The iPad and iPhone have sealed Apple’s standing as the world’s most valuable tech company, but the company’s leadership will be challenged to live up to Steve Jobs’ vision

Toyota cars to change lanes themselves

Japanese automaker shows off partly self-driving cars

Twitter: Second Jobs

Jack Dorsey is to run both Twitter and Square, yet the experience of Steve Jobs does not bode well

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Ever-growing online outlets offer marketers more varied points of contact and fresh forms of doing business

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Stock pickers fail to shine in downturn

Are hedge fund ‘two and 20’ fees justified for failing to beat market?


iPad mini
Impact of key events and new product launches
Explore the legacy of iPod
Explore the network of worldwide legal cases

Apple buys UK-based AI start-up VocalIQ

Group’s technology could be used to improve iPhone maker’s Siri

Amazon bars Apple and Google TV sales

Ecommerce group limits platform to products with its Prime Video

Ex-Boeing finance head joins Apple board

Tech group bolsters manufacturing and operational experience

Nest opens door to ‘smart home’ growth

Company to bolster developer platform and launch online store

GM takes on big tech in self-driving cars

Car group seeks to fend off Google and Apple as market disrupter

iPhone 6S/6S Plus: Speed gains delivered

Frivolous smartphone gratification becomes even more instant

Google and Microsoft settle patent case

Deal puts to rest a barrage of litigation between tech giants

US voices fears on tax probes by Brussels

Washington concerned it will end up bearing cost of extra bills

Google and Huawei link on new smartphone

Tech group introduces 6p in its Nexus Android range

US junk bonds cracking after debt binge

Total returns from speculative grade debt set for negative year

Apple iPhone 6s beats sales forecasts

Strong numbers after early China release fail to lift share price

Modi signs US tech deals

Silicon Valley tour highlights ‘Digital India’ push

Apple iPhone 6S launched amid sales doubts

Company bullish but investors voice concerns

AUCKLAND, NEW ZEALAND - SEPTEMBER 25: Ryan Watkinson who was the first Vodafone customer in the world to get his iPhone 6s checks out his new phone at the Vodafone Queen Street store on September 25, 2015 in Auckland, New Zealand. The launch of the iPhone 6s handset is the biggest smartphone launch this year. (Photo by Michael Bradley/Getty Images for Vodafone)

Apple’s iPhone 6S goes on sale

Apple’s latest iPhone incarnations go on sale

Share buybacks: don’t panic; worry

After three years of vigorous growth buyback are going sideways

Cisco: photo-op

The renewed emphasis on China promises uncertain rewards

War and Peace over online ad blockers

Skirmishes over mobile ads highlight options for smartphone users

Tech chiefs put brave face on Xi meeting

Apple, Microsoft and Facebook heads given address, not discussion


Vertu credits Apple for luxury tech boost

Smartphone maker says market for high-end products has widened

Modi embraces modernity — just not at home

Beef and public kissing bans suggest a less than modern outlook

Deezer to take on Spotify with Paris IPO

French music-streaming service plans float to challenge rival

Streaming revenues climb US music charts

Services like Spotify now account for a third of industry sales

Hon Hai: the point of Sharp

Taiwanese assembler rumoured to buy lossmaking display unit

Apple hit by rare malware attack in China

iPhone maker forced to pull popular mobile apps from service

Hermes Apple watch

Watch industry smart enough to face tests

Sector already has hands full without rise of gadget rivals

Peace ad blocking tool logo

Ad blockers remain top paid download

Apps to prevent web adverts still most popular despite Peace scrap

Apple meets regulator on driverless cars

Silicon Valley race to develop vehicles hots up

Carmakers see tech rivals in rear mirror

Industry faces up to the growing threat from Silicon Valley

Peace ad blocking tool logo

Ad blockers: Peace breaks out

The highly popular downloads are bad news for Google

Apple gets key court win over Samsung

Ruling could give iPhone maker added leverage in a US settlement

Web groups warned on financial regulation

Alibaba and Apple could face tougher rules similar to banks

Discovery CEO downplays Apple TV impact

Zaslav says broadcasters must own content for streaming to work

Amazon aims at Apple in living room fight

Ecommerce company unveils handful of new gadgets

Apple buys ‘big data’ analyser Mapsense

Navigation potential as company may be eyeing self-driving car

Apple Watch software update delayed

WatchOS 2 held back to deal with unexpected glitches

Peugeot clears way for carmaker alliance

Chief executive Tavares says French group could even form a partnership with a US tech company

Steve Jobs
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Steve Jobs film misreads underdog mindset

Documentary paints critical picture of Apple founder