The iPad and iPhone have sealed Apple’s standing as the world’s most valuable tech company, but the company’s leadership will be challenged to live up to Steve Jobs’ vision

Silicon Valley has lessons for the post-Soviet world

Location is no longer a handicap for central and eastern Europe to develop its own centres of talent, money and ideas, writes Murad Ahmed

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Tech’s tax defence is washing away

The OECD is making faster progress towards fixing the gaps in the system

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Ever-growing online outlets offer marketers more varied points of contact and fresh forms of doing business

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Tax probe widens to include Gibraltar

Move comes a day after challenge to Ireland and Luxembourg


iPad mini
Impact of key events and new product launches
Explore the legacy of iPod
Explore the network of worldwide legal cases

Ireland under pressure over low tax rates

Country at centre of controversy over corporate tax avoidance

Ebay/PayPal: for spin-off, by owner

New listing! Two internet giants in good condition

Light falls on Apple’s Irish tax deal

Competitive behaviour should not stray into protectionism

Innovation key to solo PayPal

Independence could make it easier for payments company to keep ahead

Q&A: Brussels vs Apple over Irish tax

The European Commission’s case against the tech group

Apple advisers and Irish Revenue extracts

Notes published by European Commission of interviews between Apple tax advisers and Irish Revenue

Brussels hits at Apple’s Irish tax deals

US tech giant may face penalty running into billions of euros

Apple to sell iPhone 6 in China

US group approved after assuaging security concerns

Chancellor of the Exchequer, George Osborne, makes his keynote speech at the Conservative party conference in Birmingham
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Osborne plans tax move on tech groups

Chancellor aims to stop multinationals ’abusing system’

Apple braced for explosive Brussels probe

European Commission to reveal findings on tax case with Ireland

Apple hit by Brussels tax finding

Illegal Irish ‘state aid’ deals could see tech group fined billions

Quest for online security to end in tears

Scans of people’s tears could be used ‘instead of passwords’

BlackBerry shares jump as losses narrow

Plunging revenues underline challenges ahead for smartphone group

Apple hits back over ‘bendgate’ furore

Smartphone maker says it has had just nine complaints over 6 Plus

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After the hype, the iPhone 6 in real life

Apple’s ‘phablet’ debut with the enlarged smartphone

iPhone 6: bent phone, firm margin

Apple’s product is a financial marvel, if not an engineering one

iPhone6, iOS8

Apple apologises for software bungle

Latest version of iOS blamed for lost connections

BlackBerry launches square smartphone

Company hopes 4.5-inch device will win back business users

Samsung looks to steal a China march

S Korean group to debut new smartphone in China ahead of iPhone 6

Apple sells record 10m iPhone 6 models

Pre-orders in first 24 hours also set fresh highs

Fashion and beauty apps

The best fashion and beauty apps

Shopping apps are helping consumers search, buy – and even digitally try – products on the go

SAP: passing go

Software company spends $8.3bn on Concur

The end of banks’ heyday

Margins, profits and dividends will never fully recover

China licence delay hits iPhone launch

Investors fear initial sales will suffer from market exclusion

Apple moves to reassure users on privacy

Focus on integrity of personal data after leaks

Bug in Apple HealthKit hits iOS 8 launch

Fitness apps removed from App Store as operating system launches

iPhone6, iOS8

Apple launches iOS 8

The update of its operating system for iPhones and iPads reviewed

Apple Pay: don’t bank on it

Wall Street and the tech giant form a relationship on payments

iColytes vs ’Droids fight for supremacy

Owning a non-Apple smartphone, running Android, is like being part of the Rebel Alliance

US banks in race for Apple Pay advantage

Banks are to receive strict guidelines on advertising Apple Pay

Apple set for blockbuster iPhone 6 launch

Pre-orders for flagship products hit record 4m

Apple wages war on the wallet

Apple Pay is poised to do for payment companies what the iPod did for the music industry

How the rich influence American politics

A new book reveals how the very wealthy are shaping US society more than is commonly realised

Apple sells out of iPhone 6 Plus before launch

Demand so large some websites struggle to stay online

Week in Review

Week in Review, September 13

Santander, Apple, Google, RBS and AngloGold also in the news

BlackBerry Z3
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BlackBerry buys ‘virtual sim’ start-up

Six-year-old Movirtu allows use of multiple phone numbers and profiles on single device

Apple in talks over pay system in Europe

Introduction to lag behind US and new iPhone launch