INTERACTIVE VIDEO: Online shopping faces growth hurdles

Online shopping represents an increasingly bigger proportion of retail sales, helped by new devices and mobile payment methods. In an interactive video, the FT's Maija Palmer reports on the logistical challenges retailers face to appeal to more consumers. Presented by Maija Palmer. Produced and edited by Vanessa Kortekaas. Filmed by Steve Ager.

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New payment platforms, the proliferation of mobile phones and the convergence of physical and online shopping are changing the relationship between retailers and customers

IT and the customer experience

Retail’s third phase of digital evolution

The new Amazon Books store in Seattle, Washington

Making emotional connections with customers is the way forward

The Bass Pro pyramid in Memphis

Online and real shops merge

Efficient multichannel service is the way of the future

Logistics of online shopping still a mess

Unwanted ovulation kit led to an unexpected delivery, but most retail mistakes do not end so happily

Dawson's music shop

Good customer service boosts online sales

Technology alone will not help if attitude to customer problems is wrong

Inside Tech

Maija Palmer finds out how big and established businesses transform their culture to become more innovative
Maija Palmer
Even Maija Palmer, a 5 ft 2in woman, might contemplate a career in construction using one
Door stops: customers expect online orders to be fulfilled reliably, conveniently, quickly and cheaply

Delivery charges cost online stores dear

UK supermarkets may be losing up to £300m a year carrying goods to customers’ doors

Vijay Sharma, founder and chief executive of Paytm

Ecommerce investment in India booms

Smartphones likely to lift India’s online population above 500m in next few years

Epayments a guide to alternatives to cash

Money has been popular for more than two millennia, will digital technology finally replace it?

High-tech banking

Start-up threat to creaking banks

Lenders are alarmed by inroads being made into their territory

Developed world wary of mobile payments

Financial services applications need to evolve further to gain wider acceptance

An Apple Inc. iPhone5 displays the Bitcoin Wallet smartphone app in this arranged photograph on Wednesday, Oct. 9, 2013
©Simon Dawson/Bloomberg

Start-ups aiming at banks’ income streams

A look at some newcomers threatening banks’ old hunting grounds


Washington DC at night. Federal agencies have been under fire for not sufficiently prioritising IT security ©Dreamstime

US agencies responsible for vital interests lack basic IT defences

Martin Ford’s disturbing Rise of the Robots wins £30,000 FT-McKinsey prize

Banks embrace shared database idea

Innovation will help to speed up trading times

Applying brakes is how to beat market

The race to cut transaction times could be at an end

Make passwords vanish in a heartbeat

Access codes could soon become a thing of the past

Dare you confront the productivity paradox?

Technology costs more than it saves, but we won’t tell

Digital Transformation

Digital disruption becomes the norm

Established companies need to make use of their advantages

Flexibility is crucial in attracting millennials

Today’s employees want the freedom to develop skills outside the workplace

Automation risks ‘deindustrialisation’

Industrialisation made the west rich, but emerging economies may have to miss it out altogether

Digital option not for the faint-hearted

To win, you need to rethink priorities and processes

People who shake up companies in demand

Chief digital officers attract big salaries but step on many toes

Leaders must learn how to stay small

Keeping units lean is best way to scale up successfully

Digital Health

Society benefits from digital health race

People will have more control and broader trends regarding disease and illness will be easier to identify

Patient records a target for cyber crooks

Medical records are worth more than bank details

Robot surgery market set to change

Newcomers may lower costs and add an analytical edge

3D printing of complex organs is far off

Technology is cutting patient waiting times

Demand for digital talent will change job market

Everyone from executives to nurses needs new skills