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  1. 19 hours ago

    Brexit forex trading bonanza boosts banks

    Bank foreign exchange desks raked in fees from investors bailing out of sterling as they handled up to 10 times normal...

  2. June 29, 2016

    Bank capital: stress less

    It has become an annual rite. US banks sidle up to the Federal Reserve, asking, “Does my capital look big in this?” The...

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  1. Global Brands

    More than half the brands that featured in the BrandZ top 100 global ranking a decade ...
  2. Ireland Financial Services

    Ireland’s financial institutions have endured a torrid few years. Yet in spite of the ...
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  1. June 28, 2016

    Energy shares lead Wall Street’s rebound as risk aversion eases

    Energy companies led the way higher on Tuesday as US stocks recouped some of the steep losses suffered in the wake of...

  2. Fast FT

    June 27, 2016

    S&P 500 falls below 2,000 for first time since March

    The S&P 500 has tumbled below the 2,000 mark for the first time since March as US markets reel for another day from the...

  3. FT Alphaville

    June 27, 2016

    Nice banking passport you had there...

    ‘Passporting’, per Citi, “allows financial institutions incorporated in one member state to establish branches in other...

  4. June 26, 2016

    Saudi Arabia gears up for debut bond issue

    Saudi Arabia has mandated three international banks to arrange its debut international bond as the kingdom presses...

  5. June 24, 2016

    Wall St banks battered by British shock

    Shares in American banks sustained heavy selling on Friday after a shock decision by UK voters to divorce from the EU...

  6. Fast FT

    June 24, 2016

    Citi, Jefferies seek to reassure after Brexit vote

    The chief executive of Citigroup has moved to soothe nerves over the impact of Brexit, telling staff there would be no...

  7. June 24, 2016

    US bank stocks clobbered in Brexit rout

    Shares in big US banks followed their global peers sharply lower on concerns about how they would cope with market...

  8. June 24, 2016

    US banks face higher stress test hurdle

    The message from the US Federal Reserve was clear: the biggest banks in America have enough capital to withstand the...

  9. Fast FT

    June 24, 2016

    Gilts set to rocket, taking 10y yields to 0.9% - Citi

    UK government bonds could be… lively when they open. Citigroup reckons yields on the country’s 10-year debt are heading...

  10. Fast FT

    June 23, 2016

    US stock futures jump after S&P rallies 1.3%

    US stock-index futures climbed late on Thursday, suggesting the S&P 500 may add to its 1.3 per cent surge when its...

  11. Fast FT

    June 23, 2016

    Opening Quote: Tesco; DS Smith; oh yes, and Brexit

    Tesco sales are gaining momentum, the pound has hit a high for the year as voting begins in the UK’s EU referendum. FT...

  12. FT Alphaville

    June 23, 2016

    FT Opening Quote

    Tesco sales are gaining momentum, the pound has hit a high for the year as voting begins in the UK’s EU referendum. FT...

  13. June 23, 2016

    Traders braced for all-night vigil as Brexit votes counted

    Traders and brokers across the City of London are bracing themselves for an all-night vigil as the votes are counted in...

  14. FT Alphaville

    June 22, 2016

    Peak Brexit?

    We’d really like to move on now, thanks. Citi has published a EU Referendum playlist. My favorite song......

  15. Fast FT

    June 22, 2016

    ECB kicks off new round of free bank lending

    The European Central Bank will deploy its latest stimulus tool today as it offers free cash to the continent’s banks....

  16. Fast FT

    June 22, 2016

    'Close remain' could lead to instability, Citi warns

    A tight outcome in tomorrow’s referendum could undermine political stability even if Britain decides to remain in the...

  17. June 21, 2016

    Uncompleted wells could hold back oil price rebound

    As oil trades at about $50 a barrel, everyone in the US industry is looking at DUCs. Wells that are Drilled but...

  18. June 20, 2016

    US utilities left behind Brexit relief rally

    Utilities stocks were left behind as US equities rallied on Monday with investors pivoting away from havens on cooling...

