The iPad and iPhone have sealed Apple’s standing as the world’s most valuable tech company, but the company’s leadership will be challenged to live up to Steve Jobs’ vision

Android operating system and icons
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Technology review: Robot wars

Contenders target Google’s version of Android

To stop ‘deserters’, reform tax system

New rules do nothing to deal with reasons why companies try to escape US taxes, writes Jonathan Ford

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Ever-growing online outlets offer marketers more varied points of contact and fresh forms of doing business

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Egg-freezing triggers diversity debate

Tech company perk prompts look at role in employees’ lives


iPad mini
Impact of key events and new product launches
Explore the legacy of iPod
Explore the network of worldwide legal cases

Companies deserve praise for giving perks

Efforts such as helping employees with fertility benefit should be lauded

Apple: into thin air

While iPad sales may fall they still help lock users into brand

Apple nears ambition to kill off the Sim card

Latest iPad addition will make it easier for users to switch operators

Apple unveils faster, thinner iPads

New versions closely tied to digital payments service

Google passes Goldman in US donations

Tech giant spends more money on midterm political campaigns

Frozen families and fertility in the Valley

The latest hot idea from the Palo Alto incubator could hatch all sorts of weird offspring

Apple’s latest iPads – live

All the news from Apple’s latest product launch

More UK children born to women over 30

Uncertainty over jobs, housing and relationships feed trend

Tablet troubles are bitter pill for Apple

Technical upgrades unlikely to salve fears over iPad sales

FT-BC Index: US companies miss top slots

A striking feature of FT-Bowen Craggs Index is best performers are almost all European

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Egg freezing is a tech perk too far

Apple and Facebook are intruding too far on women’s personal choices

James Ferguson illustration
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Technology will not kill the banks

Silicon Valley does not want a new financial system, but rather to ride on the existing one

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‘Techno-hippies’ versus Silicon Valley

The counter-cultural innovators who aim to carve out a new space

The latest perk in Silicon Valley? Egg-freezing

Incentive to attract female talent as tech groups try to shed frat-pack image

Double Irish faces its demise

Key pillar of Ireland’s boom years to be shut

Xiaomi hires ex-Google manager for India

Chinese company ramps up efforts to expand into new markets

FT-Bowen Craggs Index 2014: Overview

This year’s ranking of just how effective corporations are at managing their online presence

Buybacks: Money well spent?

Critics say that the boom has diverted corporate cash from creating jobs and investment

High-tech groups should stick to the knitting

The sector would do well to consider it is no exception to the rule that focus matters

Apple Senior Vice President of Design Jonathan Ive
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Apple design chief hits out at copycats

Sir Jonathan Ive says rivals’ approach is ‘theft’ not flattery

Corporate break-ups should make us happy

The lack of common ground and a shared vocabulary breeds frustration on both sides

Apple/Carl Icahn: epistolary romance

The future is in Apple’s brand, not buybacks

EU cracks down on ‘double Irish’ loophole

Pressure builds on tax tactic favoured by big US tech and drug groups

Icahn urges Apple to lift share buybacks

Billionaire says technology giant is ‘dramatically undervalued’

Line drawn to payment app after IPO delay

Japanese messaging app company puts focus on expansion


Kano: playful way to tinker with tech

Affordable kit does an excellent job of demystifying computing

Apple expected to unveil latest iPad range

Event on 16 October likely to see launch of updated tablets and Macs

EU competition cases rushed out of door

Brussels is rife with rumours of which companies may be next on commissioner’s hit list

GTAT: all too breakable

Sapphire screen dreams shatter

Amazon probe steps up tax deals pressure

Brussels investigation carries far-reaching implications

Ireland nurtures an industry in avoidance

A tax-based industrial policy will not produce an innovative economy, writes James Stewart

Why my front door is not web-ready

The internet of things needs two things to work: error-free code and an agreed set of standards

Tax advice has moral aspect, says PwC head

Comments come as UK plans crackdown on US tech groups

Samsung to spend $14.7bn on chip plant

S Korean group eyes demand for memory in mobile devices

Cork brushes off Apple tax claims

Irish city proud of links to US tech group

Week in Review

Week in Review, October 4

Money pours out of Pimco; Apple, eBay and GM also in the news

The public shaming of the pirates of Cupertino

Tax dodges employed by tech companies arouse strong passions, writes Richard Waters