Super Bowl extravaganza

Big hits are expected both on the field and online for the highlight of American football year

Challenges facing McDonald’s

Market-by-market look at the retailer


Facial reconstruction: bringing the past to life

Forensic anthropologists use the latest medical and digital-imaging techniques to recreate the faces of, among others, a Bronze Age warrior, a Neolithic child and Father Christmas

Tragedy 67, Colonia Moctezuma, Mexico City, 1971
©Enrique Metinides

Enrique Metinides’s crime scene images

For 50 years the photographer chronicled the underbelly of daily life for the Mexican newspaper La Prensa. His unflinching images are both poignant and disturbing

An artist’s search for Bosnia’s missing

The 9,000 people still unaccounted for lie at the heart of Šejla Kamerić’s harrowing project at the Wellcome Collection’s ‘Forensics: The Anatomy of Crime’

specialist light source in evidence processing lab
©Rob Ball

Police forensics

Inside West Midlands police forensics department

Democratising finance: Mobile money

Africa and Latin America display contrasting fortunes

Josh Healy in the yard at North Aston Farm in Oxfordshire. The dairy makes enough for two full-time employees and to make investments and pay off debts, he says
©Neville Williams

The happy dairy farmer

North Aston Farm has about 20 Ayrshire cows that produce milk sold directly to local customers

Democratising Finance: P2P lending

Sector emerges as threat to traditional banks

Democratising finance

Technology widens popular access

English Heritage lists postwar buildings

The offices built between 1964-84 show how architecture has adapted to recent radical changes in how we work

Lex in-depth: oil

Smart thinking on bespoke tailoring

US northeast struggles with snowstorm

US northeast struggles with snowstorm

Pressure on Japan’s carmakers

Driverless cars raise competitive stakes

Mad for Plaid

In the weeks before Burns Night, all roads lead to plaid

Centre Point’s redevelopment begins

Skyscraper built in the 1960s undergoes latest transformation

Italy’s presidential contenders

The runners and riders in leadership contest

Syriza celebrates election victory

Leftist party wins 36% of vote

Visual comment of the week

Ingram Pinn’s take on one of the main events of the week

St Peter’s seminary, Dunbartonshire, Scotland

Can the derelict modernist landmark be saved? Eddie Heathcote reports

Snapshot: ‘Aunties’ (2008-14), by Nadia Sablin

‘My memories of spending time with my aunts as a child play a large role in the images I record now’

‘Rubens and his Legacy’, Royal Academy, London

The Old Master’s influence on later artists is the thrust of the Royal Academy’s new show but its focus is badly misjudged, says Jackie Wullschlager (until April 10,

Winston Churchill anniversary

A man whose reputation today stands no less high than it did half a century ago

Strange but true: photographs by Alec Soth

Beyond the corporate and cyber worlds, the US is still a place of cheerleaders and cowboys, of cliché and of surprise

Great Danes make room for a new era

Daring designers are starting to throw off their modernist shackles and create bold, contemporary work

At home with the chief of YouGov

Inside the London Barbican home of Stephan Shakespeare, co-founder of the UK market research firm

Rohan Silva’s Second Home

A look at the entrepreneur’s 25,000 sq ft shared workspace

Li Ning: the rise and fall

Chinese sportswear group loses its focus

Saudi king dies

King Abdullah bin Abdulaziz al-Saud, who has died at 91, steered the world’s largest oil exporter through some of its most fraught times