitehall farce on digital display

eBorders debacle exposes UK weakness for big IT projects

Salmond focuses on NHS in run up to poll

Social democratic values take centre stage in independence fight

Watchdog backs costly hepatitis C drug

Move by Nice stirs debate over rising price of new medicines

Hospitals urged to improve scan data

Panel calls for more information on radiation doses

Underperforming GP practices face closure

Rating system will grade them from ‘outstanding’ to ‘inadequate’

Roche clashes with Nice on cancer drug

UK watchdog bites back in pricing row with Swiss pharma company

Cameron picks businesswomen for Lords

List of peers prompts accusations of cronyism

NHS trust delays bidding to run hospital

Move ensures no contest held until after 2015 election

£250m funding to tackle NHS waiting lists

Government action comes after waiting numbers reach six-year high

DNA project given £300m investment boost

UK aims to be world leader in medical genetic research

Drug pricing: Bitter pill

A hepatitis cure is prompting an alarming debate for the industry

Hammond holds emergency meeting on Ebola

£5.8bn of NHS work could go private

Slow rate of contract awards disappoints healthcare market

More NHS trusts suffer financial ailments

Number reported for irregularities soars in past year

Public access to files points the way to securing trust

Concern over privacy is a hurdle that can be overcome

Unions to ballot NHS staff over strike

Technology: Wear your medicine

Wearable devices could signal a radical shift in medical practice

Doctors to put up to 12m people on statins

Downing Street deserves more credit

Number 10 can claim to have steered the ship through rough waters

NHS finance chiefs expect overspend

NHS review backs staff-led ‘mutuals’

Worker-run organisations would deliver better, safer care

NHS to bill patients from outside Europe

Policy intended to recoup £500m in costs from treating visitors

EU vows to protect NHS in US trade talks

Healthcare systems to be excluded from transatlantic deal

NHS waiting lists highest for six years

Further 75,000 joined the queue for treatment in May

Mental illness can no longer be ignored

Given the economic costs to society, treatment would pay for itself

NHS ‘facing pre-election funding crisis’

Knee operation could save 170 lives yearly

Cheaper surgery would also cut £70m from NHS budget, says expert

The Kindness of Strangers, Southwark Playhouse, London

A moving show that immerses its audience in the work of a paramedic

Urgent action called for on antibiotics

MPs want to see early financial incentives for research

The grand illusion of national insurance

We do not have the social safety net the take it for

NHS faces annual £4bn ‘black hole’

NHS turns to voluntary and private sector

Third of community services spending goes to outside bodies