Billionaires in clean energy push

Gates, Bezos, Ma and Zuckerberg target low-emission technology

Risto Siilasmaa, Nokia chairman

Entrepreneur’s hands-on role trying to revive Finnish group

France backs down on climate ‘treaty’

Emissions goals unlikely to be legally binding in concession to US

Science: The clone factory

With new plans for cloned cattle is China’s taboo-busting biotech sector widening the ethical gap with the west?

Did Stone Age people collect honey from beehives similar to this one, made from a hollow log?
©Eric Tourneret

Archaeology: the history of honey

A study of pottery fragments from sites around the world shows traces of beeswax going back 9,000 years

Oenology: grape expectations — the microbe factor

Wine flavour and aroma vary according to the origin of the yeast used

Cloned cows cause beef on climate change

UN estimates global meat industry belches out 14.5% of global greenhouse gas emissions

Ola hires ex-Infosys CFO

Appointment underscores changing balance of power in tech scene

£1bn carbon capture storage funds scrapped

End of flagship programme to combat climate change stuns industry

£4.7bn-a-year science budget ringfenced

Deal better than scientists achieved over the last parliament

US scours Chinese plan for hacking clues

Link spotted between Beijing’s economic targets and cyber spying

Prison block on internet and cell phones

Ministry turns to tech to stop criminal use of mobiles

Big Pharma is addicted to an illusion

Paying the price for proven drugs does not avoid the bill

Liability talks key to UN climate summit

Issue of who pays for losses a sticking point in negotiations

Pfizer bulks up in era of slimming down

‘Pfizergan’ could eventually be split but not until at least 2018

China biotech centre to clone beef cattle

BoyaLife and Sooam Biotech aim to create 1m animals per year to meet growing demand for meat

Hope for Paris climate talks after terror

Some think attacks will foster unity, though tough issues remain

US and China set up ‘space hotline’

Link will serve as safety valve to avert accidental conflict

Robots will enrich not replace us

The problem is that machines will not take jobs fast enough

Forensic science: poaching

A new way of detecting fingerprints from elephant ivory could help fight wildlife crime

The shocking truth about electric eels

How the giant South American fish has become one of the animal kingdom’s most remarkable predators

Science leader calls for new research body

Sir Paul Nurse says agency should control government spending

US approves GM salmon for human food

AquAdvantage product heading for market by 2017

Encryption: a cheat sheet

A guide to what encryption is and why interest in it is growing

Retail’s third phase of digital evolution

Making emotional connections with customers is the way forward

Epayments a guide to alternatives to cash

Money has been popular for more than two millennia, will digital technology finally replace it?

We need incentives to save the climate

Green finance should focus on drawing in private capital to clean tech, writes Henry Paulson

GSK and the perils of prudence

Pharmaceuticals group has been given the benefit of the doubt. Now the pressure is on

Reach high for energy to save the earth

We need a target that lends excitement, prestige and energy, writes Richard Layard

Formula for scientific success: add money

Britain and the world would benefit from more UK research funding

Rise in diabetes linked to urbanisation

Study highlights ‘risk cocktail’, with two-thirds of world’s 415m diabetics living in cities

How disruptive technology destroys pensions

It displaces jobs, widens inequality and enables the services sector

Xeros raising £40m to fund expansion

Group wants to apply its water-reducing technology to leather production

Vitargent’s quest for healthy glow

Biotech company’s test for toxins uses fluorescent fish

Barclays to spur technology start-ups

50 senior managers to focus on high-growth companies

Amgen hunting for deal of up to $10bn

Companies with drugs in clinical testing are being evaluated

The missing lynx

Biologists to reintroduce the species in England and Scotland

Gene-editing treats ‘incurable’ leukaemia

Breakthrough adds to excitement over genetic engineering therapies

China seeks quantum leap to new economy

High-profile advances obscure doubts over innovation ambitions

Do not let the spies weaken encryption

The internet’s biggest privacy problem is not that there is too much security, but too little


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