Business of cocktails

Campari benefits from surge in US cocktail drinking

After the disaster

Four years after the Deepwater Horizon oil spill, its effects are still being felt

Alibaba: valuing a giant

Various methods to answer popular question

Ingram Pinn illustration

Visual comment of the week

Ingram Pinn’s take on one of the main events of the week

The Mars-500 living pod
©Edgar Martins

The European Space Agency photo project

Edgar Martins documents the latest space technology

Brookline, MA: basement office with blue couch and African mask
©Shellburne Thurber

Consulting rooms designs

When it comes to consulting rooms, psychoanalysts are supposed to provide a ‘blank canvas’. Yet the reality is rooms full of useful insights

Photograph of a fancy-dress party taken by Cecil Beaton
©Cecil Beaton

Snapshot: ‘Ashcombe Fête Champêtre’ (1937), Cecil Beaton

The images on display span decades, from a ‘medieval’ pageant in 1927, to the British photographer posing in 1968 with his camera on a bridge

Euston Hall, with William Kent’s Porter’s Lodge in the distance
©Victoria Birkinshaw

Euston Hall in the 21st century

The country estate with pleasure grounds landscaped by the likes of William Kent and Capability Brown

©Andy Sewell

Torta Pasqualina

‘Whether in chocolate or in paint, Easter has always celebrated that potent symbol of rebirth’

Vigil for ferry victims as search continues

Grief turns to anger as hopes of finding alive any of the more than 200 people still listed as missing fade

Fragile Middle: India’s anxious middle class

Village life: in the absence of large-scale manufacturing jobs, Indians emerging from rural poverty, must make their own way as entrepreneurs or service sector workers.

Pro-Russia forces on the move

Anti-Kiev militia refuse to back down

Cricket and money

New season of Indian Premier League to begin amid controversy

The Fragile Middle: Brazil’s aspirations at risk

Revolution of social expectations spirals into malaise

Ukraine sends troops into eastern cities

The action moved to the UN on Sunday night after clashes left at least one dead following Kiev’s decision to deploy the army to regain control of buildings in cities across the east of the country

Recipe: shoulder of lamb with onions and turnip gratin

‘To compound my Old Testament proclivities, I have cooked this for a long time until it is of a melting consistency’

Snapshot: ‘Dzerzhinskiy VI’ (2011), by Alexander Gronsky

The Estonia-born photographer’s series of images shows the ‘wastelands’ that form a large part of Moscow’s cityscape

Syrian refugees in Lebanon

The UN’s World Food Programme (WFP) has turned to “cash aid” to help Syrian refugees along the Lebanese border, but the impact on the Lebanese economy has been decidedly mixed

Korea’s artistic treasures

New exhibition showcases art and design from the Joseon period, a dynasty that lasted 500 years

China’s design playground

The forest park in Nanjing where ‘starchitects’ have been given freedom to be creative

Collars and dollars

Do men’s shirt styles reflect the economic climate?

‘Marked’ by Claire Felicie

From the book and exhibition ‘Here are the young men’ (Netherlands-Afghanistan, 2009-2010)

Vinyl destination

Analogue is better than digital. To record fans this is an indisputable truth; and to record labels it is an increasingly attractive proposition too

Scotland: Yes or no?

From Glasgow to Coldstream, voters are approaching the independence question with a seriousness unknown among the self-mocking English

From Motown to Growtown

Detroit turns to urban agriculture

Small, simple and agile

The boutiques have been operating almost under the radar, taking share from the big operators since the financial crisis, even in large, complicated transactions

Battle over Detroit’s art collection

US bankruptcy judge asked to ‘direct the city to co-operate’ with potential bidders for works at The Detroit Institute of Art

India starts mammoth election process

More than 800m people are eligible to vote in India’s national elections – the world’s biggest – which began on Monday and will take six weeks to complete

Greifeld’s graduates

Spreading the Nasdaq’s model

Snapshot: Berndnaut Smilde’s ‘Nimbus Portland Place’ (2014)

Using an array of equipment (including two smoke machines), the Dutch artist creates extraordinary works of art: clouds suspended within empty spaces