Facebook’s difficult shift from hot start-up to public company has left some investors questioning the social network’s long-term prospects.

Stock-based remuneration poses dangers

Risk that workers will demand higher cash component in their pay

Twitter beats Facebook to mobile ad launch

Social media groups battle to lure advertisers

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Ever-growing online outlets offer marketers more varied points of contact and fresh forms of doing business

Google swoops on dronemaker Titan

Push to bring internet to less developed areas

Facebook targets financial services

Social network seeks Irish approval for money transfers

FT Series

For an industry increasingly turning to social media to expand its audience, Facebook proves a boon and a burden on business
Cottage industry of firms has sprung up on Facebook offering services that allow businesses to exploit full potential of its reach

Tech insiders dumped shares ahead of slide

Opportunistic sales by founders as lock-up periods expire

Tech stocks: respect your elders

Spending billions on odd bets will inspire investors to revisit fundamentals

Google and Facebook lure ad executives

Silicon Valley companies want more ‘brand marketing’

Facebook passes 100m users in India

Country is social network’s largest market after US

Coatue returns $2bn to investors

US ‘Tiger cub’ hedge fund reacts to heavy tech losses

The People's Platform cover

From citizens to followers

Is the internet reinforcing rather than challenging existing power structures? Hannah Kuchler reviews ‘The People’s Platform’, by Astra Taylor

Sandberg slashes Facebook holdings

Company’s number two has shed more than half her stake since IPO

FILE -- A visitor tries the Oculus Rift virtual-reality headset at the Game Developers Conference in San Francisco, March 28, 2013. In the unpredictable world of tech start-ups, some interesting firms to watch, like Oculus Rift, in 2013 could fizzle and be forgotten by the end of the year, but they could also be the next big thing. (Winni Wintermeyer/The New York Times) Credit: New York Times / Redux / eyevine For further information please contact eyevine tel: +44 (0) 20 8709 8709 e-mail: info@eyevine.com www.eyevine.com

Technology: All eyes on the future

Apple, Facebook and Google aim to create and control the next crucial technological platform

Tiny drone maker in Facebook spotlight

UK acquisition Ascenta run by aerospace industry expert

Facebook works on drones and lasers

Social media group hires Nasa experts to ‘beam internet’ from sky


Heineken immerses itself in theatre

The brewer has emulated pioneering drama troupes for a US push

Tencent leads Asian tech sell-off

Billions wiped off value of Chinese online game maker

Instagram passes Twitter in key US area

Facebook-owned app becomes more popular with smartphone users

Candy crushed as King takes 15% hit

Game maker tumbles after $500m listing

Facebook hopes to secure future with deals

Big bets being made on social platforms of the future

What’s in the name Oculus?

Two similar sounding groups see share price gains

Oculus VR looks to unlock the impossible

Young founder finds himself at forefront of changing technology

Oculus deal reveals Facebook’s vision

Zuckerberg foresees next generation’s technology platform

Facebook bets $2bn on virtual reality

Social media company buys Oculus start-up

Industry’s wary embrace of social media

Use is growing – but big firms are treading carefully

CT00GR Passengers using mobile phones, iPads and computer game technology on a london underground train, UK

Candy Crush: Play it again

The makers of the mobile game insist a secret sauce justifies their multibillion dollar valuation

Woman behind a desk working, away from a desktop with a Facebook hompage

Should you become your boss’s Facebook friend?

Your Questions Answered: Dilemma for employees as social media barriers fall away

Tim Bucher, CEO of Lyve Minds, talks about the device his company is about to launch which is designed to simplify storing and sharing of digital photographs, in the offices of Lyve Minds, in Cupertino, California, Thursday, March 6, 2014.
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Start-ups with an Apple flavour

New ventures by the company’s alumni stay close to their roots

Wall Street set for tech IPO let-down

Companies focus on growing users despite Wall Street’s impatience

Twitter chief in China fact-finding visit

Costolo visit comes despite ban on US messaging platform

Sina Weibo looks to raise $700m in IPO

New York offering could value messaging service at $7bn

Protect the open web and the digital age

Much will be lost if fences are put up around our digital open plans, says Richard Waters

Social media becomes product test ground

Companies scour Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest for ideas

Zuckerberg attacks pace of surveillance reform

Facebook founder calls Obama to express his ‘frustration’

How our lives become an asset class

Tech titans with better data and engineers will disrupt Wall Street, writes Evgeny Morozov

Recep Tayyip Erdogan

Erdogan eyes ban on Facebook and YouTube

Warning shows PM’s determination to counter damaging leaks

Investment: A better bubble

The froth in technology stocks is driven by revenue. That does not make it rational

Facebook tightens its rules on gun sales

Gun control groups had pressed for changes

Yahoo steps up data collection drive

Group to drop use of Facebook and Google sign-ins on its services

Feedback: HR in the tech sector

Readers had little time for technology companies’ HR tips

The hunt for the next technology giant

WhatsApp and Candy Crush spur interest in digital start-ups