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The world’s cities are growing at an increasing rate. But as the risks from extreme weather, funding crunches and overloaded services also rise, some cities have found a way to cope

Success stories show ways to limit the damage

Governments are realising the need to prepare for disasters through better planning and a swifter response

Westgate mall, Nairobi

Extremism: People not buildings are target

The terror threat to cities has risen significantly

Brazil authorities bring lawlessness into focus

Networks of cameras in crime hotspots are proving effective

Cities' Resilience Scores

Cities at risk: the best ... and the worst

Graphic: the least resilient cities are the ones facing the greatest pressure from population growth

Edwin Heathcote
©Charlie Bibby

Retrofitting is the intelligent solution to built-in problems

Buildings can now be built to extraordinary specifications

Richer nations face higher costs for flood protection

Expert opinion has long fallen on deaf ears

Ridwan Kamil, Bandung mayor
©Martin Westlake

Ridwan Kamil has big plans for Bandung

Political novice wants to get ‘city in ruins’ back on track

Cities tackle a funding crunch

Executives are looking beyond taxes to raise revenues

A bicyclist rides past a construction entrance to One World Trade Center
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City planners must learn from New York superstorm

Densely populated centres need to turn away from cars

Spain's Industry Minister Joan Clos
©Sergio Perez

Unplanned development is the killer in disasters

Joan Clos, the UN under secretary-general, talks about Barcelona and beyond