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Big data is challenging company workers at all levels, from delivery drivers to boardroom executives, to change the ways in which they they make decisions in their daily working lives

How to end waste of employees’ creativity

Idea management software is smart way to deal with staff suggestions, and boosts collaboration, says Jane Bird

Liability concerns hold back data sharing

Security needs to be ‘baked into’ payment card protocols, says Gartner security expert


Microsoft Surface pro 2
The Surface Pro 2 is in effect a Windows desktop all-in-one PC shrunk to a handy size
– Paul Taylor
Facebook is still failing marketers
– Nate Elliott
An MIT professor shows how to make the most of an invaluable resource
– Hannah Kuchler

Corporate ‘digital IQ’ linked to performance

Survey reveals surprises about innovation, collaboration and the likely impact of emerging technologies.

In-store navigation

Navigating the shopping aisles should be no harder than using a GPS device while driving, says Jane Bird

Big data sparks cultural changes

The amount of information a company has will not count for much if it is not ready for the revolution ahead

Executives tune into online chatter to analyse public’s views

Clever techniques can find out what people really think about businesses

Demand for analytics skills outstrips supply

There is a drive to train data scientists but some say staff with the right tools could do some of the work

Private jet
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JetSuite charts revenue stream

Personalised metrics are helping one company to increase profitability

Alan Grogan of RBS

RBS uses data to manage chain risk

The bank says it has found a way to assess risks to supply chains

Moral and legal points affect data use

Deciding what is proper use and what is not is a problem for enterprises

Back-ups for when the cloud bursts

Paul Taylor has some handy tips for how to survive a computer system failure

Bitcoin: Retailers adopt virtual currency

Businesses say lower transaction costs justify the risks, while governments consider the pros and cons

Frustration with online sales spurs innovation

Secure gateways make it easier for customers to buy, while shoppers are slow to adopt new in-store systems

Are you on course for Destination Digital?

Organisations need to look at their internal set-ups to achieve ambitions