Trouble at StanChart

Chief and chairman among those under pressure

Joko Widodo’s presidential victory

Indonesia’s president-elect celebrates his electoral success

Clarke’s time at Tesco

Chief’s exit marks ignominious at retailer

The final voyage of the Costa Concordia

Journey to Genoa will take four days

Japan, with 31 stores, is the group’s second-biggest market. Shanghai (above) opened last year. Mr Wilson said: ‘We’ve only got four shops in China, and there’s 1.4bn people.’

How Cath Kidston sold chintz to China

British designer has more shops in Asia than in the UK

Red tourism: Let a million Chinese bloom

China’s newly affluent visit sites that deify Mao

Ukraine’s rebel chiefs

MH17 recovery

A total of 298 people were on board MH17. Many were placed in refrigerated train wagons at the town of Torez on Monday, close to the crash site.

Change at Tesco

Clarke leaves as chief executive amid disappointing sales

The aftermath of MH17 crash

International pressure grows on Ukraine rebels

Visual comment of the week

Ingram Pinn’s take on one of the main events of the week

Bridges at the Museum of London Docklands

The exhibition on the city’s famous crossings runs from June 27 to November 2 2014

Visions of a revolutionary: Malevich at Tate Modern

The gallery’s new show on the influential painter follows the birth of suprematism

MH17 air disaster

Investigators head to crash site of MH17

The troubled waters of the Mekong River

In the mounting global battle over water, the mighty Mekong is the new front line

Gillian Wearing

A quietly subversive or unexpected take on ‘ordinary’ subjects has characterised Gillian Wearing’s work for nearly two decades. The artist’s latest project – a statue of a family – is no exception

Louis van Gaal – a life on the pitch

The Dutchman’s sterling football career in pictures

Malaysia Airlines flight crashes in Ukraine

Airliner believed to have been shot down in a missile attack

Desperate journey

Stirling Prize 2014: the shortlist

The buildings are the most recognisable in the prize’s 19-year history

What Murdoch would be getting

21st Century Fox eyes Time Warner’s biggest properties

Futuristic ‘Heathrow City’ visions

What could west London look like without Heathrow airport?

Typhoon Rammasun batters Philippines

Storm kills 10 and shuts down Manila

Ken Clarke – 25 years in cabinet

A world without water

Water scarcity is a pressing issue for corporations, environmentalists and the world as a whole

Germany’s World Cup victory

Win comes at end of four weeks of unpredictable football matches

Investing in energy

Companies behind power generation position themselves for long-term growth

Paris couture shows autumn/winter 2014

The trek around Manaslu, Nepal

Nepal’s best-known treks have become increasingly crowded, but one can find peace among the waterfalls and wildflowers on a journey around the world’s eighth highest peak