China’s KMT veterans

Li Huiying, a KMT veteran, holds commemorative medals honouring his service
©Lucy Hornby

Beijing is moving to recognise the service of Nationalist troops in the second world war

Protesters demand Najib Razak’s resignation

Crowds gather in Kuala Lumpur for two days of demonstrations to force the resignation of Malaysia’s prime minister

Visual comment of the week

Ingram Pinn’s take on one of the main events of the week

‘Object Tactile’, 1970
©Estate of Paul Neagu/DACS London 2015

Paul Neagu at the Henry Moore Institute

Tactile objects are central to the works of the Romanian-born artist

Self-Burial with Mirror, 1969
©Keith Arnatt Estate

Snapshot: ‘Absence of the Artist’ by Keith Arnatt

Exhibition will showcase the conceptual artist’s work from 1967-72, a key period in his career

Visitors to St Giles Church in Imber, sit in thr grounds of the church which is 'Out of Bounds' to army training exercises
©Stephen Burke

A bus to Salisbury Plain’s ‘ghost village’

Matthew Engel hops aboard a special double-decker service to Imber whose residents were evicted in 1943, never to return. The open tract of Salibury Plain was turned into the UK’s main military training area — today an annual ‘Imberbus’ day allows the public access to the village, including its 13th-century church

View onto Peckham Road from inside an African grocery shop
©Chloe Dewe Mathews

My London: Rye Lane, Peckham, by Naomi Wood

The novelist on a special place full of food, wigs, rubbish and phones

A closer look at the first Hillier Bartley collection

‘It’s not silly fashion, but neither is it boring essentials’

Sublimotion in Ibiza

Taste the difference: Sublimotion vs Ultraviolet

The most ambitious — and expensive — restaurant in the world opened in Ibiza in 2014. Unfortunately, there was already one just like it

©Cecil Beaton Studio Archive / Sothebys

Cecil Beaton: the artist of the portrait

From the early 1920s until his death in 1980, the photographer’s portraits defined the people of their times

On the borderline — migrant life in Calais

Home for ‘Sultan’ from Sudan is a makeshift tent shelter in a migrant camp dubbed ‘the jungle’

Colours of peace in Las Palmitas

Neglected barrio transformed

Investment banking: redefining the business

The big players have slashed their divisions or added new activities into the mix

Snapshot: photographic portraits from west Africa

The Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York will showcase 100 years of photography in west Africa

Baked sea bass in a lotus leaf

The lotus plant signifies fertility, but it also has abundant possibilities and a bewitching fragrance for the cook

Bau’s magazine covers

How a Vienna-based magazine became an influential platform for art and experimentation in the 1960s

‘Pathmakers’ at New York’s Museum of Arts and Design

An exhibition celebrates female pioneers in arts and crafts

Shopping: All-in-ones

Once a staple of a child’s wardrobe, the all-in-one is now updated to fit a grown up’s lifestyle

Millionaires’ B&B boom

The rise of the ‘prime home share’

Thai shrine reopens after bombing

Worshippers gather at Erawan shrine in Bangkok where 20 died

Shorts Suits and the City

It’s been a hot summer, so New Yorkers are swapping their long pants for shorts while staying suited

Annual photography festival, Arles, France

Many fine shows feature at this year’s Rencontres de la Photographie

‘Hotel’s Window’, by Kunihiko Katsumata

Taken from hotel rooms in various cities, the Japanese photographer aims to capture the outer landscape and interior simultaneously

Snapshot: John Piper’s photographs

This collection captures the artist’s love for the British landscape

London’s dandy district, St James’s

A stroll up the district reveals historic shops and clubs unchanged since the time that the dandies swashed and buckled their way around town

Slideshow: Cuba comes in from the cold

John Kerry arrives in Havana to raise the US flag over the American embassy 54 years after diplomatic relations were severed

Deadly blasts rock Chinese port

At least 13 killed and hundreds injured in Tianjin explosions

Ferguson protests

Protests in Ferguson, Missouri, to mark the one-year anniversary of the killing of black teenager Michael Brown by a police officer descended into chaos

Singapore — Then and now

From swamp to sophisticated world city

Fondation Cartier’s showcase of Congolese art

This exhibition reflects the franco­phone world’s complex relationship with its former colonies