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  1. beyondbrics

    July 10, 2014

    Opinion: a summit of Brics without straw

    If you’re an emerging market and there’s a geoeconomic grouping you’re looking for, you’ve got a few to choose from. In Asia...

  2. FT Alphaville

    July 2, 2014

    The 6am London Cut

    The Last Camp Alphaville Promo of 2014. The fun starts at 11am today. Pack cash. The Cut is taking a short break for the...

  1. FT Tech Hub

    July 1, 2014

    Five things to know about Anthony Noto, Twitter's new CFO

    Anthony Noto, the ex-Goldman Sachs investment banker, has just been named as Twitter’s new chief financial officer. Here are...

  2. Business Blog

    June 26, 2014

    Dark pools and conflicts of interest on Wall Street

    The New York attorney-general’s complaint against Barclays over the way it ran its dark pool seems to contain clear evidence...

  3. FT Alphaville

    June 24, 2014

    Deals deals deals

    The bankers have been busy. Judged in dealmaking terms, it has been the biggest first half of a year since the financial...

  4. beyondbrics

    June 23, 2014

    Should investors root for Brazil in the World Cup?

    Anything less than being crowned World Cup champions for the sixth time would be received like a national disaster by many...

  5. Business Blog

    June 19, 2014

    Wall Street's sense of bonus entitlement is delusional

    No-one emerges well from the legal battle between Goldman Sachs and Deeb Salem, its former mortgage trader who claims that...

  6. beyondbrics

    June 17, 2014

    Modi's challenges: manufacturing jobs

    At the Bharat Forge factory in Pune, vast hangars are filled with huge machines heating and shaping metal. But there are...

  7. beyondbrics

    June 5, 2014

    New York morning espresso

    ** FT News ** * G7 warns Kremlin over Ukraine | Industrial nations meeting without Russia for first time in 17 years set no...

  8. FT Alphaville

    June 2, 2014

    Charts du jour: fiscal drag per capita

    Charts via BCA Research, which adds: Chart I-5 shows that the government sector has subtracted 0.4 percentage points from...

  9. beyondbrics

    June 2, 2014

    Central Europe PMIs: looking good

    Manufacturing in central Europe’s leading economies continued to grow in May, with PMIs in Poland, Hungary and the Czech...

  10. beyondbrics

    May 30, 2014

    Watching the World Cup or debating laws - Mexico's test

    It’s a good job discipline is an integral part of the Mexican ruling party ethos. Lawmakers of all shades will need it next...

  11. beyondbrics

    May 30, 2014

    From ‘Africa rising’ to ‘Africa watching’

    By Javier Blas and Andrew England Africa attracts monikers from international policymakers – and the odd journalist. It was...

  12. FT Alphaville

    May 30, 2014

    Negative is normal

    One day, maybe, companies in Europe will stun those paid to forecast these sort of things with an explosion of...

  13. FT Alphaville

    May 28, 2014

    The Closer

    FURTHER FURTHER READING - Mobile is eating global attention. - Google cars: a first drive. - Why have Americans stopped...

  14. Gavyn Davies

    May 25, 2014

    Global monetary conditions are easier than ever

    There is much talk about how and when the central banks will exit from unconventional monetary accommodation, at least in...

  15. FT Alphaville

    May 23, 2014

    Goldman Sachs on coping with negative rates

    There’s a good note from Goldman Sachs this week on the implications of negative rates at the ECB. But given that many of...

  16. FT Alphaville

    May 16, 2014

    Death of Banks Watch

    Introducing a new series tracking the slow death of the traditional investment banking model (if not banking itself). Just...

  17. Material World

    May 11, 2014

    Part II: China and the Asia Pacific

    Despite the economic slowdown recently felt across much of the region, all eyes continue to be fixed firmly upon Asia...

  18. FT Alphaville

    May 6, 2014

    US labour market slack: the difficulty with "structural" vs "cyclical" labels

    The uncertainty about the extent of US labour market slack continues, and last week’s employment situation report certainly...

