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The Connected Business provides comment, news and analysis from across the FT about IT and how it is affecting the world of business.

Hackers use suppliers to gain access

Cyber criminals are developing increasingly sophisticated techniques to breach company firewalls

FT-Bowen Craggs Index 2014

FT-BC Index: US companies miss top slots

A striking feature of FT-Bowen Craggs Index is best performers are almost all European

Inside Tech

Maija Palmer
The internet of things needs two things to work: error-free code and an agreed set of standards

FT-Bowen Craggs Index 2014: Overview

This year’s ranking of just how effective corporations are at managing their online presence

FT-BC Index: Treasures and grumbles

Some companies get their websites very right in some areas, but very wrong in others

On the move: companies have rushed to make sites more mobile friendly

FT-BC Index: Social media and mobile

Better co-ordination needed across all channels

Focus on financial services

Banks’ fear of online competitors rises

The financial world increasingly worries about competition from companies such as Amazon and Google rather than from existing rival lenders

Doing capitalism in the digital age

For the past 200 years business has delivered growing incomes for many, but the latest industrial revolution has mainly boosted skilled, high-income workers

Algorithms add ‘fair play’ to software

An Imperial College team is combining intelligent systems with principles from political science to create a sense of equality in computing

computer hacker

Cyber criminals eye financial markets

Experts warn that commodities and futures traders offer a lucrative target for fraudsters


The DeRosa SuperKing

Professional innovations rapidly filter down to the commercial cycling market

Scanning electron micrograph of microbial plankton, colorized for contrast ©Ed DeLong, David Karl/MIT

Rafael Reif, president of MIT, sees huge benefits from digital technology

Upstarts target banks’ lunch

Technology is a double-edged sword for traditional institutions

Digital threat to investment banks

Regulatory changes and old IT systems add to sector’s woes

Lenders struggle to engage with customers

Institutions are making huge efforts to bolster digital offerings for their clients

Start-ups move into bankers’ territory

Some older banking groups have decided the best response is to work with newer tech companies

Focus moves from speed to safety

High-frequency traders find they need to demonstrate excellence in all departments in order to thrive

Is smart money on smartphone banking?

Mobile banking has been slow to take off in Europe and the US

Communications management

The ‘zero tolerance’ approach to email

Overflowing inboxes affect productivity as ‘knowledge workers’ spend 28% of their time dealing with messages

How email dominates the working day

Even senior staff can be paralysed by the rising number of messages they receive, but how many really need a response?

Wanted: Insubordinate staff

The digital economy needs creative minds, but forget retraining existing staff, says Ade McCormack

Cyber crime: battling a growth industry

How companies can do more to anticipate risks and increase their ability to withstand attack, writes Steve Durbin of non-profit Information Security Forum

‘Test and learn’ software beats gut instinct

Experimental analytics software helps companies better model the outcomes of their decisions, writes Jane Bird


Digital revamp is just the ticket

Big airlines must fly beyond legacy GDS technology and disrupt their own models before rivals do it for them, writes Steve Jones of Capgemini

Digital era brings hyperscale challenges

Big companies that process billions of daily transactions pose problems for leaders and competitors, write McKinsey consultants

IT in healthcare

A suitable case for treatment – but obstacles remain

Technology will play a growing role in care delivery and healthcare management amid rapidly rising demand from patients

Can patients be left to their own devices?

Remote monitoring has big potential but users need to stick to their routines - plus sidebar on PA Consulting group’s innovative health patch

Google catches cold in ‘big data hubris’ row

Scientists are divided over the value of initiatives such as the search engine’s flu trends analysis