Fourth of July Fashion

©Sophie Elgort

Wearable patriotic looks seen at Art Hamptons and nearby over four of July weekend

Greece’s day of destiny

Greeks have their say on EU proposals

young businessman looking to drawing business strategy on wall

MBA by numbers series

Key statistics from the top 100 MBA programmes

‘Out of Chaos, Ben Uri: 100 Years in London’ at Somerset House

What is ‘Jewish art’? Jackie Wullschlager visits the artist’s show in search of answers

Damon Hill
©Murray Ballard

FT Masterclass: Hill climbing with Damon Hill

The former Formula One champion shows how to navigate a white-knuckle 300ft ascent in a McLaren supercar

“Leah Shapiro (from the group Black Rebel Motorcycle Club)”, from the series “The Drum Thing” (2010-2013) by Deirdre O’Callaghan
©Deirdre O’Callaghan

‘We Want More: Image Making and Music in the 21st Century’

A new exhibition of music photography opens at London’s Photographers’ Gallery

Eco-friendly sunscreens

The best ways to protect your skin — and the environment — in the sun

Armor W 09-11-1
©Kunsthistorisches Museum, Wien

Snapshot: ‘Armor’ by Claudia Fährenkemper

The German photographer has been capturing the unsettling stillness of suits of armour since 2010

©Emli Bendixen

The best thing since stale bread

Among the pleasures of a good loaf is the chance to cook with it even when it’s past its peak

The Ashes and five property markets

The FT looks at the different buying prospects around the Test cricket series venues

Mosaics for modern times

A well-crafted design can be the focal point of any living space

Nike’s founder steps down

Knight calls it a day after building a powerhouse

Le Corbusier’s brave new India

Can Chandigarh provide the template for the country’s future urban growth?

Greece’s grim bank holiday

Athens closes banks and imposes capital controls

Pride celebrations take on an extra flavour

More reason than usual to party

Day of terror leaves bloody trail across three continents

Terrorists strike targets in Tunisia, Kuwait and France

Barbara Hepworth at Tate Britain

The sculptor’s work took on political resonance as abstraction became the postwar aesthetic of freedom

Snapshot: ‘Hollywood Boulevard 1969-1972’ by Dennis Feldman

In 1969 the American photographer started documenting the people walking up and down an eight-block stretch of Hollywood Boulevard

Postdigital crafts: ahead of the curve

Technology is helping designers reinvent the way they shape materials

Waterloo above the fray

Photographer Giles Price took to the skies by helicopter to capture exclusive images as the battle was restaged in Belgium

Instagram unfiltered

Photographer Annie Tritt goes behind the scenes of the app’s offices at Facebook’s headquarters in California

Delays hamper Abu Dhabi attempt to boost UAE cultural offer

Saadiyat Island project plagued by controversy and hold-ups

‘Watercolour: Elements of Nature’, Fitzwilliam Museum, Cambridge

The history and influence of the medium is traced in a superb show

Visual comment of the week

Ingram Pinn’s take on one of the main events of the week

Between the moon and New York City

Many buyers in Long Island are bypassing the buzz of the Hamptons for the quieter charms of Amagansett and Montauk

Mexican designers step into the light

Mexico’s leading designers are carving out their own niche

Shopping: supersize watches

Huge watch faces got bigger since the financial crash in 2008

Barbara Hepworth at Tate Britain

How the sculptor used photography to document her life and control the way the world saw her work

Alaska — from retreating glaciers to ghost towns

Photographs by Daniel Wildey