Vietnam: 40 years after the fall of Saigon

Hanoi is preparing to celebrate reunification of the country

Ingram Pinn illustration

Visual comment of the week

Ingram Pinn’s take on one of the main events of the week

People walk past a reconstruction of the 1930's Atelier Simultané shopfront in Paris
©Tim Ireland/AP

Sonia Delaunay retrospective at Tate Modern

The painter put abstraction into design with spectacular results

©Iris Rikharösdottir

Travel: ice cave inside the Langjökull glacier, Iceland

A man-made cave beneath an ice cap is opening to visitors

©Tamas Dezso/Courtesy of The Photographers’ Ga

‘Tamas Dezso: Notes for an Epilogue’

Series shows images of post-communist life in Romania

J&E Sedgewick Factory
©Stephen Burke

Under the skin: the art of leather currying

Behind the scenes at one of the last practitioners of a medieval craft

Battle to save old Yangon

The Yangon Heritage Trust is dedicated to conserving the built heritage of Myanmar’s largest city

British Airways pilot Mark Vanhoenacker
©Greg Funnell

Flying with pilot Mark Vanhoenacker

Air travel is a modern paradox: hugely popular yet extremely damaging to the planet

Portraits of the Fury and her crew

Pinewood faces activist interest

UK film studio under fire from investor

The World Bank: Changing focus

Development bank aims to play a role in tackling threats like climate change and Ebola as well as in traditional infrastructure projects

Sony management structure

Group looks to use damaging hack as impetus for change

The battle over the US minimum wage

Protests demonstrate gathering pace in the fight for a $15 pay rate

Hillary Clinton’s disciplined politics

A life on top of Capitol Hill

From Giotto to Caravaggio

A new show in Paris explores the mysteries of taste-making

Flipkart joins forces with Mumbai delivery men

130,000 lunch boxes ferried each day around Mumbai

How Shell swooped on BG Group

Details unmask one of the most striking energy deals of a decade

Snapshot: ‘Bernard Plossu’

The French photographer captures everyday scenes and everyday people

Hot-air ballooning in Bhutan

After a decade of preparation, hot-air ballooning has arrived in the ‘Land of the Thunder Dragon’

Artists’ palette

The palette is both a portrait of the artist and a mirror of his work. Matthias Schaller talks about his revealing photographs

Innovations in UAE design

Design Days Dubai offers a showcase for the best emerging talent in the United Arab Emirates

Downtown but different — the new Johannesburg

Young South African entrepreneur seeks to regenerate a once rundown inner-city area

Oxford and Cambridge — a tale of two buoyant cities

How do the Boat Race rivals compare as places to live?

What Russians really think

Many in the west see Russia one way. But its citizens have a different view

Richie Benaud in pictures

‘The voice of cricket’ dies aged 84

Spanish power: Criteria and Caixabank, selected stakes

The Caixa holding company and its banking arm have a diverse portfolio

Shell and BG agree £47bn takeover

CEO hails ‘bold and strategic’ deal

Unionists of Northern Ireland fight on

Trouble broke after a ruling against the Orange bandsmen’s march

Poland: the battle over Warsaw’s Skra stadium

Interiors: hide and chic finds its place

The growing use of animal hides in home interiors

Objects of desire for 2015

This year’s trendsetting designs