  19. FT Alphaville

    May 1, 2014

    So, you thought London house prices were barmy...

    Goldman Sachs has had a look attempts to lean against house price cycles by central banks, in 20 OECD countries from 1990 to...

  20. FT Alphaville

    April 25, 2014

    The Closer

    FURTHER FURTHER READING - Why cutting the government doesn’t make it more efficient. - Globalisation and premature...

  21. FT Alphaville

    April 24, 2014

    Home is where the money is

    Judged by the Goldman Sachs spiderweb, savers have embraced a little bit more investment tourism this side of the world’s...

  22. FT Alphaville

    April 17, 2014

    The Closer

    FURTHER FURTHER READING - The week in four charts, via Fast FT. And what’s coming next week. - Income and gender equality....

  23. Gavyn Davies

    April 13, 2014

    The Great Moderation, Version 2.0

    Before the financial crash in 2008, it was frequently claimed that the developed economies had permanently ended the...

  24. beyondbrics

    April 9, 2014

    Jim O'Neill: shifting trade, a threat to global institutions

    Jim O’Neill believes, not for the first time, that economists and policy makers have got it wrong. They underestimate how...

  25. FT Alphaville

    April 9, 2014

    The (early) Lunch Wrap

    Good morning New York, FT ALPHAVILLE Shorting rates for fun and profit: Dan discovers that trading a bear market in bonds is...

  26. FT Alphaville

    April 7, 2014

    The (early) Lunch Wrap

    Good morning New York, FT ALPHAVILLE Both a lender and a borrower be, China property edition: David looks at the wider...

  27. FT Alphaville

    April 7, 2014

    M&A is back (ish)

    Can it be a merger Monday if the big deal leaked on Friday? Either way, the second quarter deal making was already off to a...

  28. Material World

    April 6, 2014

    Fashion's feminist week: from Anya Hindmarch to Italian Vogue

      Steven Meisel/Italian Vogue The subject of feminism and fashion, with all its complicated associations, has been...

  29. FT Alphaville

    April 1, 2014

    The Closer

    FURTHER FURTHER READING -”When is it ethical to hand our decisions over to machines? And when is external automation a step...

  30. FT Alphaville

    March 27, 2014

    Don't LME me, bro

    There’s big news in the world of commodity inventory. Rusal reports via a press release on Thursday that it has won its case...

  31. FT Alphaville

    March 26, 2014

    The endless(ly sluggish) US expansion

    Jared Bernstein posts the chart above and notes that the US expansion is “getting on in years relative to all the others...

  32. beyondbrics

    March 7, 2014

    India elections: daily wrap

    India’s equity markets closed at a new all-time high on Friday, beating the record set in the previous session, while Arvind...

  33. beyondbrics

    March 7, 2014

    India elections: the market reacts

    Remember that note from Goldman Sachs? The one where the US investment bank upgraded its assessment of the Indian economy on...

  34. FT Alphaville

    March 3, 2014

    Further reading

    Elsewhere on Monday, - TED gently points out the problems with Hamilton Nolan’s hedgie polemic. - The economic future of...

  35. FT Alphaville

    February 26, 2014

    The 6am London Cut

    Markets: Asian equities were under pressure as investors grappled with uncertainty about Chinese policymakers’ intentions...

  36. beyondbrics

    February 24, 2014

    Mexico inflation: step in the right direction?

    One step forward, one step . . . well, if not exactly backwards, sort of sideways? Mexican inflation data for the first...

  37. FT Tech Hub

    February 24, 2014

    Sina Weibo's New York IPO: in charts

    News that Sina has hired Goldman Sachs and Credit Suisse to help spin off its Twitter-like Weibo service means it is the...

  38. FT Alphaville

    February 17, 2014

    Don't blame squids, blame China

    Following Matt Taibbi’s “Vampire Squid operates in commodities” exposé, here’s an apropos update on recent LME inventory...

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