Facebook’s difficult shift from hot start-up to public company has left some investors questioning the social network’s long-term prospects.

Samir Arora photographed in 1998 giving a talk to staff at NetObjects

Secrets of Silicon Valley: dress down, be original

The lessons drawn by high-tech entrepreneurs reveal much about an often misunderstood world

Sarkozy announces a return to politics

Move seen as first step in run for 2017 presidential election

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Ever-growing online outlets offer marketers more varied points of contact and fresh forms of doing business

Yes campaign winning social media battle

Analysis points to slim lead for Facebook interactions backing independence

Fashion labels try digital experiments

Burberry teams up with Twitter in new-look London Fashion Week

FT Series

For an industry increasingly turning to social media to expand its audience, Facebook proves a boon and a burden on business
Cottage industry of firms has sprung up on Facebook offering services that allow businesses to exploit full potential of its reach

Tech chiefs in plea over privacy damage

Silicon Valley executives say sector must act fast to curb harm to image

Big Tech at Bay

Silicon Valley’s era of untrammelled global expansion is over, as backlash grows against the power and reach of US technology companies

Facebook market value tops $200bn

Social network beats rival Google in time to reach symbolic figure

Tax inversion makes a tempting M&A bet

Proposed legislation is not slowing the tide of US ‘tax deserters’

Reddit’s new app to build mobile traffic

Service will help users explore ‘Ask Me Anything’ interviews

Silicon Valley’s diversity reboot

Technology groups are under pressure to be less pale and male

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Banks bypassed by intellectual capital

Silicon Valley deals are not based on factors that bankers can model, writes Felix Salmon

Apps: Growing pains

Once a thriving cottage industry, bigger players are now dominant and profits are squeezed

Google considers creating child accounts

Facebook also considering opening service to under 13s

Venture capitalists back anonymous apps

Challenge to monetise secret sites as nameless sharing becomes popular

Facebook has 50,000 angry Messengers

App gets one-star rating from 95% of users

App split follows Three Stages of Facebook Grief

Messenger fracas a reminder of challenges facing social network

Digital era brings hyperscale challenges

Big companies that process billions of daily transactions pose problems for leaders and competitors, write McKinsey consultants

Facebook invades your personality

The company has no power to make us happy or sad but it will not hesitate if it helps earnings

Law student tackles Facebook on privacy

Class action attracts 25,000 participants

Cameron picks businesswomen for Lords

List of peers prompts accusations of cronyism

CaixaBank's Google Glass app includes a branch finder

Retail banks go digital

Google Glass apps part of a technological shift

US tech in China: pawns of villains?

Beijing’s moves seem to be part retribution and part opportunism

LinkedIn jumps as earnings beat forecast

Social network sees quarterly revenue rise almost 50 per cent

Loyal users key for Snapchat and Twitter

Popular new networks could rob established players of vitality

Virtual reality gives TV a new frontier

BSkyB eyes immersive future with Jaunt deal but obstacles remain

Naver disappoints amid Line IPO talk

Growth of mobile chat app offset by online games writedown

Facebook to offer free internet in Zambia

Launch of project seeking to put emerging market users online

Alibaba talks could price Snapchat at $10bn

Wide valuations after speculative discussions on stake

The clever tricks of artificial intelligence

Big leaps are being made in deep learning but a human is still required, writes Richard Waters

User growth accelerates at Twitter

Stock jumps after earnings beat expectations

Marketers hope to bridge mobile gap

Americans spend a quarter of their time with media on mobile

LinkedIn boss is wrong on poaching staff

Most leaders will authorise all available methods, from money to menaces, to keep their best staff

Facebook: to like or not to like

Shares have reached an all-time high, but are they worth it?

Facebook rides boom in mobile ads

Net income surges past expectations to $1.4bn

Yahoo buys Flurry for app analytics

Among the biggest acquisitions since Tumblr purchase

Facebook clicks on the ‘buy’ button

Group to measure effect of online ads on in-store sales


Rights groups challenge mass surveillance

Liberty says legal framework has not kept pace with technology

Flight testing

Facebook, Google and Amazon explore prospects for the drone economy

Fraud rears head in digital ad landscape

Fluid new market increasingly exploited by criminals

Facebook’s not-quite mood uproar apology

‘We want to do better in the future,’ it says