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Digital health looks like an idea whose time has come. The rise of digital technology has coincided with growing cost pressures on health systems from an ageing global population


Cyber insecurity: Hacking back

Companies are seeking to use more aggressive tactics to neutralise hackers. But the law limits how far active defence can go

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Instagram: Retail’s holy grail

Millennial females’ anxieties about appearing too often in the same outfit are changing buying habits


UK takeaway start-up Deliveroo nets $70m

Early-stage delivery business latest to fulfil investor appetite

Digital Health

Society benefits from digital health race

People will have more control and broader trends regarding disease and illness will be easier to identify

Inside Tech

With various social media channels, the problem now is getting yourself noticed amid the noise ©Dreamstime
Maija Palmer looks how the advertising industry is using social media and other modern means to pitch products at us
Maija Palmer
Even Maija Palmer, a 5 ft 2in woman, might contemplate a career in construction using one

Patient records a target for cyber crooks

Medical records are worth more than bank details

Robot surgery market set to change

Newcomers may lower costs and add an analytical edge

Implants can be designed to fit exactly

3D printing of complex organs is far off

Technology is cutting patient waiting times

Didier Deltort

Demand for digital talent will change job market

Everyone from executives to nurses needs new skills

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IT-savvy patients seek more control over their wellbeing

Consumers seek new ways to monitor their health

Female hands holding touch phone and smart watch with mobile app health sensor

Apps boom but health tech is no silver bullet

Revenues are likely to see a huge increase


Washington DC at night. Federal agencies have been under fire for not sufficiently prioritising IT security ©Dreamstime

US agencies responsible for vital interests lack basic IT defences

With various social media channels, the problem now is getting yourself noticed amid the noise ©Dreamstime

Maija Palmer looks at data of where to make a marketing pitch that advertisers might want to consider

How satellites can help fight diseases

Experts are using data from space to tackle serious illnesses such as cholera

The latest wearable fashion: exoskeletons

This form of couture will soon become as fashionable outside the realms of cinema and TV fantasy

Data protection

Data rules weave a tangled global web

Legislation varies from state to state, but EU regulation offers hopes of standardisation

Marco Civil a step forward say rights activists

The Brazilian law provides protection against government intervention

Storm over EU court ruling rumbles on

Search engines have been left to act as judge and jury

Fears of reputational harm may be overhyped

It seems that customers have short memories when it comes to recalling online data breaches

EU toughens its data protection regime

There will be plenty of legislative twists and turns before companies will see the new rules

Conflict over ownership lies ahead

More information is flowing, but can we turn off the tap?

Simple steps to protecting your data

Keeping details safe need not be complicated

Why it’s OK to be rude if you’re on a computer

Many anonymous sites have started with laudable aims, but online trolls had other plans

IT and the NGO sector

Digital transforms fundraising landscape

Campaigns to raise money for charity can quickly gain a worldwide following

Technology helps feed a hungry world

Digital can put more supplies on the tables of the needy