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This month: news media move to end the dominance of ad-blocking technology to preserve their revenues; what Brexit may mean for data regulation in the UK; women lack positive role-models in cyber security; and how apps can improve the delivery of medical services

Education fights to give right tech skills

Millennials in emerging markets face steep learning curve

(clockwise from top): Lenovo’s CPlus bendable phone, the PuzzlePhone and Project Ara

Bendy mobile phones could be the new black bricks

Flexible shapes and modules have become the new focus

News websites move to ban ad blockers

Industry acts to preserve revenues, but internet users have genuine concerns

Brexit and data regulation: Britain faces splendid isolation

The decision by the UK to leave the EU has big implications for tech

In depth

Are robots good or bad for humanity?

Chatbots take charge of the conversation

Prepare to be frustrated by helpful AI programs

Faces of cyber security: Holly Rostill, left, and Claire Reid

Lack of role models keeps women out of cyber security

Old-boys’ networks still dominate the industry when it comes to hiring staff

Tech investors taste success in food delivery

Backers scramble to grab a slice of the market

Data collection drives outsourced services

Clients must consider costs, location and reliability

Medical stethoscope isolated on the white background, clipping path included.

Health apps take pain out of waiting

Mobile services are changing how patients receive advice


NEW YORK - JUNE 27: An oil trader sits on the floor of the New York Mercantile Exchange before the end of trading June 27, 2008 in New York City. Rising to above $142 a barrel today, crude oil set another record high. (Photo by Michael Nagle/Getty Images) ©Getty

The Nymex floor brought wealth for many without pedigree but electronic trading has blocked the path

Ingram Pinn

Autonomous technology will not smoothly evolve from servant to master: it needs a great leap forward

June 2016
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Cyber crime a big risk for small companies

Experts say many businesses not properly insured against security breaches

Eric, Asimov and me

The hunt for some philosophical insight into how we might respond to robots

Meet the Lord of the mobile WiFi hotspots

Geeks beware: you may be leaking more valuable data than you know

Olympic data help decide 2020 fund victors

Speedier decision making will boost the possibility of medal success

Dash to turn new batteries into sales

Goal is products that cost less and last longer

Rise of trading algos

Worries that automation may replace human with robotic stupidity grow

Banks use software to ease regulatory stress

Panama Papers highlight need for accurate data

Wearables aim to reduce workplace accidents

The use of devices to safeguard staff is gaining in appeal

Calamity warning over systems that make the world go round

Vital services that rely on the internet could become targets for criminal groups

May 2016

AI cloud promises a silver lining

Computing is evolving from a mobile-first model to an artificial intelligence-first world

Got myself a living doll: sex and robots

Relationships with intelligent automatons will pose real human dilemmas, writes Maija Palmer

Dropbox, Facebook and their like go to work

Business-friendly versions of apps appear in the office

Confusion reigns over privacy deal

Watchdogs find fault with ‘Safe Harbour’ replacement

Tap into powers of big tech companies

Number of intelligent services is increasing

Pupils told to ‘bring your own device’

Fears children will be distracted do not hold up

Curriculum experts say coding is essential in a digital economy

Developing computational thinking helps students to better understand the world around them