Google is finally showing results from heavy investments in areas beyond search, with notable inroads in the mobile, video and display markets and new chief executive Larry Page setting social networking as a top priority

Google shares dip as earnings disappoint

Weakness bodes poorly for internet stocks


There are precious few very large companies with such strong organic growth
The search engine is exploring software alternatives that track online behaviour
The market has displayed Moto X-like prescience about Apple’s margin problems

German publishing head hits at Google

Döpfner criticises EU’s recent settlement with Google

Google swoops on dronemaker Titan

Push to bring internet to less developed areas

Google and Facebook lure ad executives

Silicon Valley companies want more ‘brand marketing’

Google’s Nest Labs halts smoke alarm sales

Flaw discovered that may prevent product working in event of fire

Larry Page and Sergey Brin

Google share split is all about control

Founders look to tighten grip with novel move likely to be copied

BT to put sports channels on Chromecast

Internet streaming move set to reduce dependence on YouView

Jan 2007 big mistake: Mr Ballmer has a laugh at the launch of Steve Jobs’ iPhone, saying it ‘doesn’t appeal to business customers’

Steve Jobs promised ‘holy war’ on Google

Jury in Samsung case shown emails from Apple co-founder

Mobile computing wars move to watches

Google launches Android Wear software for wearable devices

Viacom and Google settle YouTube lawsuit

$1bn copyright infringement suit began in 2007

YouTube grants UK ‘super’ security powers

Home Office able to have content instantly screened

Google wants to make Android wearable

Dominance in the new field is up for grabs

Nokia launches Google Android phone

Cheaper Nokia X model will still use Microsoft cloud services

Google reinforces online ad fraud squad

Tech group to tap expertise of London start-up

Google backs two cyber security start-ups

Investments made in Ionic Security and ThreatStream

Google enters fast fibre optic race

Tech group aims to build high speed networks in 34 US cities

Google hits space bar for Bay Area start-ups

Group seeks to recruit engineers who do not want to work in its vast Silicon Valley headquarters

Google and EU agree to settle search row

Critics claim deal will cement group’s dominance

Q&A: Google’s EU antitrust settlement

Agreement closes the chapter on antitrust battle with tech group

Google held back by Motorola unit losses