Facebook’s difficult shift from hot start-up to public company has left some investors questioning the social network’s long-term prospects.

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Silicon Valley in slugfest with Europe

Continent’s failure to create homegrown platforms has become a source of political risk for US tech companies

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Viacom row is a lesson to Silicon Valley

Obsessed with controlling his empire, Sumner Redstone created his own retirement nightmare

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Ever-growing online outlets offer marketers more varied points of contact and fresh forms of doing business

Facebook data transfers threatened by EU ruling

Court decision on model contract clauses risks data ‘Armageddon’

WhatsApp Brazil ban sparks sector fears

Judicial moves to ban messaging service threaten tech’s growth

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For an industry increasingly turning to social media to expand its audience, Facebook proves a boon and a burden on business
Cottage industry of firms has sprung up on Facebook offering services that allow businesses to exploit full potential of its reach

Facebook revamps Trending Topics team

Group aims to allay accusations of political bias on the platform

Google mixes formula for next big thing

Group plays catch up as it looks to use edge in artificial intelligence with new products

Facebook meets US right over bias claims

Zuckerberg says social network’s users are ‘of every ideology’

Buffett has better tech fits than Apple

Amazon, Facebook and Alphabet are better for the billionaire

Didi stake signals new front for Apple

$1bn move comes as investor concern grows over position in China

The Facebook news feed's mixture of trending content and curated news is under fire
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Does Facebook bend the trends?

Controversy over how it selects its stories shines a light on the platform’s enormous media power

Facebook in conservative censorship probe

Mark Zuckerberg denies social network has leftwing bias

Big US companies seize on green power

Groups ranging from Google to GM are striking deals with renewable energy generators


Tech groups join in green energy alliance

New power collaboration aims to add 60GW to US grid by 2025

News groups should beware Facebook tie-ups

Publishers are making more content available to closed platforms — at a cost

Thai crackdown targets Facebook users

US company says it blocked content but never shared user details

Republicans press Facebook on bias claims

Social network denies allegations of excluding conservative views

China’s tentative ‘like’ for Facebook

Reaction to Zuckerberg’s charm offensive should depend on its overall cost, writes Andrew Hill

What our digital social networks reveal

Human brains cannot cope with too many virtual friends, writes Anjana Ahuja

Facebook wins China trademark case

Court victory suggests stance on social network may be softening

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The real cost of big tech’s accounting games

All sorts of charges are being vaporised as companies present their results with increasing creativity

Alibaba: toothless

Why there is is no second ‘a’ in ‘fang’

Dropbox, Facebook and their like go to work

Business-friendly versions of apps appear in the office

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Should Zuckerberg still control Facebook?

The FT debates the shareholding structure of the social network

Zuckerberg has the votes in the bag

Billionaire has 60% majority he needs for new class of shares

US tech no longer delivers big returns

Too many big names had disappointing results

Stockpicking — you may as well forget it

Everyone is buying Facebook — and that makes me nervous

Bill Campbell, tech executive, 1940-2016

A coach whose counsel was valued by Apple and Google alike

Facebook’s special shares are a mistake

Locking up control indefinitely is bad for the health of companies

Chart: Facebook data

Zuckerberg stock plan a matter of faith

Facebook’s surge an incentive for investors to back move that aims to cement founder’s control

Mark Zuckerberg, F8 2016

Facebook: Gentleman’s C

The most common form of shareholder franchise is still available at the social network

Zuckerberg tightens grip on Facebook

Shares up 9% while co-founder proposes new non-voting stock

Twitter in battle for brand advertising

Shares down after group says marketers switching between platforms

Mark Zuckerberg, F8 2016

Facebook earnings: five things to watch

World’s biggest social network to report first-quarter earnings

Verizon dials up Yahoo to build online ads

US telecoms group wants to offer an alternative to Google and Facebook but some are sceptical

Consent rules no help to teenagers online

European rule requiring parental approval for under 16s to use social networks is misguided

Google plus

Tech stocks: fangs for nothing

The outsized premium enjoyed by a handful of internet stocks is rightly narrowing

Europe must address its tech shortcomings

It should ask why its biggest names are worth a fraction of those in the US, writes Michael Moritz

Facebook and Twitter hit by EU kids rules

Social networks will need parental consent for users under 16

China’s ‘Bants’ set to rival US’s ‘Fangs’

Fund managers quadruple holdings of Chinese internet quartet

Line to challenge global chat app rivals

Tokyo-listed group eyes ‘chatbot’ to take on Facebook and WeChat