Facebook’s difficult shift from hot start-up to public company has left some investors questioning the social network’s long-term prospects.

Big Data’s infinite harvest
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Big Data’s infinite harvest

They give us free computing power and we reveal ever more about ourselves

EU toughens its data protection regime

There will be plenty of legislative twists and turns before companies will see the new rules

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Chief finance officer, information services, regulation and risk, analysis strategy, retail, cash management, finance functions

Ever-growing online outlets offer marketers more varied points of contact and fresh forms of doing business

Online privacy toolkit developers: Salvatore Iaconesi and Oriana Persico

Conflict over ownership lies ahead

More information is flowing, but can we turn off the tap?


A sauna in a start-up is a good thing

Defining a culture at a young company matters, particularly for tech businesses

FT Series

For an industry increasingly turning to social media to expand its audience, Facebook proves a boon and a burden on business
Cottage industry of firms has sprung up on Facebook offering services that allow businesses to exploit full potential of its reach

Facebook ‘tramples’ over privacy laws

Regulator says group will have to change data protection approach


Mobile fight widens for tech and media

Verizon-AOL deal and Facebook’s news tie-up reveal industry shift

Mobile operators plan to block ads

Networks want to force Google and others to share revenues

Facebook tells US suppliers to raise pay

Company follows Microsoft in tackling inequality issues

Facebook strikes deal with media groups

BBC and others to publish content directly on social network

Goldberg stood for tech’s nurturing side

The SurveyMonkey chief was highly talented but also unpretentious and truly meritocratic

Oculus Rift headset release set for 2016

Long awaited consumer launch will miss 2015 holiday season

Zuckerberg introduces a new term: 'the Facebook family' for Facebook groups, the main Facebook app, Whatsapp, Messenger, and Instragram

Dual-class shares: cult classics

It pays for the founder to have economic skin in the game to match his or her voting rights

Dave Goldberg, entrepreneur, 1967-2015

SurveyMonkey chief executive and husband of Facebook’s Sheryl Sandberg

Europe’s timid embrace of digital economy

The EU’s task is to learn more and guard against special interests

EU should resist urge to rig cyber rules

The right way to bolster European businesses is not to disadvantage their rivals, writes Carl Bildt


Second-tier social media struggle for ads

LinkedIn, Twitter and Yelp fail to compete against Google and Facebook

EU to launch probe into US tech giants

Brussels comes under pressure from Germany and France

Bravado as digital hurricane blows in

Tensions run high as the evolving new media world shifts again

Anonymous sharing app Secret shuts down

Money returned to backers Google Ventures and Ashton Kutcher

The push to click with Britain’s voters

Tories boast more than 400,000 ‘likes’ on Facebook

Business should speak up on house prices

Unaffordable property holds back social mobility and companies’ ability to hire the best talent

EU break-up threatens internet business

Authorities can disagree over regulation, but they cannot ignore their own rules, says Richard Allan

Five future marketing trends

Potential for creativity to build reputations is growing

Tech groups spawn Europe data agency row

Twitter joins peers in submitting to Irish data protection rules

Facebook empire building drives up costs

Expansion bill soars as strong dollar drags on revenues

Facebook: hey big spender

The social network must beware following Google down the path to corporate bloat

Instagram develops app for Apple Watch

Photo-sharing group makes first foray into wearable technology


Chinese rabbit spreads digital pawprint

Cute cartoon character wins licensing deals across Asia

Message to ‘Googlers’

Search group responds to European Commission action

Facebook advertising supplied by facebook

Facebook goes old school in ad campaign

Social media company turns to TV and billboards

Driven to distraction by social media

Online networking can lower productivity and the spirits

Finding fault becomes a lucrative business

Tech companies pay out to those who spot bugs

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Google prepares YouTube subscription plan

Ad-skipping service could add to competition in online video

Ellen Pao hopes case will curb sexism

Reddit chief speaks out after losing discrimination claim

Cameras roll on a virtual reality future

Video is being transformed by long-anticipated VR technology

Business pioneers in technology

The industry’s rapid cycles have been an opportunity for young outsiders to bring in a fresh perspective

Ellen Pao loses Kleiner gender bias case

Jury finds in favour of Silicon Valley firm on all counts

Facebook Aquila Drone
©Mark Zuckerberg/Facebook

Silicon Valley: Space race

Tech companies are sending their cash into orbit

Interview: Mike Judge

The creator of ‘Beavis and Butt-Head’ explains why techie oddball success is a subject ripe for comedy, as shown in his TV satire ‘Silicon Valley’

Zuckerberg points to shift at Facebook

Messenger, WhatsApp and Instagram may start working more closely