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Ingram Pinn illustration

Ingram Pinn’s take on one of the main events of the week

Aerial view of St Peter’s Seminary
©Tom Kidd/Alamy

St Peter’s seminary, Dunbartonshire, Scotland

Can the derelict modernist landmark be saved? Eddie Heathcote reports

©Nadia Sablin

Snapshot: ‘Aunties’ (2008-14), by Nadia Sablin

‘My memories of spending time with my aunts as a child play a large role in the images I record now’

The Hermit and the Sleeping Angelica
©Kunsthistorisches Museum, Vienna

‘Rubens and his Legacy’, Royal Academy, London

The Old Master’s influence on later artists is the thrust of the Royal Academy’s new show but its focus is badly misjudged, says Jackie Wullschlager (until April 10,

Winston Churchill anniversary

A man whose reputation today stands no less high than it did half a century ago

©Alec Soth

Strange but true: photographs by Alec Soth

Beyond the corporate and cyber worlds, the US is still a place of cheerleaders and cowboys, of cliché and of surprise

Stools by Anne Boysen, €211 each,

Great Danes make room for a new era

Daring designers are starting to throw off their modernist shackles and create bold, contemporary work

Living Room with Andy Warhol cow prints on the wall. Stephan Shakespeare's home in the Barbican, London. Photo credit : Chris Winter
©Chris Winter

At home with the chief of YouGov

Inside the London Barbican home of Stephan Shakespeare, co-founder of the UK market research firm

Rohan Silva's Second Home
©Samuel Bradley

Rohan Silva’s Second Home

A look at the entrepreneur’s 25,000 sq ft shared workspace

Li Ning: the rise and fall

Chinese sportswear group loses its focus

Saudi king dies

King Abdullah bin Abdulaziz al-Saud, who has died at 91, steered the world’s largest oil exporter through some of its most fraught times

State prosecutor’s death rocks Argentina

Alberto Nisman was found dead a day before he was due to give evidence on the 1994 AMIA bombing

Curb in US oil drilling

North American producers show pinch of falling oil price first

Davos day one: from politicians to pop stars

Davos 2015: From politicians to pop stars

Mexico opens oil sector for auction

President Barack Obama’s State of the Union address

Obama calls on America to ‘turn the page’

Pouyanné’s plans for Total

CEO calls for caution as he moves forward with cost cuts

Tunisia: a beacon of hope in a dangerous neighbourhood

Key moments in the North African country’s political transition

Race in robotics

UK’s lofty perch in tech field under threat from increased competition

Sexism in the Square Mile

Why women in the City of London are dropping out in large numbers

The trial of Ross Ulbricht

Silk Road founder alleged to be mastermind behind illegal marketplace

‘Adventures of the Black Square: Abstract Art & Society 1915-2015’

Supermarkets and their challenges

Tesco, Morrison and Sainsbury face pressing issues

Inside the home of stem-cell scientist Robert Lanza

The controversial cloning pioneer at home on his private island

English garden cities — old and new

From the founding of Letchworth in 1903 to 21st-century proposals for suburban expansion

John Kerry offers ‘big hug’ to Paris after Charlie Hebdo attacks`

US secretary of state pays tributes to victims

China: in full swing

China is not a golfing nation: banned in 1949 for being ‘bourgeois’, the sport only resurfaced in 1984, with the opening of the country’s first golf course. But with the game now back in the Olympics, China is determined to develop a team of top players — and fast

Belgian anti-terror raids

Two suspected jihadis killed in gun battle

Rush to buy Charlie Hebdo

Newsagents across France sell out of issue within minutes

Heightened security in France

Government deploys 10,000 troops