Neuroscience: Of mice and memories

A mouse hippocampus
©Steve Ramirez

A study suggests new ways to treat depression by manipulating memory neurons

Astronomy: looking into the Eye of Medusa

A look at the elusive site of the most extreme stellar nursery

A chestnut-crowned babbler
©Jodie Crane

Language: not babbling but talking

Babbler birds have a repertoire of at least 15 discrete calls


Gene therapy offers cystic fibrosis hope

Positive results achieved in treating people with killer disease

Robot-related deaths rare — and getting rarer

Next-generation ‘cobots’ meant to work safely alongside humans


US veterans agency in cyber counterattack

Going public on risk of being overwhelmed brought help

Bitcoin’s blockchain catches Wall St’s eye

Wall St lured by efficiency promise of the technology behind bitcoin

Celgene places $1bn bet on biotech Juno

Investment is close to 100% premium to Monday’s close

Samsung: similar outcome

A heady valuation for its biosimilars business may be intended to sweeten merger terms

Eli Lilly and Immunocore to collaborate

US and UK pharma groups aim to develop combination cancer therapies

Aramex aims to disrupt deliveries

Mobile apps will see the public become couriers

Geneticists’ quest for crisper prose

Deleting disease at genome level calls for contemplation by lawyers, philosophers and the public

Shell bids for carbon capture project

Energy giant competes for £1bn pot to build carbon storage facility using disused N Sea platform

Green technology: Positive energy

A commercial breakthrough could prove pivotal for renewable power

Insects: good mothers overcome bad breeding

Maternal care increases the lifespan of inbred beetles, protecting them from environmental stresses

Animal behaviour: what’s good for the mongoose

African banded mongooses mate within their own social group but avoid incest by restricting sexual activity to the most distantly related members

Technology conceives the inconceivable

Some implications are too big and too revolutionary to grasp

Gates to double renewable investments

Microsoft co-founder takes interest in new areas of research like in solar, high wind and new nuclear

GM ‘whiffy wheat’ fails to deter pests

Plants releasing offensive pheromone no better than normal crops

Google backs Yieldify and Lost My Name

Investments are latest move by group venture arm in Europe

Johnson floats £10bn London biotech fund

Mayor tackles complaints of lack of risk capital

Adani shelves Australia coal project work

Suspension raises fresh doubts about A$16bn Carmichael scheme

Google heads queue to lobby Brussels

Big tech names in charm offensive with regulators

Earth faces drop in sun’s energy

Colder winters will not halt climate change, say researchers

A moonshot to save a warming planet

Technology might end dependence on the burning of fossil fuels

UK state-backed 3D printing unit opens

Aero engine part made at £15m plant designed to help innovators address commercial production

UK universities face China ties scrutiny

Researchers work with groups linked by US to Iran

Climate change threat to health, says study

Review claims gains in global development could be undermined

Cyborg wins Design of the Year contest

Innovation allows scientists to mimic responses to drugs

Allergan injects $2.1bn into Kybella drug

Botox maker aims to see off rivals with double-chin treatment

Why hovering is less bother for moths

Understanding the moth’s unique ability helps experts develop the next generation of flying robots

Genomics: ancient DNA reveals impact of migration

Population movements by the Yamnaya culture may have driven economic and social change during the Eurasian Bronze Age

Space technology: space junk

The European Space Agency is working on ways to remove the dangerous debris orbiting Earth

DNA helps track down elephant poachers

New study identifies two main areas of ivory trafficking

Ex-Google exec takes fight to adblockers

Barokas’ venture aims to help publishers prevent loss of ad revenue

UK throws weight behind driverless cars

Country aims to be destination of choice for testing

i-Abra keeps future car on right track

Tech start-up helps vehicles build ‘situation awareness’

Apps boom but health tech is no silver bullet

Revenues are likely to see a huge increase

3D printing of complex organs is far off

Technology is cutting patient waiting times

Demand for digital talent will change job market

Everyone from executives to nurses needs new skills