Nato satellite images of Russian military build-up

Nato satellite images of Russian military build-up

European Council presidency

European Council presidency: the contenders

Palestinians gather after ceasefire agreement

Three arrows, six obstacles

On vacation with the prime minister

The changing tastes and fashion statements of UK leaders

Ingram Pinn illustration

Visual comment of the week

Ingram Pinn’s take on one of the main events of the week

Rock formations at Yangykala

Turkmenistan: land of deserts and despots

A ‘recce tour’ of the post-Soviet Central Asian nation, where palaces and cities – some new, others crumbling into the sand – provide a lesson in time

From left: Alexa Chung does pinstripes; Charlotte Rampling in the 1970s; Daria Werbowy in a self-portrait for Equipment
©Flynet; Keystone/Getty Images

Collar the perfect look

‘Borrowed from the boyfriend’ is a classic look for women – here are the 10 best shirts to buy now

Anger in Ferguson

James Davis
©Greg Funnell

Fencing with James Davis

One of the rising stars of British fencing has built a career on a childhood love of his ‘Star Wars’ light saber

The extinction of the passenger pigeon

A series of photographs in Erroll Fuller’s book ‘The Passenger Pigeon’, probably taken by JG Hubbard in 1896-98 in the aviaries of Charles Otis Whitman. The passenger pigeon’s extinction in 1914 is the subject of an exhibition titled ‘Once There Were Billions’ at the Smithsonian in Washington

Chef Marcus Wareing and his stripped-down kitchen

Inside the home of one of Britain’s most ambitious and successful chefs

Pyramid selling in the home

How the design influence of ancient Egypt endures in contemporary interiors

Car pricing probe

Car pricing probe

BHP restructuring

Mining group unveils long-awaited spin-off plans

Hainan fisherman on frontline of China-Vietnam spat

Workers making a living in Hainan’s fishing industry have found themselves caught up in a territorial dispute

Ferguson stand-off enters second week

Protests over the shooting of teenager Michael Brown continue

‘The Paris of Toulouse-Lautrec’, MoMA, New York

A new retrospective of the artist’s posters reveals a muted vision of a bygone world of Parisian nightlife

Militarised US cops on Ferguson streets

Police response to protests over a black teenager’s death is criticised as excessive

Art that has gone into space

We have long been sending art beyond our world

‘2014 Light Work Grants’ – various artists

Dan Wetmore’s work deals with post-industrial landscapes, ‘at the juncture of romanticism and current social and economic conditions’

Fruit and hop-picking

East Londoners once headed en masse to pick hops and fruit in the country. The tradition faded but today an artist is leading a revival

The street’s a stage

The photography of city life has, like the urban scenery itself, changed radically over the past few decades

Made in Britain: furniture

UK designers are attracting global interest

US vigils honour shot Ferguson teenager

Protests held in cities across the US 5 days after Brown was killed by police

Round-Britain sailing record smashed

Eurozone’s struggle for growth

Currency bloc’s economy fails to expand in the second quarter

Battle lines drawn in Ferguson

Racial tensions flare in the US after police shooting

Lauren Bacall, 1924-2014

The Hollywood star has died aged 89

Robin Williams, 1951-2014

Images of the late actor in some of his best-known films