Facebook’s difficult shift from hot start-up to public company has left some investors questioning the social network’s long-term prospects.

Google aims to break down app ‘walls’

‘App streaming’ could give new lease of life to search business

Screenshot of Twitter account of People's Daily of China

People’s Daily Twitter tally questioned

China’s flagship broadsheet accused of relying on fake accounts

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Chief finance officer, information services, regulation and risk, analysis strategy, retail, cash management, finance functions

Ever-growing online outlets offer marketers more varied points of contact and fresh forms of doing business

Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg speaks to employees

Zuckerberg to take 2-month paternity leave

Facebook chief to leave social network in hands of other staff

Brian Welle of Google

Largely white and male Google learns to ‘unbias’ itself

Technology companies are less inclusive than they think

FT Series

For an industry increasingly turning to social media to expand its audience, Facebook proves a boon and a burden on business
Cottage industry of firms has sprung up on Facebook offering services that allow businesses to exploit full potential of its reach

Facebook looks to humans to build AI

Group says social data it collects is richer than rivals’ efforts

Facebook's safety alert system

How worried relatives turned to Facebook disaster tool

Safety alert system uses location data to trace people at risk

Social media key in Paris attacks reaction

Facebook deploys Safety Check; Twitter users offer ‘#porteouverte’

Crickhowell in Powys, Wales. The Brecon Beacons are a typical Welsh area. The beautiful landscape is famous with tourists from all over Britain.

Crickhowell: the town that went offshore

Welsh small businesses ape multinationals’ avoidance measures

Light trails from traffic are seen as they pass around the Old Street roundabout, in the area known as London's Tech City, in London, U.K., on Tuesday, Dec. 17, 2013
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White Star launches $70m start-up fund

Investment group joins hunt for tech companies outside US

Lionel Barber

Making news for the new world

The future is text-plus: an exciting combination for the age of social media, writes Lionel Barber

Apple eyes person-to-person payments

Move to allow transfers between users would challenge PayPal

Twitter told to store Russian data in Russia

Regulator changes tack on relationship with social media site

Cutting through a web of wires

For tech companies, product innovation does not always guarantee success

MOUNTAIN VIEW, CA - NOVEMBER 09: University of California, Berkeley Professor of Chemistry Jennifer A. Doudna and Ulmea Universtiy Proffessor and Microbologist Emmanuelle Charpentier (R) speak onstage during the Breakthrough Prize Awards Ceremony Hosted By Seth MacFarlane at NASA Ames Research Center on November 9, 2014 in Mountain View, California. (Photo by Steve Jennings/Getty Images for Breakthrough Prize)

Breakthrough prize hails slow innovators

Zuckerberg and Milner look to reward science’s quantum leaps

Snapchat closes video gap with Facebook

Social networks battle for scale in push for digital advertising


Giving away a Facebook fortune

Cari Tuna, wife of Dustin Moskovitz, seeks overlooked causes

Uber founder launches digital concierge

On-demand service Operator specialises in hard-to-get requests

Facebook boosted by mobile ad growth

Quarterly net profits rise 11% to $896m

Some of the media organisations which have struck deals with Facebook and Apple to provide digital news in new formats
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Facebook and media groups launch news app

Notify will alert users to new stories from professional outlets

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Do not let the spies weaken encryption

The internet’s biggest privacy problem is not that there is too much security, but too little

How Zuckerberg can limit office skiving

Facebook at Work sounds Orwellian. But it’s not, writes Ludovic Hunter-Tilney

Facebook goes slow with ‘2G Tuesdays’

Staff get a taste of low-speed internet found in poorer countries

RBS signs up staff for Facebook at Work

Lender is world’s first to adopt in-house social network

Returned to his roots: David Marcus is happy to be leading a smaller team at Facebook
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David Marcus, Facebook’s chief messenger

Why he left a top job at PayPal to lead the social network’s messaging push

Emotions for robots, emojis for humans

Humans and humanoids are currently embroiled in a comedy of emotional errors

Irish data regulator to examine Facebook

Complaint against group challenged ‘Safe Harbour’ agreement

Top straight allies who champion LGBT rights

Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg leads ranking

Abstract image representing electronic money transfer

Sell your own personal data

Two UK firms to offer consumers cash and incentives

FT Wealth bylines. Matthew Vincent.

Facebook’s friends carry its tax burden

It’s unbalanced when a company contributes £4,000 tax and its employees £29m

‘Wasted’ on Facebook may hit credit score

Credit analytics groups explore new ways of assessing data

Facebook testing video feature

Social network moves further into YouTube territory

BlackRock taps into Google, Twitter for ‘nowcasting’

Silicon Valley outpost sifting social media for investment insights

Facebook puts spotlight on Osborne levy

Social network company’s tax bill sparks questions on restructuring

Twitter: cut to the chase

Job cuts at the social media company are no answer to flagging growth

Watershed moment for female fund staff

Columbia Threadneedle follows Google to reveal gender balance

Herogram: Edward Snowden’s tweet to Max Schrems on Tuesday after his complaint against Facebook led to the scrapping of the Safe Harbour clause

Data protection: No safe harbour

Will ECJ ruling on a pact allowing the free flow of data across the Atlantic help or hurt Europe’s start-ups?

Apple pulls mobile app adblocker

Move to withdraw Been Choice from app store

Digital media disrupts US money politics

Web-savvy insurgents outpoll well-funded establishment candidates

Google fights Facebook and Apple in news

Group offers media owners such as BBC alternative to rivals’ apps

Safe harbour ruling puts spotlight on Ireland

ECJ judgment raises questions over role as EU’s chief privacy regulator