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The Connected Business aims to help business leaders understand and use technology to improve their companies’ performance. Opinion and advice from external and in-house experts is followed by highlights from across FT.com, then our latest big theme, ‘IT in healthcare’


Finally, it’s the ‘market of one’

Personalisation is putting marketing bosses in the IT driver’s seat, write Deloitte’s Eric Openshaw and Christine Cutten

Paul Taylor

Video surveillance plays a vital role in securing many companies

Tech tycoons are not what countries need

Britain’s failure to create a behemoth says little about its ability to prosper, writes Giles Wilkes

More comment on business IT

Look back on the in-house columns and guest articles carried on the website this year


A picture shows a mug on a desk at the headquarters of Superfast Cornwall, funded by the European Union's biggest single investment in high speed broadband infrastructure, in Cornwall on November 13, 2012. Britain is one of the richest members of the European Union and a net contributor to the budget. The 2014 to 2020 budget being set to be a bitter fight between EU leaders when they meet in Brussels on November 22. Cornwall, Britain's most south-westerly county has benefited from EU development funds giving it rural Europe's largest superfast broadband network. AFP PHOTO / JUSTIN TALLIS (Photo credit should read JUSTIN TALLIS/AFP/Getty Images) ©AFP

Improved connectivity across the UK is seen as a crucial economic catalyst ahead of next year’s general election

Chris Ward at one of his favourite coffee shops ©Charlie Bibby

Using your laptop or iPad at a café can be good for both your soul and your productivity. You just need to persuade the boss

IT in healthcare

A suitable case for treatment – but obstacles remain

Technology will play a growing role in care delivery and healthcare management amid rapidly rising demand from patients

Implantable defibrillator surgery
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Can patients be left to own devices?

Remote monitoring has big potential but users need to stick to their routines - plus sidebar on PA Consulting group’s innovative health patch

Google catches cold in ‘big data hubris’ row

Scientists are divided over the value of initiatives such as the search engine’s flu trends analysis

Working with tablet computers at a critical care unit, Paediatrics
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Wanted: IT expertise with a human touch

Staff with healthcare and technical skills are highly prized but are often hard to find

Skip Snow of Forrester

Big business and the art of medicine

Two big opportunities are big data and mobile, writes Skip Snow of Forrester Research

More on IT in healthcare

Cheap DNA sequencing to transform research; role of apps in disease management; concern over privacy

Conference apps

Networking finds fresh dimension

Smartphone apps and even holograms are changing the game, writes Jane Bird

Delegates feel the buzz

Microchip name badges help them tap into the future

IT in design and manufacturing

Power to the people on product design

The web is enabling smart ways to make inventions real and involve customers in development plans, writes Richard Waters

3D printing: Additive process lays it on thick

The market is growing fast and broadening – even into food

A powerful technology, but no panacea

3D printing or additive manufacturing shows great promise but big challenges remain, say Deloitte’s Eric Openshaw and Mark Cotteleer

Social media and big data come into play

Techniques such as improved predictive maintenance can lead to big savings for manufacturers

Future trends and current buzzwords

Three experts shed light on phrases such as ‘Industry 4.0’, ‘cyber-physical systems’ and ‘the industrial internet of things’

More on IT in design and manufacturing

3D printing IP issues; project management; and supply chain collaboration


Farmers take flight into future

Agriculture and construction are growing markets

Drone legislation: reviewing the rules

Regulators search for a balance between safety concerns and commercial priorities