Coal and solar executives clash on climate

Hayward rejects solar as power solution for countries such as India

Ingram Pinn illustration
©Ingram Pinn

Silicon Valley has become a dream factory

Investors eager to throw money at start-ups that look as if they can create a brave new world

Scientists reinforce warning on El Niño

Sea temperature in Pacific reaches highest level since 1987

Technology helps feed a hungry world

Digital can put more supplies on the tables of the needy


Circassia deal signals UK biotech revival

Share placement shows fresh appetite for life-science drug groups

France, Italy and Germany in drones drive

Project aims to compete with US and Israeli technology

A hydrothermal vent in the Arctic Mid-Ocean Ridge
©R.B. Pedersen

Biology: how complex life began

‘Loki depicts an intermediate form between simple and complex cells’

Microscopy image of colorectal organoids
©Marc van de Wetering

Oncology: tumour breakthrough

‘Organoids give us a realistic environment to explore therapies’

Onions transformed into robotic limbs

Gold-plated onion skin is the world’s most flexible artificial muscle

A wader from China during the dinosaur age
©Zongda Zhang

Palaeontology: the earliest bird

The lakeside wader from China lived 65 million years before the dinosaurs’ extinction

Drugs to watch in fight against cancer

Treatments turn the body’s immune system into a weapon

US drug ‘super spenders’ cost $52bn

Report finds big rise in patients with bills of more than $50,000

GSK chief questions pharma deal boom

Witty warns cheap money increasing risks of ‘poor choices’

GlaxoSmithKline: Out of step

In an interview, Andrew Witty, GSK’s embattled chief executive makes the case for his new strategy

Wearable technology thrives on campus

Students and professors are embracing innovation to enhance their classroom experience

UK seeks slice of printable electronics

Conductive inks bring intelligence to products

GSK seeks immunity from herd mentality

Sir Andrew Witty has withdrawn from anti-cancer therapies

‘Scientific Babel’ by Michael Gordin

An anglophone triumph in the battle for science

Week in Review, May 9

UBS surges on profits; tech investments, Lufthansa and GSK also in the news

Zoology: winging it — magic touch aids bats’ flight

Research shows how touch sensors send information to the brain

Medical technology: ‘4D printing’ adds breathing space

The application is saving the lives of babies with severe tracheobronchomalacia

Salt under Antarctica’s dry valleys

A US team finds salty groundwater beneath an ice-free region

Behavioural ecology: the age of insects

Insects become more active as they grow old

Airship developers dare to regain lift

Specialist cargo identified as area of commercial potential

Ericsson sues Apple over European patents

Swedish group seeks injunctions preventing iPhone and iPad sales

Self-driving evolution keeps on truckin’

Daimler’s Freightliner takes step forward in automated technology

Tech drives crowdsourced fashion trends

Technology is starting to turn interactions into sales

Microsoft shows off ambitious Hololens

Impressive prototype resembles reading glasses and a ski mask

US biotech developer to float on Aim

Move reverses flow of European drug groups raising money in US

Alexion to buy Synageva for $8.4bn

Acquisition by drug developer latest sign of biotech buzz

Nevada approves autonomous trucks

Goal of transforming freight transport safety remains long haul

Start-ups question links to Tech City

Companies faced with rising rents and slow internet connections

Biotechs charge drug partners record fees

Pharma groups pay more for access to most promising molecules

Volcanic activity found on distant planet

The super-Earth has temperatures of up to 2,700C

Chimps deserve our respect and care

The precedent is in our relationships with vulnerable people

Stadiums kick off digital game plan

Teams see marketing potential of connecting with sports fans

Race to develop 5G mobile technology

Labs working flat out to produce patents

Tesla looks to spark a revolution

Electric carmaker’s chief Elon Musk bets on home uses for group’s technology as battery prices fall

Astronomy: is there life beyond our galaxy?

100,000 galaxies have been scoured for signs of stellar heat emission that hint at the possibility of alien technology

Evolutionary biology: bad back? Blame the chimpanzees

A study confirms the ‘ancient shape hypothesis’ for back pain