Merry Kitschmas! The high-end designer who goes OTT at Christmas

©Rick Pushinsky

Tim Gosling has an extreme approach to festive decor in his own home, from crocheted Ferrero Rocher covers to life-size polar bears

Slideshow: The Kirchner years

The end of the Fernández presidency brings the curtain down on 12 years of leftist rule

Mauricio Macri triumphs in Argentina

Buenos Aires mayor wins Sunday’s presidential elections

Hiroshima Panels
©Maruki Gallery for the Hiroshima Panels

‘Hiroshima Panels’ and ‘A Body in Fukushima’ at Pioneer Works, New York

Both series of works capture the aftermath of nuclear disaster

Lockdown in Brussels

Threat of jihadi attack in Brussels

Ingram Pinn illustration

Visual comment of the week

Ingram Pinn’s take on one of the main events of the week

Clothes swaps

Sporty presents for outdoors

A selection of sublime sportswear for the fitness freaks in your life

Craft: Christmas gift ideas for indoors

Beautiful hand-made gifts that you won’t want to part with

The Turkana Basin in Kenya — the ‘birthplace of humanity’

Mali hotel attack

Special forces battle to retake control of a luxury hotel in Bamako

Gifts for him

The perfect presents for the discerning modern man

Gifts for her

An important yet often overlooked rule of thumb when present buying: stick to what she already loves

Six statement sweaters

Forget neutral shades - this season is about making an impression

Unseasoned expertise in furniture making

How designers are incorporating green wood and bodging techniques into modern pieces

At home with French botanist Patrick Blanc

The humble house in Paris that hides a tropical forest within

Cameras that lied

Soviet photography on show in New York

Snapshot: ‘Brother | Sister’ (2015) by Elin Høyland

The photographer captures the lives of people living in complete isolation

Olympic cycling champion Chris Hoy turns to motor racing

Britain’s most successful Olympian shows us his latest challenge, which involves driving at speeds of up to 185mph

The lost faces of Lublin

The Polish city’s Jews were wiped out in the second world war. One man is determined to tell their stories

LA auto show

Highlights from the of two-day Los Angeles auto show

Grayson Perry’s shrine and the schism in modern architecture

The artist’s secular chapel ‘A House for Essex’ shows how it is possible to assimilate ornament into design

Police launch raids in northern Paris

Seven arrested and 2 killed after a shootout and explosions

Philippine power generation: a tidal change in renewable energy

Jonah Lomu dies aged 40

Former All Blacks winger remembered for his domination of 1995 World Cup

Paris attacks — France remains on high alert

A total of 115,000 security personnel mobilised in the wake of the attacks

Paris terror attacks: the aftermath

Terror in Paris

Explosions and shootings in French capital