Four days that shook the digital ad world

Facebook and Google reinforce their dominance in the lucrative online media market

US-UK alliance to tackle antibiotic resistance

Public-private set-up will spend millions of dollars over 5 years

E8KPYJ Scanning electromicrograph of Staphylococcus aureus bacteria.
©BSIP SA/Alamy

Human nose bacteria is powerful antibiotic

Lugdunin kills range of bacteria, including ones resistant to existing drugs

Relax about robots, fear for the climate

Technology doesn’t advance quickly and that is why new ideas are vital, writes Robin Harding

Tesla and Mobileye cut ties after fatality

Electric carmaker to seek new partner for self-driving technology

Solar circumnavigation a leap for renewables

Pioneer predicts electric-powered flights for public

Dolly the sheep clones reach healthy old age

Scientists publish report on ewes cloned from original cell line

(LtoR) Microsoft CEO Bill Gates, US President Barack Obama and French President Francois Hollande pose for a family photo during the "Mission Innovation - Accelerating the Clean Energy Revolution" meeting on the opening day of the World Climate Change Conference 2015
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Cleantech investors need patience after losses

The Silicon Valley model did not work for clean energy, but world leaders promise more money


World is growing taller — but very unevenly

Dutch men and Latvian women enjoy best view of growth spurt

C256YB Common tuatara (Sphenodon punctatus) New Zealand. Captive

New Zealand hunts down non-native species

NZ$28m allocated to develop technologies to wipe out pests

Cancer drugs aim to destabilise cell DNA

£6m project will focus on disrupting DNA repair of cancer cells

Samsung countersues Huawei over patents

South Korean group fires back at Chinese rival

Cancer research to target tumour evolution

London’s Institute of Cancer Research will focus on stopping mutations that stop drugs from working

Elon Musk outlines lofty goals for Tesla

Vehicle group to make full range of electric cars, buses and trucks

Africa reaches for the stars

Space exploration is vital despite down-to-earth problems

Cambridge seeks stayers to take on Valley

Despite thriving start-up scene, UK is still far behind West Coast rivals

Celgene in partnership to fight cancer

Biotech signs deal worth up to $2.6bn with start-up

Gene study predicts school performance

‘Polygenic score’ can make a difference to life chances

The future arrives for Tokyo’s small-caps

Tokyo’s highly volatile small-cap index gets futures contract

Sardinian genetic data sought for biobank

DNA gathered from region boasting wealth of centenarians

Smarter, profitable green investing

A portfolio’s carbon footprint can be cut while boosting gains

Social networks and live video

The rise of citizens filming events can benefit society if well handled

Artificial intelligence: can we control it?

It is the world’s greatest opportunity, and its greatest threat, believes Oxford philosopher Nick Bostrom

US autos: Adding new routes

Leading carmakers are fighting to stay relevant

Swiss tap anti-ageing effect of pomegranates

Research shows ‘powerful and measurable’ effect in combating the muscle weakening normally associated with old age

Acronyms engage in aerial battle to attract attention

Disruptive technologies are making a bigger blip on Farnborough’s radar

Start-up senses mood through big data

Oxford meadow inspires Saïd student’s trend-spotting tech idea

Cancer drug trial deaths hit biotech shares

Setback for Juno Therapeutics’ revolutionary treatment

Researchers create robot fish with living cells

Artificial fish has outer layer of cells that respond to light

Medivation: scarcity value

All mid-sized biotechs get bought eventually

Beware the car that nearly drives itself

Autonomous technology will not smoothly evolve from servant to master: it needs a great leap forward

Bendy mobile phones could be the new black bricks

Flexible shapes and modules have become the new focus

Medivation agrees to $10bn takeover talks

Sanofi, Pfizer and Celgene sign confidentiality agreements with US biotech

London raises vehicle levy to cut pollution

Old diesel cars targeted in initiative that expands charge zone

Nasa’s Juno probe orbits Jupiter

The $1.1bn mission will glean more detail about planet’s interior

What’s up, doc? Tell me via my smartphone

More patients seek virtual health consultations by video and text

Let’s save the planet again

Global action is healing the ozone and can tackle climate change

Scientists claim ozone layer is healing

More than half the change attributed to ban on CFCs

Tesla death crash raises huge safety issues

Accident shows regulators are right to remain cautious

Payments from pharma to doctors published

Industry’s response to criticism shows drugs companies paid out £340m in 2015