Emergency planning: flood risk

Historical information can be a practical tool for planning responses to future events

Botany: The double life of cannabis

The valuable plant, which consists of three species and hybrids between them, is not well labelled

Climate change: oceans’ rise measured from above

Satellite data since 1992 show that average global sea level is rising by 3.2mm a year

Animal genomics: A long yarn about sheep

Scientists compared the DNA of hundreds of livestock across continents to determine genetic lineage

Policymakers must face climate threat

Disagreements over environment stem from different ethical stances, writes Martin Rees

Short sellers target biotechs

Proportion of sector’s stock out on loan reaches 2015 high

Play to pop culture: Lexus’s campaign scored some 30m views on YouTube and Facebook

Hoverboard lifts Lexus beyond car ads

Levitation stunt is subtle way to capture wider audience

C. Hoare and company on Fleet street.
©Charlie Bibby

Private banks finally embrace mobile apps

Centuries of tradition gives way to digital banking

A plant engineered with luciferase

Plant science: no need to dig the dirt on plants

Plants were engineered to produce luciferase, which enables fireflies to glow in the dark

Paul Drayson’s CleanSpace sensor is able to measure levels of carbon monoxide in the air
©Tom Jamieson

A campaign for cleaner air

‘People don’t like the pollution in London — now we are giving them a way to do something about it’

Ecology: the deadly ‘super predator’ — us

Humans take 100 million tonnes of fish and five million tonnes of land animals every year

Tesla technology is not rational

To profit from the electric car race, you have to back the winner. Missing out is costlier than picking a loser, writes Philip Delves Broughton

Shaped for the circular economy

Small companies wanting to create ecological innovations must plan how they fit in with the mainstream

US biotech tumbles into bear market

Nasdaq Biotechnology index drops as low as 23.4% from July peak

Breakthrough in search for flu vaccine

Researchers carry out successful animal tests

We are all sophists now — or should be

The most resilient skill in the modern world is argument

Tech start-ups flock to Hong Kong

Entrepreneurs seek proximity to Chinese manufacturers while benefiting from territory’s legal system

NHS watchdog warns over antibiotics

Quarter of prescriptions unnecessary, Nice finds

Search resumes for nuclear waste site

Community must be willing to host a £4bn underground cavern

Sarao part 1: quiet man or criminal mastermind?

Modest background of UK man accused of causing ‘flash crash’

Ecology: how earthworms do the groundwork

A study has identified the key metabolic molecules that enable earthworms to digest leaf litter

Gerontology: the secret of the centenarians

A study shows that suppressing chronic inflammation assists healthier ageing

Psychiatry: ‘Wizard’ spells help schizophrenics

An iPad game has been shown to improve episodic memory for people living with the mental disorder

Psychology: why yellow is more mellow in summer

Seasons affect human vision and alter what we think ‘yellow’ looks like

Coding boot camps and career U-turns

Demand for programming skills is luring people to retrain

Australia’s CSL warns of biotech bubble

Caution comes amid frenzy of M&A activity in healthcare sector

Scotland to ban genetically modified crops

Ministers to use new EU opt-out rules on GM products

Hints of a hot and frothy biotech bubble

Asset managers are wary of a sudden correction after rapid rises

Virology: the problem with ‘leaky’ vaccines

Fresh evidence shows some vaccines lead to more virulent viral strains

Neuroscience: Down’s syndrome

Researchers have identified a key trouble spot in the hippocampus

Dark skies: illuminating the street light question

Street lighting can be reduced without an increase in car crashes and crime

Allergan says more acquisitions to come

Botox maker looks for targets on which to spend $36bn war chest

Shire buys US eyecare business for $300m

Drugmaker bolsters move into ophthalmics with all-cash deal

Banks must adapt to digital, study warns

More than 25% of global population to use mobile accounts by 2019

Materials science: Graphene takes on the fight against rust

A thin coating could provide protection against corrosion for large metal structures

Glaciology: Solving the mystery of ‘hair ice’

This ‘ice wool’ manifests as silky strands in Europe’s forests due to a wood fungus

Evolutionary biology: how snakes lost their legs

Fossil suggests snakes ‘evolved from burrowing lizards’

Crop engineering: green rice

Scientists develop the new SUSIBA2 strain which results in less methane

Celgene hesitation costs it almost $7bn

Receptos deal could have been made for much less two years ago

US dollar pushes Sanofi profit higher

Sales rise 16%, buoyed by exchange rates and Genzyme biotech unit