Facebook’s difficult shift from hot start-up to public company has left some investors questioning the social network’s long-term prospects.

Facebook muscles into YouTube territory

Social network in trial to share ad revenue with video creators

Some of the media organisations which have struck deals with Facebook and Apple to provide digital news in new formats
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The future of news: Stop the presses!

Will established newspaper and magazine brands be helped or hindered by link-up with Apple and Facebook?

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Ever-growing online outlets offer marketers more varied points of contact and fresh forms of doing business

Facebook wins latest case in privacy suit

Vienna court says it has no jurisdiction to rule on dispute

A drone's eye view of a migrant boat in the Mediterranean; the Migrant Offshore Aid Station with the drone on deck; and the Schiebel helicopter
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Drones get a new mission: saving lives

Unmanned aerial vehicles gain civilian as well as military uses

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For an industry increasingly turning to social media to expand its audience, Facebook proves a boon and a burden on business
Cottage industry of firms has sprung up on Facebook offering services that allow businesses to exploit full potential of its reach

Instagram ramps up advertising business

Photo-sharing app gives parent Facebook a new revenue stream

Kevin Systrom, co-founder and chief executive, at the Instagram offices at Facebook’s headquarters
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Inside Instagram: Talking to Kevin Systrom

In five years, the app has changed the way its 300 million users communicate. Exclusive interview with CEO Kevin Systrom

‘Sell’ recommendations on endangered list

Concern analysts fear upsetting colleagues in other parts of bank

Advertisers fight to measure TV’s decline

As consumers migrate online in increasing numbers, advertisers demand hard numbers on audiences

OneWeb rocket

OneWeb wins $500m to end digital divide

Backers emerge for satellite network bringing affordable internet

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Data watchdog makes her presence felt

One of Europe’s leading privacy regulators opens office in Dublin

Google heads queue to lobby Brussels

Big tech names in charm offensive with regulators

collage Instagram

Instagram to ease discovery of trends

Social network will help users find curated content

Twitter hires search firm to find chief

Board will examine internal and external candidates

Hong Kong opens door to Alibaba shares

Exchange to re-examine its ban on Chinese secondary listings

Twitter hires editors to catch lightning

Plan to curate tweets as tech companies push further into media

Young people switch off television news

Focus turns to technology platforms and social media

Participants in the WWDC 2015 Apple developers conference sit in front of a over-sized logo of the iPhone manufacturer in the Moscone Center West in San Francisco, USA, 08 June 2015. At the conference Apple announced a new music service to compete with Spotify and Deezer. Photo: CHRISTOPH DERNBACH/dpa

Apple News service to hire journalists

Content selected and delivered to devices will be personalised

Delivery drones remain a distant dream

New aviation laws required before drones can share airspace

Oculus teams with Microsoft on VR headset

Xbox One controller to be bundled with every unit sold

Health tech start-ups woo internet talent

Companies hope to use ‘big data’ techniques to improve healthcare

Facebook: reaching the next billion

Company investing heavily to improve connectivity in remote areas

Googe photos

Google Photos: focus on picture libraries

App beats its rivals with innovations — if you don’t mind sharing data with advertisers in future

collage Instagram

Pinterest and Instagram offer buy buttons

Social app rivals target mobile commerce market

nutrition facts

Businesses can help solve the social issues raised by their industry

Groups need to tackle problems that they are part of

Snapchat $650m raising includes Alibaba

Ephemeral message app reveals size of fundraising in SEC filing

Twitter: out of character

Group must show explosive growth to justify its valuation

Six-bedroom house in Woodside

Facebook’s effect on Menlo Park property

The arrival of the tech giant has helped turn the Californian city into one of the strongest housing markets in the US

Big Data’s infinite harvest
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Big Data’s infinite harvest

They give us free computing power and we reveal ever more about ourselves

EU toughens its data protection regime

There will be plenty of legislative twists and turns before companies will see the new rules

Online privacy toolkit developers: Salvatore Iaconesi and Oriana Persico

Conflict over ownership lies ahead

More information is flowing, but can we turn off the tap?


A sauna in a start-up is a good thing

Defining a culture at a young company matters, particularly for tech businesses

Facebook ‘tramples’ over privacy laws

Regulator says group will have to change data protection approach


Mobile fight widens for tech and media

Verizon-AOL deal and Facebook’s news tie-up reveal industry shift

Mobile operators plan to block ads

Networks want to force Google and others to share revenues

Facebook tells US suppliers to raise pay

Company follows Microsoft in tackling inequality issues

Facebook strikes deal with media groups

BBC and others to publish content directly on social network

Goldberg stood for tech’s nurturing side

The SurveyMonkey chief was highly talented but also unpretentious and truly meritocratic

Oculus Rift headset release set for 2016

Long awaited consumer launch will miss 2015 holiday season

Zuckerberg introduces a new term: 'the Facebook family' for Facebook groups, the main Facebook app, Whatsapp, Messenger, and Instragram

Dual-class shares: cult classics

It pays for the founder to have economic skin in the game to match his or her voting rights

Dave Goldberg, entrepreneur, 1967-2015

SurveyMonkey chief executive and husband of Facebook’s Sheryl Sandberg