Scientists sniffy over £600m flu medicines

Doubts over whether costly treatments are better than paracetamol


Nobel awarded for discovery of DNA repair

Scientists from Sweden, US and Turkey share chemistry prize

Toyota cars to change lanes themselves

Japanese automaker shows off partly self-driving vehicles

Takaaki Kajita, Arthur B McDonald

Work on particle physics wins Nobel Prize

Japanese and Canadian scientists investigated neutrinos

Axovant in late-stage Alzheimer’s trials

Group aims to win green light for first treatment for the disease since 2003

Nobel Prize for curing parasitic diseases

Satoshi Omura discovered treatment for river blindness

Nuclear plants in ‘denial’ on hacking risk

Industry blind to dangers of cyber attacks, review warns

Broccoli powers UK pharma group to float

Evgen Pharma joins procession of drug developers aiming to list

A walk on Mars is a step to the stars

This could be the first move to exploring our solar system and a wider cosmos, writes Martin Rees

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Photo taken on: September 01st, 2014

Two Sigma hires former Google engineer

Alfred Spector joins $28bn quantitative hedge fund group

Sino-US tech: poor relations

Promise of shared ownership is deeper commercial ties

The winners revealed: UK Private Business Awards 2015

Prizes celebrate the dynamic, the profitable and the innovative companies

Carney’s climate warning splits opinion

BoE governor draws ire from fossil fuel industry but support from others

Australia tests technology to deter sharks

Alarming rise in attacks threatens beach tourism industry

McKinsey warns banks on finance services

Digital disrupters to strip 60% of earnings in some areas

Carney warns of ‘huge’ climate change hit

BoE governor fears global warming fight will ‘strand’ assets

Implant can encode human memories

Prosthetic gives hope to Alzheimer’s sufferers

US lawmakers target Valeant drug pricing

Shares plunge as politicians probe sharp price hikes

Google bets on quantum computing

Internet group agrees seven-year contract with D-Wave Systems

Biotech stocks lead broad market lower

Share prices on course for worst quarterly performance since 2011

Nasa discovers ‘flowing’ water on Mars

Discovery strengthens idea planet may hold microscopic lifeforms

UK vows £6bn in climate aid for poorer countries

Move is part of efforts aimed at signing global accord in Paris

Diesel is dead end for Europe’s carmakers

Bet on fuel’s efficiency over pollution record backfires

Why Volkswagen is worse than Enron

Few corporate scandals involve deliberate fraud, says David Bach

Xi, Obama and Pope raise climate hopes

Expectations rise for robust accord at Paris talks in December

Business attacks UK green energy U-turns

Failure of Drax carbon capture follows string of bad news for renewables

Martin Shkreli, provocateur in pharma war

The 32-year-old propels the issue of US drug costs into headlines

How to buy a Tyrannosaurus Rex

After acquiring ‘Tristan’, an exceptional 12m-long T-Rex skeleton, a wealthy businessman is lending it to a Berlin museum

Why bother cooking the books at all?

Pharma groups switch to ‘core’ earnings, excluding many charges

How US biotech valuations got stretched

Hillary Clinton comments on ‘price-gouging’ hit the sector — but it was already vulnerable

Stocks fall on Clinton drug price threat

Biotech stocks tumble on promise of crackdown on gouging

Hon Hai: the point of Sharp

Taiwanese assembler rumoured to buy lossmaking display unit

Engineering: shape of things to come — 3D barcodes

Researchers at Bradford University created the 3D barcode with hopes to fight counterfeit drugs

Medical history: in the dark about vitamin deficiency

Scientists discover the UK’s earliest case of rickets on a neolithic skeleton

Archaeology: The lost world of Doggerland

A digital reconstruction aims to bring back to life a land beneath the North Sea that disappeared 7,500 years ago

Web groups warned on financial regulation

Alibaba and Apple could face tougher rules similar to banks

First spacewoman opens UK ‘Cosmonauts’ show

Array of Soviet era craft is Science Museum’s biggest display

Diplomats raise hopes for climate deal

System for reviewing pledges beyond 2020 still to be worked out

To boldly go

The power of prize money is rediscovered to spur innovation

Philips to push further into medical tech

Move to seize opportunity in convergence of healthcare and digital communications as populations age