Google is finally showing results from heavy investments in areas beyond search, with notable inroads in the mobile, video and display markets and new chief executive Larry Page setting social networking as a top priority

US tech giants need to soften their image

Companies such as Google may scorn officialdom, but being seen as nasty is bad for their business


Post-it notes cover a Google Inc. logo on a wall in the offices of Gaza Sky Geeks in Gaza City, Palestinian Occupied Territories, on Thursday, June 25, 2015. Gaza Sky Geeks is a startup "accelerator" backed by Google Inc. and U.S. charity MercyCorps that nurtures business ideas and connects entrepreneurs with investors. Photographer: Shawn Baldwin/Bloomberg ©Bloomberg
Reorganisation creates a personnel mess but could help reveal the power of core business
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Concern about government snooping is mixed with anxiety about commercial use of data
KIRKLAND, WA - OCTOBER 28: The Google Kirkland facility is pictured during its grand opening October 28, 2009 in Kirkland, Washington. More than 350 employees work in the Kirkland facility, which includes amenities such as a climbing wall, gym and soda fountain, and consolidates several offices throughout Kirkland. (Photo by Stephen Brashear/Getty Images) ©Getty
Shareholders have other worries than an EU investigation

Google chief takes aim at BBC

Missed opportunities on openness and online audiences

Google slams ‘incorrect’ antitrust charges

Response throws down gauntlet to European Commission

Google OnHub

Google launches OnHub ‘smart router’

Gadget could be used for ‘internet of things’ in homes

Google rebrand faces searching questions

Marketers say move could leave group in Alphabet stew

Google’s .xyz domain boosts CentralNic

Shares in little-known company that markets web domains have surged

Alphabet can help break code of secrecy

Wall Street likes new Google company’s promise of disclosure

Google sets out plan A for the long term

Restructuring tech group into Alphabet makes ambitions clear

Google rises on promise of more openness

Investors welcome technology group’s corporate restructuring

Pichai’s rapid climb to internet peak

Indian-born executive given control of Google Inc unit

Google transforms to Alphabet tech group

Radical restructuring plan sees search engine arm as subsidiary

Google to push Android One plan in India

Effort to launch cut-price phones has struggled

Feedback: Google Translate and business

Readers agreed that the app was impressive but had some way to go

Google Translate: good enough for work?

Voice feature misses nuance but so does much second-language talk

Google disobeys French privacy watchdog

Paris has demanded that technology group implement ECJ ruling worldwide rather than just in Europe

Fresh threat to Google in Brussels fight

OpenX and AppNexus say group may be stifling competition

Google: growing pains

New CFO Ruth Porat needs to institute order

Google finance chief vows discipline

Shares jump 12% as earnings beat expectations and Porat vows to set spending priorities

Google’s Waze tests carpooling app

US search group’s navigation business launches pilot in Israel

Google backs Yieldify and Lost My Name

Investments are latest move by group venture arm in Europe