  19. June 20, 2016

    US banks put regulators on notice over Brexit

    US banks have put federal regulators on notice over how they think Britain’s departure from the EU would hit their...

  20. June 16, 2016

    Losing streak for US stocks comes to an end

    The S&P 500 avoided its longest losing streak in nearly 10 months after concerns that the UK could vote in favour of...

  21. Fast FT

    June 16, 2016

    50 ways to hedge your Brexit: 'Sterling hit won't last'

    fastFT has asked investors and analysts what their plans are for June 24, the day after the UK’s EU referendum,...

  22. June 15, 2016

    Admiral Green dodges a broadside over BHS

    Would the real Sir Philip Green please come forward? MPs probing the collapse of BHS with a £571m pensions deficit were...

  23. June 15, 2016

    Citi’s forex executives holidayed as staff prepared for Brexit

    Foreign exchange traders at Citigroup, the world’s biggest currencies-dealing bank, are pulling out the stops to...

  24. June 14, 2016

    Citi, Deutsche and JPMorgan censured for backing fossil fuel

    Citigroup, Deutsche Bank and JPMorgan Chase have delivered billions of dollars in financing for coal, oil and gas...

  25. Fast FT

    June 13, 2016

    Berenberg looks to double US headcount

    Berenberg is aiming to double its headcount in the US, as it seeks to crack the world’s biggest capital market in its...

  26. Fast FT

    June 13, 2016

    Oil slips below $50 as rally ramps up production fears

    Brent crude has slipped below the $50 a barrel mark for the first time in a week after a near 90 per cent rebound in...

  27. June 12, 2016

    Fallen idol Guy Hands has work to do

    Where now for Guy Hands? On Friday, the chairman and founder of Terra Firma, the British buyout group, was not in the...

  28. June 12, 2016

    Citigroup sues AT&T for saying ‘thankyou’

    Saying thanks costs nothing, as the adage goes. But not according to Citigroup, the US bank, which is suing AT&T on the...

  29. June 10, 2016

    US bank shares hit as anxiety deepens

    US bank shares fell on Friday, extending declines for the week as anxiety over the global economy flared up and bond...

  30. June 10, 2016

    Terra Firma drops lawsuit against Citigroup

    Guy Hands has dropped his long-running £1.5bn lawsuit against US bank Citigroup over the acquisition of failing music...

  31. June 10, 2016

    Banks seek geeks for mutual advantage

    Was banking ever cool, I ask a 50-something investment banker. His eyes glaze over as he recalls the halcyon years of...

  32. Fast FT

    June 10, 2016

    Guy Hands withdraws EMI suit against Citi

    Guy Hands, the City financier, has dramatically withdrawn his longrunning £1.5bn lawsuit against Citigroup. Mr Hands,...

  33. Fast FT

    June 10, 2016

    Oil eyes longest weekly winning streak in over 4 years

    Brent crude is headed for its fifth consecutive week of gains, the longest winning streak in four-and-a-quarter years....

  34. June 9, 2016

    Unloved coal rides commodities rebound

    A rising tide lifts all boats — even it seems seaborne thermal coal, possibly the least loved major commodity. Raw...

  35. Fast FT

    June 9, 2016

    Goldman: QE won't spark euro corporate debt spree

    Analysts and investors have raised concern that the European Central Bank’s latest stimulus measures could set off a...

  36. June 8, 2016

    Guy Hands describes ‘disastrous’ EMI deal in court case

    Guy Hands, the private equity investor, told a London court that he lost €200m of his personal fortune on a...

  37. June 8, 2016

    How global banks can pull back from the brink

    Branding challenges do not come much bigger than those faced by banks in the aftermath of the financial crisis. The...

  38. June 7, 2016

    Guy Hands’ EMI case against Citi opens in London

    Guy Hands is claiming damages of at least £1.5bn from Citigroup, a London court heard on Tuesday in one of the biggest...

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