AstraZeneca forced to defend Celgene deal

Drugmaker accused of trading future growth for short-term gains

Chronobiology: how colour tells the time

Sky colour tells the body what part of day it is

Beans cooking in banana leaves in the Asaro Valley, Papua New Guinea
©Andrew Greenhill

Microbiology: why modern life is bad for your gut

The loss of beneficial microbes has harmed our health


Genetics: clams open up secrets of cancer in the wild

The leukaemia originated 40 years ago with a mutation in one clam

Maldives swamped by rising tide of waste

‘Rubbish island’ threatens environment on which tourism depends

Dubai seals hydrogen fuel-cell deal

Emirate assesses green energy initiative

©Albin Andersson

Insecticide link to bee decline reinforced

Numbers fall in fields planted with neonicotinoid-treated crops

Rolls-Royce wins ‘Silicon Fen’ champion

East brings meticulous approach to engine maker

US warns China over IP risks

Commerce secretary says tech theft fears hamper foreign investment

The potential of pot for US cannabusiness

Entrepreneurs explore the opportunities of legal cannabis

Strong dollar drives IBM lower

Company executive defends Chinese licensing decision

Raytheon in $1.7bn cyber security deal

Part of sector-wide push into sector by US defence groups

NE England takes lead in ocean technology

Region controls 7 per cent of the £20bn world market

Investors bet on risky biotech start-ups

Silence Therapeutics wins backing from the brave

Tech billionaires aiming to disrupt death

On the biotech front, things may be catching up more quickly than you think

Diagnostics: DNA to deliver safer pregnancies

A cell-free DNA diagnosis technique detects genetic disorders in the foetus without invasive prenatal testing

Obama’s climate change legacy at risk

Oklahoma attorney-general fights White House on role of EPA

Start-up aims to make pipe dream a reality

Underground parcel network is part of push to mix tech and transport

Ontario joins cap-and-trade programme

Move may encourage others to join North America’s largest emissions trading system

UK group signs Japan graphene deal

Plan shows progress in development of ‘wonder’ material

Pharma combats diversion of cheap drugs

Invest or stagnate

Policy makers’ response to uncertainty needs to minimise harm, writes Alan Beattie

Oncology: cancer checkpoint

Immunotherapy is the most exciting development in oncology for decades

Volcanology: the mysteries of mega-eruptions

The size and date of past eruptions may shed light on future hazards

Psychology: does gaming really cause bad behaviour?

Are video games a cause for moral panic?

Dyson aims to keep it all in the family

Sir James signals son will take over when he steps down

Atom Bank keeps faith with wearable tech

Challenger optimistic that customer resistance will fade

3D printing pioneer backed by Autodesk

Carbon3D gains $10m backing from US-listed software group

Rise of the 3D printing machines

‘Terminator’ technology threatens manufacturing pioneers

Fund boosts Wales biotech sector

Welsh government investment fund backs proton beam cancer treatment centre in Cardiff

Indian ecommerce start-ups eye cricket

Tech groups look to glitzy IPL tournament to raise their profiles

Big pharma uses biotechs in cancer race

Industry giants forge alliances to push ahead in immunotherapies

Scaling up before the BBC gadget giveaway

The device-debunking Technology Will Save Us believes in its name

How phone calls help India fight TB

E-vouchers help provide effective medicines to sufferers

Workplace wellness has a long way to go

Leadership is lacking in bid to boost employee health

World watches Japan’s ageing citizens

Nation turns to digital medical records to improve wellbeing

Internet of things speeds health delivery

Technology allows patients to have the kind of monitoring once reserved for urgent cases

Gene therapy drug adds to costs debate

Expense adds to debate over affordability

Christophe Weber: Takeda’s outsider

Investors back proton-beam cancer centres

Biotech entrepreneur leads push to open clinics a year before NHS