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The internet of things — the concept that objects can be connected to the internet and communicate with us — promises much. But, before it can take off, problems such as security, cost and interconnectivity need to be resolved

The Internet of things

Has the internet of things lost its way?

In the short term at least connected objects will struggle to live up to expectations

Opportunity brings risk

US regulator Edith Ramirez warns on privacy

Network systems face a diversity of apps

Consumer devices are expected to favour 2G and 3G networks

DOLL center in Albertslund
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Lamppost shines a light on smart cities

Sensors that can receive and transmit data help to increase urban efficiency

Inside Tech

Maija Palmer
Maija Palmer on how an early-morning caffeine fix creates a data dilemma

Law lags behind technology

Regulators slow to act on the potential legal implications of connected devices

Samsung spokesmodel Kai Madden displays the connectivity feature on a Samsung smart refrigerator at the 2014 International CES at the Las Vegas Convention Center on January 7, 2014 in Las Vegas, Nevada
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Divide over a common language for devices

What is the point of being able to talk to your fridge, if your fridge cannot speak to your vacuum cleaner?

Two businessmen playing football in an empty office
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Slow progress in games for working life

Disillusionment has set in as technology fails to live up to ambitious expectations

EDF Energy encourages employee engagement

Utility uses digital games to tap workforce for ideas

smart house

IT to help you keep your house in order

To appeal to a wide audience, devices need to have practical applications

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Tech groups look for next big thing

Techies challenged to invent breakout apps for internet of things


An employee fixes part of a web server inside the Facebook Inc. Prineville Data Center in Prineville, Oregon, U.S., ©Bloomberg

Tech group accused of placing ‘too much burden’ on users, making it tricky to opt out of certain features

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County Galway, Ireland and the Jutland peninsula in Denmark picked for facilities expected to cost €1.7bn

View: The top five IT threats of 2015

Businesses must develop the flexibility to withstand unexpected attacks

‘Big data needs big guidance’

EU rules increase risk of large fines in event of breaches

Technology keeps track of wildlife

Non-profits use off-the-shelf products to help species to survive

My Christmas IT wish for education

Even as technology allows pupils to accelerate, existing year and grade structures are encouraging disengagement

How to live with cryptocurrencies

Experts warn companies about the tax pitfalls of Bitcoin

View: Police must face up to cyber threats

Survey finds UK forces lack skills and tools they need to fight crime on the internet

Future Technology for Business - Trends & Predictions

IT incumbents learn to love the cloud

Established groups are keen to show they are still relevant

Leaks boost privacy start-ups

The stolen pictures of a Hollywood star have raised the concerns of ordinary people

Commercialisation of space is new final frontier

Investors reawaken dreams of intergalactic travel

Facebook’s latest rivals fight for attention

There is an opportunity for alternative platforms to flourish alongside the big names

Wearables and cars stimulate demand

App developers hope latest devices will boost demand

Web powers non-profits seeking donations

The internet is helping charities to find fresh support and raise funding for projects

Ease of use will decide ewallets’ fate

It can take a long time for new ideas to catch on in the payments world