US tech companies in data sharing talks

Negotiations with Britain to handover suspicious emails and chats

Technology: The rift with reality

Investment is pouring into virtual reality products but their effect on society is up for debate

Grey squirrel (Sciurus carolinensis) leaping from branch, controlled conditions, UK

Ecology: red squirrel decline is no longer a grey area

New research shows that the grey squirrel has been unfairly characterised as a ‘super-invader’

Asteroid mining is not science fiction

Manufacturing objects in orbit could be more economic than making them down here, writes Clive Cookson

Numbers games and existential angst

AstraZeneca and Shell chiefs take the stage, who gets applause?

Pharma holds key to US ratification of TPP

Obama’s Pacific trade deal hinges on Republican IP concerns

Japanese tech groups lose pace in AI race

Fears rise at tech industry’s failure to capitalise on robot boom

First IPOs of 2016 boost mood in biotech

Shares in BeiGene and Editas rise in early trading on Nasdaq

Luxembourg launches asteroid mining plan

Plan to team up with private sector to develop new space industry

Magic leap

Alibaba in $800m Magic Leap fundraising

Funding values secretive augmented reality start-up at $4.5bn

GSK strengthens alliance with Adaptimmune

Drugmakers in deal to speed up trials of cancer medication

Nintendo signals return to virtual reality

Group’s immediate future depends on forays into the mobile arena

Sanofi leads hunt for Zika vaccine

Commitment comes after WHO declares global health emergency

The Zika virus and the contagion of fear

We must break pattern of responding to pandemics as they occur

UK approves human gene-editing research

Crick Institute to use Crispr process to switch genes on and off in newly fertilised eggs

Key moment for medical marijuana maker

Hope that positive trial will lead to cannabinoid blockbuster drug

Gilead risks being victim of own success

Falling number of potential patients and Merck competition pose threats

EU, US tack towards web data ‘safe harbour’

Two sides scramble to reach transfer deal by deadline

HSBC cyber attack knocks internet banking

‘Denial of service attack’ stops customers accessing accounts

Latin America’s ills compound Zika crisis

Virus finds fertile ground in economic and political dysfunction

Animal genetics: could genotyping cattle be a potential cash cow?

To improve Ireland’s herds, DNA-testing companies are analysing genes related to milk yield and meat quality

Bioelectronics: the incredible dissolving sensor

Scientists have created a monitoring device that can be implanted in the brains of patients with traumatic injury and then disappears

Environmental medicine: plant toxins sow seeds of dementia

High levels of the amino acid BMAA in the Chamorro people’s diet is linked to degenerative brain disease

Astrophysics: champion supernova

Astronomers struggle to explain how a collapsing star generated more energy than the Big Bang itself

Zika virus: large parts of world at risk

WHO estimates mosquito-borne disease could infect up to 4m people

Roche warns of US drug price pressures

Chief urges pharma groups to innovate to stave off criticism

Naomi Climer, engineering advocate

UK needs injection of Californian optimism

Google machine beats human

DeepMind machine beats human Go champion 5-0 in ‘historic milestone in artificial intelligence’

Hawking’s Reith lectures on black holes

The physicist explains how cosmology and philosophy overlap

Mobile payments race under way in Africa

Newcomers search for innovative ways to reach their customers

Smartphones open Africa opportunities

Mobile networks are transforming business openings

VCs aim to tap Africa mobile tech wave

Start-ups lure investors amid rising demand for online products

There is nothing to fear from AI machines

No AI version of Godzilla is about to enslave us

Four tech tycoons shaking up African infrastructure

Homegrown entrepreneurs design digital products with a local focus

Pharma groups in tie-up with universities

AstraZeneca, GlaxoSmithKline and Johnson & Johnson collaborate on venture

Long-term aim is for biotechs to make switch

Aim’s healthcare sector index was up 26% last year

Suppliers see silver lining in VW scandal

Carmaker may cause backlash against diesel but component makers are gearing up for electric vehicles

Archaeology: Bronze Age kept alight by fire in the fens

Excavation of the Must Farm site outside Peterborough yields ‘the best preserved Bronze Age dwellings and their contents’

Masters’ blockchain start-up raises $50m

Digital Asset Holdings to upgrade Australian exchange’s systems

Drugmakers urge joint action on superbugs

More than 80 groups push for new economic models for antibiotics