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Turkey’s ruling AKP celebrated victory in nationwide local elections in March but it is embattled on many fronts, from a corruption scandal and accusations of authoritarianism to an economy reliant on credit and clashes with former allies

Danger lies ahead on lonely road

Lurch to authoritarianism raises concern

Corruption scandal prompts scrutiny of construction industry

Important engine of the economy may be vulnerable

‘Game on’ for Turkey’s M&A market

Appetite for investing abroad is growing at an unprecedented rate

Tugrul Bayir, with some of the figurines he made to sell
©Rashid Aydogan/Turkey Gazette

How debt left the economy vulnerable

Heavy dependence on personal and corporate credit

Hakan Altinay

This generation is redefining Turkish society

Surveys consistently show Turks are becoming more comfortable with difference, writes Hakan Altinay

Erdogan turns on Gulenist ‘parallel state’

The ruling AKP has hit back at corruption allegations, accusing its former allies of attempting a judicial coup

Turkey’s image has been tarnished

... but the country still offers an example of progress

Renewed onslaught on freedom of expression

Journalists and social media are targeted

Man who would be president may have squandered legacy

Recep Tayyip Erdogan has changed course


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