The silicon road: images from the valley

Samir Arora photographed in 1998 giving a talk to staff at NetObjects

Ingram Pinn illustration

Visual comment of the week

Ingram Pinn’s take on one of the main events of the week

‘Water-meadows near Salisbury’ (1829-30)
©Victoria and Albert Museum, London

John Constable: the continental Englishman

For many people, John Constable is England in paint but a new show reveals his debt to artists across Europe

London Fashion Week: from art to artistry

The trends from the spring/summer 2015 shows

Anselm Kiefer in front of his work ‘Ages of the World’ (2014)
©Howard Sooley

Works from the Anselm Kiefer retrospective at the Royal Academy

‘You can’t avoid beauty in art’

Alibaba’s IPO banks split $250m fee pool

Emma Marga Blanche (left) working on a ‘Layer’ chair; Fredrik Färg at the sewing machine
©Färg & Blanche

Design duo Färg and Blanche

Two Sweden-based designers experiment with wood, textiles and ceramics

Villa Savoye in Poissy, France, designed by the architect Le Corbusier and completed in 1931
©VPC Travel/Alamy

The bold and the new

Modernist homes that are increasingly sought after

Man with bagpipe at Skibo Castle in Sutherland, Scotland
©Robert Ormerod

Skibo Castle: ‘more beautiful than heaven’

The Scottish estate that was once home to the world’s richest man

Johann Heinrich Wilhelm Tischbein’s 'Goethe in der römischen Campagna', 1787

Behind the scenes at the British Museum

Simon Schama talks to Neil MacGregor, director of ‘the BM’

Slideshow: Scotland Decides

Scotland awaits results of independence referendum

Slideshow: Scotland Decides

Scotland receives results of its independence referendum

BMW i8

Rohit Jaggi takes the BMW i8 for a test-drive

Day at the races

Rohit Jaggi speeds around Brands Hatch in an attempt to gain his racing track licence

Scotland decides

Scots head for polls in historic vote

Scotland’s opposing views tear UK apart

Slideshow: Decision day for Scotland

Kashmir floods

Glencore’s next move

Commodities group eyes acquisitions

Life in pictures: Ian Paisley

Designing the 20th Century: Life and Work of Abram Games

Celebrating the radical vision of a graphic artist and brand-maker

Lucien Hervé at the Michael Hoppen Gallery

The artist is renowned for taking photographs from multiple vantage points to portray the experience of walking through a building

Snapshot: ‘Jane & Serge’, by Andrew Birkin

The writer and film-maker chronicled the private side of a volatile and very public 12-year relationship

Architecture in photography at the Barbican

From skyscrapers and LA sprawl to industrial decay and ‘martini-modernism’, photographers use scale to provoke both angst and awe

Barclays’ management shift

New appointment underscores high turnover at bank

Interiors special: cultural melting pots

The work of Turkey’s young and innovative designers

Interiors special: back to Memphis

New designs inspired by the 1980s design group

Interiors special: simple aesthetics

Works by 10 designers who have shaped contemporary design

The interior world of mindfulness

Expert from the Ministry of Calm assesses the home of FT columnist Lucy Kellaway