The iPad and iPhone have sealed Apple’s standing as the world’s most valuable tech company, but the company’s leadership will be challenged to live up to Steve Jobs’ vision

Russia lashes out at EU sanctions

Moscow warns ‘irresponsible step’ will push up energy costs

Apple TV opens channel in Latin America

Company will compete in tough sports broadcasting market

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Ever-growing online outlets offer marketers more varied points of contact and fresh forms of doing business

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Where the Tesco executives are now

Sir Terry Leahy’s team was ousted when Philip Clarke took the helm


iPad mini
Impact of key events and new product launches
Explore the legacy of iPod
Explore the network of worldwide legal cases

LinkedIn boss is wrong on poaching staff

Most leaders will authorise all available methods, from money to menaces, to keep their best staff

week in review

Week in review, July 26

Featuring Google, Apple, Credit Suisse and Tesco

Bose gets noisy in suit over Apple’s Beats

Claims that rival infringed patents on noise-cancelling technology

Tablet magic wanes as Jobs’ dream realised

Demand for computing screen slabs is slowing

Apple attempts a return to innovation

A lot of technologies were only brought in thanks to government funding, says Izabella Kaminska

BlackBerry Z3
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BlackBerry in talks to rival Apple-IBM tie

Device maker attempts to recover lost ground

Sega vs Nintendo: Console Wars book review

A 1990s battle that could offer lessons for today’s smartphone makers

Apple R&D spike hints at new products

More than just the annual iPhone refresh likely coming soon

Apple: sweet position

Company has met insatiable appetite from China but market will get tougher

Companies feel the pain of strong pound

Chipmakers to Royal Mail are blaming forex for profit falls

Apple relies on growing Chinese appetite

Anticipation of new smartphone blamed for revenue miss

As it happened: Tim Cook on Apple earnings

Hopes of $100 share price scuppered

Five things to watch in Apple’s results

Looking for the next big thing from Cupertino

Apple eyes return to high of $100 shares

Earnings expected to buoy tech group with new products on horizon

Technology: Wear your medicine

New wearable digital devices could signal a radical shift in medical practice

Apple faces legal threat over ‘free’ apps

European Commission releases findings on child ‘in app’ purchases

BlackRock co-founder joins Apple board

Susan Wagner becomes tech giant’s second female director

US media: Who else might be in play?

21st Century Fox’s bid for Time Warner could spark other deals

Apple to pay $400m if it loses ebook case

Company protests its innocence over claims it overcharged consumers

Phil Libin, CEO of Evernote, talks about his company's products Thursday, March 6, 2014, in the offices of Evernote, in Redwood City, California. Thor Swift for the Financial Times
©Thor Swift

Evernote faces up to smartwatch challenge

App’s boss must adapt ‘extra brain’ for smaller, simpler devices

IBM chief Ginni Rometty and Apple counterpart Tim Cook
©Apple/Paul Sakuma

Apple joins forces with IBM

Former PC foes to sell iPhones and iPads to large companies

Eminem performs at Wembley Stadium
©Jeremy Deputat/PA Wire

Eminem, Wembley Stadium, London

The Detroit rapper battled with the monumental size of the stadium

Apple denies iPhone security risk report

Chinese TV claims iPhones pass state secrets to US intelligence

China TV claims iPhone security threat

Broadcaster’s report says smartphone could reveal ‘state secrets’

Amazon sued over children’s purchases

FTC seeks refunds for unauthorised ‘in-app’ spending

Apple calls Samsung’s bluff

Bet on the smartphone high ground pays off

TSMC: the chips are up

After a great ride, should investors abandon the Taiwanese semiconductor maker?

New Samsung Galaxy S5 smartphones are seen on a display at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona

Samsung: going the distance

At front of the pack, someone is always nipping at your heels

Executives monitored like star athletes

Jamie Dimon’s curable cancer disclosure was textbook but gadgets can make transparency problematic

Recharging comes as part of table service

Start-ups put wireless charging hardware under tables

Revolt on Burberry chief’s £20m pay deal

Investment Management Association’s ‘amber top’ alert

Double-digit decline for music downloads

Growth of streaming services weighs on digital sales

Amazon embroiled in EU tax crackdown

Brussels to examine ‘what kind of arrangement Luxembourg has’

Foxconn takes stake in SK Group’s IT unit

SK C&C is at the heart of SK Group’s governance structure

AMS / Dialog: poison Apple?

The companies don’t stand to gain much from this union

Tech groups race to reinvent passwords

Companies risk data breaches by relying on 2,000-year-old system

New tech conglomerates risk losing creative edge

Joining the smartphone party late can be a painful experience