Facebook’s difficult shift from hot start-up to public company has left some investors questioning the social network’s long-term prospects.

LGBT emojis come unstuck in Indonesia

In hardline move, Jakarta demands Facebook remove LGBT stickers

Programme Name: Brian Pern: 45 Years of Prog and Roll - TX: 14/01/2016 - Episode: n/a (No. 1) - Picture Shows: Member of the Thotch fan Club Perry Boothe (JOHN THOMPSON) - (C) BBC - Photographer: .

Prog rock divis strike bum note for Rio

How does the 1970s musical genre differ from miners’ payouts?

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Ever-growing online outlets offer marketers more varied points of contact and fresh forms of doing business

Facebook furore in India has wider roots

Remarks by board member Andreessen come as social network hits snags in key market

Zuckerberg clashes over Facebook India

Dispute with investor shows country’s importance to social network

FT Series

For an industry increasingly turning to social media to expand its audience, Facebook proves a boon and a burden on business
Cottage industry of firms has sprung up on Facebook offering services that allow businesses to exploit full potential of its reach

UK newspapers: Rewriting the story

National media groups re-evaluate their business model and ways to promote content

Facebook’s Free Basics hits snag in India

Regulator effectively bans social network’s online access plan

Google pushes further into virtual reality

New headset to take on Facebook’s Oculus in latest platform war

Twitter shut 125,000 Isis-related accounts

Company says no ‘magic algorithm’ to identify terrorism on the web

Technology: The rift with reality

Investment is pouring into virtual reality products but their effect on society is up for debate

Alphabet’s gamble on the future of tech

US group may have the money for moonshots but does it have the discipline?

A letter from Google, Apple and Facebook

You pay tax because you have no better ideas how to use the money. We do

The Riff: Playoffs for Super Bowl ads

Rival teams at YouTube and Facebook compete for sport fans during the game

EU and US reach deal on data sharing

New agreement replaces ‘safe-harbour’ arrangement

Enlightenment and profit starts at office

The incentive structures of many companies are to minimise risk rather than maximise opportunity

Data security design with blue padlocks and binary code

EU, US tack towards web data ‘safe harbour’

Two sides scramble to reach transfer deal by deadline

Valuation swings point to tech shift

Amazon, Microsoft, Apple and Facebook shine light on cloud computing and mobile ads

Facebook cashes in on digital advertising

Last quarter a ‘defining moment’ as social media group ramps up mobile marketing

Google, Europe and the pursuit of tax

Policymakers should be asking why young engineers head to Silicon Valley, writes Michael Moritz

Facebook: on point

Social network looks the sharpest of the Fangs

Facebook boosted by mobile ad surge

Shares up 13% despite signs it is gearing up for heavy spending

Cameron hits back over Google tax deal

Labour government had worse record on extracting taxes, says PM

Facebook data centre project wins backing

AT&T and others support effort to come up with alternative model

Bailey needs to rally the FCA troops

Principled and pragmatic new leader will require thick skin

Facebook resists UK attempts to claim back-tax

Social media site being audited by HMRC

Herogram: Edward Snowden’s tweet to Max Schrems after his complaint against Facebook led to the scrapping of the Safe Harbour clause

Top lawyer says US outdoes EU on privacy

Geoffrey Robertson makes claim in opinion on ‘safe harbour’ case

Oil rally drives rebound in US stocks

S&P 500 ends up after a bruising start to the week for investors

Apple hires top VR researcher

Doug Bowman joins tech group as it tries to catch rivals

Firechat Man looking at mobile phone

Getting the message on smartphones

Tech groups start a new conversation about mobile channels

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Tech start-ups need to grow faster

Clusters of enterprises abound but too few expand enough to become the next Facebook

Silicon Valley uneasy after Snowden leaks

Western intelligence agencies worry that encryption will make the internet ‘go dark’

Facebook warns Europe on impeding progress

Sandberg urges policymakers to lead tech revolution

Facebook attempts to counter racist posts

Move to head off German criticism over incitement of racial hatred

WhatsApp, Instagram shift business models

Apps look for new ways to become more profitable

Instagram to ramp up small business focus

Photo-sharing app to expand integration with Facebook sales teams

White House mounts social media blitz

Obama targets young people for final State of the Union speech

‘Free Basics’ row a dilemma for Facebook

Free internet plan has alienated key sections of tech scene in a crucial market

The New Republic put up for sale

Facebook co-founder admits defeat after revamp sparks mass exodus

Pacesetters and their masochist CEOs

No one company can dictate fashion but bellwethers like M&S are still needed

Facebook’s vision of a wider web

States should not block Free Basics, despite its limitations

Hollywood looks to virtual reality

Studios could play big role in adoption of new technologies